Best Known Electric Bicycle Brands in the USA

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The United States is home to a plethora of e-bike brands that have since become household names in the industry. In California alone, there are already numerous brands that many e-bike fanatics would recognize and regard with utmost awe. 

American manufacturing philosophy is all about practicality, innovation, and efficiency, after all, and for many riders, these are qualities you can’t have enough of in an e-bike. What’s good is that this same ideology is reflected in many of the US e-bike brands’ models. They wouldn’t have gained such solid reputations and widespread popularity that have since spread worldwide. 

With these facts considered, it is definitely worth taking a deeper dive into these brands. Many have been around for decades in the biking industry and have only expanded their venture into e-bikes. This richness of history only proves that biking and e-biking culture has a rock-solid foundation in the US. 

Without further ado, these are the top US e-bike brands that serve as deserving representatives of what high-quality American e-bikes are all about. 

The following table should give you a good overview of the brands, their respective well-known models, and the types of e-bikes they usually manufacture.

BrandTypes of E-bikesModels
Rad PowerCity
City, Commuter
City, Road
500 Series
700 Series
Cafe Cruiser
AventonCruiser, City, Commuter
Fat, Folding
Cruiser, City
JuicedCommuter, City, Cargo, Fat
Road, City, Fat
Commuter, Hybrid, Fat
EspinCity, Commuter
Cruiser, Fat, Foldable
Cruiser, Fat, Commuter
Commuter, Road
Commuter, Cruiser
SuperSix EVO
Verve+ 2
Verve+ 3
Powerfly 5
Allant+ 7
Townie Go!
Townie Path Go!
Vale Go!
Café Moto Go!
NaktoCity, Commuter, Cruiser
Cruiser, Fat
Folding, Cruiser, Fat
Folding Mini
Boomerang Plus
City Commuter
Ford Super Cruiser
Ridge Rider
Haibike USAMountain
Electric Bike TechnologiesCity
Liberty Trike
Electric Fat Trike
Electric Bike CompanyCruiser
Model C
Model Y
Model S
Model X
Model M
Model R
Healy Ridge

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Easy E-Biking - Addmotor e-bike logo, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Addmotor is a California-based e-bike company that was founded in 2011 at El Monte. Like plenty of other companies of its kind, it had the main goal of offering top-notch e-bike models to the general riding public. 

The brand doesn’t explicitly state what the meaning behind its name is, but one can assume that it’s to be taken literally. Having been founded as a full e-bike company, the name connotes and promises an improvement over the conventional bike. 

Addmotor e-bike models

The company made its mark in the industry with its obvious focus on fat-tire models. All of its models fit the fat category because they integrate the said large-volume tires. From there, the company introduces variety through the specs, design, and components integrated, allowing them to offer models that can also serve as city, folding, hybrid, trike, and cruiser options.  

That said, expect their models to be versatile in the terrains they can handle and in the riding comfort they impart. They also offer plenty of options when it comes to frame designs, which lend to more of the latter. Another attractive feature shared by most of their models is their relatively budget-friendly costs which make them all the more good value due to their impressive specs (at least, in the batteries and motors they incorporate). 

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Addmotor quality and features

The brand offers both step-thru and step-over folding variations through their M-140 and M-150 models to suit the needs of any rider. All the models are noticeably powerful thanks to the Bafang 750W rear-mounted motor with as much as 80Nm of torque and 25mph (40 km/h) top speed, so you can expect that they won’t struggle too much in hill climbs.

There are certainly a lot of gems in Addmotor‘s city/cruiser line. The M-430 step-thru model, for one, has some solid specs, such as the 750W hub motor, which can conquer a lot of steeper than normal inclines out there. That said, it makes a perfect option for riders in hilly cities and towns. 

For its trike line, Addmotor goes all-in on stability (sometimes arguably to a fault since it doesn’t do much to bring down the weight) with their fat-trike e-bikes. In fact, if you’re having trouble balancing on bikes and e-bikes, these models are your best bet. 

What differentiates Addmotor All-Terrain models? Well, the difference lies mainly in the preload-adjustable front fork suspensions found in these models that make them a hybrid eMTB and city option. Coupled with the standard fat tires, these are models you won’t mind riding through urban streets, sandy beaches, rocky roads, snowy tracks, and muddy trails.

Rad Power

Easy E-Biking - Rad Power Bikes e-bike logo, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Rad Power technically began in 2007 when founder Mike Radenbaugh built and designed his first e-bike. From there, Mike ran an e-bike business as a sole proprietor before he partnered with his friend Ty Collins in 2015 to officially launch the company. Since then, the brand became known for introducing the fat tire e-bike which became extremely popular. 

Rad Power has won awards in the past for its models, and it’s more than happy to make it known to the e-biking public at large. Perhaps, these awards are a clear testament to its role as an e-bike pioneer, and they still remain a preferred brand among the American e-biking community. 

Rad Power e-bike models

Up to seven of their models have received the award of “Best E-Bike” in their respective categories. And to think that they are only offering nine models at present. The brand has a tendency to offer slight twists in its main models like RadMini and RadCity, which have step-thru varieties. The RadRunner, on the other hand, has a Plus version that incorporates additional accessories.

There’s no room to question the quality of these models, especially as they would not have won the said awards otherwise. Besides these selections, the brand also completes its product line with the cargo RadWagon and the fat-tired RadRover

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Rad Power quality and features

True to its name, the brand does not pull back when delivering power. Their models rarely integrate motors that fall below 750W. You can’t find much fault in the Plus and Step-Thru upgrades as well because these only serve to “complete” what is already exceptional. Ultimately, they shine the most in providing comfortable and powerful models at very cheap prices by e-bike standards. 


Easy E-Biking - Ride1Up USA e-bike logo, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Ride1Up may be an underdog compared to other more established brands mentioned here. But it’s quickly making its way to the top, thanks to how it is able to deliver solid urban e-bikes at whopping low costs. With plenty of competition to overtake in California alone (where its headquarters is also located), it’s not surprising that this brand has gone this route. 

Its truly American philosophy of efficiency can be easily seen in the simple designs of its models. Even with a passing glance, you can immediately see that there’s evidently more about them than meets the eye. 

Ride1Up e-bike models

Their models are mostly performance e-bikes that shed all the unnecessary frills to deliver above-average range and motor power. You don’t really need to look any further than the 500 and 700 Series to see what makes this brand deserving to stand on its own pedestal among the greats. 

Sure, they lack aesthetics and do not seem to exude much style, but they’ll outperform other models that cost way more. 

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Ride1Up quality and features

It’s rare for a budget city e-bike to achieve a 25mph top speed, much less 28mph, but a Ride1Up model that doesn’t cost above $2,000 can actually achieve this without. That analogy alone should give you a good inkling about what this brand is able to achieve with its relatively dirt-cheap models. 

That said, most of it can probably be attributed to the brand’s focus on efficiency. Of course, efficiency does not necessarily translate to quality. But if it’s the only aspect of an e-bike that you value above all others (and, arguably, there are many e-bike riders that find this thinking reasonable), then Ride1Up’s models will suffice. 


Easy E-Biking - Aventon electric bike logo - real world, real e-bikes, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Aventon’s humble origins in California do well to underscore the success it’s currently enjoying. Much like a lot of e-bike companies, it dedicates itself to improving every model it puts out. However, what undoubtedly sets it apart is that it never loses its focus on prioritizing what most riders want in their e-bikes.

You’ll see this in how they manage to keep the prices of their standout models down while meeting the standards that actually matter like more riding range, maximum top speeds, riding comfort, and overall convenience. It’s a brand that we’ll gladly recommend to anyone looking for a spectacular urban rider or commuter, which you won’t take long to warm up to.

Aventon e-bike models

Aventon offers three distinct e-bike models: the Pace, Level, and Sinch. Out of the three, the Level and Sinch stand out the most. Both give you plenty of the essentials you’re looking for from an e-bike, minus any kind of extra unnecessary accessories – at least if you’re the type of rider who can do without much of the techy stuff found in high-end models. 

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Aventon quality and features

Aventon is the very definition of a cost-effective brand, especially if we put all the spotlight on the Level line. We can say as much for its other models, to the point that it won’t be an overstatement to say that the other lines are simply lighter versions (in more ways than one) of it. 

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: the Level line represents everything that’s terrific about the Aventon brand. Its step-thru version sells for less than $1,700 yet already comes with a powerful 750W motor that can go for as fast as 28mph. 

You get hydraulic brakes, fenders, a rear seat, and an adjustable kickstand as well. Besides the ready comfort from the general frame design and saddle incorporated, you can also expect to get at least 60 miles of riding range for every full charge. 

On the whole, practicality shines through in Aventon models, thanks to their mixture of top-notch comfort and powerful performance. 


Easy E-Biking - Espin electric bike logo - real world, real e-bikes, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Espin is an e-bike company based in San Francisco, a city known for its hilly climbs. Naturally, that fact makes it an almost perfect fit with the e-bike industry as a whole. It caters to riders who know the struggle of having to pedal through tough inclines, so expect its e-bike designs to address that issue. 

That fact also underscores the brand’s essence of being a problem-solver. It knows that the average bike rider has qualms about the high costs of most e-bikes, so it opts to offer models at reasonable prices. It knows how taxing climbs can be when pedaling, so it incorporates mostly rear hub motors suited for that and have abundant torque.

Espin e-bike models

In spite of its relatively small catalog of 6 e-bike lines, Espin still manages to offer a balance of e-bike models that can fulfill different e-bike riding purposes. Three models such as the Aero, Sport, and Flow are ideal commuter options, with the Sport being the most notable of three. The rest are more amenable to any kind of terrain thanks to the fat tires they incorporate. 

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Espin quality and features

Like most brands, Espin keeps its models’ prices down by sourcing its components from China and Taiwan. As of this writing, only two e-bike lines cost a little more than $1,500 while the others are slightly lower than that. 

We don’t have to look further than the Sport e-bike to know what kind of value Espin brings to the table. It’s one of the most expensive in the catalog, but it’s still enough to satisfy those who are looking for a more economical virtually complete e-bike.

To us, the Sport is more of a hybrid e-bike than just a commuter-focused offering. Like the Infinity 1 above, we like the completeness of the e-bike, as evidenced by the integrated lights, rear rack, suspension fork, and fenders. 

The Bafang rear hub motor makes easy work of any steeper than normal slopes and pairs well with other components such as the hydraulic brakes. For the 50 miles (80 km) of riding range you can get, it’s not hard to label it as the most solid e-bike for any type of riding, besides hardcore mountain biking. 

We also feel it represents what makes the brand what it was and is now: a mixture of affordability and adaptability, two concepts that, without a doubt, solve a lot of consumers’ usual woes.


Easy E-Biking - Juiced electric bike logo - real world, real e-bikes, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Juiced Bikes was founded in 2009 in San Diego, California and initially, it went by the name Juiced Riders. As a few years went by, the company began to focus on city and commuter e-bikes. Around 2014, the brand officially adopted the name “Juiced Bikes”, having become a full-fledged e-bike manufacturing by then.

The brand sticks to a direct-to-consumer sale policy, allowing it to keep its models’ prices down while not compromising quality. For this, it has since attracted a substantial following, which is simultaneously growing along with its remarkable catalog. 

Juiced e-bike models

Juiced Bikes currently has 4 distinct e-bike lines all of which could either fall under the city, road, or commuter category. Each one has its own one or more variations. Three out of the four lines at present incorporate fat tires. 

There is a clear focus on budget-friendliness, while still managing to integrate powerful motors that abound in speed and vastly superior batteries with above-average riding ranges. It’s also known for having high-torque motors, averaging 80 Nm in all its models. All this while beating the prices of high-end and low-end e-bike models.  

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Juiced quality and features

More than one Juiced Bikes model has been dubbed as a bike/motor hybrid. Since what practically catapulted it to success is essentially a moped, you can’t really blame reviewers for comparing some of its models to motorcycles.

This route they take serves to make them unique, as they can satisfy the average e-bike rider’s demand for more power and range while not hurting their wallets. 

Many owners love Juiced Bikes for its affordable models that deliver great value for money. Any speed-freak out there who wants to experience what it’s like for e-bikes to ride as fast as an e-moto or standard motorcycle, would undoubtedly prefer Juiced Bikes’ models over other conventional e-bike brands. 


Easy E-Biking - Schwinn USA e-bike logo, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Schwinn, with its catchy name, can surely win over any e-bike lover. In fact, it’s been wowing generations of bike riders since 1895 when it was founded in Chicago, Illinois. Indeed, Schwinn has plenty of years (if not centuries) to back it up. It’s hard to doubt a company that has this much longevity, especially considering the biking knowledge it has accrued over a long period of operation. 

While it isn’t an e-bike-centric manufacturer, it still manages to compete with the younger e-bike companies, while banking on the nostalgia forever attached to its name. Do take note, though, that the brand’s foray into the e-bike world happened as recently as 2019. 

Schwinn e-bike models

Even though it only has 13 e-bikes (including the Tone 3 E-Scooter) currently in its roster, Schwinn is definitely not without variety. It’s evident that they take comfort seriously in their design. Their road bikes are fairly affordable, too.

It’s easy to warm up to the fact that the brand also takes the time to design e-bikes for women, like the Vantage Fxe W. Most of their popular selections, are superb cruisers and commuters that fall well below the $1,000 mark. Take note that all their products are only available in the US unless you buy from a third-party store.

Schwinn quality and features

Overall, it’s not hard to see that the brand leans more towards offering cheap yet cost-effective e-bikes. Many are beginner-friendly, too, and fairly approachable for all riders. Also, their models are noticeably lightweight, which is certainly a plus for the general e-bike riding public. 

Here is the link to visit the Schwinn website.

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Easy E-Biking - Cannondale USA e-bike logo, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

A large part of the trust that the American riding community has in Cannondale stems from its already lengthy history in the country. It was founded in 1971 in Bethel, Connecticut, but the brand now has a Canadian connection through Dorel Industries of which it is now a part of. 

Nonetheless, that does not, in any way, dispel the fact that the brand is truly American at heart. The path it paved to revolutionizing the American biking community can never be erased, after all. It has the history to prove it. 

Cannondale e-bike models

Even though it’s arguably known more for its bikes, Cannondale is no pushover in the e-bike world. They have over 15 models to represent them already, with an obvious focus on performance- and fitness-oriented biking, for which the brand has always been known for. Most of their models are tough and sturdy as their designs; a testament to the brand’s continuous drive to improve their e-bike selections. 

You’ll find that the brand excels the most in its road e-bike and eMTB offerings. The Synapse Neo, for example, is one of the finest road e-bikes available today. It delivers the essentials of such e-bikes, after all, not least of which are power, versatility, and comfort. 

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Cannondale quality and features

Expect plenty of durability when riding a Cannondale e-bike, enough to let you last through long road biking marathons that stretch for days. All their models have the “Neo”, which readily calls to mind innovation. And that’s practically what the brand brings, and with it, comes ready American excellence that can’t be denied. 

Here is the link to visit the Cannondale website.


Easy E-Biking - Trek e-bike logo, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Trek is another American e-bike brand with already good name recall. It’s also one brand that has consistently ranked high in e-bike brand comparisons. And it’s not just about their superior designs as well. After all, the brand has always served as a passionate advocate of a bike-friendly world since its humble beginning in Milwaukee, Wisconsin back in 1975. 

Its staff does this by not only manufacturing standout models but by being active in spreading its message via regular podcasts and blog posts. The brand is also actively giving people tips on how to encourage their loved ones to take up biking. It’s rare to see this much passion and enthusiasm for biking in a brand, and that’s why Trek will always be one of the most trusted e-bike brands in the US. 

Trek e-bike models

Around 42 Trek e-bikes are currently available in the market. It’s quick to set itself apart in the e-bike sphere with the unique hybrid it offers. The Verve+ and Allant+ models do well to demonstrate what you can expect from excellent, all-around e-bikes. Versatile and durable, Trek hybrid e-bikes are built to withstand prolonged riding in numerous types of terrain that don’t go beyond light off-roading.

It also widens its selections further with road e-bikes and eMTBs built for more turbulent roads. That said, it’s fairly obvious that the brand more than lives up to its name. 

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Trek quality and features

Besides providing highly adaptable e-bikes, Trek also goes the limit in making their e-bikes attain outstanding weight distribution. It’s also not a cheapskate when adding accessories and vastly superior components (as you can immediately see from the Trek Verve+ 2). In short, you often get high-quality e-bikes at bargain prices, which is why it’s the crowd favorite that it is today.

Here is the link to visit the Trek website.


Easy E-Biking - Electra USA e-bike logo, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Electra is now actually a part of the Trek brand, which the latter acquired as a subsidiary back in 2014. Even so, Electra still, more or less, operates independently. And it definitely did not waste its more than 20 years of operation since its founding in 1993 in honing and improving its bike designs. 

Electra e-bike models

Electra’s four e-bikes are all included in the brand’s Go! collection. It readily connotes e-bikes that will allow you to “go” anywhere you like, effectively making them fall under the category of either road or hybrid cruiser e-bikes. Models like the Vale Go! and the Townie Go! both have relatively low drop bars and long fenders attributed to beach cruisers.   

It’s apparent that they are replete in style as well. If we’re going to use one word to describe the models we mentioned above, “laid-back” would probably be the most suitable. The brand pivots in the opposite direction, though, with its high-performance Café Moto Go!, which has a 28mph top speed thanks to its Bosch Performance motor. 

So despite having only four models, Electra still provides adequate variety in its selections.

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Electra quality and features

Generally, Electra bikes are often built for easy riding, making them ideal for plenty of beginners. When you encounter an Electra bike, it often immediately stands out with its minimalistic, contemporary design. Their colors are rarely dull, too. Since this is the case, you won’t need to look for a better option for most of your leisure riding.

The exception to this is the Café Moto Go! It mixes contemporary technology with conventional design, which results in a more dynamic e-bike. The brand does not take quality lightly, and this is probably still the case well after Trek took it under its wing. 


Easy E-Biking - Nakto electric bike logo - real world, real e-bikes, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Originally an e-bike brand in China, that Nakto managed to penetrate the US and global markets is, in and of itself, a remarkable feat. Yes, most e-bike parts may be sourced from China, but for a home brand to actually earn this achievement is nothing short of a milestone.

And is it really a surprise if you offer e-bike models for unprecedentedly rock-bottom prices? Of course, it wouldn’t have gained this much traction if its models didn’t exude quality as well. Overall, the key to Nakto’s success lies in the fact that it still manages to give you a satisfactory to superb e-bike experience without having to pay an arm and a leg for it.

Nakto e-bike models

Up to 12 distinct e-bile lines are available in the Nakto lineup. At best, plenty of models target riders who need a good, convenient ride to and from work, school, or university. They also offer many fat-tired and folding models that underline the conveniences you can readily derive from e-bikes that belong in those categories. These include road versatility, ease of storage, and even portability, it can be argued. 

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Nakto quality and features

Considering the amazingly low prices, you’d probably forgive the brand for incorporating generic components. Despite this, it’s a gem in that most of its models aren’t stingy with their accessories. This makes up for the noticeably overall sizes of their models, which is evidently on the smaller side.

Mind you, they include accessories that you actually won’t hesitate to use. From cushioned rear seats, headlights, and kickstands to smooth battery integration, swept-back comfort-oriented handlebars, and front baskets, you won’t feel like you’re paying for an e-bike that’s economically priced the way it is. 

Don’t expect over-abundant riding ranges and high-torque motors, though. Nakto models typically give you up to 25 miles in a full charge, and that still depends on your riding habits. Even so, the models exhibit the best kind of comfort, handling, and convenience you want from your regular ride. That’s often enough for most of us, and we’re willing to bet that many people are glad Nakto gives the average consumer a solid brand to rely on when looking for options. 


Easy E-Biking - Specialized USA e-bike logo, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Specialized is a California-based brand known for pulling no punches when it comes to making high-end e-bikes. Not surprising, as the company has been around since 1974 and has undoubtedly gained vast knowledge about biking design essentials, electric included, in that span of time. Specialized is undoubtedly the e-bike brand to beat in the US, as it’s among the largest biking companies operating in the said country. 

Specialized e-bike models 

As of this writing, Specialized already has seven e-bikes that all fall under their Turbo E-bikes category. The brand tends to concentrate on high-performance e-bikes like eMTBs and road e-bikes that include four of the seven we mentioned, and they also have three “Active” e-bikes. Any hardcore off-road rider will undoubtedly instantly fall in love with most of Specialized’s offerings.  

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Specialized quality and features

If you are an e-bike rider who will love to have all the latest technologies in mountain e-bikes, then Specialized is your brand. Indeed, Specialized is the type of brand where you will find no shortage of advanced, techy features in their e-bikes. Its models remain consistent top placers in any list of the top e-bikes at present because they simply deliver what superior e-bike riding is all about.

At any rate, their quality is directly proportional to their often lofty price tags – but you most certainly get what you pay for (if not more) considering their outstanding designs.  Their models may not be 100% “made in the USA”, but they truly deserve to be labeled as an elite American e-bike brand. 

Here is the link to visit the Specialized website.


Easy E-Biking - Pedego e-bike logo, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

2008 is a great year for bikers all around because it’s the same year that this stellar e-bike brand was founded. Fun is the brand’s number-one priority when giving riders the quintessential biking experience, and this same focus is evident in their e-bike models. So much so, in fact, that the brand enjoyed rapid expansion because of it. It boasts of over 100 stores in the US and takes immense pride in the fact that all of them are locally owned. 

Pedego e-bike models

Pedego e-bikes instantly stand out with their bright, arresting colors. Since they’re all about bringing fun, it really isn’t a surprise that most of the e-bikes in their product line are cruisers, commuters, and city e-bikes. These are the categories where they excel, too, based on reviews. 

However, they certainly don’t limit themselves to them as they also have some premium off-road eMTBs, trikes, cargo, and, even a tandem model. 

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Pedego quality and features

The quality of e-bikes made by Pedego is readily attested by the lengthy 5-year warranties that they often attach to their models. These warranty terms alone say a lot about the brand’s confidence in its e-bikes.

Pedego is well-loved because of the way they design their models with comfort and riding experience in mind. What’s great about the brand is that it does not skimp on quality while offering very affordable e-bikes in a broad range of categories. 

Here is the link to visit the Pedego website.


Easy E-Biking - Blix USA e-bike logo, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Blix is a fairly new brand that was started as recently as 2014. Like most young companies dabbling in the e-bike industry, Blix was founded as a company that focuses solely on designing and manufacturing e-bikes. It didn’t take long for it to enjoy relative success and quick growth in that short span of time up to the present. 

Though the company has deep roots in Sweden (as readily evidenced by its name that actually stands for “lightning” or “flash” in the said language), it considers itself as a 100% American brand, having been established in California, much like the other widely recognized e-bike brands in the US. 

Blix e-bike models

Blix only has four models at present but all of them exhibit what’s great about cruisers, folding, and commuter e-bikes. All of them are very wallet-friendly as well, at least, as far most e-bike prices go. The brand appears to have figured out the “sweet spot” of motor power because most of their models like Blix Sol, Vika+, and Aveny incorporate practically the same motor. Plenty readily exudes comfort not only in the light colors they use but in the general design of the models as well. 

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Blix quality and features

Counting on the motto, “Change is good,” Blix is continuously driven to stand out from the rest. For an e-bike rider, these differences glaringly announce themselves in the almost seemingly inexhaustible number of accessories found in all four of Blix’s e-bikes. And they manage to do this without compromising on quality and ballooning their prices. 

Here is the link to visit the Blix website.

Haibike USA

Easy E-Biking - Haibike USA e-bike logo, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Haibike, a German-based bike company, now has its own dedicated arm in the US. The company was started in 1995 in Schweinfurt, Germany, but has since permeated the American biking community. This is especially true when it ushered in the eMTB boom back in 2010 as it introduced the Haibike eQ XDURO. It basically signaled the rise and steady acceptance of e-bikes in the country’s biking community as well as the world’s. 

That said, it’s definitely a proud e-bike-only company that many American mountain bikers respect. That says a lot considering how many hardcore mountain bikers there are in the US. 

Haibike USA e-bike models

In the US Haibike shop, there are essentially only two models: the XDURO and the SDURO. The SDURO alone has up to 11 versions, while the XDURO has 5. It won’t take long to see that most of them fall in the mid-range bracket of performance bikes. Plenty of them can be categorized as eMTBs, with just a few variations in the form of fat e-bikes and more powerful commuter e-bikes. 

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Haibike USA quality and features

Haibike eMTBs truly raise the bar high for the said category. One, because they do not disappoint when delivering what top-quality, tough-as-nails eMTBs should be like. And two, they don’t break the bank as much as other brands out there. 

Their XDURO models, in particular, really demonstrate what a pure electric mountain bike is all about. Most of the time, they are designed as full-suspension with powerful hydraulic brakes, complemented by powerful Bosch motors. 

Here is the link to visit the Haibike website.

Electric Bike Technologies

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Don’t let this brand with its seemingly generic name fool you. Arguably, nothing could actually be more American than this company because of it. It seeks only to deliver efficiency, with minimal frills as much as possible. That’s not to say that the brand is lacking in style. Think of it like a gem that, oftentimes, most Americans take immense delight in. 

It’s not even too keen on revealing its history yet, which affirms its relative youth. Being an up-and-comer does not keep it from competing with the best brands in the US and the world, though. You’ll immediately see this in their wide range of e-bike offerings, which often exceeds expectations. 

Electric Bike Technologies e-bike models

This is one company that can probably safely say that they offer the whole nine yards of e-bikes. It offers eMTBs, city, folding, fat, cruisers, trikes, and cargo e-bikes; categories that most of the American riding public loves to ride on a daily basis. 

In short, the brand knows what Americans want and delivers them without going overboard with its prices. You only need to look at their outstanding trike and recumbent models to see why. 

Electric Bike Technologies quality and features

What’s great about EBT is that it makes it a point to provide great value for money in its models. You often get more than what you pay for with their feature-packed e-trikes, fat cargo, and recumbent models. These categories are where the brand undoubtedly shines a lot because they take the time to design highly adaptable models that virtually have everything you need to get a satisfactory ride every time.  

Here is the link to visit the Electric Bike Technologies website.

Electric Bike Company

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This is another American brand that undoubtedly rivals the Electric Bike Technologies brand as far as no-nonsense branding goes. However, Electric Bike Company is relatively less inconspicuous than the said brand, at least, in revealing its background. It proudly states that all its models are built in America using worldwide components. 

It’s also another California-based e-bike company that apparently targets entry-level riders that only want to enjoy the no-sweat, smooth rides that can only be guaranteed by a top-notch cruiser e-bike.

Electric Bike Company e-bike models

EBC’s models are just as generic as the brand’s moniker. But, mind you, it’s the good kind of generic – it won’t even be farfetched to say that it’s great. Its Model Y, for instance, can be considered the perfect cruiser for any e-bike rider with a strict budget. At present, it has 6 models available for selection. Their cruisers are sleekly designed with an inimitably American touch sealed only by the front basket attached to them. 

What’s equally noteworthy about the brand is that it actually allows riders to freely customize their models. You may, for example, change the fork type from a rigid to a suspension, determine the material and color of basic parts like the fenders, rims.  

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Electric Bike Company quality and features

Most of the EBC’s models are stellar cruisers with various differences in design and components. Those with higher handlebars and lower drop bars obviously prioritize comfort that makes those beach cruises a dream ride every time. On the other hand are Models X and S that are obviously built with more power in mind. Overall, the brand very much deserves to represent what high-quality American cruiser e-bikes should aim for.

Here is the link to visit the Electric Bike Company website

A few words in conclusion

This list proves that the US is not lacking in terms of excellent e-bike brands to choose from. A lot of the brands are noticeably based in California, where there is a deep-rooted love for biking in general. However, many Americans will probably be quick to protest at this specificity. 

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By and large, America is fast becoming an e-bike haven. And there’s certainly a lot to look forward to in how these brands will shape the country’s (and without doubt the world’s as well) future e-bike culture. 

There are certainly other popular and fast-growing e-bike brands in the USA. For example, Aventon Bikes. For a complete review of Aventon brand and e-bike model lines take a look at Aventon brand review.

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