Easy E-biking Electric Bicycle Review Series

Easy E-biking Electric Bicycle review series. Find out more about a specific e-bike model, or learn from comparing two or three popular models of electric bicycles.

Angell, an electric bike that wants to “Change the City”.

Avaka R1 electric bike review, made for the road.

Aventon’s Soltera: minimalistic innovation with inspiration from the past.

DYU D3F: A lightweight e-bike for increased micro-mobility.

DYU King 750 review: your stylish exploration partner

EOVOLT folding e-bike review, an e-bike that folds in 10 seconds.

Engwe C20 folding electric bike: compact and comfortable.

Equal e-bike spotlight – genuine innovation by design.

Gogobest BEZIOR XF200: ridiculously fun beast and easy on the wallet.

Gogobest GF600 E-bike: conquer the mountains with powerful batteries.

Gogobest Bezior XF001: a companion for city rides and long-distance tours.

Here is why Himiway Cobra Pro could be the best long-range fat tire e-bike.

KBO Ranger review: a powerful electric bike for long range.

Modmo Saigon: an urban e-bike to compete with Cowboy and Vanmoof.

VanMoof introduces A5/S5 models and further improves its e-bike design recipe.

Brompton e-bike test & review: does it require electrical assistance?

Canyon Precede:ON e-bike test & review: ready for any challenge.

Cannondale Canvas Neo e-bike test & review: the mustang of electric bikes.

Cowboy 2 test & review: an e-bike that rides faster than its shadow.

Decathlon Btwin Elops 120E test & review: great value entry-level e-bike.

Decathlon Btwin Elops 920E test & review: the best-balanced e-bike from Decathlon.

Decathlon Btwin Elops 940E test & review: the best city e-bike by Decathlon so far

Decathlon Btwin Elops 500E test & review: a good e-bike priced at 699 euros?

Decathlon Riverside 500E test & review: all-terrain e-bike a little rough around the edges.

Decathlon Rockrider E-ST 900 test & review: affordable mid-drive eMTB from Decathlon.

Decathlon Rockrider E-ST 500 e-bike test & review: a solid starter eMTB.

Engwe Engine X e-bike test & review: a solid all-terrain choice.

Fiido D11 test and review: compact, foldable, and attractive e-bike.

Fiido X e-bike: a safe & reliable companion for the everyday commute.

Fiido T1 review: a utility multi-purpose no-range-anxiety e-bike.

Fiido L3 review: an electric bike made for endurance.

Fiido D3 Pro review: a lightweight foldable affordable e-bike, made for city rides

Gygabike Swift, is this a good electric bike model to buy?

Haibike Sduro Trekking test & review: a city e-bike you are looking for?

Moustache Friday test & review: an electric bike built for the city.

Moustache Sunday test & review: a nearly perfect gravel e-bike.

Nakamura E-Summit test & review: the best eMTB under 1000 euro.

Nakamura E-Fit test & review: great choice as a starter e-bike.

Rad Power RadWagon test & review: a longtail cargo e-bike.

Vanmoof S2 test & review: this electric bike is like a supercharged car.

Vanmoof Electrified S3/X3 test & review: finally, an ideal city e-bike?

Xiaomi Mi Smart Folding e-bike test & review: cute, practical, and cheap.

Cowboy 2 vs Vanmoof S2 review: connected city e-bikes.

Cowboy 3 vs Vanmoof S3 review: top connected city e-bikes.

Cowboy 3 vs Angell vs Vanmoof S3 Review: which one would you choose?

Two All-Terrain E-Bikes Compared, Himiway Zebra vs. RadRover 6 Plus.

Top e-bike gift ideas. Holiday gift guide.

7 key tips to select the best e-bike