E-bike Brands, Manufacturers, Models, Countries: Complete List (550+)

Easy E-Biking - Woman wearing bicycle helmet, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

You will find below the most complete global list of electric bicycle brands, manufacturers, and models from the USA and Canada, the UK and Europe, Australia and Oceania, Asia, and India.

Easily find regions each e-bike brand sells to, the e-bike model lines it manufactures, and where you can buy its electric bicycles – either online or via local dealers.

Do not miss Easy E-biking comprehensive brand reviews. We have done quite a few already and are producing more, so stay tuned!

If you know an e-bike company that is missing (or if you would like to suggest an e-bike brand for review), please let us know!


Easy E-Biking - Aventon Soltera electric bicycle - real world, real e-bikes, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo credit Aventon bikes
E-bike brandMain regionCore modelsShop atOur review
29 MotorsIndiaAll-terrain29 Motors
AceshinUSACommuter, FoldingAmazon
AddmotorUSA, CanadaCity, Cruiser, Trike, Folding, All-terrainAddmotorAddmotor review
AdvancedGermanyCity, Commuter, Cruiser, Tour, All-terrainAdvanced
Alter EgoCanadaCommuter, Folding, All-terrainAlter Ego review
AmalfiUSA, CanadaCommuterAmalfi Bikes
AmplerEuropeCity, CommuterAmplerAmpler review
AncheerUSA, EuropeCity, Folding, All-terrainAncheer
AngellEuropeCity, CommuterAngellAngell review
AostirmotorUSACommuter, Folding, All-terrainAostirmotor
ApacheCzech RepublicCity, Commuter, All-terrain
ARCCUKCity, CommuterARCC
Argon 18CanadaGravel, Road
Ariel RiderUSACity, Commuter, All-terrainAriel Rider
AskollEuropeCity, Commuter, MiniAskoll
AtalaEuropeCity, Commuter, Gravel, Road, All-terrain
AutonixIndiaCity, Commuter, FoldingAutonix
AvadarUSACity, HybridAvadar
AvakaEurope, USACity, Commuting, Mountain, Folding, Fat tireAvakaAvaka R1 review
AvantiAustraliaCommuter, All-terrain
AventonUSACommuter, Folding, Tour, Fat tire, All-terrainAventonAventon review
AvialEuropeCity, Commuter


Easy E-Biking - Blix Packa cargo electric bicycle - real world, real e-bikes, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo credit Blix bikes
E-bike brandMain regionsCore modelsShop atOur review
BabboeUSA, Canada, Europe, AustraliaCargoBabboe review
BagiUSACruiser, FoldingBagi
BakcouUSAFat tire, All-terrainBakcou
BatavusEuropeCity, Commuter, Cruiser, Cargo
BatchUSACity, CruiserBatch
BavarianGermanyFolding, Cargo, Fat tire, VintageBavarian
Bee CoolUSAFat tire, CruiserBee Cool
Being HumanIndiaCommuterBeing Human
BelizeUSA, CanadaFolding, City, TrikeBelize
BennoUSA, Canada, Europe, AustraliaCommuter, Unility, City, Fat tire
BeoneEuropeAll-terrain, City, Road
BergamontEuropeCity, Cargo, Trekking, Performance
BergstromEuropeTrekking, City, All-terrain
BESVEuropeCity, Trekking, Commuter, All-terrain
BH BikesEurope, AustraliaCity, Gravel, Road, All-terrain
BianchiUSA, Canada, Europe, AustraliaCity, Gravel, All-terrain, Trekking, Road
Big CatUSATrail, Fat tire, Folding, CruiserBig Cat
Bike FridayUSA, CanadaFolding, Tandem
BikonitUSAFat tire, All-terrainBikonit
BiktrixUSA, CanadaCommuter, City, All-terrain, UtilityBiktrix
BimotalUSARemovable e-bike conversion systemBimotal
BintelliUSACruiser, Commuter, City, Fat tire, TrikeBintelli
BiomegaEuropeCity, CommuterBiomega
BirdUSA, EuropeCityBird
BiriaUSAFolding, CityBiria
BixsEuropeAll-terrain, UrbanBixs
BlixUSAFolding, Fat tire, Cruiser, Commuter, CargoBlixBlix review
BMCUSA, EuropeRoad, Gravel, All-terrain, HybridBMC review
BMWEuropeCommuter, Cruiser, Folding
BoardmanUKRoad, All-terrain, Commuter
BoltonUSAAll-terrain, Folding, Fat tireBolton
BottecchiaItalyCity, Folding, Road, All-terrain
BPM ImportsUSAFolding, Fat tire, Commuter, Trike, All-terrainBPM Imports
BreezerUSA, EuropeCommuter, City, Trekking
BrennaborEuropeCity, Trekking, All-terrain
BromptonUSA, Canada, Europe, AustraliaFoldingBrompton review
BullsEurope, USACity, Road, All-terrainBulls
Butchers & BicyclesUSA, Canada, Europe, AustraliaCargo
BuzzUSACommuter, Folding, TrikeBuzz
ByoCyclesUKCity, Commuter, FoldingByoCycles
BzenEuropeCity, Commuter, CruiserBzen


Easy E-Biking - CUBE electric bikes - real world, real e-bikes, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo credit CUBE bikes
E-bike brandMain regionsCore modelsShop atOur review
C3STROMUSA, CanadaAll-terrain, Fat tireC3STROM
CalendarEuropeCargo, Folding
California Bicycle FactoryUSACity, Folding, All-terrain, Fat tireCalifornia Bicycle Factory
CannondaleUSA, EuropeFitness, Mountain, Road, Touring, UrbanCannondaleCannondale review
CanyonUSAGravel, MountainCanyonCanyon review
CarboEurope, USAFolding, CommuterCarbo
CatrikeUSA, EuropeRecumbent trikeCatrike
CenturionEuropeMountain, Cross-Urban, Road-Gravel
Charge BikesUSACity, Comfort, Gravel, TrailCharge Bikes
ChristiniUSAFat tireChristini
CIOCCEuropeRun, Gravel, Mountain
Citizen BikeEurope, AsiaFoldingCitizen Bike
City GroundsUSACommuter, All-terrainCity Grounds
CityQEuropeFour-wheel car-likeCityQ
CleverleyAustraliaCommuterCleverleyCleverley review
Co-op CyclesUSACargo, Commuter, City, MountainCo-op Cycles
CobocEuropeCommuter, Urban, RoadCoboc
ColnagoEuropeRoad, GravelColnago
CommencalEurope, Asia, USAMountainCommencal
ConwayEuropeMountain, Trekking/Tour, Cross/All Road
CorratecEuropeEnduro, Mountain, Trekking, Cross-Country
CowboyUSACommuterCowboyCowboy review
Crew Bike Co.USAFat tire, BMX
Cube BikesEuropeCity, All-terrainCube BikesCube review
CyrusherUSAFolding, All-terrainCyrusherCyrusher review


Easy E-Biking - Decathlon Rockrider E ST100 e-bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo credit Decathlon bikes
E-bike brandMain regionsCore modelsShop atOur review
DahonUSAFolding, CruiserDahon
DawesUKFolding, All-terrain, HybridDawes
Day6USACruiser, TrikeDay6
DaymakCanada, USACity, Commuter, Folding, Trike
DCOCanadaCity, Commuter, All-terrain, Cargo, Cruiser, Fat tire, Trike
De RosaEuropeRoadDe Rosa
DecathlonEuropeCity, Cruiser, All-terrainDecathlonDecathlon review
Del SolUSACity, Cruiser, All-terrain, RoadDel Sol
DelfastUSA, EuropeAll-terrain, Fat tireDelfast
Detroit BikesUSACommuterDetroit Bikes
DevinciEuropeCity, Commuter, Road, All-terrainDevinci
DevronEuropeCity, Commuter, Folding
DiamantEuropeCity, Commuter, Hybrid
DiamondbackUSACommuter, Road, Fat tire
DiaveloEuropeCity, Trekking, All-terrainDiavelo
DirwinUSACity, Hybrid, Fat tireDirwin
DJ BikesCanadaCity, Folding, All-terrain, Fat tireDJ Bikes
DohenyBikeUSAFolding, Fat tireDohenyBike
DOST BikesUSA, CanadaCity, Fat tireDOST Bikes
Dutch IDEuropeCity, Commuter
DYSONAustraliaCity, Folding, All-terrainDYSON
DYUEuropeMini, Folding, CityDYUDYU review


Easy E-Biking - Ecotric electric bicycle - real world, real e-bikes, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo credit Ecotric bikes
E-bike brandMain regionsCore modelsShop atOur review
e-CellsUSAMountain, Fat tire, Cargoe-Cells
E-GlideUSAFolding, CommuterE-Glide
e-JOE BikesUSA, CanadaFolding, Commuter, Citye-JOE Bikes
E-Lux Electric BikesUSAFlagship, Commuter, Fat tire, FoldingE-Lux Electric Bikes
E-Prime EbikesEuropeCommuter, Cargo, BMXE-Prime Ebikes
E.T. CycleUSA, EuropeFolding, Fat tire
Eahora EbikesUSAMountain, Fat tireEahora Ebikes
Easy bikeEurope, AfricaFitness, VTC, Urban, Folding
EcoMotionUSAFat tire, Folding, CityEcoMotion
EcotricUSAOff-Road, City, Cargo, FoldingEcotricEcotric review
EG bikeIndonesia, USAHybrid, Cruiser, Folding, Urban, Mountain
EinsUSA, EuropeUrban CruiserEins
ElbyUSA, CanadaUrban CruiserElby
ElectraEuropeCommuterElectra review
Electric Bike CompanyUSAFolding, Commuter, HybridElectric Bike CompanyEBC review
Electric Bike TechnologiesUSACruiser, City, Mountain, Cargo, Folding, Fat tireElectric Bike Technologies
Electric Fat Bike CompanyUSA, CanadaFat tire, Folding, CargoElectric Fat Bike Company
EleglideEurope, UKTrekking, MountainEleglide
ElektronIndiaFat tire, Mountain, CommuterElektron
Eminent CyclesAmericaMountainEminent Cycles
EmojoUSATrikes, Commuter, Folding, Mountain, Fat tire, CruiserEmojo
Energie CycleUSACargo, Folding, BMX, Mountain, Commuter, Fat tireEnergie Cycle
Energy EBikesUSACommuter, All-terrain, Folding, Tricycles, Cruiser, Fat tireEnergy EBikes
Engine LabUSACommuterEngine Lab
EngweEurope, UKFolding/Commuter, Folding/Fat tire/MountainEngweEngwe Engine X review
EnvoCanada, USACommuter, Folding, CargoEnvo
Enzo eBikesUSAFoldingEnzo eBikes
EOVOLTUKFolding, Commuter/Semi-FoldingEOVOLTEovolt review
eProdigyCanada, USACommutereProdigy
Equal bikeEuropeCommuterEqual review
EspinUSACargo, Commuter, FoldingEspinEspin review
ET.CycleEurope, USA, Australia, CanadaFolding, Commuter
eTOURERAustraliaFolding, Commuter, MountaineTOURER
EunorauUSA, AustraliaMountain, Folding, Cargo, Commuter, Fat tireEunorau
EVELOUSAFolding, Tricycle, CommuterEVELOEVELO review
EVEOEuropeFolding, Commuter, Mountain
EVOCanada, USACruiser, Mountain, Commuter, Tricycle, Hybrid (not ebikes)EVO
EZ ErydersUSACruiser, Moto style, Cargo, Mountain, FoldingEZ Eryders
EZ PedalerCe site est inaccessible


Easy E-Biking - Ferla Family Cargo electric bike: real world, real e-bikes - helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo credit Ferla Family bikes
E-bike brandMain regionsCore modelsShop atOur review
FalkenjagdEuropeCity, Commuter, Touring, All-terrain
FalterGermanyCity, Commuter, Mini
FanticEuropeAll-terrain, Trail, TrekkingFantic
FattEBikesUSACity, Commuter, Fat tire, CargoFattEBikes
FeltUSACity, Commnuter, Road, Trail, All-terrain, Fat tire
Ferla FamilyUSACargo, Trike, UtilityFerla Family review
FiatEuropeCity, Folding
FifieldUSACity, Commuter, All-terrain, Folding, Fat tireFifield
FiidoUSA, Canada, Europe, AsiaCity, Folding, Cargo, Fat tireFiidoFiido review
Fission CyclesUSACruiser, All-terrain, Fat tireFission Cycles
Flaunt EbikesUSACity, CruiserFlaunt Ebikes
FLX EbikesUSACity, Cruiser, All-terrain, Fat tire
Flyer EbikesEuropeUrban, Mountain, Trail, Trekking
FocusEurope, AustraliaUrban, Trekking, CommuterFocusFocus review
ForestalEuropeUrban, Folding, Trail, RoadForestal
FreyUSA, Canada, Europe, AustraliaCity, Trail, Mountain
FuellEuropeCity, CommuterFuell
FujiUSA, CanadaCruiser, Mountain, TrekkingFuji
Furo SystemsEuropeCity, FoldingFuro Systems


Easy E-Biking - Giant electric bicycle - real world, real e-bikes, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo credit Giant bikes
E-bike brandMain regionsCore modelsShop atOur review
GayaFranceCompact, CargoGaya
GazelleUSA, EuropeCity, Cruiser, CommuterGazelle review
GeeroEuropeCity, TouringGeero
GEN3USACommuter, Cruiser, Trail, FoldingGEN3
GepidaEuropeCity, Trekking, Mountain, Cargo, RoadGepida
GHOSTEuropeCity, Trekking, Mountain
GiantUSA, Canada, Europe, AustraliaRoad, Mountain, TrekkingGiantGiant review
GitaneEuropeCity, Trekking
Go PowerUSACity, Cargo, Cruiser, Commuter, Fat tireGo Power
GocycleUSA, EuropeFoldingGocycle
GogobestUSA, EuropeCity, Road, Fat tire, MountainGogobestGogobest review
Gogoro EeyoEuropeCity
GoTraxUSACommuter, Cruiser, Folding, Fat tireGoTrax
GraceEuropeCity, Trekking, Mountain, FoldingGrace
GranvilleEuropeCity, Trekking
Green’s BikesEuropeCity, Cruiser, Trekking, All-terrain
GreenbikeUSACity, Mountain, Cruiser, Folding, Fat tire
Greenbike USAUSAAll-terrain, Road, Folding, Fat tireGreenbike USA
GreypEuropeMountain, Commuter, RoadGreyp
GTUSAMountain, Gravel
GtechUKCity, SportGtech
Gygabyke SwiftUSACommuterGygabyke SwiftGygabyke Swift review
GyroorUSA, EuropeFoldingGyroor


Easy E-Biking - Himiway electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo credit Himiway bikes
E-bike brandMain regionsCore modelsShop atOur review
HaibikeUSAMountain, TrekkingHaibikeHaibike review
HaidongUSA, Canada, EuropeFolding, Commuter, Mountain, Fat tire
HaoqiUSACargo, Mountain, Fat tire, CommuterHaoqi
Harley-DavidsonUSA, Europe, AfricaCommuter
HaroUSA, Europe, Australia, UKMountain, CommuterHaro
HasaAustralia, Europe, AsiaCity, Mountain
Hawk WheelsUKMountain, Trekking, CommuterHawk Wheels
HeadEuropeMountain, Commuter, Road
HerculesUSA, EuropeTrekking, Mountain, Folding, Cargo, Commuter
HerolectroIndiaCommuter, Mountain, Folding, CargoHerolectro
HeybikeUSA, Canada, EuropeFolding, Commuter, Fat tire, RaceHeybike
HilltopperUSAGravel, RoadHilltopper
HimiwayUSA, CanadaCommuter, Mountain, Fat tireHimiwayHimiway review
HIMOEurope, UKFolding, Commuter, City, Fat tireHIMOHIMO review
HJM BikeUSACargo, Commuter, CityHJM Bike
HonbikeEurope, UKFolding, CommuterHonbike
HP VelotechnikUSA, Europe, Australia, AsiaTouring, Tricycle, Folding, Recumbent
HPC BikesUSAMountain, BMXHPC Bikes
HUCK CyclesUSAMoped typeHUCK Cycles
HuffyUSA, Canada, AustraliaFolding, Commuter, Mountain, Fat tireHuffy
HummingbirdUSA, EuropeFoldingHummingbird
HyperUSAFat tire, Commuter, Mountain, BMX, FoldingHyper


Easy E-Biking - Woman renting e-bike city, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
E-bike brandMain regionsCore modelsShop atOur review
i:SYGermanyCompact, Cargo, City
IbexEuropeCity, Commuter, Cruiser, Touring
ICEUSA, Canada, Europe, AustraliaTrike, Recumbent
IDWorxGermanyTrekking, Commuter
iGOUSAUrban, Road, Mountain, Fat tireiGO
IntenseUSA, EuropeAll-terrain, Fat tireIntense
IonUSACruiser, Mountain, Folding, Fat tireIon
IslaUKCity, CommuterIsla
iZipUSATrekking, Commuter, Trike, Fat tire, CruiseriZip


Easy E-Biking - Juiced electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo credit Juiced bikes
E-bike brandMain regionsCore modelsShop atOur review
JasionUSACommuter, FoldingJasion
JeepUSAAll-terrain, Fat tireJeep
JetsonUSACommuter, MiniJetson
JoulvertUSACruiser, Fat tire, Commuter, Moped-style, FoldingJoulvert
Juiced BikesUSACommuter, Urban, Cargo, Fat tire, All-terrainJuiced BikesJuiced review
JuntoUSACommuter, Folding
Jupiter BikeUSAFolding


Easy E-Biking - Kalkhoff electric bicycles - real world, real e-bikes, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo credit Kalkhoff bikes
E-bike brandMain regionsCore modelsShop atOur review
KalkhoffEuropeTrekking, City, AllroadKalkhoff review
KayzaEuropeTrekking, Mountain
KBOUSACommuter, CargoKBO
KentUSA, CanadaTrekking, CommuterKent
KettlerEuropeCargo, Trekking, Mountain, Folding, Commuter
KHSEurope, USA, Asia, South AmericaFat tire, Mountain, Commuter, Hybrid
KildemoesEuropeCommuter, Tricycle, Cargo
KogaEuropeCommuter, Hybrid
KonaEurope, USA, Australia, Asia, AfricaMountain, Commuter
KTMUSA, Canada, Europe, Australia, AsiaCity; Trekking, Off-road, MountainKTM review
KuakeAsiaCargo, City, Mountain, Folding


Easy E-Biking - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
E-bike brandMain regionsCore modelsShop atOur review
La PierreCanada, Europe, AustraliaUrban, Trekking, Road, Mountain, KidsLa Pierre
LamborghiniEuropeCity, Commuter, All-terrain
Larry vs. HarryUSA, Canada, Europe, AustraliaCargo, UtilityLarry vs. Harry
Leader FoxEuropeMountain, Trekking, Folding, City, Trike, Fat tireLeader Fox
LeaosEuropeGravel, Commuter, Touring, Cruiser
LectricUSA, CanadaFolding, Fat tireLectric
LeedsUSARoad, City, Fat tire, Folding, CruiserLeeds
LekkerUSA, Europe, AustraliaCity, Commuter, CruiserLekker
LemkuhlEuropeCity, Commuter, Cruiser
LemondUSA, EuropeCommuterLemond
Leon CyclesCanada, Europe, AustraliaFolding, City, Mountain, Fat tireLeon Cycles
LesooseUSAFolding, Mini, Cruiser, Commuter, All-road, Fat tireLesoose
LexusUSA, Canada, Europe, AustraliaRoad
Liberty TrikeUSATrikeLiberty Trike
LiesgerGermanyMountain, Cruiser
Life EVUSACity, Cruiser, Off-roadLife EV
LivUSA, Canada, Europe, AustraliaRoad, Mountain, Adventure, Trekking
LombardoItalyAll-road, Mountain, City, Commuter
LookUSA, Canada, Europe, AustraliaCity, Gravel, RoadLook
Luna CycleUSAAll-road, Folding, Road, Mountain, Moto-styleLuna Cycle


Easy E-Biking - Merida eSPRESSO CITY electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo credit Merida bikes
E-bike brandMain regionsCore modelsShop atOur review
M1-SporttechnikEuropeMountain, Hybrid
M2S EbikesUSAAll-terrain, Sport/Commuter, Fat tire, Cargo, MountainM2S Ebikes
MacwheelUSAE-Scooters onlyMacwheel
Mad in FranceEuropeCommuter, SportMad in France
MagicycleUSA, CanadaFat tire, Commuter, Cruiser, FoldingMagicycleMagicycle review
MagnumUSATouring, Cruiser, Fat tire, Mountain, CargoMagnum
MarinUSAUrban, Mountain, Fitness, CommuterMarinMarin review
MastrettaMexicoSport, City, Cargo
MateInternationalFat tire, Folding, CommuterMate
MatraEuropeRoad, Mountain, All-terrain, Urban
MavrickUSAFat tire, Folding, Cargo, CommuterMavrick
MaxFootUSA, CanadaFolding, Cruiser, Commuter, Fat tire, CargoMaxFoot
MaxonEuropeUrban, Mountain, Gravel
MeridaEuropeMountain, City, RoadMerida review
MicargiUSAFolding, Commuter, Sport, Fat tireMicargi
Michael BlastUSACommuter, Moped type, Fat tireMichael Blast
MiyataAsiaCommuter, All-terrain, Gravel, Trekking
MoarUSAFolding, Fat tireMoar
MODUSACity, Trike, Commuter, Folding, All-terrainMOD
ModmoEuropeCity, CommuterModmoModmo review
MokwheelUSA, CanadaCommuter, Fat tire, City, CargoMokwheel
MomentumUSA, Canada, UK, AustraliaCommuter, Utility, Cruiser
MondrakerUSA, Europe, AustraliaMountain, Trail, All-terrain, Urban, Kids
MorfunsUSA, Canada, Europe, AustraliaFoldingMorfuns
MorrisonGermanyTrekking, Mountain
MotivUSAFolding, Fat tire, Cruiser, Cargo
Moto ParillaUSA, Canada, Europe, AustraliaAll-terrain, Fat tire, Mini
MotobecaneUSAMountain, Adventure
MotoTecUSATrike, MiniMotoTec
MoultonUKCommuter, City, FoldingMoulton
MoustacheUSA, Canada, Europe, AustraliaUrban, Cargo, Mountain, Fat tire, Road, Gravel, Tandem, TrekkingMoustache review
MukkpetUSAMountain, Folding, Fat tireMukkpet


Easy E-Biking - Nakto Pony electric bike - real world, real e-bikes, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo credit Nakto bikes
E-bike brandMain regionsCore modelsShop atOur review
n+USA, Europe, AustraliaCommuter
NakamuraEuropeCruiser, Commuter, City, All-terrainNakamuraNakamura review
NaktoUSAAll-terrain, City, CommuterNaktoNakto review
NCMUSA, Canada, Europe, AustraliaTrekking, Mountain, Fat tire, FoldingNCM review
NeomouvEuropeUrban, Folding, Hybrid, MountainNeomouv
NeoxItalyCommuter, Cruiser, Fat tireNeox
NiloxEuropeCruiser, Commuter, City, All-terrain, FoldingNilox
NinerUSA, Canada, Europe, AustraliaMountain, RoadNiner
NIUUSA, EuropeUrban
NorcoUSA, Canada, Europe, AustraliaMountain, Trail
NortaEuropeCity, Commuter, Cruiser


Easy E-Biking - Orbea Vibe electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo credit Orbea bikes
E-bike brandMain regionsCore modelsShop atOur review
O2feelEuropeCity, Cruiser, Cargo, Folding, All-terrain, Mountain
OHMCanadaCommuter, Cruiser, CargoOHM
OKAIEuropeCity, Bike share programsOKAI
OlmoEuropeRoad, Commuter, Mountain, City, Cruiser, Folding
OlympiaEuropeMountain, City, Trekking
ONYXUSA, CanadaMotocycle-styleONYX
OptibikeUSAAdventure, Mountain, UrbanOptibike
OpusCanadaUrban, Trail
OrbeaUSA, EuropeRoad, Mountain, UrbanOrbeaOrbea review
Organic TransitUSATrike, car-style
OxfordEuropeCargo, Folding, City
OyamaUSA, Europe, AsiaFolding, Road, City


Easy E-Biking - Pedego electric bikes, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo credit Pedego bikes
E-bike brandMain regionsCore modelsShop atOur review
PaselecUSAFolding, Mountain, Fat tirePaselec
PedegoUSACruiser, Commuter, City, Adventure/Fat tire, Cargo, HybridPedegoPedego review
PegasusUSA, EuropeTrekking, Urban, Folding
PeugeotEuropeFolding, Trekking, City, Mountain, Road
PfiffUSA, Europe, Africa, AustraliaTrike
PhantomUSAMoped-style, Commuter, Mountain, FoldingPhantom
PiaggioEuropeOnly scooters, no e-bikes
PinarelloUSA, EuropeRacing, Commuter, Mountain
PinnacleUKCommuter, MountainPinnacle
PivotEuropeMountain, RacingPivot
PodbikeEuropeCar typePodbike
PolarnaEuropeCity, Trekking, Mountain, Cargo
PolygonUSA, Canada, Europe, AustraliaMountain, Urban, Hybrid, Fat tire, City
PopuloUSACommuter, FoldingPopulo
PorscheUSA, Europe
PowacycleUKCommuter, Folding, SportPowacycle
PRICEEurope, AfricaMountain, City
PropellaUSA, CanadaFolding, RacePropella


Easy E-Biking - QWIC Performance electric bicycle - real world, real e-bikes, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo credit QWIC bikes
E-bike brandMain regionsCore modelsShop atOur review
QualisportsUSA, CanadaFolding, Fat tireQualisports
QuietKatUSAAll-terrain, Fat tire, UrbanQuietKat
QWICEuropeCity, Commuter, AdventureQWICQWIC review


Easy E-Biking - RadPower electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo credit Rad Power bikes
E-bike brandMain regionsCore modelsShop atOur review
R+E CyclesUSACommuter, City, Cruiser, Tandem
Rad PowerUSA, Canada, EuropeOff-road, Cargo, Utility, City, Commuter, Folding, Fat tireRad PowerRad Power review
Radio FlyerUSACargo, Commuter, Fat tireRadio Flyer
RaleighUKCargo, Hybrid, FoldingRaleighRaleigh review
Rambo EbikesUSA, CanadaAll-terrain, Fat tireRambo Ebikes
RattanUSAAll-terrain, Fat tire, Commuter, FoldingRattan
RaymonFranceTrail, Mountain, Trekking, Urban, Fat tire
RayvoltUSA, Canada, Europe, AustraliaVintage, TrikeRayvolt
RazorUSA, Canada, Europe, AustraliaKids
ReconUSAAll-terrain, Fat tire, FoldingRecon
ReefAustraliaCity, Commuter, Cruiser, Folding, Mountain, TrikeReef
Reid CyclesUSA, Canada, Europe, AustraliaCity, Cruiser, Commuter, Mountain, Cargo
RetrospecUSACity, Cruiser, Fat tire, FoldingRetrospec
ReveloCanadaFoldingReveloRevelo review
ReviUSAVintage, Folding, All-terrainRevi
RevolveUSAFolding, Moto-style, Cruiser, Trike, All-terrainRevolve
RibbleUSA, Canada, Europe, AustraliaRoad, Off-road, Hybrid, UrbanRibble
Ride RadiantUSAUrban, Fat tireRide Radiant
Ride ScoozyUSACruiser, Fat tire, FoldingRide Scoozy
Ride1UpUSACity, Commuter, Fat tire, All-terrainRide1UpRide1Up review
Riese & MüllerUSA, Canada, Europe, AustraliaCity, Commuter, Cargo, Adventure, Fat tireRiese & Müller review
RILUAustraliaUrban, Mountain, Folding, Fat tireRILU review
Ristretto ElectricUSAMoto-styleRistretto Electric
RizeUSACommuter, All-terrain, Folding, Moto-style, Fat tireRize
Rock MachineEuropeMountain, Tour, Urban
Rocky MountainUSA, Canada, Europe, AustraliaMountainRocky Mountain
Rod CyclesUSAUrbanRod Cycles
RossignolUSA, Canada, EuropeMountainRossignol
RotwildMountain, All-terrain, Trekking, Fat tireRotwild
Ruff CyclesEuropeMoto-style, VintageRuff Cycles
Rungu DualieUSAAll-terrain, dual-front-wheelRungu Dualie


Easy E-Biking - Specialized Turbo Tero electric bicycle - real world, real e-bikes, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo credit Specialized bikes
E-bike brandMain regionsCore modelsShop atOur review
S.A.M.’sSwitzerlandCruiser, Trike, Commuter, City, FoldingS.A.M.’s
Santa CruzUSA, Canada, EuropeMountain, TrailSanta Cruz
SaracenEuropeMountain, Trail
SavaEuropeFolding, TrailSava
ScapinEuropeMountain, TrailScapin
SchindelhauerEuropeCity, CommuterSchindelhauer
SchwinnUSACruiser, Hybrid, Mountain, Fat tireSchwinn
SCODenmarkCommuter, Cruiser, Cargo, Trike
ScottUSA, Canada, Europe, AustraliaMountain, Road, City, All-terrain, TouringScottScott review
SegwayUSA, EuropeDirt e-bike, moto-styleSegway
Serial 1USA, Canada, EuropeCity, Hybrid
ShengmiloEuropeOff-road, Folding, Fat tireShengmilo
ShiftbikesFranceCity, HybridShiftbikes
SimplonEuropeCity, Hybrid
SixthreezeroUSACruiser, Commuter, Trike, Fat tire, HybridSixthreezeroSixThreeZero review
SmartmotionAustraliaCity, Mountain, Folding, CompactSmartmotion
SnapCycleUSAFolding, Hybrid, Fat tireSnapCycle
SolexFranceCity, Cruiser, Trekking
SondorsUSA, EuropeAll-terrain, Folding, Mountain, Urban, Moto-style, CruiserSondors
Soul Beach CruisersUSACruiserSoul Beach Cruisers
SpecializedUSA, Canada, Europe, AustraliaRoad, Mountain, ActiveSpecializedSpecialized review
SplachUSAAll-terrain, Fat tire, Long rangeSplach
SSR MotorsportsUSAHybrid, Folding, Fat tire
StealthUSA, Europe, AustraliaUrban, Kids, All-terrain, Fat tire
SteppenwolfGermanyCity, Trekking, Mountain, FoldingSteppenwolf
StevensEuropeTour, City, Gravel, Trekking
StorckEuropeRoad, Mountain, Urban, HybridStorck
StoryUSACommuter, CityStory
StromerUSA, Canada, EuropeCommuter, HybridStromer review
SunmonoAustraliaCity, Mountain, Cargo, FoldingSunmono
Super73USA, Canada, Europe, AustraliaMoto-styleSuper73
Surface 604USA, Canada, AustraliaAll-terrain, Fat tire, Hybrid, Commuter, FoldingSurface 604
SwagtronUSACommuter, Cruiser, Folding, KidsSwagtron
SWFTUSACruiser, Moto-styleSWFT
SwypeEuropeMountain, All-terrain
Sykl PowerUSACompact, Urban, Utility, TrekkingSykl Power


Easy E-Biking - Tern Vektron electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo credit Tern bikes
E-bike brandMain regionsCore modelsShop atOur review
TEBCOAustraliaCity, Cruiser, Commuter, Folding, Trike, Trekking
TernUSA, Canada, Europe, AustraliaCommuter, Cargo, Folding, Fat tireTern review
ThokEuropeMountain, Urban, All-terrain, Fat tireThok
ThompsonEuropeCity, Commuter, Cruiser, Folding, MountainThompson
TotemUSACity, Commuter, Cruiser, FoldingTotem
ToucheIndiaCommuter, Fat tireTouche
Tour de SuisseSwitzerlandCommuter, Trekking, Kids
TrefectaEuropeUrban, Mountain, TrekkingTrefecta
TrekUSA, Canada, Europe, AustraliaCity, Commuter, Trekking, Road, All-terrainTrek review
TRENGAGermanyCity, Commuter, MountainTRENGA
TrenoliGermanyCity, Trekking, Compact, Mountain
TrinxAsiaCity, Cargo, Commuter, Cruiser, Folding
TritonUSACommuter, All-terrain, MountainTriton
Tronx MotorsIndiaUrban, Cargo
TroxusUSAAll-terrain, Fat tireTroxus
TurboantUSA, EuropeCity, Hybrid, Folding, Fat tireTurboantTurboant review


Easy E-Biking - Man wearing bicycle helmet, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
E-bike brandMain regionsCore modelsShop atOur review
UnivegaUSATrail, Sport, Trekking, Commuter
UplandUSAFolding, Tricycle, Commuter, Mountain, Fat tire
Urban ArrowInternationalCargo
Urban DrivestyleEuropeMoto, BMX-style, Fat tire, HybridUrban Drivestyle
UrwahnEuropeUrban, Gravel, Commuter


Easy E-Biking - Vanmoof e-bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo credit Vanmoof bikes
E-bike brandMain regionsCore modelsShop atOur review
VamosAustraliaCity, Cruiser, Commuter, FoldingVamos
VanmoofUSA, EuropeUrbanVanmoof review
VanpowersUSA, EuropeCity, Commuter, Fat tireVanpowers
VelecCanadaCity, Folding
VelectriXAustraliaCompact, Cruiser, Mountain, Urban
Velo deVilleEuropeUrban, Compact, Tour
VeloksEuropeTrike, RecumbentVeloks
VelowaveUSAAll-terrain, Fat tire, MountainVelowave
Victoria-FahrradEuropeAll-road, Trekking, Folding, Urban, Touring
VilanoUSAFolding, Cruiser
VintageUSA, CanadaVintageVintage
VitusEuropeCity, Mountain, Road, Gravel
VoltBikeUSA, CanadaOff-road, City, Folding, Cargo, MountainVoltBike
VolutionAustraliaUrban, Cargo, Fat tire, MountainVolution
VTUVIAUSA, EuropeUrban, Trike, Fat tire, Mountain


Easy E-Biking - kids on bicycles, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
E-bike brandMain regionsCore modelsShop atOur review
WHEELEREuropeMountain, Commuter, Race
WhistleEuropeMountain, Trekking
WhyteS.America, Europe, Australia, UKMountain, Commuter, RoadWhyte
Wicked ThumbUSAMoped type, Fat tireWicked Thumb
WilierEurope, USA, UK, Australia,RaceWilier
WingUSAFolding, Commuter, Fat tireWingWing review
WinoraEurope, Africa, New-ZealandCity, Trekking, Cargo
WisperUKMountain, City, Adventure, Folding, CommuterWisper
WoomEurope, USAUrban, Hybrid, MountainWoom


Easy E-Biking - Xiaomi HIMO electric bike - real world, real e-bikes, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo credit Xiaomi bikes
E-bike brandMain regionsCore modelsShop atOur review
X-tremeUSACity, Commuter, Cruiser, Folding, MountainX-treme
XDSAustraliaVintage, Mountain, Hybrid, Folding
XiaomiUSA, Canada, Europe, AustraliaFolding, Mini, CityXiaomi review


Easy E-Biking - Yuba Spicy Curry electric bike, real world, real e-bikes, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo credit Yuba bikes
E-bike brandMain regionsCore modelsShop atOur review
YameeUSAFolding, Fat tireYamee
YubaUSA, Canada, Europe, AustraliaCargoYubaYuba review


Easy E-Biking - businessman e-bike city, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
E-bike brandMain regionsCore modelsShop atOur review
ZizeUSACity, Commuter, TrikeZizeZize review

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