10 Best Electric Bike Brands in India

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That scooters and electric motorcycles are often regarded as e-bikes in India is clear proof that the e-biking industry is still, at best, a fledgling in the country (though, to be fair, it’s hard to top the popularity of scooters in the country).

However, there is a clear presence of local e-bike brands, so the seeds, so to speak, are already germinating. Recognizable brands like Hero Lectro, Tronx, and Autonix are but some of the main e-bike players in the country. 

With the rate at which e-biking is taking the world by storm, it’s only a matter of time before India becomes a significant hub in the Asian continent, enough to rival its East Asian and Southeast Asian counterparts

Even now, the country already has no shortage of promising e-bike companies that produce world-class models which perfectly fit the country’s abundant beautiful cycling routes. Before long, e-bike riders will undoubtedly be ubiquitous presences in the swirly Manali-Leh route or the Chennai-Pondicherry trail, which is replete with outstanding views of the Bay of Bengal. 

In this post, we shall be looking at all the brands that have pretty much gained widespread recognition in the Indian e-biking market. 

Best Electric Bike Brands in India

Brand NameTypes of E-BikesModels
29 MotorsMountain
Being HumanHybrid/Road
Hero LectroRoad
Kinza SS
Clix 7S
FURY 518
Inizio 2020M
Inizio 2020L
Heileo M100
Heileo M200
Heileo H200
TronxHybrid/CityTronx One

29 Motors

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Founded by the Panchal brothers, 29 Motors does not depart from other Indian e-bike companies’ goals of introducing eco-friendly riding alternatives. The brand concerns itself more with marrying old-school design with current technology, though. It also makes it clear that it puts together its models from scratch and goes on to add that its team has spent countless hours honing its craft.

On the whole, 29 Motors shares the same objective of reducing pollution through the impact of harmful fuel. It subscribes to the Indian national spirit but also asserts that its unbounded creativity stems from a more local source: Mumbai, which is where it makes its home. 

29 Motors e-bike models

29 Motors offers a solid selection of electric mountain bikes, one of the first e-bike companies to do so in India, actually. However, these are the types of eMTBs that also make good options for urban riding, which only underscores their seamless adaptability. Do take note that 29 Motors’ models are mostly meant to be ridden on off-trail routes. 

There are up to 2 main choices available to riders: the T9 and the X-Bike. The T9 already has a more improved Pro version, while the X-Bike has two additional variants based on battery: a Li-on and an LFP one. The latter is a bit more expensive because of the factor outlined below. 

29 Motors quality and features

The two models offered by 29 Motors stand on their own pedestals. This is because most of these e-bikes have their own unique designs. The T9 integrates a more compact frame that undoubtedly boosts durability and stability (ideal for rougher terrain), while the X-Bike represents what the brand meant about marrying traditional designs with future technology. 

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As said above, the LFP variation of the T9 and X-Bike tend to be more costly because they both use lithium-iron phosphate batteries. These are generally longer lasting (not just range-wise but in overall longevity as well). They get to service riders for as long as 7 years. 

These should give you a clue about what kind of value the brand delivers.

Here is the link to visit the 29 Motors e-bikes website.


Easy E-Biking - Autonix e-bike brand logo, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Autonix, from its name alone, should give you a ready clue about how it started. In 1993 it was begun as an automotive company, and it still is essentially one. However, after tie-ups with hotel companies and its foray into the LED lighting industry that spanned years, Autonix eventually started manufacturing its own electric bikes. 

This move happened as recently as 2018, around the same time as the founding of some of the other e-bike companies mentioned here. Like them, Autonix made the shift to e-bikes to aid in promoting green technology.

Autonix is unique in that it actually manufactures its own lithium-ion batteries. Lastly, the company considers its creations as a “hybrid of traditional bicycles and scooters,” which is an interesting analogy to make for an e-bike. The statement could very well affirm the company’s automotive roots or establish a connection between its models and a popular Indian commuting vehicle.

Autonix e-bike models

Having 5 unique models in its catalog, Autonix is certainly one of the more productive brands on this list. It’s equally laudable in the variety of the urban riding categories each one belongs to. You can select either a city, commuter, or folding e-bike just from that small total alone. 

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Autonix quality and features

Expect to enjoy affordable and cost-effective models if you decide to go for Autonix. It’s more than likely that the relatively smaller size of the e-bikes is what allows the brand to make its creations available for significantly budget-friendly costs. Do they provide quality, though? Overall, we have to say yes. 

The 250W battery in most models charges fast at an average of 4 hours, and the motor can still achieve 25km/h. The range is not that great, though, because 25 km, which is the maximum that the Autonix Go can provide, is considerably low for most riders. 

However, most Autonix models do ride well on the city roads they are intended for, and a lot of it is due to how efficiently and minimalistically they were designed. 

Here is the link to visit the Autonix e-bikes website.

Being Human

Easy E-Biking - Being Human e-bike brand logo, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

With a name that readily connotes universality, Being Human readily earns its moniker by choosing to cater to people’s everyday needs about e-bikes. It’s also largely driven by the desire to usher in green technology. It was officially started in the second half of 2017, making it another member of the sizable group of up-and-coming e-bike startups in the country. 

It makes its vision clear: it intends to introduce a better, more fun way for people to move while guaranteeing their safety every time. That said, expect these qualities to stand out in Being Human’s models. One thing that’s sure is that the brand aims to deliver everyone’s needs without making their models out of reach with hefty price tags. 

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Being Human e-bike models

Two models are currently available in the Being Human catalog: the BH12 and the BH27. Both either belong in the hybrid road or eMTB category – the company does not make it clear or deliberately refrains from labeling its creations. 

There’s a markedly huge price difference between the two, leaving people with options of either a mid-range piece or a more big-ticket variety. Needless to say, this setup only serves as an obvious reflection of the company’s goal and philosophy. 

Being Human quality and features

This company’s e-bikes excel a lot in the design department. Though heavier than most, the thick steel frames of the BH27 exude an eye-catching, modern style. There’s also a lot to love about the 25km/h top speed made possible by a 250W motor. 

The 40nM torque is average, making it preferable for riders that only need mild motor support. Lastly, the battery may be small, but it still renders a maximum of 60km of riding range, which is adequately generous for most riders. 

Here is the link to visit the Being Human e-bikes website.


Easy E-Biking - Elektron e-bike brand logo, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Elektron has been around since 2012, but it was only in 2016 that it first launched an official e-bike. Much like most young e-bike companies, the Elektron brand is led by youthful individuals that have a clear goal of promoting e-biking and sustainable, environment-friendly transportation options in their country. 

The brand also has a clear focus on innovation and tech integration. You’ll find Elektron models with IoT and GPS capabilities, for example, and more advanced components in general.

You’ll see this in their relatively small but noteworthy catalog, which includes models that exhibit excellent features, to say the least. Overall, Elektron deserves to be called a premier brand for these reasons. 

Elektron e-bike models

Elektron offers two separate models at present; one for city riders and another for mountain bikers. Its original e-bike, the M368, is no longer available because its improved version, the M368+, has since taken its place.

It was launched in 2018 and received more favorable reviews than its predecessor. It was then followed by the M5X fat eMTB, which was regarded by experts as one of the most advanced e-bikes to be released in India. 

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Elektron quality and features

The designs of Elektron immediately give the impression that its developers prioritize the rider’s comfort. Both the M368+ and the M5X offer adjustable seats that are slightly lower than the handlebars (a characteristic of the more comfort-oriented commuter e-bike). 

With up to 70km of impressive range, the M5X does live up to the hype. Even though the motors only run at 250W with a decent 45nM torque, the battery, which only takes 5 hours to charge, is what makes the M5X a bonafide powerhouse. 

The M368+ has the same characteristics, although, it pushes the said range further to a maximum of 80km, effectively blurring some of the lines dividing the two models. Though, of course, it’s still recommended to opt for the M368+ if you are a city rider since it is specifically designed for urban riding. 

Here is the link to visit the Elektron e-bikes website.

Hero Lectro

Easy E-Biking - HeroLectro e-bike brand logo, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

The Hero brand makes its claim to fame by being the manufacturer of “India’s most loved e-bikes.” And, indeed, you’ll find that the company has plenty to offer with regard to variety and design. Considering it is a subsidiary of India’s “largest two-wheelers company,” the Europe-based Hero Cycles, this shouldn’t really be surprising. 

That organization has been around for years, but Lectro, its dedicated e-bike brand, was only officially launched in 2016.

One of the main reasons for the company’s inception is for it to stimulate the growth of the EPAC industry in the country. This should give you an inkling about the general state of e-biking in India.

It’s still young, as said above, but already showing signs of robust growth. And Hero Lectro is definitely in the thick of it, evidenced by the already respectable size and range of its catalog.

Hero Lectro e-bike models

You may choose from up to 12 models in the brand’s online store. Hero Lectro doesn’t assign its models to separate categories. But judging by their general design and features, most of them may well fall under the eMTB, road, city, and hybrid categories. We say this because these remain one of the most popular e-bike categories today, and most brands tend to manufacture based on demand. 

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Hero Lectro quality and features

At best, Hero Lectro e-bikes manage to give the standard e-bike experience, especially if we consider its motor assist aspect (most of their models can provide up to 80% support to the rider). 

The range may not be too impressive, but getting 25km for every full charge is still enough for a lot of people’s daily riding. The top speed of 25kph is also on par with most European and North American models, which makes them a solid choice for Indian riders who want to be able to experience a truly world-class e-bike. 

Here is the link to visit the Hero Lectro e-bikes website.


Easy E-Biking - Lightspeed e-bike brand logo, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Let’s take a look at LightSpeed. Without a doubt, any brand that declares it makes the “electric cycles that India loves” is bound to turn a lot of heads. This is only compounded further by the models’ use of snazzy, bright colors. Fortunately, LightSpeed lives up to its declaration because it’s considered one of the best local brands in India at present. 

The brand’s headquarters is in Ahmedabad, India. Its creation in 2016 gained plenty of momentum from the start, thanks to crowdfunding. And it appears to be all smooth sailing for the brand from there since most of its creations have frequently earned spots in the best e-bikes in India. 

Ultimately, LightSpeed wants to boost the production and usage of sustainable vehicles, and it’s obviously winning in that campaign. 

LightSpeed e-bike models

LightSpeed undoubtedly boasts of having one of the more variety-filled catalogs on this list. They practically have a model that fits everyone’s lifestyle, age, or riding habits. It even has a “family” e-bike, which calls to mind a standard commuter e-bike from Europe or America.

Users may also enjoy a dedicated, all-terrain, and widely revered fat e-bike, the FURY 5186, or for the more adventurous rider, the DRYFT. 

LightSpeed also offers a city e-bike (GLYD) and an eMTB (RUSH), proving it has one of the most well-rounded collections of e-bikes at present. 

LightSpeed quality and features

On the whole, LightSpeed topples most of the competition. And more than a handful of current owners of LightSpeed e-bikes will probably wholeheartedly agree. Yes, its models might be a bit pricey (which is one of its main downsides), but you get what you pay for.

Many users love the fact that these e-bikes last long and provide satisfactory riding ranges — based on our research, these two are the models’ all-encompassing benefits. 

Here is the link to visit the LightSpeed e-bikes website.


Easy E-Biking - Roulik e-bike brand logo, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Roulik has been around since 2016, but it’s obviously no less young when set next to the other companies in this list. The brand doesn’t call itself an e-bike company. It settles instead on “green energy company,” which only underscores the trend being followed by the other companies here.

Roulik chooses to exert a clearer, more direct focus on addressing these problems, not least of which are pollution, health issues, and rising fuel costs. 

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The company’s main base of operations is currently located in Kerala. Roulik is not all about advocacy, though, as it definitely would not be able to achieve its goals if it delivered subpar e-bike models. And true enough, once its models entered the market, it’s only been a steady climb for the brand from then on. 

Roulik e-bike models

The Inizio 2020M and Inizio 2020L populate Roulik’s Inizio product line. Both, like other models in this list, don’t necessarily fit a single category, but based on (generally favorable) user reviews, they are great for commuting. That said, it’s best to consider them as hybrids since they also handle dirt and other offroad trails well. 

Roulik quality and features

Having undergone numerous tweaks since their release, you can only expect Roulik’s electric bikes to already be at their best incarnations. And it’s not hard to see that this is already the case if we look at the overwhelmingly positive feedback these models have gotten.

Getting 70km of riding range for everyday riding is an e-bike feat you can’t easily shove aside – and these e-bikes can guarantee that with their multiple battery options. 

Almost all of us welcome LCDs in our e-bikes, and the way these e-bikes dive deep into parameters and display everything you need to know only makes us love them more. They’re also not too heavy and more amenable to younger riders. If we’re going to attach a single word to Roulik models, we can’t think of anything less than the word “versatile.” 

Here is the link to visit the Roulik e-bikes website.


Easy E-Biking - Svitch e-bike brand logo, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Svitch also belongs to the group of startups that are primarily responsible for the ongoing e-bike revolution in India. It’s a very young company that was started only in 2018 and is presently based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Like others of its kind, its founder’s main motivator was to introduce green technology to the transport industry and, in the process, encourage people to choose a more fitness-oriented way of traveling. 

Svitch banks on its team’s enthusiasm to create innovative e-bike models that are characterized by their innate greatness. As it stands, its workforce is composed of an impressive mix of visionary designers, managers, marketers, and engineers who vow to give it their all to make superior e-bikes available to the Indian riding public. 

Svitch e-bike models

The brand chooses to specialize in folding models to make its mark on the country’s e-bike industry. Currently, you can choose from up to 3 distinct e-bikes, the XE, XE+, and MXE. The XE is the “core” model, and the other two either enhance features further (such as in the case of the XE+) or offer a minimized version (such as how the MXE is designed). 

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Svitch quality and features

Compact, surprisingly fast, and smartly designed, Svitch’s e-bikes slickly demonstrate how designers can exercise their creativity to the fullest to bring out the best in the folding e-bike concept. The maximum top speed of 25km/h guaranteed by all its models is certainly noteworthy, considering their motors don’t go above 250W and for an e-bike normally designed for commuting. 

The disc brakes’ stopping power, comfort-centric handlebar designs, and average range of 65km are all equally remarkable in their own right. Do take note, though, that the XE+ additional battery pack actually almost doubles that value further to 120km. 

Here is the link to visit the Svitch e-bikes website.


Easy E-Biking - Toutche e-bike brand logo, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Many local riders hail Toutche for its quality. It is a Bangalore and Mysore-based company that began in 2015 – most of the technology and research are based in the former city, while the majority of the assembly happens in the latter.

Its philosophy is characterized by “aiming to be the best.” Would it be surprising, then, for it to make the bold statement that it manufactures the “best electric bikes” in India?

The brand’s relatively expansive size is well worth mentioning as well. It already has 6 dedicated stores across India, and it aims to expand this number further in the coming years. And much like plenty of brands in this list, it exhibits a clear dedication to integrating tech and putting an edge on onboard gadgets and battery technology. 

Toutche e-bike models

E-bike riders who are aware of the Indian electric bike market know that Toutche is mainly recognized for its Heileo e-bike catalog. Presently, it is composed of only 3 models, but do not let that give you the illusion that the brand pales in comparison to others due simply to a lack of prolificness. It obviously chooses to be meticulous in maintaining its models’ quality. 

Each model falls under either the eMTB or hybrid category, with a main unifying theme of being sporty both in style (as gloriously showcased by their flamboyant colors) and functionality. 

Toutche quality and features

Considering the price and general features of the models, we can safely say that Toutche deserves the spotlight if cost-effectiveness is the topic.

Its hybrid offering, the Heileo H200, might be the second most expensive model in its present collection, but it smoothly delivers what you would expect from an e-bike with this price tag. It offers a maximum range of 75km, gets a full charge in no more than 2.5 hours, has a manageable weight, and sports an unparalleled style. 

Additionally, it delivers a satisfactory urban ride while not falling short of providing a decent off-road experience – in short, it achieves what most hybrid e-bikes should aim for. And this should give you a well-rounded view of the kind of quality you can expect to get from the Toutche brand.

Here is the link to visit the Toutche e-bikes website.


Easy E-Biking - Tronx e-bike brand logo, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Tronx Motors is akin to Elektron in its vision of integrating technology with electric vehicles, e-bikes included. It was initially known as Volta Motors, an electric vehicle manufacturer, but it has recently undergone a name change that coincided with the launch of its first e-bike.

That said, Tronx is considered part of Smartron – an IoT company that uses today’s first-rate technologies in gadgets and electric vehicles. 

Tronx developed its tronXTM ecosystem, which made the said integration of the technology in their e-bikes smoother and easier to conduct. Overall, Tronx exhibits the most advanced engineering that the country has to offer to e-biking. Its headquarters is located in Telangana, India. 

Tronx e-bike models

Tronx has only one representative e-bike at present, and it’s called the Tronx One. It defies current categories, to say the least. The company dubs it as the “smartest crossover electric bike,” mostly due to its advanced features. At most, it can be labeled as a hybrid e-bike that leans toward providing smooth city escapades and commutes. 

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Tronx quality and features

The Tronx One has been extensively featured in India’s local e-bike scene. Many critics have lauded it for its abundant techy functionalities, rarely seen in even the most advanced e-bikes in other countries. 

This could not be more evident in the model’s TFT screen, which features phone connectivity via Bluetooth. This feature, in turn, allows you to monitor essential aspects of the e-bike through your phone (not least of which are speed, range, battery levels, location monitoring, the ability to lock and unlock the e-bike assisted by IoT, etc.) 

What makes it even better is the fact that it has been designed with scalability in mind. This means future feature updates that boost road safety and assistance can be enjoyed by anyone who has the Tronx One. 

Here is the link to visit the Tronx e-bikes website.

A few words in conclusion

Based on the facts outlined here, India’s e-bike industry is mainly powered by youth. Fledgling brands are consistently striving to improve their designs through technology. By and large, these companies only make playing to the gallery a secondary objective. Ultimately, there’s a noticeable concerted effort to enrich the e-biking industry in the country. 

And that, in itself, is something worth looking into, if not altogether liberally praising. Why not if we’re already well aware that green technology is the way forward? And each perk and feature offered by these brands’ e-bikes readily reflect this fact.  

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