Equal E-Bike Review: Genuine Innovation by Design

Easy E-Biking - Equal city electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
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In an industry characterized by rapid evolution and innovation, it’s almost always relatively harder to stand out. Even now, we are eager spectators of the dynamic changes happening in the e-bike world.

From categories and subcategories of models steadily growing in numbers to the revolutionizing of their respective designs, there’s a lot to expect, to say the least. And the drive for newer heights is felt not only by passionate riders but brands as well. 

Equal, a newly launched e-bike brand based in Finland, is one of those companies contributing to the industry’s continuous growth. That said, it’s definitely worth highlighting the exact reasons why Equal, young as it is, can already be considered as a bonafide catalyst of e-bike evolution. 

An Overview of Equal E-Bike’s Features

The Equal e-bike prioritizes minimalism in design, punctuated by the overall clean look of the entire model. It forgoes flamboyance and focuses instead on ensuring high-quality components that have already been proven effective in the past. 

Easy E-Biking - Equal city electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo courtesy of Equal.bike

For one, the hub motor allowed it to keep the weight down to just below 33 pounds (14,7 kg) and paved the way for the e-bike’s general (positive) simplicity. It reaches an impressive top speed of 25km/h. The 225W li-on battery, removable and integrates extremely well in the frame, can provide a generous amount of range totaling up to 50km. It has its own charging dock station. 

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The e-bike is also weatherproof, and considering the price, it’s definitely worth highlighting that Equal took the time and resources to include essential StVZO-approved front and rear lights and fenders for heightened protection – not to mention the intuitive torque sensors.

On the other hand, it also comes with hydraulic brakes, which have since become the yardstick to ensure the best stopping power and, in turn, safety while riding e-bikes.

It comes with its optional mobile app, which keeps track of riding stats, a dashboard displaying speed, duration, and distance, as well as the ability to get direct support, updates, and even make some bike configurations.

Easy E-Biking - Equal city electric bike mobile app, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo courtesy of Equal.bike

These are further complemented by nifty miscellaneous features like the patented locking mechanism and included rack, kickstand, and Gates belt drive. 

Now, you may be wondering, where does the innovation part come in? If you’ve been in the industry for a while now and have ridden various models from different brands, you’ll probably think that, while these features are impressive, there’s technically nothing new about them.

They’re relatively “safe” features, in short – once the synergy of all the features kicks in, riders will always be afforded an excellent riding experience.  However, we can certainly attest that the Equal e-bike brings something entirely new to the table. It deserves its section, in fact, which we have included as follows.

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It’s a Subtle Beast, to Say the Least

Especially if we’re going to be talking about the battery, that said, it’s really where most of Equal’s innovative clout comes from. Some might immediately think that removable batteries aren’t exactly a novel thing anymore. But it’s truly how Equal designed and integrated the technology that merits a closer look.

For one, the Equal is actually the first e-bike to be able to completely integrate the battery inside the frame AND still make it extremely easy to remove it for charging. Now, before you name brands like Modmo Saigon and Leaos (which have pretty much applied the same concept to their models), we can counter it with the fact that Leaos’s model tends to take too much time to remove the battery. 

Easy E-Biking - Equal city electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo courtesy of Equal.bike

Modmo Saigon’s, on the other hand, actually requires you to flip the e-bike over every time you need to remove the battery. You can only imagine the risks of scratches and accessory damage that this requirement presents. It’s also not exactly a lightweight model. 

Turning our attention back to the Equal e-bike, it’s clear that it took extra steps to make the battery removal as hassle-free as possible. It opted to use a lockable clamping device, which is basically all you need to interact with in order to release the battery. You only need to turn the built-in handle, release the seat post clamp, and raise the e-bike’s saddle to pull out the battery. It takes less than 10 seconds to perform these actions. 

If you’re thinking, “Won’t removing the battery mess up the saddle adjustment every time?” The answer is simply No. There’s a special ring on the seat post that “saves” your favored saddle position. You only need to lower it down until the said ring matches the e-bike’s frame. Once you have removed the battery, you just need to close the clamping device and not worry about the altered saddle position. 

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The handle actually has a dual function of serving as protection for the e-bike’s interior from dirt or water. Additionally, it also serves as a glass and read reflector, which functions as a tail light. Not a lot of brands can boast of this kind of efficiency in design. 

On the whole, the removable in-frame battery’s value hinges on the following reasons:  

  • It seamlessly stays true to the conventional bike design (which is still a major preference among most riders).
  • It is built with convenience in mind as proven by the facts stated above. That, plus it doesn’t require you to leave it at a bike storage service or carry it back home. 
  • The battery is almost like a part of the frame, to the point that the latter is able to provide better protection to the former. 
  • Since the battery is included in the frame, it removed the need to add extra protective layers that would inevitably make the e-bike heavier and further its price.
  • The battery’s integrated diodes also function as a rear light besides fulfilling its primary purpose of displaying the remaining battery levels. 
  • Technically, even though the battery is removable, you can also still charge while it’s inside the e-bike. 
Easy E-Biking - Equal city electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo courtesy of Equal.bike

Overall, it’s hard not to notice how each feature is interconnected and designed like a well-oiled machine with components playing more than one vital role. 

Equal Takes the Everyday Commuter E-bike Up a Notch

When taken in its entirety, the Equal e-bike, true to its name, manages to serve as the most balanced e-bike for the everyday commuter.

It has that inherently attractive price tag (currently priced at 1490 EUR) but goes all the way in exceeding your expectation by virtue of the enhancements outlined here (for they could not be considered as anything less than that). 

Sights Are Set for Mass Production

Equal is currently preparing to mass-produce its seminal e-bike. The brand’s CEO has revealed in a recent press release that the e-bike’s integral manufacturing processes like design, engineering, final assembly, and quality control are all done in Europe. When it comes to parts and components, though, Equal usually relies mainly on Asian sources. 

Interested customers in Europe are already welcome to place pre-orders to serve as a reservation for the next batch of e-bikes that would be released. Pre-ordering asks for a 100 EUR deposit, which is fully refundable. The first batch is expected to be delivered during the summer of 2021. 

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Equally, Equal will also be conducting a few test rides for press purposes and interested customers to try out their models before the said delivery. That said, the pre-order campaign was actually launched for the company to gain information about their customers’ locations so they can arrange as many tests as possible and also acquire insights about the different frame sizes that would be in high demand. 

A few words in conclusion 

As you can see, there’s more to the Equal e-bike than meets the eye. Indeed, it’s a model that deserves to be given a closer look for its design’s sheer ingenuity.

Obviously, the company as a whole knows what e-bike riders look for and the shortcomings of present models. That it was able to deliver solutions to both, makes it all the more deserving of the “innovative” label. 

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