9 Best Electric Bicycle Brands in Switzerland [2023 update]

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With e-bike hubs like Germany, France, and Italy bordering it, it’s no wonder Switzerland has also started to get into e-bike manufacturing. At least two of its local brands already have a global presence. And it’s safe to say that it’s only going to gain more traction in the future. The rapidly rising e-bike market in the country only serves to cement it. 

By looking at the top e-bike brands in Switzerland in this post, we hope to orient readers not only about what the Swiss have to offer to e-bike riders but also about the remarkably short amount of time in which e-biking took hold in the country. Would it really be surprising, considering the country’s primarily mountainous geography? In these Alpine regions, e-bikes undoubtedly shine the most. 

With that said, let’s see how these Swiss e-bike brands have won the hearts of both local and global riders. Below, we have prepared a list of all the trusted brands and more details about each one in the succeeding section. 

The Best Swiss E-Bike Brands

Brand NameTypes of E-BikesModels
ATV 960/940
ATV 949/969
ATV 860/840/820/720
ATV 829/849/869
XCV 829/849/869
XCV 729/749/769
GTV 1125SUV 8/9
WLV 860/960
GXR 860/880
Lane E
Sauvage E
Sign E
Core E
Mariposa E
Access E
Campus E
eEterna Randonneur
Uproc 1/2/3/4/5/6/7
Goroc 1/2/3/4
Gotour 2/3/4/5/6
Upstreet 1/2/3/4/5/6
MaxonDrive SystemBIKEDRIVE
TrefectaHybridTrefecta RDR
Tour de SuisseCity

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Easy E-Biking - Bergstrom e-bike brand logo, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Bergstrom’s history can be traced back to 1898, the year when Komenda AG, a retailer of bike parts, was founded. That said, Bergstrom is technically the latter’s e-bike arm, which was started in 2018. 

This essentially makes the brand one of the first companies to enter the biking industry and one of the oldest in the world that can claim that it has been around since bikes were invented. That alone should give you an inkling about the reputation that it has slowly built over the years, which is relatively unassuming compared to other “old” brands out there.  

The company has its roots in St. Gallen, Switzerland, and is unfailingly proud of its Swiss roots. Its company tagline goes, “Made in Switzerland for Swiss needs.” And you can pretty much see this in how they design their e-bikes, which shall be discussed in further detail below. 

At best, Bergstrom is a go-to e-bike brand locally and has also garnered wide repute in the European continent, especially in neighboring countries like Germany. 

Bergstrom e-bike models

Trail riding and mountain biking are the clear focus of the brand, so there’s no shortage of eMTBs, road e-bikes, and gravel e-bikes in Bergstrom’s product lineup.

Even so, it actually has since dabbled in urban riding as well, as evidenced by the presence of commuter models in its catalog. You’ll also see standout hybrid varieties not found elsewhere. 

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In total, there are 11 models you can choose from, which are meant for different types of outdoor riding, mountain biking, trekking, and commuting. 

Bergstrom quality and features

Expect most Bergstrom eMTBs to shine because they were built with the Swiss topography in mind. Many have praised them for their superior handling, stellar torque, and top-notch speeds. The 500-watt motors (usually either Shimano or Bosch) found in most of its eMTBs can achieve top speeds of 25km/h even when going uphill. 

The brand knows how to deliver safety and stability in all its sports-oriented e-bike offerings. We won’t hesitate to recommend them for these reasons, though admittedly, we have yet to try out their commuter selections. 

Here is the link to visit the Bergstrom e-bikes website.


Easy E-Biking - BixS e-bike brand logo, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

BiXs entered the cycling industry in 2001, spearheaded by the Hostettler group’s Intercycle ag, one of the most recognized companies in the Swiss bicycling sphere. It’s also one of the largest enterprises in Switzerland at present, which goes to show how much cycling as a whole has embedded itself in the country.

The company mixes its members’ passion for sports biking and Swiss engineering when designing and crafting its models. It also deeply subscribes to the notion that innovation should always usher in the “ultimate biking experience.”

Incidentally, the brand is enjoying the same popularity in its home country as in neighboring Germany, where many love its city and eMTB offerings. 

BiXs e-bike models

While the company has a clear emphasis on sports and trail-riding e-bikes, it also serves urban riders with its city models. Like most Swiss companies, BiXs opts to go the quality over quantity route.

Even so, considering the eMTBs and road e-bikes available in its catalog and their respective variety, almost every rider will not have a hard time selecting a model that suits their tastes. 

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Up to 5 models fall under the off-road riding category, while 2 are designed specifically for urban riding. The variety in the eMTBs could not be more apparent in the fact that you get full-suspension, hardtail, and road hybrid options — most of which are either designed for performance and fitness or outdoor leisure riding. 

BiXs quality and features

BiXs e-bikes usually incorporate motors from Japanese brands like Yamaha and Shimano, most of which provide adequate power and above-average torque. Since the brand has a reputation built on sports biking, it really shouldn’t be a surprise that even their city e-bikes are relatively more powerful than what riders are used to. 

The Sauvage E eMTB, for example, makes room for an extra battery, which can push its power to a whopping 1,000W, which is quite possibly the dream of every eMTB lover (at least those who can’t get enough motor assist). What’s certain is that its models affirm the fact that it is a brand that takes performance seriously.

Here is the link to visit the BiXs e-bikes website.


Easy E-Biking - BMC e-bike brand logo, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

BMC prides itself on its use of Swiss engineering for its models. It’s one of the most popular Swiss bike brands in the world, having been in operation since 1994. Its headquarters is located in Grenchen, Switzerland. 

The brand sets itself apart with its history of competition and performance cycling. It has quite an impressive win history in prestigious races like the Tour de France. BMC’s secret?

Most of it hinges on the cutting-edge design and the bright minds behind it. It’s a brand that clings to the “word” premium like a lifeline, and the sheer quality is all too apparent in its past and present releases. 

Incidentally, it could very well rival Stromer in the e-bike industry, and its assertion of its Swissness only serves to fuel the local competition. 

BMC e-bike models

BMC is the more all-around top-tier e-bike brand in this list. Its trademark AMP offerings can be divided into the city, sport, trail, and all-track categories, effectively making them an e-bike brand with commuter, hybrid, road, eMTB, and city e-bikes – as close to the whole nine yards as Swiss e-bike brands have gotten, most probably. 

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Despite the variety of its e-bike catalog, it’s actually tied with Stromer in terms of the number of e-bikes it currently has available. Only four models make up the BMC’s E-bike AMP Series, and, when taken as a whole, obviously ensures BMC would be able to cover all kinds of terrains ideal for e-bike riding. 

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BMC quality and features

Out of all BMC’s selections, the Speedfox AMP tends to shine the brightest. It’s one of the most well-rounded e-MTBs available at present and manages to deliver the electric mountain bike experience most riders crave for. 

And that’s basically the quality that most of BMC’s models share: despite their relatively hefty weights, they tend to go all the way in ticking the fundamental boxes of the categories they belong to. 

The brand also integrates technology that either heightens overall riding comfort or tames the terrain their models ride on.

Here is the link to visit the BMC e-bikes website.


Easy E-Biking - Cresta e-bike brand logo, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Like Bergstrom, Cresta also lays claim to the recognition that it has been around for more than a century. And coincidentally, the two brands also share the same founding year: 1898 – just a few years after the first bicycle made its appearance. In fact, the two companies can be considered sisters since both have their roots traced back to Matthias Komenda, founder of Komenda AG.

Naturally, it has the instinct to preserve tradition, so it adopts a goal that is meant to preserve tradition by combining it with modernity. Even the factory it has been using over the decades still remains in operation. And like most local Swiss brands, Cresta has an innate desire to preserve the “Swissness” of its creations. Incidentally, it also considers St. Gallen as its headquarters.

Cresta e-bike models

A good mix of city, road, gravel, eMTBs, and commuter e-bikes make up Cresta’s catalog. It knows the types of e-bikes that are popular for every kind of ride and makes sure to cover those demands. In total, the brand has an impressive e-bike product line made up of 16 models that fulfill that goal.

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Cresta quality and features

Cresta urban and for-leisure e-bikes have been praised for their noticeable comfort. You get the hang of these models quickly and easily, so much so that its users can attest to ditching their cars for these e-bikes. Many have also been lauded for their relatively lighter weights.

Its eMTBs are not to be taken lightly, too. Most of its models seamlessly and efficiently combine the Bosch Performance Speed line with Shimano gears, leading to satisfactory power with bountiful support guaranteed all the time.

Here is the link to visit the Cresta e-bikes website.


Easy E-Biking - Flyer e-bike brand logo, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Swiss organization, FLYER AG, is behind the FLYER e-bike brand. It has a fascinating history, to say the least, as it’s actually one of the few companies in the world that have been motorizing e-bikes since 1993 – its first motorized creation was called the Red Buffalo. It has over 23 years of e-bike manufacturing under its belt, with that considered, effectively making it a veteran in the industry. 

However, do take note that the FLYER brand was essentially founded in 2001 in Huttwil, Bern. It is a brand that pays meticulous attention to detail and care and with very humble beginnings, to say the least. They shine, in particular, in their eMTB designs, which are primarily what allowed them to acquire a solid reputation in a relatively short amount of time.  

At present, the brand already has an impressive manufacturing rate of 50,000 a year, and this figure continues to rise.  

FLYER e-bike models

True to the reputation it has built, most of its models are either eMTBS, road e-bikes, and hybrids. Be that as it may, FLYER also includes a number of urban options in its catalog, highlighting its versatility. 16 models fall under the category of outdoor riding while 7 are made for traversing urban landscapes.

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FLYER quality and features

As you can expect from an e-mountain-bike-centric brand, FLYER models tend to have motors that pack a punch. The Flyer Uproc7, for example, has a maximum 630W motor output, which guarantees more than enough traction and support. It is also a brand that makes sure you experience lengthy, comfortable outdoor rides with its handling, whether you are negotiating rocky trails or serene forest trails.

You will also find that the brand does not hold back in integrating techy features, particularly displays that aid in navigation.

Here is the link to visit the FLYER e-bikes website.


Easy E-Biking - Maxon e-bike brand logo, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Maxon is known more for its BIKEDRIVE system kit, which allows riders to convert their bikes into e-bikes. It’s one of those companies that are similar to Bosch and Shimano – they are all too often defined by the reputation of their country of origin. In the case of Maxon, it is one of those Swiss companies that take pride in its world-class engineering.

The bicycle drive system was officially created in 2009, spurred by the perennial challenge presented by uphill climbs to the average biker. That said, Maxon Motor has actually been around since 1961. The company’s rise into the reputable e-bike drive system provider that it has become was guided by the said top-notch engineering we have mentioned above.

Maxon e-bike models

There is only one product that sets Maxon apart, and it is its BIKEDRIVE system kit. All the essentials for bike-to-e-bike conversion are included in the kit, namely a battery, rear-wheel motor, charger, axel adapter, and cables. You have the option to choose the size of the DT Swiss wheel on which the motor will be mounted.

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Maxon acknowledges that every bike is different, so they encourage interested bike owners to take their models to their stores first for inspection and recommendations.

Maxon quality and features

Maxon has ties with such premier agencies in engineering as NASA, Jet Propulsion Lab, and the European Space Agency, so it is hard to question the quality of its bike drive systems.

Users of the Maxon hub drive can attest that it can rival most mid-drive systems. It provides a completely unique experience, which is only pointedly highlighted by its quick acceleration and performance at high speeds.

And the fact that it can essentially convert any bike into an e-bike – while not permanently transforming it into one – only adds to its value.

Here is the link to visit the Maxon e-bikes website.


Easy E-Biking - Stromer e-bike brand logo, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Stromer is undoubtedly one of the most well-recognized Swiss e-bike brands today. Relatively young, it was founded only in 2009, but it did not take long for it to become a global sensation among e-bike riders. 

And that undoubtedly speaks volumes about the quality of Stromer’s models. It is fiercely and proudly aligned to Swiss technology, integrating its models, mostly designed for urban riding, with innovative features, especially in the connectivity department. 

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Stromer moved its headquarters to Oberwangen, Bern, where most of the company’s internal processes (like management, design, research, and customer service) are done under one roof. The brand candidly claims that it epitomizes the Swiss spirit in its e-bike manufacturing and remains one of the primary drivers of e-bike innovation worldwide. 

Stromer e-bike models

It labels its models as “Speed Pedelecs,” mainly designed for smooth and quick commuting. The ST1, ST2, ST3, and ST5 all make up its relatively small catalog.

The company is pretty meticulous when it comes to releasing new models. All of Stormer’s models basically fall under the commuter e-bike category, but how they are designed, and the Swiss tech they incorporate are what make them inimitable. 

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Stromer quality and features

Most Stromer models sport a uniform design, with extra-thick frames that house each one’s capacious batteries, which are then finished with solid hues of blue, black, gray, and dirty white. Almost all come with a nifty, trademark Stromer leather black bag attached to its rear track that adds that unique touch. 

As for technical features, you’ll immediately notice the power of these e-bikes once you ride them. The ST1 alone did not become a “legend” for nothing. Imagine riding a 250W-motor model that can reach top speeds of 25km/h. And most of its models, thanks to their apparently massive batteries, have great range and are very quiet, too.  

Here is the link to visit the Stromer e-bikes website.


Easy E-Biking - Trefecta e-bike brand logo, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

While Trefecta is more of a Dutch brand, its Swiss connection can’t be denied. It’s a brand that manifests, quite possibly, what e-bike companies would be like if they went all-in with quality and innovation. That said, it is actually a brand that means to “create the game” rather than change it. Trefecta is a brand that means to stand out, whatever it takes, even if it means starting from scratch.

It is also one of the youngest brands on this list, having only been launched as recently as 2014. It is a subsidiary of the eMobility Concepts of Switzerland, which in turn, was only begun in 2012. At present, its e-bike is only available in the Dutch and Swiss markets.

Trefecta e-bike models

Trefecta only offers one model: the Trefecta RDR, and it is quite hard to pinpoint the exact category it falls in. Perhaps, it is safer to say that it is a whole new breed of a beast in itself, and you will probably agree once you get to know it more.

Trefecta features and quality

The Trefecta RDR e-bike gives a ready impression of power and novelty with its sheer design alone. It has been aptly tagged as “delightfully insane” and is undoubtedly the very manifestation of the company’s vision and core goals.

Just imagine getting a maximum range of 200km (the most out of any high-end e-bike we have reviewed), 120Nm of torque, and mid-drive motors that can reach 920W of power.

The doubly stocky, solid-looking frame is made of natural aluminum and marries modernity and nostalgia with its size and splendid patina finish. Its design is a true definition of originality.

Here is the link to visit the Trefecta e-bikes website.

Tour de Suisse

Easy E-Biking - TDS e-bike brand logo, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Tour de Suisse (or TDS for short) has been building bikes by request for decades now. It has been in the business since 1934 and has attained a sterling reputation for “workmanship of the highest quality.” Besides building bikes, they also function as a wholesaler of bike parts and accessories.

The brand only recently entered the e-bike manufacturing industry, but it is already on the way to becoming a major player in it. It has been proactive in releasing new models in recent years, and the almost yearly changes in its catalogs only prove this. At present, its headquarters are located in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland.

Tour de Suisse e-bike models

Tour de Suisse has an eclectic lineup of e-bikes that caters to both casuals and hardcore off-road fanatics. You will find more urban options in its catalog, though, especially the recent releases. There is a great mix of commuter and city models designed for either men or women. Even beginner-friendly ones get their own category.

Up to 2 models stand out – the Iron and the Wildfang (both of which can be freely configured) – as they are the sole eMTBs offered by the brand.

Tour de Suisse quality and features

There is no absence of riders who want to be able to customize their models, and Tour de Suisse is practically a marvel when achieving that. The brand settles for no less than Bosch motors in pretty much all its models, regardless of whether they are for trekking or city riding.

It is the kind of brand that delivers the essentials in its models and lets you take the wheel from there. This is why it falls just as much in your hands what quality of e-bike you end up with.

Here is the link to visit the Tour de Suisse e-bikes website.

A few words in conclusion

There may not be a lot of brands in the list above that fall under the globally recognized umbrella. But it can be argued that most Swiss brands aren’t really aiming for that in the first place. Most have a deep love for the country’s rugged, mountainous regions, which can bring out the avid adventurer in every rider (especially mountain electric bike riders).

 Without a doubt, it’s every road biker’s dream to be able to ride through the exquisite Swiss Alps and Lake Constance trails. The fact that most Swiss brands plan and manufacture their models based on the experiences associated with the said unmatched routes makes it worth looking into.

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Perhaps, their only downside hinges on the fact that Swiss e-bikes are often pricier than others. But for the guaranteed quality and undeniable prestige attached to some of these brands, you often get more than you bargained for.

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