Selecting E-Bike For a Child? Your Kid’s 1st E-Biking Experience

Easy E-Biking - e-motorcycle child , helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Much like anything you do for the first time, being introduced to e-biking will always be something special to a child. This is especially true if your child personally expressed his or her interest to give e-biking a try. It’s basically a significant milestone in one’s life, especially if it’s also your child’s first foray into bike riding.

Kudos to you since you are taking the time to know what factors to look at when buying an e-bike for a child. Responsible parents realize the need to take precautions when purchasing e-bikes, which have their own innate risks – much like any vehicle available to people regardless of age. Also, it probably goes without saying that you want your child’s first e-biking experience to be the best. 

For this, you will need a well-rounded overview of the criteria you need to look at. We are here to help, of course, and we have done just that by sharing this complete buying guide for parents. 

Top criteria to consider when buying a child’s e-Bike

E-bikes for younger kids do not need to be scrutinized in the same manner as you will a junior e-bike or any other e-bike for adults. These for-children models are not as sophisticated in design, after all. You will easily spot this in the design, which often resembles motorbikes and scooters – compared to junior e-bikes that look more similar to adult ones. However, that does not necessarily mean that you should be complacent.

To get the best e-bike for your child, be more mindful of safety, fit, comfort, and ease in riding, adaptability to terrain, durability, and price and warranty. It should also be able to deliver a decent riding time, considering the fact that most electric bikes for children have naturally lower battery life.

Paying a few more dollars to help your child be paired with a kids’ e-bike that checks all the said criteria is definitely worth it. Most e-bikes for children are relatively cheap – you can acquire some of the best models for less than $500. Compared to adult e-bikes, that is very affordable, especially since these bikes run entirely on electricity and can be charged again and again. 

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Your kid’s enjoyment will also be sealed once you start paying attention to these criteria. It also will not hurt to let him know about their importance (assuming he’s old enough to do so), as this will ensure that he will not end up asking for a model based solely on its looks; this is something children have a tendency to do, after all.  

If you are looking for recommendations, then look no further than the table we prepared as follows. These kids’ e-bikes have received a lot of positive reviews, and if you will look at how they deliver in the criteria said above, it will not take long for you to see just why. 

List of the best kid’s e-Bikes

Model NamePriceRiding TimeWeight
Burromax TT750R (see on Amazon, see on Burromax)$699.954 hours53.1 pounds (24.1 kg)
Burromax Yellow Lightening TT350R (see on Amazon, see on Burromax)$549.958 hours50.7 pounds (23 kg)
Razor Dirt Rocket SX500 McGrath (see on Amazon)$473.9740 minutes98 pounds (44.5 kg)
Burromax Black TT250 (see on Amazon, see on Burromax)$349.958 hours54.6 pounds (24.8 kg)
Razor Pocket Rocket Miniature Electric Bike (see on Amazon)$339.9945 minutes42 pounds (19 kg)

Safety never comes second when selecting an e-bike for a child

As a parent, you are probably already aware of this and will settle for nothing less than the best safety e-bike measures for your child. Indeed, what should you look at to ensure that your peace of mind will not be disturbed each time your child takes his bike out for a ride? Well, the first thing you need to consider is how the e-bike will fulfill your safety standards. 

Are you the type of parent who does not mind being able to control your child’s e-bike remotely? Then know that there are plenty of brands that include this capability. For those with very young kids (i.e. ages 2 to 6), a strong case can be made for the necessity of remote control capability, besides opting for those with training wheels or other components that raise stability. 

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You want to be able to keep your child from straying in places where he should not be, after all. Without a doubt, having the ability to control your child’s e-bike remotely also lets you have the freedom to get him off tight spots he might get stuck in and give him that much-needed guidance as well. 

That’s just one case that highlights the need to ensure the best safety in your child’s e-bike. Another option that is open to you is bikes that have special brakes integrated, which immediately activate when your child is going too fast or reaches a specific speed limit.

Lastly, do not forget about safety gear, too. Helmets and sturdy footwear go the distance in. If your kid can’t get enough of a motocross electric dirt bike like the ones offered by Razor and wants to ride on bumpy roads more often, then do not hesitate to invest in more protective gear like jackets and gloves

Easy E-Biking - e-motorcycle child , helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Comfort and ease in riding assure quality fun every time

The comfort of any e-bike not only hinges on the seats and height of the handlebars but on how it handles terrain as well. What’s good is that a lot of e-bikes for kids are pretty much able to handle paved, grassy, and rough roads all at the same time because their manufacturers do not skimp on the wheels they include. 

They often integrate large, heavy tires to allow bikes to handle rougher roads with minimal bumps. Don’t worry, though, since it’s the weight that any child fit to ride a bike will not have trouble dealing with. Most e-bikes for kids are very lightweight even with batteries and motors.

As for seating, there should not be a problem as long as you opt for models with straight rather than crooked seats. Most electric dirt bikes for kids are designed this way so your kid won’t have trouble adjusting and will always sit straight every time he takes his bike out for a ride. 

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Riding features also fall under comfort. Does your child prefer speedier models? Plenty of models offer different variable speeds that can be switched with a single press of a button. 17 miles per hour (30 km/h) is already pretty fast for a kids’ e-bike. 

Anticipate the size of the e-bike and your kid outgrowing it

Kids are prone to growth spurts, after all. If your kid is not that tall, then good for you because fitting will probably not be much of an issue for him or her. E-bike fit largely impacts riding experience and comfort as well, so it’s probably best to keep the bike a bit on the tall side. 

Oftentimes, you can use the model’s recommended age range as a sign as to whether your child is a proper fit with it and know the height and size that is compatible with it. Otherwise, you can just ask the manufacturer directly about this or give your child to test ride it if the opportunity presents itself. 

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Pay attention to maximum riding and charging times when considering the battery 

Since the usually low-capacity batteries found in kids’ e-bikes are not that powerful, you have to start prioritizing models that deliver as much riding time as possible without having to charge to full for too long. Models that can charge for 3 hours are exceptional because they effectively raise the amounts of rides your child can get in a day. 

At best, 45 minutes to an hour of riding time is fairly satisfactory, and if the battery charges fast, the relatively low riding times should not be much of a downside. Certain models with lithium-ion batteries often give the most riding time (with models that can give up to 8 hours like the Burromax TT250) and better reductions in weight so we highly recommend that you opt for them instead of lead-acid varieties. 

Mind the e-bike’s frame durability 

A lot of e-bikes for kids settle for steel frames, which while tough, do not really compare to the materials used on adult e-bikes. For this, you have to really make sure that the frame at least exhibits signs of being able to hold up even with consistent riding. 

Even if you are just limited to steel, make sure it’s the tough, high-quality kind if you are aiming for longevity and less maintenance down the road. Do take note that certain brands like Burromax are already beginning to use carbon fiber in their models, which are far more durable. 

Gauge price according to the other criteria as much as possible

For the price, does it meet most of the criteria we mentioned here? Even if it did not tick all checkboxes, as long as you feel that you got your money’s worth with your choice, then there’s really no room to question whether the model provided great value for money.

What matters the most is you and your child’s satisfaction, after all, and if the bike delivers it within your budget then that’s certainly a plus already. 

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It’s always neat to have long warranty coverage but do not expect brands to offer more than a year or two of full warranty. Considering the price tags of these e-bikes, that’s a fairly reasonable expectation. 

A few words in conclusion

You may still not have plenty of choices when it comes to the brands that you can consider, but rest assured that the e-bikes we recommended here receive a lot of positive feedback for a very good reason. The Razor and Burromax brands, in particular, more than deserve the spotlight for both appear to have mastered the design of outstanding electric bikes for kids.

We can safely say that you can use their bikes as a gauge when considering other brands to buy for your child – besides the criteria we already outlined, that is. 

Take a look at this quick intro video for REVVI kid’s e-bikes:

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