Best Known Electric Bike Brands in the Netherlands

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Americans and Britons may have beaten the Dutch when it came to how quickly they adopted cycling as an everyday routine, but it didn’t take long for the Netherlands to become a hotspot for bikes through the years. Indeed, if there’s a bonafide biking capital in Europe, the Netherlands more than deserves the label. It’s a way of life that the Dutch won’t be casting aside anytime soon, that much is certain. 

If we’re going to be talking about e-bikes in the Netherlands (particularly the brands that have a deep connection to the country), we can’t help but be filled with a bit more anticipation. What exactly are the brands that the bike-loving Dutch trust? Without further delay, let’s dive into them!

BrandTypes of E-BikesModels
Ultimate T10
Finez E-go 
Tuesday E-go
Spark E-go
Fonk E-go
Quip E-go
Entrance E-go
Bryte E-go
Wayz E-go
Tria E-go
MA8 Tour
Amsterdam GT Enviolo
Amsterdam GT 8
Merano Power Pro
Travel Power V9/V10
Speedfox AMP
Trailfox AMP 
Alpenchallenge AMP
E-U4 Transport
B’TWINFoldingTilt 500
E-World Traveller
Pace B05 Tokyo Edition
Pace SX/BX/S10/B10/S20/B20


Easy E-Biking - Gazelle e-bike logo, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

A global e-bike brand that is quintessentially Dutch, Gazelle powers through the e-bike market with a momentum that continues to build up for more than 120 years. Founded in 1892, it would be an understatement to say that Gazelle has served generations of Dutch riders. In fact, when they refer to a Gazelle bike (or e-bike), they call them “Gazelles”. That should give you a ready inkling of how well-recognized this brand is both locally and globally. Not surprisingly, the brand has also been the recipient of a handful of prestigious recognitions through the years. 

Gazelle e-bike models

Gazelle was able to quickly and easily transition to e-bikes thanks to its formidable manufacturing mileage. You’ll immediately see the Dutch quality in their designs, especially the comfort-oriented commuter e-bikes like the EasyFlow. Even their all-around picks like the Ultimate T10 have low-step frames, which a lot of Dutch riders simply can’t get enough of.

The majority of their models are Bosch-powered as well, with a few Shimano-run varieties. At present, they have a total of 10 models that mostly fall under the city, cruiser, commuter, hybrid, and road categories. 

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Gazelle quality and features

There’s no room to question the quality of the e-bikes available in Gazelle. It would not have remained in operation for over 125 years otherwise. Many riders crave the unrivaled comfort they can impart, which makes them ideal for almost any kind of everyday riding. The brand takes comfort in design seriously, in short, and a lot of their long-time riders can attest to it. 

Gazelles are highly adaptable to any kind of riding requirement you might need, so you will be guaranteed an e-bike that you immediately familiarize yourself with, to the point that riding any other model from another brand just doesn’t compare. 

Here is the link to visit the Gazelle e-bikes website.


Easy E-Biking - Vanmoof e-bike logo, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

VanMoof was begun by the Carlier brothers in 2009 in Amsterdam, where it still makes its headquarters. To say that VanMoof is all about city riding could prove to be an understatement. Incidentally, Amsterdam is known as the cycling capital of the world, and it’s clear that VanMoof has received influence from what ideal city e-bike design should be like.

It is this focus on city cycling that has made VanMoof‘s models truly stand out. The brand knows the ins and outs of riding in urban areas, and this fact immediately manifests itself in the models offered by VanMoof

The brand’s trajectory is currently still pointing upwards, but it is doing so at a notably robust rate. Without a doubt, its quality over quantity stance and attention to design are the ones directly responsible for its rise. 

VanMoof e-bike models 

VanMoof only has two city e-bikes available, the S3 and X3. Both have received raving reviews since their recent releases. You can choose between dark and light colors for each one. That said, these two models exemplify what truly modern city e-bikes are all about. 

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VanMoof quality and features

Pretty much both e-bikes display the characteristics of a solid city e-bike. They’re both very silent when ridden, which is a quality that most riders love about e-bikes dedicated to commuting or urban treks. 

They also feature very smooth gear shifting and one other bonus thrown in is the theft defense feature that instantly detects whether the unit has tampered; it can also go on remote lockdown mode once it does so. There’s also no room to fault the intelligent motor incorporated, which tops at 25km/h. 

Here is the link to visit the Vanmoof e-bikes website.


Easy E-Biking - Babboe e-bike logo, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Babboe is certainly one of the more unique e-bike brands out there by virtue of its founding. This is because it was actually started by a group of parents who want to get the best cargo bike in the market. The company was started in 2005. And seeing as the ideal cargo bike is nowhere to be found at that time, the group started to develop their own, with the added benefit that it should also be as affordable as possible. 

It did not take long for the cargo e-bikes with the Babboe trademark design to become a ubiquitous sight in many cities and towns in the Netherlands. The electric-assisted version of their Babboe Big, the original cargo unit, debuted in 2009. True to the initial intent for its creation, Babboe cargo e-bikes are still used by many parents to transport their children daily. 

Babboe e-bike models

As many as 11 options are already available in this cargo e-bike purist, so to speak. They even have a Dutch term for it, bakfiets. You can select either two- or three-wheeled varieties, and there’s even one model, called the Dog-E, that is designed for transporting (you guessed it) dogs. 

You can also freely choose the capacity of each box, the material, among others. There’s even plenty of variation in subcategories, as evidenced by the Carve Mountain, which incorporates a more powerful mid-engine perfect for conquering tough hills. 

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Babboe quality and features

Most cargo e-bikes by Babboe come with rear-wheel motors, with the battery located underneath the rear carrier. This is a design pattern that is pretty much shared by most of Babboe’s cargo e-bikes; with the exception of the Mountain version, of course. 

As far as quality goes, most Babboe units offer stellar performance, although many users find their models a bit smaller than the traditional bakfiets Dutch people are used to. 

Here is the link to visit the Babboe e-bikes website.


Easy E-Biking - Batavus e-bike logo, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Batavus, like Gazelle, also belongs to those Dutch bicycling brands that already have decades of experience under its belt. It was founded in 1904, and for a time, became one of the leading manufacturers of bikes in the Netherlands. It is currently headquartered in Heerenveen, where it is run by the Accell Group, the managing company behind other recognized brands such as Winora, Hercules, Sparta, and Lapierre.

There’s no secret ingredient to Batavus’s success, just a persistent drive to come up with models that will fulfill the Dutch and people’s needs and preferences worldwide. The milestones it has achieved through the years, and it’s vigorous e-bike manufacturing that is still ongoing up to the present make Batavus a truly major e-bike brand.

Batavus e-bike models

The local Batavus store has a starkly higher amount of models available as opposed to the global ones. The former has over 30 models available that span categories like hybrid, commuter, city, cruiser, and even school e-bikes. You can select numerous frame colors, top speed, and gender as well. A couple of the standouts are the Finez E-go Power and the Fine E-go Active, which are excellent examples of road and city e-bikes, respectively. 

Batavus quality and features

An overwhelming majority of Batavus e-bikes have Bosch as the main motor and plenty incorporate mid-drive systems. What’s certain is the brand does not take its units’ specs lightly. Even so, you don’t have to break the bank when buying most of their models. Like Gazelle models, it’s also not difficult to discern the strong Dutch influence in each one’s designs. 

Here is the link to visit the Batavus e-bikes website.


Easy E-Biking - QWIC e-bike logo, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

QWIC was officially started in 2006 by two cycling enthusiasts, Michiel Hartman and Taco Anema, after both embarked on a cycling tour. The entire team of designers and engineers are all based in Amsterdam, making QWIC another local brand that has already gained traction in other countries in continental Europe like Germany and Belgium. 

The company’s philosophy places innovation and attention to detail first and foremost, and always, with a touch of craftsmanship in every model they design. As proof of its success, the brand has also already received numerous awards from 2014 up to the present, the latest being an iF Design Award for the Premium Q. 

QWIC e-bike models

Up to 24 e-bikes currently make up the brand’s catalog. The most noteworthy is their “Premium” models, particularly the PremiumQ MN8, which has also received a Reddot award in 2020. 

That said, these Premium models do defy category and encompass many e-bike spectra, making them more like hybrids than anything else. They also have “Performance” models that are similar to road and eMTBs as well as 4 that are specifically designed for urban riding. Most of their models have a mid-drive system.

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QWIC quality and features

QWIC fulfills criteria after criteria of what makes an e-bike brand successful. It has that natural passion for innovation and attention to detail, two elements that are essential for any kind of brand to stand out in the current market. Many love the quality of the build of their e-bikes, which do not take comfort lightly. 

Here is the link to visit the QWIC e-bikes website.


Easy E-Biking - Lekker e-bike logo, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Lekker may be considered as an Australian brand because that’s where it has operated up to the present, but it is very Dutch at heart. It is that very Dutch heritage that has influenced its models’ designs, so it’s really more of a Dutch e-bike brand than anything. It was launched in 2009, but most of its ideals are guided by more than a century of Dutch cycling design. 

Nonetheless, its Australian connection cannot be denied, as well. And, in the end, it is this mix of Dutch tradition and Australian culture that makes Lekker unique. The mix of the two is readily evident in all of their creations.

Lekker e-bike models

You can avail of up to 4 Lekker e-bikes at present. Their names are Dutch-inspired, to say the least. Most of their offerings are city and commuter e-bikes that give you more range without costing too much by e-bike standards. The Amsterdam GT 8 Speed, for example, is one of the more respectable city/hybrid e-bikes at present. Not only can it easily glide through city roads, but it also handles dirt and gravel tracks superbly. 

Besides that, you can also avail of the more laid-back Jordaan+, which imparts that truly inimitable Dutch comfort in its design. It’s hard to top an e-bike with a conventional design that has been the benchmark for decades, and this model is virtually brimming in it. 

Lekker quality and features

Lekker e-bikes showcase an effective mix of tradition and innovation – without a doubt, a powerful combination that can produce impactful results as long as the parameters are correct. It’s safe to say that Lekker knows how the secret behind it, as evidenced by their standout offerings. 

Here is the link to visit the Lekker e-bikes website.


Easy E-Biking - Sensa e-bike logo, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Sensa is another born and bred Dutch e-bike brand with a lot of patrons worldwide. The family-owned company has over 25 years of manufacturing experience, but Sensa was only officially started in 2005. 

At present, it continues to operate in Holland, where it offers a range of custom-built mountain and road racing bikes. It forgoes commuter and city e-bikes to focus instead on the offroad market, which is more popular on a global level. With this considered, Sensa is all too keen and proud of its connection to Dutch cycling culture and tradition.

Sensa e-bike models

The company is evidently only recently expanding to the e-bike sphere. It already has up to 5 models available, all of which fall under the eMTB or road e-bike category. Essentially, the Sensa offers the Merano Power and Travel Power series. Indeed, Sensa has been creating high-powered, performance-oriented bikes from the start, so it won’t be a surprise if their e-bikes follow the same trend. 

Sensa quality and features

Expect Sensa e-bikes to be adequately equipped with the best components to ensure long-lasting enjoyment of offroad riding. If you want a definitive model, you don’t need to look further than the Merano Power Pro, which integrates a powerful Shimano motor, hydraulic brakes, and high-grip Schwalbe Hans Dampf tires. These are components eMTB riders can’t get enough of. 

Such excellence is to be expected as the brand follows a Dutch paradigm for quality when designing its models. That should prove to be sufficient to reveal the quality readily attached to these e-bikes. 

Here is the link to visit the Sensa e-bikes website.


Easy E-Biking - BMC e-bike logo, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Although BMC is a Swiss-based brand, it is fairly popular in the Dutch market, especially for riders who regularly take part in lengthy cross-country tours and any other kind of all-track riding. However, do take note that the brand’s models are also ideal for commuting, which underlines the relative versatility it possesses.

BMC was created in 1994 in Grenchen, Switzerland. It has enjoyed much-uninterrupted growth since then and now has a global presence. The brand is also very competitive as it has participated in reputable races like the Tour de France and other cycling World Championships. 

BMC e-bike models

Switzerland is known for being a mountainous country so it’s to be expected for most of BMC e-bike models to be designed mainly for plenty of offroading and touring around the country. Its Speedfox AMP is one of the best eMTBs available today by virtue of its design that lets it keep its weight down while still packing enough punch power-wise. 

Other models that fall under either the road or eMTB categories are the Trailfox and Alpenchallenge Cross. Incidentally, the Alepanchallenge actually has a city variant that leans more towards being sporty. 

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BMC quality and features

BMC e-bikes really shine with their naturally lightweight models. It’s also obvious that these units are all about performance as evidenced by their mountain-bike-based designs – although comfort does necessarily take a backseat completely. 

Since it’s Swiss-made, it won’t be complete without some additional tech. And that’s pretty much what makes BMC such a crowd favorite, especially among e-bike riding circles worldwide. 

Here is the link to visit the BMC e-bikes website.


Easy E-Biking - Cortina e-bike logo, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Cortina is not to be confused with the California-based one, Cortina Cycles. The former is a brand that has an established presence in the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium, and known for delivering e-bikes that fit the modern lifestyle. 

It also does not readily reveal much about its background, only its stance when it comes to designing its models. It’s safe to surmise that the brand is still fledgling but rapidly growing. 

Cortina e-bike models

Plenty of Cortina’s e-bikes are notably designed primarily for the ladies. Out of a total of 39 e-bikes, 22 are designed for women. Most of the units are commuter e-bikes that you can depend on for daily transportation. 

The Cortina E-U4 Transport Ladies bicycle, in particular, is a noteworthy, representative model of what’s great about this brand. It is very Dutch-inspired and exhibits comfort with its design alone. You get 9 support modes from its Shimano Nexus motor and Storm Blue Matt for brakes. 

Ultimately, it’s the very stylish design that makes most Cortina models very attractive to most people, especially women. 

Cortina quality and features

Cortina attracts plenty of urban riders, the youth in particular, with their hip bike designs. Their color options are replete with aesthetic appeal. Even so, the brand doesn’t sacrifice performance. You can see this in the adequately powerful motors used by their units, which also run without too much noise. It’s not hard to see the Dutch influence, and we’re willing to bet that that’s why Cortina has become well-known in other European countries, too. 

Here is the link to visit the Cortina e-bikes website.

B’Twin by Decathlon

Easy E-Biking - B'TWIN e-bike logo, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

B’Twin actually falls under the Decathlon brand, which is more closely tied to the UK than the Netherlands. It considers itself as more of an international brand first, though, and more of a sports retailer than an e-bike company. The company was founded in 1976 and has since grown to over 2000 stores in more than 50 countries. 

Shifting the spotlight to B’Twin, this is a brand that has become known for its folding e-bike models. Of course, one of its other main pulls is that most of its models. In fact, as far as budget-friendliness is concerned, the Dutch are more than willing to rely on B’Twin models to satisfy their riding needs. 

B’Twin e-bike models

The B’Twin folding e-bike is still a very solidly built model that you can seamlessly rely on to get your daily commuting done. Currently, it’s the sole B’Twin e-bike model available. It’s also a very popular model that has gotten positive reviews for years now.

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Available in black or white colors, the B’Twin Tilt 500 folding e-bike is proof that you don’t have to go for quantity to make it big in the e-bike industry. Just a sound combination of features and designs and focusing on one category can prove to be a recipe for success. 

B’Twin quality and features

B’Twin folding e-bikes, with their very economical price tags, focus on delivering what the average commuter looks for in a folding e-bike. Its 250W brushless motor is not that powerful, but who needs power when commuting in the first place? It also does not have any unnecessary features whatsoever – an all-practical folding e-bike that commuters anywhere love. 

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Here is the link to visit the B’Twin e-bikes website.


Easy E-Biking - Koga e-bike logo, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

The company was founded in 1974 and continues to manufacture bikes and e-bikes in Heerenveen, Netherlands. Koga actually has a Batavus connection in that its founder, Andries Gaastra, was actually the son of the latter’s founder. After the Japanese company, Miyata, began cooperation with Koga, the company was renamed Koga Miyata. 

From then on, Koga will start being active in numerous racing tournaments and in bicycle manufacturing. 1998 is a milestone for the company for it is the year when it was acquired by the Accell Group, which still continues to run it up to the present. 

Koga e-bike models

Koga has a total of 16 e-bikes available. Their collection varies a lot as proven by their road, cruiser, city, and commuter offerings. There’s a lot of versions, too, for every model. For example, the E-Nova actually has a version that is designed with a higher drop bar to suit men’s riding, while still guaranteeing comfort. This same pattern in designing can be seen in most of their models. 

Koga e-bikes used to almost always integrate Shimano motors in their models, simply because Miyata has always been a close partner of Shimano. But now, most of their models are Bosch-run.

Koga quality and features

The inclusion of Bosch motors practically ensures powerful performance in most of Koga’s road e-bikes. It’s hard to fault their more casual offerings as well. At best, the brand knows how to deliver what’s necessary for all the e-bikes, regardless of the category that they fall in, it chooses to manufacture.

Here is the link to visit the Koga e-bikes website.

A few words in conclusion

The Dutch may not be too keen on completely replacing their standard bikes for e-bikes just yet. But they’re getting there, as proven by the upward trend of e-bikes in the country and in numerous other countries worldwide. The fact that there are already numerous e-bike brands that have a wholly Dutch connection only proves this. Should you desire models that impart that unique touch, these brands can definitely be your best bet. 

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