Best e-Bikes Made in Italy. 30 Italian e-Bike Brands.

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Easy E-Biking - Top Italian e-bike brands, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Even back in the early 2000s, the seeds of e-biking were already beginning to sprout in Italy. And without a doubt, we have the country’s enduring love for biking to credit for it.

It also doesn’t hurt that Italy is replete with regions where cycling holidays are to die for – just think about riding your e-bike in the hilly regions of Tuscany, where you will be afforded stunning views of farms and rolling bluffs that stretch for miles. It’s any biker’s dream.

And Italian e-bike brands will agree wholeheartedly. Indeed, Italy’s geographical features serve as a great influence on most local brands’ manufacturing philosophies. You will find no shortage of brands that offer spectacular eMTBs that have world-class quality, and Italian e-bike riders definitely can’t get enough of them. 

The Italian electric bike market was valued at $0.65 million in 2021. The market is growing at 85% and is projected to touch $1.2 billion by 2027. This growth rate is considered low compared to e-bike markets in other European countries. For example, the German e-bike market is projected to grow seven times that of the Italian e-bike market during the same period.

One of the critical factors that has driven this growth is the rising awareness about sustainable mobility. Besides, regular incentives by the government, like subsidies and tax incentives, are a significant relief, including improving the infrastructure for e-bike enthusiasts.

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Another underlying aspect of the Italian market is the rising traffic congestion and chaos. Thus, more people are inclined to transition to electric vehicles, especially e-bikes. 

The presence of many international and domestic e-bike brands in the Italian market strengthens it, presenting choices to the end users. For example, introducing the connected e-bike is a significant technical advancement. The embedded SIM module enables the e-bike to receive and send data from and to a cloud system without the internet and a smartphone. 

The Italian market is dominated by pedal-assist propulsion-type electric bikes. It is because of enhanced battery life. The choice of 3 – 5 modes of pedal-assist and have lower servicing and maintenance needs. 

Summary Table: Top 7 Italian e-Bike Brands

Brand nameE-bike Types
1. 3TOff-road, Urban
2. AtalaMountain, Gravel, Hybrid, Road
3. BianchiRoad, Gravel, Mountain, Urban
4. BoerisCity, Mountain, Trekking
5. DucatiMountain, City, Endurance
6. OlympiaCity, Trekking, Fitness, MTB
7. PiaggioCity

Summary Table: 30 Italian Electric Bike Manufacturers

Brand NameE-Bike TypeLocation in Italy
3TOff-road, UrbanPresezzo
AmalfiCity, All-TerrainAmalfi
AskollCruiser, City, FoldingDueville
AtalaMountain, Gravel, Hybrid, RoadMonza
BianchiRoad, Gravel, Mountain, UrbanMilan
BoerisCity, Mountain, TrekkingTurin
BottecchiaMountain, Road, City, FoldingCavarzere
BrezzaCity, Cargo, TricyclesVigevano
DucatiMountain, City, EnduranceBologna
EklettaCity, Trekking, MountainPadova
FanticTrail, Mountain, Enduro, Casler
GuerciottiRoad, GravelMilan
ItaljetCruiser, HybridBologna
ItalmotoFolding, City, FatCaserta
ItalwinFolding, Urban, delivery, TrekkingBologna
LombardoMountain, Road, Hybrid, City, Folding, CruiserSicily
Moto ParillaCity, Mountain Reggio Emilia
NeoxCity, Road, Mountain, Cruiser, HybridTerme
NiloxCity/Cruiser, FoldingLombardia
NokoCity, Urban, GravelSicily
OlympiaCity, Trekking, Fitness, MTBVeneto
PiaggioCity Pontedera
SartoriCity, Urban, Off-roadLombardy
TiticiGravel, Road, MountainMantua
VelorapidaCity, Gravel, Urban, Off-RoadMilan 
ViolaCity, Folding, CargoPinerolo
WayelSUV, Trek, Compact, Urban, FatBologna
WhistleTrekking, Mountain, City, GravelMonza
Easy E-Biking - Top Italian e-bike brands, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

30 Italian Electric Bike Manufacturers


In 1961, Mario Dedioniggi established Tecnologia del Tubo Torinese in Turin, and by 1970, the company launched the Superleggera, one of the lightest saddles in the world. The brand 3T is known for innovating novel cycling components like the lightest handlebar, the first opening stem, aerodynamic racing handlebars, and more. 

3T makes off-road and urban electric bikes. The Racemax Boost and the Ultra Boost belong to the off-road line. The Ultra Boost belongs to the urban lineup. The electric bikes are fitted with a Mahle X20 motor and a Mahle iX350 battery. The fork is from Fango Ultra, while the derailleurs, shift, and brake levers are from SRAM. 

The factory is at Prezesso. The company also has offsite offices – the American office is in Ontario, Canada, and the Asian office is in Taiwan. With a focus on craftsmanship, some of the traditional models of the brand are available in three colors – Red, Green, and White. Buyers also have the choice of buying the RTP version, which is customized per buyer’s preferences. 


Easy E-Biking - Askoll e-bike brand logo, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

With headquarters in Dueville, Italy, Askoll is quite possibly the youngest brand included in this list. First and foremost, it was founded only in 2014. That says a lot about the relatively short amount of time it took for it to warm up to Italian riders. The Askoll Group is known for advocating and creating electric vehicles like e-scooters and their kits and components, besides, of course, e-bikes. 

Askoll’s three core values include the Italian spirit, sustainability, and technology. All these are pretty much common denominators of the other brands included here. And, indeed, there is a quality and sophistication that readily exude from its models. 

Askoll e-bike models

The brand has up to seven e-bikes available. Out of this total, there are four distinct models you can choose from. It’s also apparent that most of its e-bikes are built for the casual rider and commuter. Their designs make them lean more toward the cruiser category, which prioritizes comfort and pleasure. 

Askoll also offers the “ebolt,” which is its sole folding e-bike option. 

Askoll quality and features

Being relatively young, it’s not at all surprising that Askoll’s models tend to be as trendy as they are stylish. You can immediately see the laid-back air of each model and its focus on aesthetics with the numerous color combinations you can choose from. 

But don’t be fooled by their attractive appearance, though. Because most of these models are beasts in their own right. The basic eB1 model alone can already guarantee a whopping 80km range and a 25km/h top speed. 

The same praise can be rained on the brand’s integration of techy features like the onboard computer that displays and controls motor assistance. Truly, a brand fit for the modern Italian rider. 


Easy E-Biking - Atala e-bike brand logo, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Atala’s continuous passion for e-bikes can be traced back to 2008, although its roots go way back to the early 20th century, when it was founded in Milano, Italy.

This fact makes Atala one of the most enduring and celebrated local brands in the country. Its current headquarters are now in Monza, Italy, but the brand’s overall scope is worldwide. Incidentally, it’s part of the Dutch-founded bike company Accell Group.

The brand is pretty active in releasing new e-bike models yearly, with the intent of meeting the changing demands of riders. It’s more than proud of its Italian heritage, candidly claiming that its e-bike kits have an “Italian heart.”

Atala e-bike models

Most of its offerings fall under this category, as evidenced by its enduro, eMTBs, e-trail, e-gravel, e-trekking, and e-road selections. You’ll have plenty to choose from in terms of eMTBs, road e-bikes, and gravel e-bikes; that much is certain. But that’s not to say that it doesn’t have city offerings, too. 

Equally notable are its models for women, particularly the E-Run Lady 26”, which has received rave reviews locally. 

Atala quality and features

You can expect from Atala models what you’ll normally expect from globally recognized brands of e-bikes. It, for example, incorporates mostly Bosch motors in its models – products known for their power and durability. From this fact alone, it’s easy to see that a lot of the brand’s models are geared towards dynamic e-bike offroad riding.

The ranges of their models are notably very high, too, with most being able to achieve a maximum of 60 km in one charge. The designs exude that inimitable European elegance


The name of this brand comes from the Italian coastal city of Amalfi. It is one of the best and the most popular tourist destinations in Italy. The Amalfi e-bike brand was formed by representatives from one of the country’s at-home fitness companies and the president of a consumer products company.

One of the critical features of Amafli e-bikes is the price. All electric bikes from the brand come at the price of entry-level bikes. All the models are fitted with lithium-ion batteries, a built-in LED screen, a belt chain, and an internal gear hub. All Amalfi electric bikes are 80% assembled, and users need to do the remaining 20% of the job.

The models are Coastal and Coastal Step-Through. These e-bikes are made for easy rides across cliffs and rough terrains. The company uses components from top manufacturing companies like Shimano, CST, and Zoom. The rear hubs and discs are from Shimano, the tires and shifter are from CST, and the seat post is from Zoom.


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Headquartered in Mirafiori, Turin, Boeris has been in the business of making personalized and handcrafted bicycles since 1910.  The company extensively uses the MDM or the Metrika Dynamic Measurements System to process the anthropometric measurements for finding the right frame for buyers. The Metrika DMS ensures that riders always ride their e-bikes in the optimal position and height. 

The brand offers customization options to buyers. They can choose the right frame by comparing the frame’s technical characteristics and then customize the pedals, saddle, and color. Boeris e-bikes are meant for city, mountain, and trekking purposes. The Lumina is an all-purpose electric bike with Shimano 9-speed gear and brakes. The engine has an 85Nm torque. The fork is from RockShox, and the wheels are from Miche. 

The Puma is the e-trekking bike from Boeris. It has a 250W electric motor and a 450Wh integrated battery. It has parts and components made in-house or sourced locally.



The Bottecchia brand was founded in 1926 in Cavarzere, Italy, by Ottavio Bottechia, who is famous for being the first Italian to win the Tour de France in 1924. With that in mind, it’s apparent that Bottechia has a rich history in global competition. This is compounded only by the long years of operation of the brand, which served to impart a solid reputation now innately attributed to it. 

At present, the Bottecchia brand remains a staunch advocate of greener modes of transportation and a continuous patron of the technologies that power it. It is, indeed, an innovator in more ways than one. And a lot of e-bike pundits will undoubtedly agree that the brand symbolizes quality and high performance, which most assuredly arose from the 

Bottecchia e-bike models

Bottecchia offers a notable balance between its e-bike offerings. By this, we mean that it has models that will fit the avid mountain biker as much as the laid-back urban rider. Currently, it has a total of 6 eMTBs, 2 road e-bikes, 6 city e-bikes, and 2 folding e-bikes. Perfectly balanced, right? 

Bottecchia quality and features

The brand’s eMTBs and other selections deserve to be praised for their relatively powerful and advanced components. A lot of models tend to integrate Shimano batteries that are as wonderfully lightweight as they are surprisingly long-lasting and quick to charge. 

The same can be said for its city options — there is a notable power in the brand’s units that could only ever be provided by the integration of modern technologies in both motor and battery. Not much can probably be said when it comes to techy feature


Vigevano-based Brezza makes green city, cargo bikes, and tricycles that run on batteries. The vintage e-city bikes and the customized cargo e-bikes were started by the brand in 2011.

The idea to open an electric bike company that portrays quality craftsmanship and promotes sustainable mobility was of Carlo, Caterina, and Pierluigi. The target segment for city and cargo e-bikes is meant for daily use by individuals and commercial purposes of delivery of goods. The e-tricycles are the best street food operators, couriers, and urban waste collection.

Components are from the best companies in the world – Shimano Acera gearbox, Brooks leather saddle, Li-ion batteries from Samsung, and Schwalbe tires. The vintage city e-bike lineup includes the Dragonfly, which is a unisex e-bike. The women’s range includes models Beatrice, Sforza, Ducal, and Mondina. The men’s range includes the models Ducal, Mondina, Sforza, and Leonardo. 

The e-cargo bikes for personal use include Miller, Wheelbarrow, and Bramante. The cargo e-bikes for professional use are models Miller, Postwoman, Wheelbarrow, and Bramante. 


Tuscany-based Daccordi was established in 1937 by Giuseppe Dacordi, a cycling enthusiast. The headquarters of the brand is in Tuscany. The initial range of bikes manufactured by the company were the city bikes made for everyday transport.

But after World War II, with cycling becoming a full-time sport, the company started making sports cycles and soon became one of the topmost names in the industry. In the 1960s, when Luigi Daccordi came to the helm of affairs, there was a radical change in the brand’s approach. Today, the company has a thermal-insulated factory to drive its energy-efficiency mission. 

Daccordi bicycle frames are made from steel, aluminum, carbon fiber, or titanium. The electric bike frames are made from carbon fiber. The model, called Ione, is one of the few e-bikes that comes with a custom-built frame. The battery and the engine, custom-made for Daccordi in Asia, are compatible with all other brands of batteries. The Ione model is a racing electric bike. 


World famous for their inspiring bikes, Ducati has launched its e-bike range too. Headquartered in Bologna, Ducati makes three lines of electric bikes – mountain e-bikes, endurance, and road electric bikes. The e-MBT range is best suited for uphill and downhill rides. MIG-S is the model that comes fitted with the robust Shimano EP8 engine. 

The endurance range is meant for steep climbs. The models are Powerstage RR that comes in a limited edition and the TK-01RR.  The e-road range has the Futa that has been designed to cover distances and slopes with ease. All Ducati e-bikes have been created in collaboration with Thor.

MIG-S also has the suspension system from RockShox and the rear derailleur from SRAM. Using the Shimano Etube Project App, riders can adapt the motor to changing conditions from their smartphones. The e-Endurance range has the Shimano EP8 motor, Shimano brakes, and Öhlins fork and shock absorbers.


Padova-headquartered Ekletta designs and manufactures only electric bikes. The company was set up in 2013. The owner of the company was a former engineer in Ducati. The company got its name after the Italian public voted for this name through a contest on starbytes platform.

The brand has a comprehensive process of selecting dealers. It is mandatory that the dealers have a repair shop and have a record of their servicing capability. The brand also offers technical and commercial training to dealers to offer world-class support to customers.

The e-bike models are Naked, Naked-R, Piega S B&W, MC, ML, Dug Up, Nova, Mork, and Vector. World-class components are from companies like Shimano, Kenda, Suntour, Japanese DAPU, Tektro, Zoom, and more. The company makes e-bikes for trekking, cities and mountains.


Headquartered in Casler, Fantic e-bikes was started by people who were greatly influenced by off-road and cross-racing. The electric bikes from Fantic have top-performing motors and batteries. The electric bikes are fitted with Yamaha and Brose motors. The batteries generate power of either 630Wh or 720Wh and can be charged by a magnetic Rosenberg connector. 

The design of the frame has been given special attention. The motor and the battery are placed closer to the e-bike’s center of gravity. The frames are designed using FEM Analysis, and was the first e-bike company in 2015 to use the differentiated wheel design.

The front wheels are 29”, and the rear wheels are 27.5”. Riders can use the Fantic App to navigate through various functions and use live data to improve their riding experience. For seat stays, the company uses the novel technology of injected composite strut, developed by the R&D department of Fantic and Acerbis.

The electric bike lineups include E-MTB XC/DC, E-MTB Trail, E-MTB All Mountain, E-MTB Enduro, E-MTB Downhill, E-MTB Hard Tail, Issimo, and Issimo City.


Milan-based Guerciotti has been a part of the cycling industry since 1964.  It was this year when a cycling enthusiast, Italo, collaborated with his brother Paolo and opened a small shop in Via Petrelia, Milan, Italy, to sell bicycles and service them.

In 1975, the brothers expanded the business to Via Tamagno. Earlier, the brand was making racing bikes and selling them in Italy, but since 1975, the company has started to export its bikes across the world. In the 1980s, the company gained significant momentum in the US market. 

The e-bike range from Guerciotti are Navir I.On, Brera I.ON, and Greto I.ON.  The e-bikes are fitted with the Polini E-P3 Drive Train System that consists of a 500W, 70Nm motor and a 500Wh Li-ion battery. Components included in the electric bikes come from Shimano Ultegra, Selle Italia saddle, Eureka Air stem and handlebar, Vision Trimax 35 wheels, and Hutchinson Equinox tires.


Easy E-Biking - Italjet e-bike brand logo, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

During its earlier years, Italjet was more well known in the motorcycling industry and its ties to the Ducati brand, which continues up to the present. It was founded by a motorcycle racer in 1959, and it continues to manufacture both motorcycles and e-bikes from its headquarters in Bologna, Italy.

2011 saw the brand’s entrance into electric vehicles and, inevitably, the e-bike industry. From then on, it has been continuously rolling out models in the local market, most of which tended to sell like hotcakes upon release. If there’s one thing that makes the brand immediately stand out, it’s definitely its style. 

Italjet e-bike models

If there’s one category that suits Italjet’s models the most, it’s highly likely to be the cruiser group. You can spot this fairly easily with the way the e-bikes have higher handlebars and larger than normal tires, which make them ideal candidates for both offroad and urban riding.

Although, they most probably lean toward the latter, except for the Ascot Sport and Ascot Adventure. The two readily reveal the kind of rider they’re meant for based solely on their names. 

In total, the brand offers up to four e-bikes that can be suitable for most kinds of riding requirements. 

Italjet quality and features

Italjet’s models have a startlingly unique design. It’s very stylish, to say the least, and has a readily perceptible Italian and European influence. It also pays homage to the vintage designs of its motorcycle, for which the brand won acclaim. What’s certain is it deserves an A+ in aesthetics. 

Specs-wise, Italjet’s models also do not disappoint. The Ascot One, the most popular choice, incorporates a 350W Bafang motor, wide tires, leather accessories, plus a saddle. You also get up to 50 miles of range that can be further extended thanks to the second battery slot. 

The brand proudly embellishes its creations with the label “Made in Italy with Excellence,” and it definitely shows.


Caserta-based Italmoto has been a part of the Italian cycle industry since 1952. The story began in Motor Valley in Bologna. The company is known for making motorcycles, and in 1963, the company started to make engines and mechanical parts. Later, when it started to make cycles, the products were certified EN15194. 

The company makes fat tire e-bikes, as well as city and folding electric bikes. The fat tire electric bike is the Tiquattro EB. The other models are Trionfale, 

The components are from top-end manufacturing companies, like the brushless motor from Bafang and Shimano gearbox. The batteries are from LG and Samsung. 


Based out of Bologna, Italwin has achieved quite a few distinctions to its name. For example, the off-road Travel Cross model is the preferred e-bike model for the Capitoline police. 

The Five F110 motor that is located centrally has been designed by the company in-house for mountain, off-road, and trekking e-bikes. In 2021, the Trail Ultra was chosen as the patrol e-bike for Carabinieri. It is also the selected e-bike for Pirelli’s rental services. Another top-of-line model, the Nuvola Lite, was chosen by the Red Cross in Italy for a project, “ Time of Kindness.” 

In 2018, the company shifted its production unit from China to its headquarters in Italy. The factory adheres to ZEB or the Zero Energy Building criteria in Italy. Spread over 76,400 sq ft, the area covers offices, warehouses, factory units, labs, and other services. The company makes Folding, Urban, delivery, and Trekking e-bikes. 


Easy E-Biking - Lombardo e-bike brand logo, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Although Lombardo, more or less, already has a global presence, its reputation is undoubtedly more widespread in Italy. It was started in 1952 when its owner Gaspare Lombardo created his first bicycle. It has over 1,300 stores worldwide and continues to enjoy steady growth over the years, especially after it entered the e-bike manufacturing industry. Presently, its main office is located in Buseto Palizzolo, Italy. 

Much like other outstanding e-bike brands out there, the Lombardo brand places great attention to detail. It also follows a stringent step-by-step production procedure, which seals the quality of its creations. Lombardo also dedicates itself to eco-friendly advocacies, especially highlighted by the fact that its plants are fully powered by renewable energy. 

Lombardo e-bike models

Most of Lombardo’s models are concentrated on off-road riding, but the brand also doesn’t take urban riding lightly. Indeed, it’s safe to say that its catalog is relatively balanced. That said, it probably has one of the largest e-bike lineups among local Italian brands. 

There’s an exhaustive list of eMTBs (both full suspension and hardtail) options to choose from. Similarly, you also have plenty of hybrid and road varieties to choose from, which are rivaled only by the equally myriad city models you can choose from. They’re so many, in fact, that we did not bother to tally them.  

Lombardo quality and features

With such a very respectable cycling heritage, Lombardo is one of those brands that you simply can’t go wrong with. It might not incorporate those high-powered Bosch motors, but its penchant for Bafang alternatives only means you get better motor assistance. 

The same can be said for the battery, which delivers decent ranges for the price. Most of its eMTB selections make good all-rounders, which, coupled with the high-torque motors, pretty much assure the kind of e-biking many riders expect.

Moto Parilla

Founded in the 1960s, Moto Parilla was revived in 2017 by Filippo Beltram. The first e-bike model was Carbon and was targeted at a premium segment of customers. The unique part about Carbon was that it was designed for customization – the color and the technical specs could be personalized for users.

The Trilix model was introduced in 2019 through crowdfunding. It is a folding electric bike, and the main aim when designing this model was to revive the Graziella Italian bike. The Trilix is best suited for city and mountain rides.

The Carbon model was redesigned in 2021. The Tricolor, another model from the brand, comes in three versions – Tricolor M, Tricolor MR, and Tricolor MX. These models have the SRAM electronic shifting system. Bafang motors, Magura brakes, RockShox Reverb seatpost, Polini E-P3+ MX motor, and Polini TFT display are the components from top partners.


Easy E-Biking - Neox e-bike brand logo, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Neox has been making its mark in the field of industrial technology, with emphasis on electrical and mechanical equipment, since its founding in 1978. Is it any wonder, then, that it has also taken part in the e-bike industry? Its philosophy of driving innovation to its limits readily shows in its creations, which happen to not only be limited to e-bikes. 

There is an obvious focus on marrying this passion for technology with their designs. Its main office is currently located at Recoaro Terme, Italy, where it continues to direct most of its e-bike operations. 

Neox e-bike models

The brand’s manufacturing direction appears to be dictated by riders’ various demands. That said, you can expect most of their offerings to cover all kinds of riding experiences and, worthy of a special mention, the terrain that they will be ridden on.

It has a total of 7 e-bikes available in its catalog, with each one most assuredly designed to meet the said specific demands. It has options for city, road, eMTB, hybrid, and gravel, most of which fall under the brand’s categories like City, Sporter, Crosser, Urban, and Touring. 

Neox quality and features

It’s hard to fault Neox simply because it has a clear dedication to innovating and improving its e-bike designs. And indeed, it’s the sole aspect that makes the brand stand out. It guarantees a fairly satisfactory riding experience as long as you pair up with a model that suits your preferences and demands the most.

It also incorporates relatively high-quality batteries with an average of 500W and motors that have up to eight-speed options to choose from. 


Easy E-Biking - Nilox e-bike brand logo, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Nilox was founded in 2005, with headquarters in Vimercate, Italy. It’s not an e-bike-only company as it is categorized more as a manufacturer of IT-related electronics. Much like most young companies in the IT field, Nilox has enjoyed great leaps in growth over the years since its founding. It boasts of racking up to 4 billion euros of income, making it one of the highest-earning local Italian companies. 

It’s also very active in cycling and MotoGP, with its teams frequently figuring as champions in local and global tournaments. Being based in such an ever-expanding field, it’s almost a no-brainer that most of Nilox’s e-bike models are characterized by high-tech features. 

Nilox e-bike models

Most of Nilox’s offerings are centered on foldable varieties and a few fat models that have caught reviewers’ eyes. That said, the brand does not have an exhaustive product catalog yet. But what it lacks in quantity, it more than makes up for in the quality of its models. 

Nilox quality and features

The quality of Nilox’s e-bikes is driven largely by the brand’s penchant for innovation. If we’re going to examine the fat bike Nilox X3, for example, it’s designed for track versatility but does not necessarily limit itself to offroad riding. Even though it only has a 250W motor, it can already reach a top speed of 25km/h and can ride for as far as 45km for every full charge. 

Based on these qualities alone, it’s obvious that the brand knows what local riders want in their e-bikes: reliability that is closely backed by smart, innovative design. 


A part of Tra. Fi.Me. S.p.A, an industrial business producing fine blanking products, Noko is a startup brand. The parent company was started in 1997 and is a major OEM manufacturer for automobile companies worldwide.

The name comes from the words “No Compromise.” It is headquartered in Sicily. The company makes light Italian electric bikes with clean designs and fitted with good-quality racing components. The manufacturing unit, R&D center, and assembling units are all located in Italy. 

The company makes e-bikes for segments – City, Urban, and Gravel. Some of the partner companies for Noko e-bikes are FSA & Vision, Veer, and SRAM. The City models are powered by FSA Systems, and the carbon fiber split belt is from Veer, California. FSA Systems and SRAM chainring group also power the Urban e-bikes. The Baramind handlebars are equipped with Flexbar technology, adding to the comfort of riders.


Veneto-based Olympia was started in 1893 in Milan. Carlo Borghi was the founder, and the brand started manufacturing bikes and motorbikes. Later, in 1960, the Olympia brand was bought by the Fontana family.

The company headquarters were moved to the Veneto region. The headquarters is in Piove di Sacco. The brand has received numerous awards and accolades, including the Expobici Innovation Award in 2013 and 2014. 

Users have the choice between Carbon and Alloy MTB. The Carbon MTB models are the Hammer AXS, Hammer, and Karbo Edge. The Alloy MTB has various hardtail and complete suspended e-bikes. The Urban electric bike models include the Energo 26” as a City model, Mistral 900-X, Mistral 900-GT, and Explorer 630 in the Fitness lineup. The Trekking lineup has numerous models.

The top components include Schwalbe tires and a Shimano gear system. The motors and batteries are made in-house.


Easy E-Biking - Piaggio e-bike brand logo, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Piaggio’s history, which began as far back as 1884, is replete with figures of pretty much any vehicle you can think of. From planes, boats, and trains to motorcycles and bicycles, to say that the brand is steeped in the industrial and mechanical industries could prove to be an understatement.

Indeed, it’s sheer reputation and historical mileage basically make it one of the big dogs on this list. Despite its advanced age, the company’s foray into electric bikes only began in 2014. And from then on, it has consistently made waves in the industry with its highly original offerings.

Piaggio e-bike models

Piaggio’s product catalog is as direct and no-nonsense as it can get. You get two options: the Wi-Bike Active and the Wi-Bike Comfort. Despite this categorization, both are essentially city e-bikes, but obviously, one is designed more for terrain versatility than the other. 

Piaggio quality and features

With their extra-thick, modern-looking frames, smooth welds, and comparatively lightweight designs, Piaggio’s models deserve all the praise they get. Critics have described its aesthetics as nothing short of “beautiful,” but it’s a word that most probably suits its specs as well. 

The brand notably uses Samsung batteries and motors that peak up to 500W. With this combination, you get up to 75 miles with either of the two e-bikes available. The main difference between Active and Comfort is that the former has a notably higher maximum top speed; it can achieve the 28km/h top speed characteristic of most performance-oriented e-bikes.


Lombardy-based Sartori has been a part of the Italian corporate culture since 1939. All the products from the brand are hand-assembled. Believing in the Italian tradition, the company bicycles have steel frames welded using brazing methods. The company makes two e-bike series – E-Motion and E-Drive. Due to steel frames, the e-bikes are quite lightweight, weighing between 15kg and 20kg. 

The Italiana, Regale, Regale Donna, and Sprint Veloce E-Drive are the city e-bikes. Italiana is foldable. The E-Motion series has about six models, mainly meant for urban and off-road drives.

Sartori electric bikes are an aggregate of top-end components from Sram, Sturmey Archer, Shimano, Brooks England, Schwalbe, Busch Muller, and Pletscher. The removable and lightweight batteries are from Samsung or Sony. The company offers the option of converting a traditional bicycle into an e-bike using Bafan BBS01. 


Mantua-based Titici was set up in 1961. The products are all hand-designed and hand-assembled in the main hub of Asola. The brand name TItici was formed in 1995. The Plate Absorber Technology (PAT) is a patented technology from the brand. The technology involves making specially shaped horizontal tubes that finally taper off to form a single sheet of carbon. 

The electric bike ranges from Titici, including Dynamica G, Dynamica R, Dynamica A, and Everso. Everso is the full-suspension e-MTB, and it has the Shimano EP8 motor. The fork is from Rock Shox, Proxim Saddle, and Vittoria tires.  The Dynamica models R, and A have Shimano derailleurs while Dynamica G has the SRAM derailleurs. 

The Everso e-bike is the e-MTB, while the Dynamica R and A are the road and all-road electric bikes. The Dynamica G is for gravel riding. 


Milano-based Veloe is the maker of family cargo electric bikes. The company has an exclusive dealer network of 161 entities across Europe and the US. The company makes cargo e-bikes for family and commercial use. 

The Veloe Multi Bosch is powered by the Bosch Cargo Line. The other products that form a part of the electric bike are Shimano, Enviolo, Schwalbe Tires, Bosch Powerpack battery, Bosch LED Remote, and the Smart System. The other model lineup is the Multi Shimano E6100. The line is powered by a mid-motor Shimano E6100, Shimano Nexus, Enviolo TR, Shimano battery, Schwalbe tires, and Gates transmission. 

Stefano and Claudia started the brand in 2018 and called it the Ultimate Family eBike. 


Headquartered in Milan, Velorapida was founded by Alberto and Ludovico. They started the brand with an Italian manufacturer. The design of the e-bike includes a hidden battery in the leather bag in the front of the electric bike. The partner company has 90 years of industry experience. The handcrafted e-bikes are sold through the online site of the brand. The first model from Velorapida was launched in 2013. 

All Velorapida electric bikes have an LCD to keep the rider is always updated on the cycling parameters. The transmission system is from SRAM. The front bag is made from leather, wicker, or wood. All the leather parts and accessories of the models are made by Italian artisans. 

The Cobalto, Yve Woman, Yve Man, and the Legend Woman are the four new models from the brand. The other four models are the Sport Man, The Chrome, the Country Man, and the Country Woman. The components are all either sourced locally or made in-house. 


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Viola was started in a small garage on the outskirts of Turin, Italy, which readily affirms the brand’s humble beginnings. It’s also one of the promising, young local brands in Italy, having only gained traction as recently as 2016.

The people behind the brand stick to a general belief that e-bikes are the future of transportation, pointing out and emphasizing its economic and ecological advantages.

The brand caters to the general riding public more and opts to design models that can be used for casual purposes and commuting. This is only proven by its lineup of foldable models, which have earned praise from various e-bike circles in Italy.

Viola e-bike models

Models like the City 16 and City 20 represent the strengths of the company’s catalog. The latter, in particular, is the most noteworthy because it’s the result of consistent tweaks and adjustments to deliver a riding experience that exceeds expectations. 

Besides its foldable options, it also offers e-scooters, one city e-bike, and one cargo e-bike. It’s quite obvious that the brand has a clear focus on urban riding and fulfilling the everyday commuting and riding needs of the masses. 

Viola quality and features

Most of the foldable models offered by Viola are well worth recommending because they can easily compete with the foldable e-bikes seen in other countries. The Viola City 20, for example, integrates a 188W battery but can guarantee a satisfactory range of a maximum of 35 kilometers. The Shimano motor also packs a delightful punch speed-wise and in its variety of


Headquartered in Cologna, Wayel, an entirely Italian e-bike company, was born in 2007: the Termal Group, an expert in air conditioning in the Far East, set up the brand. In 2008, the first electric bike, the ONECITY was launched. This model was made in collaboration with the University of Bologna.

In 2010, the brand introduced the SUV or the Shopping Utility Vehicle. The E-bit was launched in 2011, and it was a folding e-bike. Trilogia in 2013, and the acquisition of Italwin in 2016 followed. The FIVE headquarters was started in Bologna in 2017. The e-trekking line started in 2022, and the new X-plor line is all scheduled to start in 2024. 

Wayel makes e-bikes for five segments – SUV, Trek, Compact, Urban, and Fat. Components from top manufacturers include Selle Bassano, Shimano, Suntour, and Samsung. The motor is made in-house from FIVE. 


Monza-based Whistle has been around for 100 years in the cycling industry in Italy. The company was started in 1907. The company was renamed Atala S.p.A  in 2011. Since 2011, the brand is now part of the Accell Group.  The aluminum frames are made from 6000 series alloys. The Accell Group owns four brands- Whistle, Umberto dei Milano, Maino, and Carraro. The Whistle brand was originally from Colorado. 

The electrical components of the electric bikes are from Bosch, the motors, and the batteries. The eBike App Flow helps riders for safe and comfortable rides. Other components include the Fazua drive, Yamaha, and Shimano. The e-bikes made by Whistle include the segments – Trekking, Mountain, City, and Gravel. 

Buyers can buy e-bikes from Atala-owned stores at Borgomanero, Orzinuovi, Padova, and Firenze or the online store. 

European E-bike Brands Actively Present in Italy

Other International Brands With Distributors and Dealers in Italy

In Conclusion

Based on the facts outlined above, Italy has its fair share of local e-bike companies to be proud of. Italians have a lot of stylish options to choose from — and there’s plenty going for tech enthusiasts as well. Overall, these brands reflect the notion that Italian riders have e-bike tastes that are as distinct and complex as their culture. 

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