Easy E-biking Electric Bicycle Review Series

Easy E-biking Electric Bicycle review series. Find out more about a specific e-bike model, or learn from comparing two or three popular models of electric bicycles.

Addmotor CITYTRI E-310 review: Is this folding electric trike any good?

Addmotor Foldtan M-160 review: Is this electric folding bike any good?

Addmotor Grandtan Turbo electric trike review: Is it worth buying?

Addmotor SOLETAN M-66X review: the best value electric cruiser bike.

Angell review: an electric bike that wants to “Change the City.”

Avaka R1 review, an electric bike made for the road.

Aventon Soltera review: minimalistic innovation with inspiration from the past.

Blix Ultra review: multi-purpose all-terrain electric bike.

Blix Dubbel review: a sleek utility e-bike.

DYU D3F review: a lightweight e-bike for increased micro-mobility.

DYU King 750 review: your stylish exploration partner

EOVOLT review, an e-bike that folds in 10 seconds.

Engwe C20 review: folding, compact and comfortable.

Equal e-bike review: genuine innovation by design.

Fiido T1 review: a utility multi-purpose no-range-anxiety e-bike.

Fiido L3 review: an electric bike made for endurance.

Fiido D3 Pro review: a lightweight foldable affordable e-bike made for city rides.

Fiido X review: a safe & reliable companion for the everyday commute.

Frey Hunter review: an e-bike fit for Australian terrain & conditions.

Gygabike Swift, is this a good electric bike model to buy?

Gogobest BEZIOR XF200 review: ridiculously fun beast and easy on the wallet.

Gogobest GF600 review: conquer the mountains with powerful batteries.

Gogobest GF700 review: the dual-motor e-bike for conquering any terrain.

Gogobest Bezior XF001 review: a companion for city rides and long-distance tours.

Gogobest Bezior X1500 review: a robust all-terrain beast.

Heybike Tyson E-Bike review: is this electric folding bike any good?

Himiway Cobra Pro review: here is why this could be the best long-range fat tire e-bike.

Himiway D5 is launching soon: color countdown.

KBO Ranger review: a powerful electric bike for long range.

Modmo Saigon review: an urban e-bike to compete with Cowboy and Vanmoof.

Mokwheel Basalt review: an electric bike with a difference.

Vanmoof A5/S5 review: yet further improved e-bike design recipe.

Vtuvia SN100 review: cutting-edge mountain e-bike perfect for hunting.

Brompton test & review: does it require electrical assistance?

Canyon Precede:ON test & review: ready for any challenge.

Cannondale Canvas Neo test & review: the Mustang of electric bikes.

Cowboy 2 test & review: an e-bike that rides faster than its shadow.

Decathlon Btwin Elops 120E test & review: great value entry-level e-bike.

Decathlon Btwin Elops 500E test & review: a good e-bike priced at 699 euros?

Decathlon Btwin Elops 900E test & review: in all simplicity, in all efficiency.

Decathlon Btwin Elops 920E test & review: the best-balanced e-bike from Decathlon.

Decathlon Btwin Elops 940E test & review: the best city e-bike by Decathlon so far

Decathlon Btwin Elops R500 test & review: an affordable longtail cargo e-bike.

Decathlon Riverside 500E test & review: all-terrain e-bike a little rough around the edges.

Decathlon Rockrider E-ST 900 test & review: affordable mid-drive eMTB from Decathlon.

Decathlon Rockrider E-ST 500 test & review: a solid starter eMTB.

Engwe Engine X test & review: a solid all-terrain choice.

Fiido D11 test and review: compact, foldable, and attractive e-bike.

Haibike Sduro Trekking test & review: a city e-bike you are looking for?

Moustache Friday test & review: an electric bike built for the city.

Moustache Sunday test & review: a nearly perfect gravel e-bike.

Nakamura E-Summit test & review: the best eMTB under 1000 euro.

Nakamura E-Fit test & review: great choice as a starter e-bike.

Rad Power RadWagon test & review: a longtail cargo e-bike.

Vanmoof S2 test & review: this electric bike is like a supercharged car.

Vanmoof Electrified S3/X3 test & review: finally, an ideal city e-bike?

Xiaomi Mi Smart Folding test & review: cute, practical, and cheap.

Cowboy 2 vs. Vanmoof S2 review: connected city e-bikes.

Cowboy 3 vs. Vanmoof S3 review: top connected city e-bikes.

Cowboy 3 vs. Angell vs. Vanmoof S3 Review: which would you choose?

Frey Hunter vs. Bakcou Mule: which is the better hunting e-bike?

Himiway Zebra vs. RadRover 6 Plus: two all-terrain e-bikes compared.

Rize Leisure Step vs. RadRover 6 Plus Step-Thru: two e-bikes compared.

Mokwheel Asphalt vs. Aventon Level 2: two commuter electric bikes compared.

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