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Cruiser e-bikes are a crowd favorite among electric bikes simply because they are often designed for casual use and really prioritize comfort over everything else. This could not be more apparent in the numerous cruisers already available in the market. The demand certainly is there because of the utter ease that these motorized units can bring for people who need to travel short distances regularly. 

Plenty of units are even designed for beach cruising, which only highlights the fact that these e-bikes are really more about leisure riding than anything else. Most people prefer cruisers because they only incorporate what is essential, making do without the fancy gear that you can find in most high-end e-bikes like city e-bikes and e-mountain bikes. 

How much do cruiser e-bikes cost? Since most companies can comfortably forgo motor power and riding range for maximizing casual riding experience, most cruisers are very affordable. That said, cruiser e-bike price range still varies a lot, with a range of $650 to $4,900. 

It is rare to come across a cruiser e-bike that can be categorized as “high-end”. And those that manage to reach the mid-range spectrum often only do so because their manufacturers design them as hybrid city bikes or cargo bikes, with more powerful motors and batteries with relatively higher longevity. This should not be a surprise because they still share components similar to other e-bike types. 

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Listing down the notable cruiser e-Bikes

Model NamePriceWeight
Soul Fast Sonic Stomper SS$4,89572 pounds (32,7 kg)
Magnum Cruiser$2,24959 pounds (26,8 kg)
CUBE Elly Cruise Hybrid 400$2,99954.4 pounds (24,7 kg)
Urban Drivestyle UNI Moke Classic$2,99080 pounds (36,3 kg)
MOD BIKES Easy$3,29069.8 pounds (31,7 kg)
E-Lux Malibu GT$2,99567.2 pounds (30,5 kg)
BPM Imports F-15RZ$1,59569.2 pounds (31,4 kg)
Specialized Turbo Como 5.0$4,05051.5 pounds (23,4 kg)
Nakto Classic E-Bike$74958.7 pounds (26,6 kg)

Top factors that affect cruiser e-Bike costs

Since these are essentially minimalistic electric bikes, you will have to accept the fact that plenty of cruiser e-bikes will not have additional features.

That said, they are certainly very beginner-friendly, and for their comparatively low price tags, they really serve as a great starting point for anyone who wants to test the waters of the e-bike world. This should give you a hint of what factors affect cruiser e-bike costs. For your complete reference, we have listed them all down below.

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Cruiser electric bike design

The design of the cruiser e-bike hinges a lot on comfort, and for this, companies often have the freedom to just concentrate on components that assure that. As proof of this, most cruiser e-bike seats are often bigger and are often guaranteed to adjust to the gender of the rider. That said, customers certainly prefer cruisers with seats that can accommodate one’s gender well.

But the comfy seats arguably only exert a marginal influence on the price, though, it is still important to acknowledge this defining facet. The more apparent price factor in design is the common lack (or complete absence) of other extra features. 

From tech-y ones like GPS and riding range calculator to protective features like greater puncture resistance for tires, it would be rare to find a cruiser e-bike that offers one or two, much less, the full retinue of these additional perks. Those that do obviously cost more. 

This simplicity also arguably applies to the motor and battery of cruisers, which are definitely also primary factors. 

Cruiser e-bike battery

It is not a fairly uncommon sight to see cruiser e-bikes that have very low riding ranges. This is mainly because some manufacturers do not hesitate to use average batteries in their models. To say that this applies to all cruiser e-bikes would be a long shot, though, because there are certain models that can compete with other mid-range e-bikes. 

Brands like Specialized Turbo and Rad Power are known for their powerhouse models, but you will notice that their cruiser offerings are substantially cheaper (almost half in price) than their other e-bikes. The batteries of their cruisers still dwarf the other cruiser e-bike models available in the market, though.

So if you want a cruiser with satisfactory riding ranges based on battery life, then do not hesitate to pay a little extra for it. This is essentially one of the sole factors that have such a big influence on the prices of cruiser e-bikes in the first place. 

Reduced motor power of most cruiser e-bikes

Since the motor usually falls just behind the battery when it comes to cost determinants, cruisers are evidently cheaper because their manufacturers are not really pressured to use high-powered motors.

Models with three-digit price tags, in particular, often have reduced motor power and noticeably slower speeds that do not reach the usual 20mph top speed of e-bikes. And what is great is that they do not really need to do so because of the primary reason why cruisers are bought. 

It would be unfair to generalize all cruiser e-bikes as slowpokes and weak, though. Because there are definitely models that still integrate 500W motors, which is the usual industry standard.

This is often necessary because not all cruiser e-bike users ride on flat roads; for uphill climbs, you still need a competent motor that can provide adequate support to help the rider. And there are plenty of cruisers that have the motor power to do so. You should take this into consideration when purchasing a cruiser. 

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Generally, there is also a prevalence of cruisers with mid-drive motors because it is what is generally comfortable for a lot of users. High-performance cruisers are few but there are standout models like the Soul Fast Sonic Stomper SS, which actually has a 1000-W motor and pretty much topnotch components as well. It is no surprise that it is one of the most expensive e-bikes at present, which is designed purely for cruising.

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Cruiser electric bike warranty

Cruiser e-bikes that have longer warranty coverage will push their prices further, and this is often found in most mid-range models. Even cheaper models still manage to guarantee at least a 1-year warranty, though, which only attracts more buyers. The Nakto brand is one good example of this and is one of the reasons why they have a considerably large fan base, even in the US. 

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Other factors that affect the costs of cruiser e-Bikes

The Nakto brand actually offers some of the most affordable e-bikes in the market. This could not be more obvious in their starkly low prices, which fall well below $1,000. Most of their models incorporate at best generic motors and batteries, though, and often have very low riding ranges. 

If you want models that will only bring the bare necessities (nothing more, nothing less) then know that most Nakto e-bikes will be able to deliver just that without sacrificing durability. Obviously, it is what made the brand very popular and makes them a prime candidate for the label “The People’s E-Bike”.

Cruiser electric bikes are considered as generally durable because brands do not really skimp on the materials they use for the frames. Most brands still go all the way in using tough and high-quality carbon-steel, aluminum, rubber, and cast plastics in their models. That said, how durable an e-bike an is does not really have much of an effect on its pricing. But it is still a much-desired perk that also still affects costs. 

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Another great characteristic of cruiser e-bikes is that they are highly customizable as well. The fact that their initial sale prices are fairly low only makes this more amenable for anyone who wants to add their personality to their e-bikes. Not a lot of other types of e-bikes can boast the same customization opportunities. 

Perhaps, another tell-tale sign of their popularity is the fact that custom parts for cruiser e-bikes are readily available with numerous options to choose from. Should you decide to make customizations, this definitely adds to the overall cost of the bike.

We did not include maintenance in the top factors for pricing because cruiser e-bikes, for their design, require relatively fewer tune-ups than other electric bikes. That does not mean that you have to stop taking steps to keep them from getting damaged, though. Nor should you completely refrain from taking them to get maintained and repaired. Just expect to pay less money for them. 

In conclusion

If you are on a strict budget but still want to gain the essential benefits of e-bikes, then cruisers should certainly be your number one option. All the better if you only want a bike that you can constantly use to spend your free time with, especially if there is a beach that is only a few minutes’ ride from your home. And your comfort will be assured every time. Take note that they are usually not amenable to rough roads, though. 

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Certain cruisers still cost quite a lot, though, and the current, continuous evolution of e-bike technology can be blamed for this. Once the tech reaches its peak, we can only expect cruisers to be the first to enjoy further price reductions, considering their immense popularity. 

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