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Hello and welcome to Easy e-biking! Happy to see that you have decided to spend a few minutes with me.

I built this site with the idea of helping you to make electric bicycling easy, practical and fun. It is about making learning about electric bikes, selecting, riding and maintaining these modern machines more simple and more enjoyable.

If you found tips, stories or news on this website helpful, please leave a comment or bring a friend over to take a look. I am really enjoying your company. Thank you for stopping by!

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We are all asking questions

Electric bicycles may still sound somewhat unfriendly and complicated. This is how they sounded to me when I first came across this phenomenon a few years ago. Even today, electrically assisted bicycles is a relatively new technology. E-bikes have not been around for centuries, as traditional or conventional bikes have.

Did you know that the first bicycle was invented in 1817 (Wikipedia link)? While the first electric bicycle started its first ride only in the late 1990s (another Wikipedia link).

Now, the number of available e-bike models is literally exploding.  How to make sense of all this proliferation of models, styles, types, batteries, motors, controls, gadgets and more? Unless you are a trained professional, it appears that most of us are far less comfortable with picking the right electric bike and e-bike gear to suit our needs.

Needless to say that most e-bike models are not cheap.

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Even if you decide to buy an e-bike from Asia, the cost of such an e-bike, including handling and delivery, will easily be above 1000 dollars (or euros). Cost consideration alone makes selecting an e-bike not the most simple decision to make.

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Some of us would start by asking:

If you already made the decision to purchase one, you are likely to start struggling with:

  • What model is best for me?
  • Should I buy a foldable or a one-piece frame model?
  • What features does my e-bike need to have?
  • How long will the battery last?
  • What does it mean a 250 watt or a 500-watt motor?

I struggled with exactly the same questions when making my first choices.

Once and if you become a proud owner of a new and shiny e-bike (or a used and well-tested one), you may start asking yourself:

  • Can I fit my e-bike in a car?
  • How to maintain my e-bike?
  • Is it safe to ride my e-bike in winter or in rainy weather?
  • Do I need a license to ride an electric bike? (well, this question is better to ask prior to making your purchase, right?)
  • Do I need to pay taxes on my e-bike? (yes, there are different regulations, depending on your country), etc., etc.

Too many questions, not so many answers.

“Easy e-biking” is about making it easier for you

Easy e-biking is about sharing experience, giving lifehacks and tips, and helping you make your decisions more simple. In discussing e-bike related questions, publishing e-biking news and stories from around the world, I am sharing my own learnings.

I am also complimenting this with lots of research via various internet resources and blogs, electric bike dealerships, rental shops and lots of common sense knowledge, to help you make your own educated decisions.

Lots of e-bike related advice and information in one place to simplify your life and leave you more time to enjoy your e-biking trips, rather than spend this time comparing and making sense of what you hear.

I do not represent any e-bike company

My opinion is not biased. I am not promoting any specific brand or model. Although I may occasionally be recommending e-bike models, equipment or gear. These recommendations are, again, based on the fact that I like what I bought and I enjoy using those products. And I will clearly mark them as promotions.

We follow strict Editorial Policy to ensure top quality experience for you.

If you are starting and learning, easy e-biking is built for you

On this site, I will not be exploring in-depth technical details of specific motors, batteries or other equipment. This is not my goal. Plenty of sites are already doing this. Fair to say that if you are into technical details or do-it-yourself stories, you may not find what you are looking for on easy e-biking.

My goal is to give my readers enough knowledge for them to successfully buy, rent, lease and happily use their e-bikes. Not stress out and have fun all along the process!

Happy and easy e-biking! 😊

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