Best E-bike Accessories, Our Guide

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Bicycle helmets helmet is a must-have in any e-bike ride. This Lightweight Microshell Bicycle Helmet (Amazon link) fits head size 22.88-24.5 inches, has 21 flow wents, so that your head does not get sweaty on a ride and moisture-wicking pads to keep you dry. There are multiple colors available. Fits age 14+. Is an Amazon best-seller with 4.6 rating across 3000 reviews.

This bicycle helmet is designed for mountain e-biking and racing and certainly can be used in regular rides as well, no question about it. Adjustable Lightweight Helmet (Amazon link). With its 29 micro-wents to keep your head cool and pads for a soft touch. Fits head size M (21.2 – 22.4 inch) and size L (22.4 – 24.8 inch).


A kickstand is an accessory that is useful in any e-bike. Many models have one installed, but not all. If you are looking for one. Here are two models that you can choose from. Both are adjustable and will fit most e-bike models and frame designs:

Trunk bag

A bike trunk bag or pannier is another essential accessory for a comfortable ride with a bit of luggage. Convertible Bike Trunk Bag/Pannier (Amazon link). It makes sense to have a pannier if you do prefer not to ride with a backpack, for example. If you do not like a sweaty back when you arrive at your destination – and who does? – a bag could be a solution. How not to sweat on your e-bike commute? Read my tips in this article.

Men’s and women’s saddles

Having a proper saddle, the one that fits well with your bottom is a skill. Cycling is lots of fun, but only when your bottom is not sore during and after a ride. This Men’s Padded Bicycle Saddle with Soft Cushion (Amazon link) could be a good solution for men (as we all know that men and women are different in how their bodies are built). What to do when your butt is sore from cycling? Read my tips in this article.

Women’s Padded Bicycle Saddle with Soft Cushion (Amazon link) is a soft and comfortable saddle, designed for women. 4.7 review rating on Amazon at the time of writing. Several different color inserts are available.

Rearview mirrors

If you are using your e-bike regularly, for example, to commute to the office, having a rearview mirror is a necessity. This is particularly true if you are commuting via busy city streets. This particular model Safe Rearview Mirror (Amazon link) mounts on the tip of the handlebar. It can be positioned both up and down, which helps a lot depending on where your speed controls are located.

This is another model of Bar End Bicycle Mirror (Amazon link). Easy to mount and mounting wrench is included in the shipment. The mirror is a 3″ round, convex glass mirror with a wide field of view. It is adjustable to any viewing angle. Fits inside handlebars with 13.75mm – 22.5mm (.54″ to .875″) inside diameters.

Front and tail lights

For security and for early morning and evening rides a proper front and rear light are a must-have. Are they not mandatory yet? They are likely to become soon. Rechargeable Bike Light Set 1 (Amazon link) includes both front light and taillight. This gadget charges via USB and is top of the range for beam shot and runtime on one charge.

Another option for Rechargeable Bike Light Set 2 (Amazon link). This set also charges via a USB port or outlet, has both front light and rear light. The rear light is designed in a way that it can be mounted on the frame of your e-bike, on a rear basket, on a helmet, or on your backpack.

Outdoor bicycle cover

Bike Cover for Outdoor Bicycle Storage (Amazon link) is a great and inexpensive accessory if you are storing your e-bike outside. The cover is made from waterproof material, is easy to mount and remove, has a security mechanism, and fits most of the e-bike models. It can even accommodate two small e-bikes under one cover.

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