Here Is Why Electric Bikes Are Really Cool!

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It is cool to pedal a bike and get your own dose of exercise. That’s why in this post we’re talking about electric-assisted bikes. Here are five arguments why e-bikes are cool.

Not a traditional bike, and not a motorcycle

There is no throttle handle on a bike with electric assistance. You control the amount of electric power and e-bike speed with your pedals and electric assistance levels. You feel the power of the ride, as you take a full part in the creation of this speed. It is very intuitive and familiar, and therefore convenient.

You choose the power support level

In most e-bike models you can choose from four or, sometimes, five electric support modes on the controller. For example, the ECO mode will add the least amount of electric power, but the battery charge will last for longer. And TURBO mode will be useful on challenging climbs and when you want more speed and dynamics.

This argument is for those, who think that an e-bike is for the lazy. Yes, you still need to pedal, but how much effort to put in and how much power to apply – is your own choice!

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Speaking of e-bike mileage

Depending on the conditions of the trip (mode, relief, weight), e-bike mileage can vary from 50 to 120 km. And this is very good. After all, if you are not a well-trained racer, it is not so easy for you to ride 50 km. 

With an electric bike, you can allow yourself to go further and find out what is interesting behind the next corner. Or take on a forest or a mountain trail, not being afraid of frequent climbs. Getting real pleasure from the ride and combining it with a fitness exercise.

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Extreme sports fans are already on e-bikes. 

After all, the craziest adrenaline rush for extreme sports fans is the descent. For example, you took your mountain bike for a ride for a couple of hours. 5 minutes down and 25 up. In total, there are four descents for the two hours you are there. 

And now you’re doing the same two hours on an electric mountain bike. And your two hours turn into 8 descents! Double the adrenaline, double the ability to master and prove your skills!

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City e-bikes are taking over Europe. 

According to the German association ZIV, in the first half of 2019, growth in sales of electric bikes in Germany was 37%. So cycling around the city is becoming as common for Europeans as using public transport.

This is convenient, fast, and easy. Most e-bike brands include several models that are convenient for a city ride, for quiet weekend strolls, and for small trips.

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Let’s take a sample e-bike brand – German Haibike. This brand is a clear leader in designing and selling electrically supported bicycles in Europe. Starting to focus on quality electric bikes a few years ago, today Haibike offers the widest range of bikes with electric power assistance. Haibike models include double suspension, fat bikes, extreme downhill mountain bikes, urban and trekking models, as well as e-bikes for women and teenagers. 

In virtually any category, you can choose an electric bike with a 250-350W engine and 400-500W battery from Bosch or Yamaha, which are two key players in the electric components market, providing high reliability and long service life. 

This year Haibike surprised everybody and offered a new FLYON model range with a 120 Nm engine and 630W battery.

Easy E-Biking - Haibike Sduro FullSeven 5.0 mountain e-bike , helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Our choice today is Haibike Sduro FullSeven 5.0.

The two-color blue-and-white color and battery integrated into the frame are only some of the advantages of this top-of-the-line model.

The lightweight and compact Yamaha PW-SE engine provides good dynamics, while the Yamaha Side Switch 1.7″ LCD display makes operation simple and intuitive.

With its set of pre-installed accessories, this e-bike is ready for off-road use.

Ready to feel like a real rider?

E-bike or conventional bicycle? A few more words

Adopting an electric-assisted bicycle does not mean giving up on the physical effort. On the contrary, the weekly energy expenditure would be higher than that spent on a conventional bicycle, according to a widely quoted European study.

Riding an electric bike is less tiring than riding a traditional bike? Not so sure about this. A European study published in the “Transportation Research Interdisciplinary Perspectives” journal suggests that, in the long term, “electric” cyclists spend as much energy as “conventional” cyclists (source).

In this study, researchers assessed the average energy expenditure of different modes of transport, including electric-assisted bicycles, conventional bicycles, walking, driving, etc., among 10,000 Europeans from seven different countries. 

Each participant of the study specified the time and distances covered each week for each of these different means of travel.

The result of the study is that e-bike cyclists slightly outperformed conventional cyclists in terms of total weekly exercise time. The effort made was higher among electric bicycle enthusiasts. 

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Possible explanations? Electric bicycle enthusiasts spend more time on their bicycles as compared to cyclists without electric assistance. And, as researchers pointed out, trips taken by those riding e-bikes are generally longer.

One more reason to get in the saddle

No doubt that these results should further encourage the use of electric bicycles while encouraging public authorities to develop infrastructure for e-bikes and traditional bicycles.

Want to test an electric bike?

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