Should I Buy an Electric Bike or Not?

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We talk about e-bikes more and more, some of us dream of it…. More and more, we see them on the street of our cities and villages. Well, should we finally surrender to the electric-assisted bicycle and buy one? 

Before we make the final decision, let’s take another quick look at the pros and cons!

I should buy an e-bike if…

I decided to leave my car in the garage but I cannot ride long distances on my traditional bicycle. An electric bike allows me to go further and faster (25 km/h or even 45 km/h for speed models), and to stay in the saddle longer without suffering.

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I want to go to work by bike, but without sweating. I get a lot of help from the electrical assistance. I arrive as fresh as a rose, in my high-heels and my skirts.

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I have health problems. I want to practice sports activities without experiencing health issues. And, as I go along, I can increase or reduce the power assistance to my pedaling efforts.

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I live in a hilly region or in the mountains. I want to discover the landscapes and go hiking 10 km/day. An e-bike helps me climb slopes without running out of breath.

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Winds are rather strong near where I live and rains can be heavy. Riding an e-bike makes this not a challenge any longer.

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I am a geek and I like to test new trendy tech. E-bikes are nice gadgets. They are elegant, sleek, look great.

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My municipality gives me a nice subsidy to purchase an e-bike.

If you live in France, in this post you will find out which financial aid is available. Or check out this post to find out how to quickly recover the money invested in an e-bike.

I should not buy and e-bike if…

I am concerned about my weight. Of course, I will burn calories on an e-bike, but not as many as on a conventional bike.

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I am a bit lazy and I think that an electric bike is a scooter. And I will not need to pedal. Well, this is wrong. I will have to pedal (if I use a pedelec model), because, like any bike, it won’t move if I don’t pedal.

I live in the city and I drive only a few kilometers a day. The extra cost of an electric bicycle over the price of a traditional bicycle is not justified.

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I am afraid I will be going too fast and I cannot control the speed. I am afraid of traffic.

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I have no basement, no garage, no elevator. The weight of an e-bike (23 kg on average) makes it difficult to climb the stairs.

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I live and/or work in an area with a high risk of theft. E-bikes are not cheap and attract thieves.  Thet must be carefully stored and protected, especially at night.

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