10 Best Electric Bicycle Brands in Italy [2023 update]

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Even back in the early 2000s, the seeds of e-biking were already beginning to sprout in Italy. And without a doubt, we have the country’s enduring love for biking to credit for it.

It also doesn’t hurt that Italy is replete with regions where cycling holidays are to die for – just think about riding your e-bike in the hilly regions of Tuscany, where you will be afforded stunning views of farms and rolling bluffs that stretch for miles. It’s any biker’s dream.

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In this article, we discuss the best electric bicycle brands in Italy. Let’s get started!

And Italian e-bike brands will agree wholeheartedly. Indeed, Italy’s geographical features serve as a great influence on most local brands’ manufacturing philosophies. You will find no shortage of brands that offer spectacular eMTBs that have world-class quality, and Italian e-bike riders definitely can’t get enough of them. 

That said, these brands shall be the highlight of this post, and we will be showcasing, in particular, the ones that have captured the hearts of local riders. We have also prepared a table to give you an overview of the types and models offered by each brand for your easy reference. 

Best Italian Electric Bicycle Brands

Brand NameTypes of E-BikesModels
E-All Mountain
Bottecchia Mountain
Evo Elektron
Evo Start
Evo Man
Evo Lady
Trk Man
Trk Lady
Pit Bull
FiatFoldingFiat 500
Ascot Classic
Ascot One
Ascot Sport
Ascot Adventure
PiaggioCityWi-Bike Active
Wi-Bike Comfort
City 16
City 20
City Purple
Purple Cargo


Easy E-Biking - Atala e-bike brand logo, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Atala’s continuous passion for e-bikes can be traced back to 2008, although its roots go way back to the early 20th century, when it was founded in Milano, Italy.

This fact makes Atala one of the most enduring and celebrated local brands in the country. Its current headquarters are now in Monza, Italy, but the brand’s overall scope is worldwide. Incidentally, it’s part of the Dutch-founded bike company Accell Group.

The brand is pretty active in releasing new e-bike models yearly, with the intent of meeting the changing demands of riders. It’s more than proud of its Italian heritage, candidly claiming that its e-bike kits have an “Italian heart.”

Atala e-bike models

Most of its offerings fall under this category, as evidenced by its enduro, eMTBs, e-trail, e-gravel, e-trekking, and e-road selections. You’ll have plenty to choose from in terms of eMTBs, road e-bikes, and gravel e-bikes; that much is certain. But that’s not to say that it doesn’t have city offerings, too. 

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Equally notable are its models for women, particularly the E-Run Lady 26”, which has received rave reviews locally. 

Atala quality and features

You can expect from Atala models what you’ll normally expect from globally recognized brands of e-bikes. It, for example, incorporates mostly Bosch motors in its models – products known for their power and durability. From this fact alone, it’s easy to see that a lot of the brand’s models are geared towards dynamic e-bike offroad riding.

The ranges of their models are notably very high, too, with most being able to achieve a maximum of 60 km in one charge. The designs exude that inimitable European elegance, which, when added to the relative affordability of the models, makes Atala easy to recommend. 

Here is the link to visit the Atala e-bikes website.


Easy E-Biking - Askoll e-bike brand logo, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

With headquarters in Dueville, Italy, Askoll is quite possibly the youngest brand included in this list. First and foremost, it was founded only in 2014. That says a lot about the relatively short amount of time it took for it to warm up to Italian riders. The Askoll Group is known for advocating and creating electric vehicles like e-scooters and their kits and components, besides, of course, e-bikes. 

Askoll’s three core values include the Italian spirit, sustainability, and technology. All these are pretty much common denominators of the other brands included here. And, indeed, there is a quality and sophistication that readily exude from its models. 

Askoll e-bike models

The brand has up to seven e-bikes available. Out of this total, there are four distinct models you can choose from. It’s also apparent that most of its e-bikes are built for the casual rider and commuter. Their designs make them lean more toward the cruiser category, which prioritizes comfort and pleasure. 

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Askoll also offers the “ebolt,” which is its sole folding e-bike option. 

Askoll quality and features

Being relatively young, it’s not at all surprising that Askoll’s models tend to be as trendy as they are stylish. You can immediately see the laid-back air of each model and its focus on aesthetics with the numerous color combinations you can choose from. 

But don’t be fooled by their attractive appearance, though. Because most of these models are beasts in their own right. The basic eB1 model alone can already guarantee a whopping 80km range and a 25km/h top speed. 

The same praise can be rained on the brand’s integration of techy features like the onboard computer that displays and controls motor assistance. Truly, a brand fit for the modern Italian rider. 

Here is the link to visit the Askoll e-bikes website.



The Bottecchia brand was founded in 1926 in Cavarzere, Italy, by Ottavio Bottechia, who is famous for being the first Italian to win the Tour de France in 1924. With that in mind, it’s apparent that Bottechia has a rich history in global competition. This is compounded only by the long years of operation of the brand, which served to impart a solid reputation now innately attributed to it. 

At present, the Bottecchia brand remains a staunch advocate of greener modes of transportation and a continuous patron of the technologies that power it. It is, indeed, an innovator in more ways than one. And a lot of e-bike pundits will undoubtedly agree that the brand symbolizes quality and high performance, which most assuredly arose from the 

Bottecchia e-bike models

Bottecchia offers a notable balance between its e-bike offerings. By this, we mean that it has models that will fit the avid mountain biker as much as the laid-back urban rider. Currently, it has a total of 6 eMTBs, 2 road e-bikes, 6 city e-bikes, and 2 folding e-bikes. Perfectly balanced, right? 

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Bottecchia quality and features

The brand’s eMTBs and other selections deserve to be praised for their relatively powerful and advanced components. A lot of models tend to integrate Shimano batteries that are as wonderfully lightweight as they are surprisingly long-lasting and quick to charge. 

The same can be said for its city options — there is a notable power in the brand’s units that could only ever be provided by the integration of modern technologies in both motor and battery. Not much can probably be said when it comes to techy features, but for the top-quality performance of these e-bikes, it’s hard not to group the Bottecchia among the best. 

Here is the link to visit the Bottecchia e-bikes website.


Easy E-Biking - Fiat 500 e-bike brand logo, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Any car fanatic will easily recognize the Fiat brand, but for an e-bike junkie, the brand may not give off the same revering impression. It does make it on this list, though, because its models are certainly no pushovers. It’s a brand that has been around since the 19th century, too, and its very name carries clout. The brand currently has its headquarters in Turin, Italy. 

You’ll probably also be surprised that only one model is currently being offered by this reputable brand. But what makes it very well worth featuring is the fact that it has been included among the top models that have the “made in Italy” label. It was also released in 2014 and most certainly lives up to Fiat’s prestige. 

Fiat e-bike models

What makes the Fiat foldable e-bike, the Fbike 16, unique is that it has the car manufacturing giant’s obvious influence. We can immediately see this in the overall design of the model, which radiates an old-time charm that is mixed with contemporary aesthetics. Its style is based on the 500 series of cars released by the brand. 

That said, the Fiat Fbike 16 is the quintessential foldable city e-bike that is perfect for the modern-day Italian commuter. 

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Fiat quality and features

Based on Fiat’s sole e-bike offering, the brand does not disappoint. Its foldable e-bike is as reliable as it is stylish, having nifty features like a fast-charging battery with a 25 km range, a dedicated app that lets you control certain speed settings of the e-bike on the go, and an adequate 240W motor, perfect for smooth urban navigation.

Here is the link to visit the Fiat e-bikes website.


Easy E-Biking - Italjet e-bike brand logo, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

During its earlier years, Italjet was more well known in the motorcycling industry and its ties to the Ducati brand, which continues up to the present. It was founded by a motorcycle racer in 1959, and it continues to manufacture both motorcycles and e-bikes from its headquarters in Bologna, Italy.

2011 saw the brand’s entrance into electric vehicles and, inevitably, the e-bike industry. From then on, it has been continuously rolling out models in the local market, most of which tended to sell like hotcakes upon release. If there’s one thing that makes the brand immediately stand out, it’s definitely its style. 

Italjet e-bike models

If there’s one category that suits Italjet’s models the most, it’s highly likely to be the cruiser group. You can spot this fairly easily with the way the e-bikes have higher handlebars and larger than normal tires, which make them ideal candidates for both offroad and urban riding.

Although, they most probably lean toward the latter, except for the Ascot Sport and Ascot Adventure. The two readily reveal the kind of rider they’re meant for based solely on their names. 

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In total, the brand offers up to four e-bikes that can be suitable for most kinds of riding requirements. 

Italjet quality and features

Italjet’s models have a startlingly unique design. It’s very stylish, to say the least, and has a readily perceptible Italian and European influence. It also pays homage to the vintage designs of its motorcycle, for which the brand won acclaim. What’s certain is it deserves an A+ in aesthetics. 

Specs-wise, Italjet’s models also do not disappoint. The Ascot One, the most popular choice, incorporates a 350W Bafang motor, wide tires, leather accessories, plus a saddle. You also get up to 50 miles of range that can be further extended thanks to the second battery slot. 

The brand proudly embellishes its creations with the label “Made in Italy with Excellence,” and it definitely shows.

Here is the link to visit the Italjet e-bikes website.


Easy E-Biking - Lombardo e-bike brand logo, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Although Lombardo, more or less, already has a global presence, its reputation is undoubtedly more widespread in Italy. It was started in 1952 when its owner Gaspare Lombardo created his first bicycle. It has over 1,300 stores worldwide and continues to enjoy steady growth over the years, especially after it entered the e-bike manufacturing industry. Presently, its main office is located in Buseto Palizzolo, Italy. 

Much like other outstanding e-bike brands out there, the Lombardo brand places great attention to detail. It also follows a stringent step-by-step production procedure, which seals the quality of its creations. Lombardo also dedicates itself to eco-friendly advocacies, especially highlighted by the fact that its plants are fully powered by renewable energy. 

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Lombardo e-bike models

Most of Lombardo’s models are concentrated on off-road riding, but the brand also doesn’t take urban riding lightly. Indeed, it’s safe to say that its catalog is relatively balanced. That said, it probably has one of the largest e-bike lineups among local Italian brands. 

There’s an exhaustive list of eMTBs (both full suspension and hardtail) options to choose from. Similarly, you also have plenty of hybrid and road varieties to choose from, which are rivaled only by the equally myriad city models you can choose from. They’re so many, in fact, that we did not bother to tally them.  

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Lombardo quality and features

With such a very respectable cycling heritage, Lombardo is one of those brands that you simply can’t go wrong with. It might not incorporate those high-powered Bosch motors, but its penchant for Bafang alternatives only means you get better motor assistance. 

The same can be said for the battery, which delivers decent ranges for the price. Most of its eMTB selections make good all-rounders, which, coupled with the high-torque motors, pretty much assure the kind of e-biking many riders expect.

Here is the link to visit the Lombardo e-bikes website.


Easy E-Biking - Neox e-bike brand logo, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Neox has been making its mark in the field of industrial technology, with emphasis on electrical and mechanical equipment, since its founding in 1978. Is it any wonder, then, that it has also taken part in the e-bike industry? Its philosophy of driving innovation to its limits readily shows in its creations, which happen to not only be limited to e-bikes. 

There is an obvious focus on marrying this passion for technology with their designs. Its main office is currently located at Recoaro Terme, Italy, where it continues to direct most of its e-bike operations. 

Neox e-bike models

The brand’s manufacturing direction appears to be dictated by riders’ various demands. That said, you can expect most of their offerings to cover all kinds of riding experiences and, worthy of a special mention, the terrain that they will be ridden on.

It has a total of 7 e-bikes available in its catalog, with each one most assuredly designed to meet the said specific demands. It has options for city, road, eMTB, hybrid, and gravel, most of which fall under the brand’s categories like City, Sporter, Crosser, Urban, and Touring. 

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Neox quality and features

It’s hard to fault Neox simply because it has a clear dedication to innovating and improving its e-bike designs. And indeed, it’s the sole aspect that makes the brand stand out. It guarantees a fairly satisfactory riding experience as long as you pair up with a model that suits your preferences and demands the most.

It also incorporates relatively high-quality batteries with an average of 500W and motors that have up to eight-speed options to choose from. 

Here is the link to visit the Neox e-bikes website.


Easy E-Biking - Nilox e-bike brand logo, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Nilox was founded in 2005, with headquarters in Vimercate, Italy. It’s not an e-bike-only company as it is categorized more as a manufacturer of IT-related electronics. Much like most young companies in the IT field, Nilox has enjoyed great leaps in growth over the years since its founding. It boasts of racking up to 4 billion euros of income, making it one of the highest-earning local Italian companies. 

It’s also very active in cycling and MotoGP, with its teams frequently figuring as champions in local and global tournaments. Being based in such an ever-expanding field, it’s almost a no-brainer that most of Nilox’s e-bike models are characterized by high-tech features. 

Nilox e-bike models

Most of Nilox’s offerings are centered on foldable varieties and a few fat models that have caught reviewers’ eyes. That said, the brand does not have an exhaustive product catalog yet. But what it lacks in quantity, it more than makes up for in the quality of its models. 

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Nilox quality and features

The quality of Nilox’s e-bikes is driven largely by the brand’s penchant for innovation. If we’re going to examine the fat bike Nilox X3, for example, it’s designed for track versatility but does not necessarily limit itself to offroad riding. Even though it only has a 250W motor, it can already reach a top speed of 25km/h and can ride for as far as 45km for every full charge. 

Based on these qualities alone, it’s obvious that the brand knows what local riders want in their e-bikes: reliability that is closely backed by smart, innovative design. 

Here is the link to visit the Nilox e-bikes website.


Easy E-Biking - Piaggio e-bike brand logo, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Piaggio’s history, which began as far back as 1884, is replete with figures of pretty much any vehicle you can think of. From planes, boats, and trains to motorcycles and bicycles, to say that the brand is steeped in the industrial and mechanical industries could prove to be an understatement.

Indeed, it’s sheer reputation and historical mileage basically make it one of the big dogs on this list. Despite its advanced age, the company’s foray into electric bikes only began in 2014. And from then on, it has consistently made waves in the industry with its highly original offerings.

Piaggio e-bike models

Piaggio’s product catalog is as direct and no-nonsense as it can get. You get two options: the Wi-Bike Active and the Wi-Bike Comfort. Despite this categorization, both are essentially city e-bikes, but obviously, one is designed more for terrain versatility than the other. 

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Piaggio quality and features

With their extra-thick, modern-looking frames, smooth welds, and comparatively lightweight designs, Piaggio’s models deserve all the praise they get. Critics have described its aesthetics as nothing short of “beautiful,” but it’s a word that most probably suits its specs as well. 

The brand notably uses Samsung batteries and motors that peak up to 500W. With this combination, you get up to 75 miles with either of the two e-bikes available. The main difference between Active and Comfort is that the former has a notably higher maximum top speed; it can achieve the 28km/h top speed characteristic of most performance-oriented e-bikes.

Here is the link to visit the Piaggio e-bikes website.


Easy E-Biking - Viola e-bike brand logo, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Viola was started in a small garage on the outskirts of Turin, Italy, which readily affirms the brand’s humble beginnings. It’s also one of the promising, young local brands in Italy, having only gained traction as recently as 2016. The people behind the brand stick to a general belief that e-bikes are the future of transportation, pointing out and emphasizing its economic and ecological advantages.

The brand caters to the general riding public more and opts to design models that can be used for casual purposes and commuting. This is only proven by its lineup of foldable models, which have earned praise from various e-bike circles in Italy.

Viola e-bike models

Models like the City 16 and City 20 represent the strengths of the company’s catalog. The latter, in particular, is the most noteworthy because it’s the result of consistent tweaks and adjustments to deliver a riding experience that exceeds expectations. 

Besides its foldable options, it also offers e-scooters, one city e-bike, and one cargo e-bike. It’s quite obvious that the brand has a clear focus on urban riding and fulfilling the everyday commuting and riding needs of the masses. 

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Viola quality and features

Most of the foldable models offered by Viola are well worth recommending because they can easily compete with the foldable e-bikes seen in other countries. The Viola City 20, for example, integrates a 188W battery but can guarantee a satisfactory range of a maximum of 35 kilometers. The Shimano motor also packs a delightful punch speed-wise and in its variety of speed options — as proof of this, this e-bike has a top speed of 25km/h and five-speed options.

Here is the link to visit the Viola e-bikes website.

A few words in conclusion

Based on the facts outlined above, Italy has its fair share of local e-bike companies to be proud of. Italians have a lot of stylish options to choose from — and there’s plenty going for tech enthusiasts as well. Overall, these brands reflect the notion that Italian riders have e-bike tastes that are as distinct and complex as their culture. 

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