EOVOLT Review, The First Electric Folding Bike that Folds in 10 Seconds

Easy E-Biking - EOVOLT folding e-bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
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EOVOLT revolutionizes the world of electric folding bikes thanks to its innovative and high-performance technology. 

The young French brand breaks the existing practices by inventing a new generation of folding e-cycles that combine the following key advantages:

LIGHT WEIGHT: EOVOLT e-bikes weigh only 14 kg (compared to 20 kg to 25 kg for competitors) thanks to a 6061 aluminum alloy frame. This makes them light, rigid, and easy to move, even when folded.

ULTRA-COMPACT dimensions: EOVOLT e-bikes are very easy to handle and can be taken anywhere. They fit in the lift, in the trunk of the car, on board of a boat, in a camper, on public transport, etc.

Lots of POWER: EOVOLT e-bikes are precious allies for climbing hills and moving effortlessly in rainy or windy weather. EOVOLT electric bikes can travel at up to 25 km/h and cover long distances without a need to be recharged. For example, the EOVOLT Comfort model has a riding range of 100 km.

Fine AESTHETICS: EOVOLT e-bikes know how to be discreet and look great for everyday travel and leisure activities.

PRACTICALITY: EOVOLT e-bikes fold in 10 seconds for a “zero headache” use. These e-bikes can also be easily moved once folded, to be stored anywhere (in a corner of the house, next to the office at work), or to help you switch different modes of transport (e-bike and train, e-bike and bus, etc.).

EOVOLT’s e-bikes seem to be one of those electric bicycles that is easy to live with in all circumstances. They are offered at affordable prices, and suitable for all nomadic and city-style uses.

Easy E-Biking - EOVOLT folding e-bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Where does the name EOVOLT come from? 

The name EOVOLT was born from the combination of “EO”, which in Latin means “to go” or “to move”, and “VOLT”, a nod to the electric side of bicycles.

The concentration of innovation and technology

EOVOLT’s (LG or Samsung) lithium-ion battery is a real technological gem that stands out for its originality: it is integrated into the seat post. Due to this original design, the battery is totally invisible to the naked eye. It can also be removed in a few seconds, allowing you to recharge the bike’s battery without having to move the e-bike itself.

Last but not least, this placement of the battery repositions the center of gravity of the e-bike, which ensures better balance and optimal comfort. 

The 250 W Brushless motor provides 5 levels of electrical assistance, which help ride up to 25 km/hour effortlessly, whatever the weather or the degree of difficulty of the road. And if the pedaling assistance is not activated, there is no additional friction in the motor (which is the case with quite a few other models), so you can use your EOVOLT just like a conventional bicycle.

The onboard computer with an LCD display allows you to monitor the battery level, measure your current speed and distance traveled. It also controls the headlight and electric assistance. This onboard computer has an integrated USB port makes it both useful and fun. Simply plug in your smartphone or other electrical device and charge it from your EOVOLT.

The Fold & Go system: the folded e-bike can be moved by pushing it like a small suitcase. When folded, it can, therefore, be easily combined with other means of transport such as bus, metro, tram or train.

The easy folding system: this new EOVOLT’s folding system offers a gain in compactness. It has specially designed magnets that also make it possible to fix the wheels together when the bike is folded.

Easy E-Biking - EOVOLT folding e-bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Safety from A to Z: EOVOLT electric bicycles are designed to protect the integrity of people and equipment.

The anti-theft seat clamp: E-bike battery cannot be stolen because of the anti-theft clamp (with a key), which secures the seat post and the battery inside. This makes it possible to park this e-bike with complete peace of mind.

160 mm disc brakes: these disc breaks guarantee efficient, progressive, and long-lasting braking, whatever the weather conditions.

The powerful lighting system, front, and rear: provides maximum visibility so that the rider can see and be seen by traffic and pedestrians.

Made in Bourges

Based in the city of Bourges, in the department of Cher, the EOVOLT brand is the ambassador of French excellence. All its bikes are the result of the know-how and technical mastery of its team of passionate professionals. Each model is manufactured according to strict rules, directly in its assembly lines, and with great attention to detail.

Baptiste Fullen confirms: “We place great importance to the quality of the assembly. We also meticulously choose the different components we use and the partners we work with. Because in the DNA of EOVOLT, there is a strong commitment: to offer quality products that are durable over time.»

Customers also benefit from the quality of the services offered. And they also benefit from a local after-sales service that is both fast and efficient:

  • All spare parts are available in the Bourges warehouses and are therefore shipped within 48 hours;
  • The team can be reached by email or by phone to answer all questions.

The choice to locate EOVOLT in France also contributes to boosting the local economy, while promoting a more environmentally friendly design (elimination of all unnecessary transport).

Easy E-Biking - EOVOLT folding e-bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

An Eco-responsible lifestyle

Did you know that 80% of all car journeys in France are less than 8 km long and 50% are less than 3 km long? For all these short distances, the electric bicycle is a quick and simple solution to keep in shape while preserving the environment. 

EOVOLT electric bikes consume very little electricity. And every time the car stays in the garage, the planet breathes! Reducing the number of vehicles on the road considerably reduces CO2 emissions, which is the main cause of the greenhouse effect and global warming. 

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Here is a quick comparison of car vs e-bike economics (EOVOLT example):

SUBSTANTIAL SAVINGS: Not counting the costs associated with the purchase loan, insurance, overhauls, and repairs, a petrol car costs on average €0.085 per kilometer driven alone. With EOVOLT electric bicycle, 1 € is enough to cover 1,000 km.

BETTER HEALTH: Just pedaling 30 minutes a day is enough to extend life expectancy by 8 years! An electric bike is also the ideal companion to fight against stress, exercise without forcing it, and arrive at your destination without sweating.

MORE TIME FOR SELF: In all major European cities, bicycles have been voted to be the fastest means of transport. It’s potentially the end of endless and stressful traffic jams!

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Easy E-Biking - EOVOLT folding e-bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

EOVOLT CITY – the flagship model

The first model launched by EOVOLT, the City is perfectly suited for motorhome owners, boat owners, or simply for city dwellers who want a practical electric bicycle for their daily commute. It is available in white, red, blue and grey. 

EOVOLT CITY price is 1190 €. (link to EOVOLT website)

EOVOLT RETRO – timeless classics

The Retro model is very original with its beautiful pastel green color, brown grips and saddle, and its aluminum grey finish. Its slightly “vintage” style is reminiscent of classic city bikes.

EOVOLT RETRO price is 1290 €. (link to EOVOLT website)

EOVOLT SPORT – heading for an adventure

A light electric bicycle with belt drive, ideal for boat owners wishing to discover the port and its surroundings once they arrive at their destination. 

EOVOLT SPORT price is 1490 €. (link to EOVOLT website)

EOVOLT COMFORT – comfort at all levels

Its wide tires provide optimum amortization and stability. This model has a range of up to 100 km thanks to its Samsung 14 Ah battery. It is equipped with a Shimano 7-speed derailleur and hydraulic disc brakes for more powerful and progressive braking. It is available in white, grey and orange. 

EOVOLT COMFORT price is 1690 €. (link to EOVOLT website)

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