How to Select the Best Cruiser E-Bike? (with examples)

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Wider, softer seats and high handlebars characterize plenty of cruiser electric bikes in the market for good reason. The models that incorporate them are well aware of what riders want in an e-bike that readily reveals its purpose. It’s comfort or nothing. No less should be expected from a cruiser e-bike that is deemed the best.

However, comfort in cruisers is arguably already a given. Since this is the case, it is only rational that those that manage to stand out are able to assure it AND still exceed expectations in other areas.

Understandably, you probably will not be too worried about riding range or how fast you can go while cruising through your local beach trails and boardwalks or even through the city.

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Nor will you require too much pedal assist. If this is the case, what other criteria should you be looking at when trying to pick the best cruiser electric bike? You can learn everything you need to know by reading on.

The most important criteria for choosing the best cruiser e-Bike

The best cruiser e-bike can only be deemed as such if it manages to tick these checkboxes: 

  • Provides you with unrivaled comfort from start to finish. Emphasis on “you”.
  • Gives you the most value for money, regardless of how much it costs. 
  • Not too heavy. Cruisers are known to be heftier, after all. And that certainly says a lot considering e-bikes are generally deemed as heavy vehicles.
  • Does not fall short on riding range.
  • Has decent motor power and speed. Quiet motors are a plus. 
  • Introduces helpful features that you did not know you actually needed. 

We will expound on each criterion and discuss why these criteria ultimately determine what cruisers should occupy the top spot. The following table lists the best ones that perform extremely well in the said criteria as supported by customer feedback. 

We wholeheartedly recommend them, though it definitely will not hurt to know more about the criteria we mentioned so you can always use them as a reference when making your decisions in the future. 

List of the best cruiser e-Bikes based on customer feedback

Model NamePriceRiding RangeWeight
Nakto Camel$64910 – 25 miles (15 – 40 km)60 pounds (27.2 kg)
Pedego Classic Comfort Cruiser$2,19515 – 40 miles (25 – 65 km)60 pounds (27.2 kg)
Tower Beach Bum$1,69525 – 60 miles (40 – 100 km)51.5 pounds (23.4 kg)
Electric Bike Company Model X$1,49928 – 70 miles (45 – 110 km)53 pounds (24 kg)
Blix Sol$1,49919 – 40 miles (30 – 65 km)64.5 pounds (29.3 kg)

Be extra subjective when judging comfort

We know we recommended five cruisers above, so you might be asking, “Why should comfort be about me, then?”. To be clear, we are more than willing to back up our choices with facts. The numerous customers who have left them with equally many positive feedback will no doubt say the same. 

While these choices are really one of the few that manage to deliver top-notch comfort and still wow in other e-bike aspects, you should always put your own comfort above everything else when making your final decision. 

What type of cruiser e-bike will give you that truly immersive riding experience? That feeling of being one with your bike, with not an ounce of discomfort present, is what you should aim for.

Yes, we may be overstating a bit, but aiming for that will invariably help you choose the one that imparts the most comfort to you. How else can you get lost in the exquisite beach view every time? 

Check the seats, handlebars, and tires

We mentioned seats and handlebars before. You definitely have to be more attentive to these components as they are the foundations of comfort in cruisers. Higher handlebars encourage you to sit upright. This is not only more comfortable than having to bend like in most performance e-bikes but it also gives you more freedom to turn your head to check the view and ensure your safety.

Wider and plushier seats obviously feel better for any leisure rider. You want to aim for a bike that will give the perfect kind of width and softness that fits you in the same way that your sleeping pillow does. You can always have this custom-built (assuming the model allows it), but you certainly have to be prepared to shell out more money. 

The wheels used also play a role in riding comfort. Wider and larger or “fat” tires are generally more recommended because they ensure a smoother ride and more distance covered with every pedal. 

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Always look at the price and value for money side by side. 

This is fairly obvious for practically anything you buy. However, it is arguably crucial when buying cruisers because their price range has staggeringly high variation, much like most e-bikes. Cruisers are surely more of a black sheep, though, considering the presence of models by the Nakto brand in the market.

These are cruiser e-bikes that manage to sell for jaw-droppingly low prices because they are the height of minimalism. They bring you the essentials, no more, no less, and still manage to compete in essential factors such as riding range and top speed. That said, the parts they incorporate are average at best. 

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Whether they provide the best comfort is still in question. But the fact that they are very popular and are getting plenty of positive reviews really speaks volumes about the dynamics of pricing in the e-bike industry. 

This is why, no matter how banal it may sound, we cannot assert more the importance of being able to make the most out of your money when buying cruisers. This is one of the few types of e-bikes that have active manufacturers producing budget-friendly models that can still earn the “best” label. Would you knowingly miss out on this opportunity?

That said, it simply would not be fair to say that you should ignore the pricier ones. This is where value for money comes in. At best, the models that shine the most in this criterion are the ones that deliver in all the others mentioned above (with warranty included). And for this, you need not look further than the table we shared. 

Aim for the weight you can easily handle

And, most of the time, these are easier to get from lighter cruisers. Those that do not go above 50 pounds too much are winners in our book and a lot of long-time cruiser riders will not hesitate to agree. 

Beginners should be extra mindful of the fact that a lot of cruiser e-bikes are heavier because it can vastly affect their riding experience. The extra weight often comes from the comparatively larger frame of this kind of e-bike, and not necessarily from the motor or battery, unlike others. 

Will you be carrying extra cargo or passengers frequently? You will find that most cruisers are designed with these in mind. You may need to anticipate this when trying to know the total weight you will be carrying. Otherwise, you might end up relying on the motor assist more or, worse, you will just find it too heavy.  

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Riding range depends a lot on your purposes

While we said that you need not worry too much about riding range, it was assuming you will be using your cruiser for brief leisurely outings and short rides throughout the city. After all, this is how most people tend to use cruisers, being a lot similar to their city counterparts.

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If you will be using them to travel for longer than average distances or simply do not want to worry about running out of battery life, then you really should take a closer look at the battery.

Most brands that integrate more advanced lithium-ion batteries almost always have better ranges than others. These are the safer bets if you want bikes that will not disappoint you with batteries that run out too fast. Unless you are the type of rider who will not mind pedaling more.

As long as you know the e-bike’s maximum range, you can start gauging whether it will fit your riding habits or not. 

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Moderately powerful and quieter motors will do for most

You will find that the best cruiser e-bikes do not really use heavy-duty motors. Why would they bother if they are not actively competing against sportier e-bikes? 500W motors are adequate for most cruising experiences; although, certain models with 250W motors can actually still reach 20mph top speeds (which is the limit for most). 

A lot of users also love motors that produce little to zero noise because how can you possibly find your ride enjoyable with a loud motor?

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If you have to frequent hilly areas, it’s better to choose a different e-bike type altogether (a city e-bike, perhaps?). Even if you do have to go over inclines, this will only, ultimately, lead to the battery draining faster, assuming you will be relying on higher levels of assist.

Of course, this only means a shorter range for that trip. This illustrates the need to anticipate this before deciding to buy a cruiser e-bike. 

Do not overlook nifty extra features

From folding capabilities to e-bikes that have “deep sleep mode”, you will find soon enough just why certain manufacturers really take the time, money, and effort to add bonus features like these. Foldables are better when you want to use your cruiser for commuting too. 

Features like battery management systems, on the other hand, ensure your e-bike’s battery will be protected after a long time of unuse, which is often the case during the winter months. Any facet that boosts the e-bike’s durability (mostly via the materials used on the frame) is also a real plus. 

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A few words in conclusion

One relatively clear fact about selecting the best cruiser e-bike is that these bikes really are all about you, the rider, and your comfort. Their manufacturers undoubtedly base a lot of their development decisions a lot on this fact, too. So choosing to pay more attention to the cruiser that satisfies you the most is the best route to take. 

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