Best e-Bikes Made in Spain. 17 Spanish e-Bike Brands.

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Easy E-Biking - Top Spanish e-bike brands, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
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Between 2017 and 2019, the Spanish electric bike grew at a CAGR of 4.09%. In 2022, the bicycle market in Spain faced a shortage of components, due to which production and sales were hit.

However, the e-bike segment in Spain has not just survived the prevailing challenges but has been performing impressively for the past three years. By the end of 2022, the total e-bike units sold in the country were 237,182, with a market share of approximately 45.66%. 

Electric bikes offer cleaner mobility and offer more employment opportunities as the industry grows. Spanish electric bike industry is way behind compared to its immediate neighbor, Portugal.

As per statistics, the largest segment of e-bikes by propulsion type popular in Spain is the pedal-assisted e-bikes. Throttle-assisted propulsion e-bikes are legally permitted in the country. The City or the Urban e-bike is the most popular category by application type. Electric bikes fitted with lithium-ion batteries are most preferred, while the trekking category of e-bikes is fast growing in popularity. 

Summary Table: Top 5 Spanish e-Bike Brands

Brand nameE-bike Types
1. BHGravel, Road, Urban, Sport, Endurance, Trail
2. BikelecMountain, Urban, Foldable, Fat Tire, Cargo, Trekking
3. EcobikeCity, Trail, Road, Cargo, Mountain, Trekking
4. MondrakerEndurance, Trail, Gravel, Urban Cross, Kids
5. OrbeaRoad, Mountain, Urban

Summary Table: 17 Spanish Electric Bike Manufacturers

BrandE-bike TypesLocation
BHGravel, Road, Urban, Sport, Endurance, TrailVitoria-Gasteiz
BikelecMountain, Urban, Foldable, Fat Tire, Cargo, TrekkingLeón
CapriCity, Mountain, Urban,  All-terrainZaragoza
CucaRoad, SmartBarcelona
Desiknio CyclesCommuter, Gravel, City, MountainBarcelona
EcobikeCity, Trail, Road, Cargo, Mountain, TrekkingAmpurdán
LegendUrban, Folding, MountainBarcelona
LittiumFolding, City, CargoBarcelona
Moma BikesMountain, City, Folding, GravelBarcelona
MondrakerEndurance, Trail, Gravel, Urban Cross, KidsAlcobendas
OrbeaRoad, Mountain, UrbanEibar
RayvoltUrban, City, Cruiser, Beach Cruiser, Off-roadBarcelona
Urban E-BikesTrekking, Mountain, CityBarcelona
Easy E-Biking - Top Spanish e-bike brands, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

17 Spanish Electric Bike Manufacturers


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Based in León, Bikelec was started in 2007. The company is spread across 5,000 sqm that covers the factory, showroom, office, and logistic center. The company sells and ships electric bikes across the EU.

Besides manufacturing its own brand of e-bikes, the company is also a significant distributor of Rotwild, a German e-bike brand in Andorra, Portugal, and Spain. Bikelec is also the official distributor for some of the other top-end e-bike brands like Conway, Haibike, and Bulls.

The company makes electric bikes for different segments, including e-MTBs, Urban, Fat Tire, Cargo, Trekking, and Foldable. The company has a brand called Rodars, a brand of customized electric bikes.

Buyers can choose from options of color, size, battery capacity, motor type, tire type, size, seats, grips, and more. Rodars models have a warranty of two years on the mechanical and electrical components, while the frame has an extended warranty of five years.

Bikelec e-bikes are an aggregate of premium components like Bafang, Shimano, Kenda, Promax, Tektro, and more. 


Zaragoza-based Capri was established in 2017. All Capri models are vintage-inspired from the French bicycle industry. The look dates back to the late 70s. The company has made more than 25,000 bikes since its setup. The electric bikes are made 100% in Europe.

Components come from top brands from Italy, England, France, and Germany. Currently, the brand ships its e-bikes to almost 30 countries across the EU. 

Components include Schwalbe tyres from Germany, Michelin from France, Brooks from the UK, Bastia from Italy, etc. The models are – Azur, Metz, Berlin Electric, and Metz 2021. These electric bikes are meant for city, mountain, urban, and all-terrain segments. 

Capri e-bikes can be returned within 30 days of receiving the product. A full refund is ensured if the e-bike is returned in the proper condition without damage. 


In 2017, the brand Cuca was launched in Barcelona. In 2017, wandering the streets of Australia, the founder of Cuca Bikes found people riding stylish electric bikes along the Gold Coast. In China, he found the secret to innovating the bikes. He found his partners in China to manufacture his e-bikes.

The first Cuca electric bikes rolled in February 2018 at a fair in Alicante. The e-bikes are sold in Spain and the entire Europe, including countries like Portugal, France, and Holland. Presently, Cuca e-bikes are available in the US too. Besides the online store, Cuca e-bikes are available in Madrid, Alicante, Elche, and Torrevieja stores. 

The models from Cuca are the CUCA BIKE® All Roads and the CUCA BIKE® Smart E-bike. The All Road e-bike has a motor that is made in-house, while the brakes are from Tektro, and the gears are from Shimano. The Smart e-bike has all components made in-house. 

Desiknio Cycles

In 2015, the Desiknio Cycles brand was established in Barcelona by Joaquin Cortes. ‘Designio’ means a determined purpose in Italian. Joaquin combined the ‘k’ sound in his name with Designio to create the Desiknio brand. In 2016, the brand entered into an agreement with Ebikemotion® to create a novel eBike System equipped with a motor, motor controller, battery, and control unit. 

Desiknio announced a strategic alliance with Stromer in April 2022 to make premium electric bikes and increase the manufacturing and technical capabilities of the brand. All Desiknio models are designed, engineered, and handcrafted in Europe. 

The company manufactures gravel, commuter, e-bikes. The components used in making these e-bikes include the Mahle X35 smart bike system, Gates belt drive, Shimano Alfine drivetrain, and more.

The models from the brand are X20 Pinion, X20 Gravel, X35 Pinion, X35 11S, and X35 Single Speed. Riders can customise their rides with the help of the proprietary MYSMARTBIKE APP. 


Established in 2011, Ebroh was started in Seville.  The logistics center and the factory are located in Zaragoza. The electric bike models from Ebroh are Jump, Jump+, and Passion.

These are the mountain or the eMTB electric bikes. The premium components are from Bafang, Shimano, Shengyi, Prowheel, Samsung or LG batteries, Continental and SunTour. 

All three models are available in various color combo options  – red, grey, black, blue, white, and red and white. The Carbon has a 250W Shengyi mid-mount motor, a front suspension, a Shimano Deore 10-speed gear system, and a 720Wh battery integrated inside the frame. 


Ampurdán-based EcoBike was started in 2003.  The e-bikes are all made in the factory in Catalonia, located in the heart of l’Empordà. The components are all locally sourced, most of it all. 

The company makes City, Trail, Road, Cargo, Mountain, and Trekking models. Some models have the brake system from Promax,  while a few others have the shifter from Shimano or Promax.

The front and the rear brakes in a few EcoBike models, the front and rear break from V-brake and Promax. The brand sells exclusively through its Spanish dealer network and online brand store.

All EcoBike e-bikes have a sturdy frame with an easy-to-comprehend display. 


In 2010, Flebi was started in Seville and specialized in making folding electric bikes. FLEBI stands for a Folding, Light & Electric Bike. The factory, warehouse, retail sales office, and technical service centers are in Alcalá de Guadaíra.

The company claims to deliver orders in the fastest time within Europe. It also claims to have the most effective after-sales services. The brand has a well-developed international distribution network.

Characteristics of Flebi e-bikes? Since these are foldable, they occupy little space and fit almost in any corner of the house. It is lightweight and, hence, portable and manageable. The range includes Supra and Swan.

The Supra Lite 3.0 model is fitted with the Shimano Nexus 7 transmission system. The Swan has the 7-speed Shimano Altus gears with the 20” fitted with Kenda tires, while the 24” model is fitted with the Schwalbe Land Cruiser tires.


Alcorcon-based Kymco was established in 1995. KYMCO electric bikes have been designed by Adriana Monk, an established designer who is also known to have worked with other popular motor brands like Land Rover, Jaguar, and Rolls-Royce. 

KYMCO Q Lite is a lightweight electric bike and, thus, an agile city e-bike. The model is fitted with Kenda tires, 20” wheels, aluminum rims, and reflective stripes. The hydraulic brakes and the suspension systems are from Tektro.

It is foldable and compact and has a huge StVZO-approved LED lighting system. It also has a Biactron system that integrates the controller unit and battery within the central part of the frame. The motor is fitted into the rear wheel. The Biactron system offers a low-noise ride. The battery is from Swap & Go. 

The KYMCO Q Lite offers comfortable rides on steep and gentle slopes, as well as flat terrains. 


Barcelona-headquartered Legend E-bikes is a new entrant in the Spanish electric bike industry. It was established in 2017. The company focuses on performance, safety, comfort, and ease of use when designing and engineering its range of electric bikes.

Though the company is headquartered in Spain, the electric bikes are designed in the head office and manufactured in their factory in Portugal. German-made MAHLE® powers the e-bikes. The shipping partner is DHL. 

The electric bike models from Legend are Monza, Siena, Milano, and Etna. Monza is an urban e-bike with components from Shimano, Kendo, and Panasonic. Siena is also an urban e-bike fitted with Shimano derailleurs, Kendo+ LED lights, and more.

The Milano model has components from Sanyo, Panasonic, Schwalbe tires, Shimano Altus, and Kendo+ LED lights. Etna is a mountain e-bike with components like the RockShox suspension, SRAM derailleurs, Shimano disc brakes, and Maxxis tires. 

All the models can be controlled by the MAHLE Smartbike ®. 


Setup in Barcelona, Littium was established in 2013.  The brand is a part of the Kaos Engineering Company. Kaos is a 35-year-old company committed to sustainability and creating innovative mobility for the future. The company sells its electric bikes at the dealer shops in Madrid and the online store.

The models from the brand are Ibiza Dogma 4, Titanium, and Berlin Classic. Ibiza is the foldable city e-bike from Littium. The battery and the motor are engineered in-house by Kaos Engineering.

Components are from companies like Zoom hydraulic disc brakes, Shimano Altus derailleur, Selle Royal seat, Maxxis tires, and more. However, in models like Titanium, the battery is from Samsung, Tektro brakes, and the display is from AMOLED. 

The Berlin Classic is a cargo e-bike with Zoom Aria suspension and Shimano Altus derailleur. 

Moma Bikes 

In 2011, Moma Bikes was established in Barcelona.  The company makes electric bikes for multiple segments – city, gravel, mountain, and folding. The company was started in 2003 and is involved in manufacturing generic bikes. The factory is based out of Barcelona as per EU standards. The company makes about 50,000 units annually and has established itself as the number-one brand in online sales in Europe.

Components are from companies like Zoom, Kenda, Suntour, and Shimano. The mountain e-bike range has six models. The city range has five models, the folding range has three models, and the e-gravel line has a single model. 

The company has a refund and return policy of 14 days of delivery. Additionally, the company has a two-year warranty in other countries within Europe, while in Spain, it is a three-year warranty. 


Alcobendas-headquartered Mondraker was set up in 1995. The company started making electric bikes in 2001. The company is specialized in making high-performance mountain bikes. The factory and office are spread across 12,000 sq meters, and this is the place where all the e-bikes are conceptualized, designed, developed, and assembled.

The segments that the brand is into are – Endurance, Trail, Gravel, Urban Cross, and Kids. The Superenduro e-bike has three levels – XR, RR, and R. The Enduro range includes Neat RR SL, Neat RR, and Neat R. There’s also the Crusher and the Crafty Carbon lineups. The Trail range includes Prime and Thundra. 

The technologies involved in the manufacture of the e-bikes include a Zero Suspension System, Mind Telemetry System, Stealth Carbon, Stealth Alloy, Motor System, and Forward Geometry. The gravel range has the Dusty line-up, while the Urban-Cross lineup includes the Chaser X, Prime X, and Thundra X models. 

Components are from partners like Shimano Motor and Bosch’s Performance Line.


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In 2015, Rayvolt e-bikes brand was established in Barcelona. The brand was created by Mathieu Rauzier, a photographer, web designer, and naval engineer. The other co-founder is Jaime Pla.

Rayvolt electric bikes are powered by motors made in-house. The Rayvolt hubs are 3-phase DC motors with more acceleration, torque, and response and less noise, vibration, and consumption. The batteries are made in-house, too.

The Intelligent Regenerative Brake System drives all Rayvolt e-bikes, and the pedal assist is electronic and intelligent. The EIVA is the custom-designed software by Rayvolt that makes every ride customized because the rider can control and monitor their rides using this system.

The models are Cruzer, Clubman, Beachin’, Ambassador, Ringo, Torino, and The Trixie. The Beach Cruiser, Beachin’ has the Bafang Display and Tektro brakes. The Ringo e-bike is an off-road electric bike that comes fitted with a Shimano gear system. 

The e-bike company caters to segments: Urban, City, Cruiser, Beach Cruiser, and Off-road. 


In 2016, the Unno brand was set up in Barcelona. Cesar Rojo leads the team at Unno. He is an engineer and an ardent ex-World Cup downhill racer. The company has expertise in making pioneering mountain bikes. The e-bikes have a long and slack geometry.

A unique and distinguishing feature of Unno e-bikes is that they are all engineered from recycled plastic. The company has partnered with Oceanworks for responsible plastic. The frame’s resin parts are made from recycled fishing nets.

The e-bike models are Burn, Mith, and Dash. Popular companies for sourcing components are SRAM and Bosch. The bikes have been named after continents and their iconic mountains. 

Urban E-Bikes 

Barcelona-based Urban E-Bikes was set up in 2016. The Spanish e-bikes designs the electric mountain bike and is made from state-of-art components. The Dakota is the e-mountain bike from the brand. The components of the e-bike are from companies like UBK, Shimano, Wellgo, Promax, and Selle Royal. 

The City e-bike is the Sidney. The components are from premium brands; for example, the saddle is from Selle Royal in Sidney. The engine is from UBK System, and the battery is from Samsung. The derailleur is from Shimano. 

Viena is an e-trekking bike, and the battery is from Samsung. The UBK System has developed the engine and the LCD. Other components are from Promax, Velo, and Suntour. 

The company has a 30-day return and refund policy. The warranty on electric bikes is three years in Spain and Portugal. For the rest of the EU, the warranty is two years. 

European E-bike Brands Actively Present in Spain

Other International Brands With Distributors and Dealers in Spain

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