SixThreeZero e-Bikes Review: Are These Bikes Any Good?

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Easy E-Biking - SixThreeZero electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
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SixThreeZero is a California-based manufacturer and seller of cruiser bikes. This bike company was established in 2006 by Dustin Gyger, who is passionate about biking. The concept of making cruiser bikes comes from exposure to the Californian beach culture and the fantastic lifestyle associated with cruiser bicycles. 

SixThreeZero takes pride in its cool bike designs that help establish them from the rest. The company-designed bikes are best for riding in the city, beaches, neighborhoods, parks, or any other place where the rider wishes to drive with ease. The brand tagline ‘Your Journey, Your Experience’ aptly echoes what biking is all about for bikers who see it as fun and relaxing rather than strenuous and straining.

The brand has an elaborate range of standard mechanical bicycles and an exclusive e-bike product line. They also deal in bike accessories. At reasonable prices, the bikes are famous for durability and comfort. The brand is consistently progressive, with new add-ons and improvements being a part of the company culture. 

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SixThreeZero offers quality and a promise of fun biking experiences that are also good for a healthy lifestyle. SixThreeZero has about 28 e-bike models as of date. These are e-bikes available in male and female versions and almost 19 color choices. 

Is SixThreeZero a Good E-bike Brand to Buy?

Branded components and sturdy build quality back electric bikes from SixThreeZero. Additionally, customer service is perpetually there to help. 

All bikes from the company have a one-year warranty which is excellent for parts replacements. Another lovable feature about the bikes is that the company reimburses you if you need to take your bike to the local shop for the first-time assembling. 

The lightweight frame, minimal maintenance, and suitability for riders of all ages make the e-bikes quite user-friendly.

SixThreeZero e-bikes look sleek and stylish and are equipped with modern features. The brand has a range of e-bikes that meet the specific goals of a diversified group of riders. There are e-bikes to drive around the playground and neighborhood. There are eclectic bikes that make hill climbing and long-distance drives an effortless affair with three-speed, seven-speed, and twenty-one-speed options.

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Then some models help drive across unpaved nature trails, supporting the rider in staying fit and losing weight. Tricycles from SixThreeZero facilitate ergonomic rides and is best for street rides enabling faster mounts and dismounts. The hybrid models make city commute a matter of ease and comfort as these are designed to allow for leisure rides. The Paven’ Trail hybrid offers stability and speed with an adjustable front suspension.

One notable aspect of the SixThreeZero website is that it offers costumes a stress-free way of choosing the right e-bike for them. This is possible since the e-bikes across all models come in the one-size-fits-all frame. All you need to do is enter your weight and height, and the algorithm quickly calculates whether the particular e-bike is good for you. 

SixThreeZero e-Bikes Review: Model Lines

E-bike Model Line E-bike Type
ComfortNature Trails (paved and unpaved)
CommuterDaily Commute
Fat TireMountain

SixThreeZero Cruise Model Line

This line of e-bikes from SixThreeZero is made for stability, which is much needed when riding on paved roads. The model offers two e-bike types that are perfect for short-distance rides. Plus, these are affordable – they are the least expensive among all the e-bike ranges from SixThreeZero. 

The other attractive feature of this range is the simplicity of design. For example, the upright handlebars, the wide tires, and the seat position make this a good-to-go model for beginners. There are two models to choose from:


As the name implies, these e-bikes have been designed for rides around the corner, like in your neighborhood. Also, the playground, beaches, and city streets. The speed options available are up to 21-speeds.

Easy E-Biking - SixThreeZero electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo credit SixThreeZero e-bikes

The e-bikes are good-looking, making a fashion statement. The tires are ultra-smooth and are two inches wide. This makes the e-bike fit for short-distance drives only. High-speed or aggressive rides are a strict no-no for this one. Maintenance is minimal and manageable. This one is good for people of all ages.

The geometry of the e-bike ensures lesser chances of back and shoulder pain. Color choices for the seats and the frame help emphasize one’s individuality. This e-bike model is styled retro. The steel frame makes it a bit heavier, but it is portable. This model is not so much about performance but more about fun.


This model looks sleek. It has three different speed choices – 3-speed, 7-speed, and 21-speed. The frame is made of aluminum, making it lightweight and highly maneuverable. This is another of SxThreeZero’s offerings that is mostly about comfort. This one is best suited for city driving, beaches, and flat terrains. 

Easy E-Biking - SixThreeZero electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo credit SixThreeZero e-bikes

V-brakes in the front and rear help stop the e-bike quickly. There are plenty of color choices that give it an edge on customization. The wheels are 26 inches in diameter and 2 inches wide. To top it off, the EVRYjourney is affordably priced.

It has been designed so that the rider needs to have the back in an upright position. It has a step-through frame which means that alighting or mounting is easy. This encourages natural riding position. 

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SixThreeZero Comfort Model Line

Like Cruiser, the Comfort line is also mainly about stability and comfort. The tires are wide and smooth. The handlebars are upright with lower seats. This line-up is ideal for city rides on paved roads and bumpy nature trails. 

Easy E-Biking - SixThreeZero electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo credit SixThreeZero e-bikes

There are three options in this line:


This e-bike has an adjustable suspension that offers support to the hips. It is ideal for women for confident rides across the town. The dual-spring seat is all about comfort. The step-through frame is ultra-low. The hybrid tires are great for smooth rides. This model is all about comfort and leisurely drives.

It is not suitable for speed, off-road and heavy use.

BodyEase Tricycle 

This one has a step-through frame enabling easy riding, mounting, and dismounting. It is suitable for riding shorter distances across the street. The overall design is simple, and the frame absorbs some shocks. There’s a rear basket for daily rides.

A/O Amelia 

Even though there’s only one color and one size for the A/O Amelia, this made-for-women e-bike has an aluminum frame and is superb for hassle-free mounting. The handlebar is in the upright position. 

It is a good choice for riders who want to traverse through a flat and slippery street.

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SixThreeZero Hybrid Model Line

This one is for you if you need a combo of the cruiser and a high-speed road bike. It comes in the three-speed and seven-speed ranges. The main feature of this line-up is that the rider has to lean forward slightly when riding the e-bike. It is ideal for a city commute.

There are two options to pick from – 


The e-bike is meant for fast driving. It offers a smooth experience even when driving through crowded streets. The frame is aluminum-made, therefore, lightweight. It has seven gears that give you the power to navigate city routes and maintain speed.

Easy E-Biking - SixThreeZero electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo credit SixThreeZero e-bikes

A low top bar helps in easy mount and dismount. The hybrid tires give you comfortable rides every time. Customization is a possibility with the click-on attachment. This model is a relief for any urban or suburban setting.

The e-bike is not meant for heavy off-road use.

Pave n’ Trail

This e-bike from SixThreeZero is lightweight and offers tremendous stability and speed. It is fitted with the Shimano 21-speed gear system. The frame is ergonomic, the hybrid tires are good for speed, customization is possible through the click-on accessory, and the front suspension is adjustable and highly adaptable. 

This e-bike is best for experienced riders. It is designed for performance. However, off-road use or riding it at racing events is not advised. It is suitable for everyday rides in the city.

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SixThreeZero Commuter Model Line

This e-bike line is made for daily commutes. The e-bikes have streamlined body that helps easily cover long distances and extra miles. 

Easy E-Biking - SixThreeZero electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo credit SixThreeZero e-bikes

There are a couple of products to choose from

A/O Maya

Women who wish to go the extra mile and yet want to do so comfortably should go in for A/O Maya. It is designed with an aerodynamic body. The hybrid tires are narrow, which helps take it over hilly terrain and pavements. It is powered by a 500 Watt motor. 

Riders need to lean a bit forward while riding. The overall design helps ride in a pain-free manner. The tapered saddle provides hip support and prevents friction. The soft leather grips keep your hands sweat-free.


This is an elegant e-bike made in a step-through frame. It is powered by a 500W motor and feels suitable for easy journeys in the city. This e-bike is suited for beginners and experienced riders. It can be customized. The single-spring seat offers support while riding.

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SixThreeZero Fat Tire Model Line

The Fat Tire has an ergonomic design. It has a 500-Watt rear hub drive motor. The e-bike can be driven without a motor or set to pedal assist with the engine assisting in pedaling. The third option is to let the motor take care of all the work with the throttle.

Easy E-Biking - SixThreeZero electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo credit SixThreeZero e-bikes

The e-bike design offers to ride ease and offers excellent comfort. It takes you to great distances and even up the hilly areas without forcing your joints to work overtime. The motor takes over and helps your muscles exert minimal pressure and power to go on off-road terrains.

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The frame keeps the body in an upright position. The step-thru frame provides easy mounting and dismounting. There are minimal risks of tipping. This e-bike model is a good choice for hill driving.

E-bike Accessories from SixThreeZero

SixThreeZero accessories are pretty relevant, like the wicker and wire baskets and the water-resistant bike cover that safeguards your e-bike from rain and humidity. The Sigma Pure 1 wireless computer is an excellent accessory for e-bikers who wish to stay on top of their biking parameters.

The phone holder keeps you connected, even when riding your e-bike. Other accessories include wireless speakers and bottle cages. 

Manufacturers’ Warranty

All e-bikes from SixThreeZero come with a one-year warranty. This is applicable only when the e-bike is bought from the official website. Buyers must register the bike as soon as they receive the delivery, as the warranty is applicable from the delivery date. It is non-transferable. And, when claiming a warranty, proof of purchase must be presented.

The warranty covers battery replacement, hub motor replacement, lifetime coverage on the frame, and warranty for other components of the e-bike. The warranty does not cover wear and tear, damage due to accidents, etc. Read the complete terms here

Trial or Test Period 

While the brand offers a 30-day trial period for its standard line of bicycles, the same is not available for e-bikes.

What Do Riders Think of SixThreeZero E-bikes?

Riders feel the e-bikes are super-cool and offer the promised fun when riding. Most riders are happy with the response time of the customer services. Some buyers believe that e-bikes are a bit heavy, not too sturdy, and a bit shorter than expected. 

The online ordering and delivery process of the e-bike has also been appreciated by most riders. They also love that e-bikes are easy to assemble and can be done at home. YouTube videos by the brand are a great help for most riders while assembling e-bikes.

What Countries Does SixThreeZero Ship To?

The company ships only within the US at present. 

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