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A “junior e-bike” is still a relatively new term in the electric bike industry. It will not be a surprise if even those who have been into e-bikes for a long time now will be unfamiliar with it. And for good reason, because it is only now that this specific type of e-bike, usually designed for older children and adolescents, is gaining a lot of traction from manufacturers.

That said, junior e-bikes could certainly be confused for kids’ e-bikes.

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It is important to know what separates them because there is a marked difference between the two in pricing. At most, you can already expect most junior e-bikes to look and function like their standard counterparts. The components of a kid’s e-bike may also pale in comparison to junior e-bike because of that single fact.

How much does a junior e-bike cost? Most high-end junior e-bikes usually take the form of eMTBs that can cost well over $2,000. This can stretch the price range of junior e-bikes, which normally cost lesser than standard e-bikes. At best, the average range is between $900 to $1,800. 

Again, this is because plenty of junior e-bikes already mimic most conventional electric bikes in general. Some are even designed for young teens. This, in turn, makes them a very recommended stepping stone for adolescents and teens when transitioning into a standard e-bike.

There may be a noticeable difference in the parts incorporated when compared to average electric bikes but, as a whole, most junior e-bikes especially junior eMTBs already overlap in terms of features and functionalities.

As for what these differences are, the most obvious lie in size and weight. More often than not, you can expect a junior e-bike to weigh significantly less and have a comparatively smaller size.

Since they are easier to handle and are not as heavy as most e-bikes, a few experts even suggest that they can also be considered as an option for seniors. Additionally, the fact that most e-juniors have similar riding ranges to standard e-bikes only makes it a viable choice that should not be overlooked. 

List of the most noteworthy junior e-bikes 

Model NamePriceWeight
RadMini$1,29967 pounds (30,4 kg)
Lectric XP$87959 pounds (27 kg)
Carrera Vengeance E-Junior$93348.5 pounds (22 kg)
Scott Roxter eRide 26$2,41543.87 pounds (19.9 kg)
Ben-E-Bike$1,88126.45 pounds (12 kg)
Orbea eMX 24$2,20034.1 pounds (15,5 kg)
KTM Machina Mini Me 241$2,21340.7 pounds (18,5 kg)

Factors that affect junior e-bike prices

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As you can see from the table presented above, the substantially lighter weight of junior e-bikes is a very glaring quality of these kinds of bikes. Most of the high-end models also do not go beyond $2,500, but they are certainly already on par with most mid-range e-bikes in the market.

Still, they are cheaper as evidenced by prices on the table as well. That said, these are the reasons why junior e-bikes are priced as such.

Smaller size and lighter weight of junior e-bike models

Generally, these e-bikes make use of smaller frames to accommodate children ages 7 to 12 better, while making sure that they are kept as comfortable as possible while riding. Having smaller frames will require fewer resources, which promptly reflects on the price. 

Having a lighter weight, in the case of junior e-bikes, means lower costs. And part of this is because the batteries and motors they have are mostly not too large and hefty as well.

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This, in turn, translates to less power and battery life for a lot of models, but certainly not all. Junior e-bikes that manage to have just the right weight for most older children may be more in demand and, therefore, costly. 

Junior e-bike motor – usually less powerful

Another fact that makes electric bikes for older children less expensive is that they do not really require very powerful motors. As a result, most manufacturers choose to integrate motors that will only be enough for a relaxed, leisurely ride.

There is also the fact that there are strict speed limits to follow, especially for kids; most places impose maximum speed limits of 20km/h. 

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Nonetheless, the same cannot be said for certain junior e-bikes that are built for e-mountain biking. These models will certainly require more powerful motors, and this is just one reason why they cost as much as most mid-range electric bikes. 

Junior e-bike battery capacity

A primary concern among parents when buying junior e-bikes is battery life. While most can certainly provide satisfactory riding ranges, parents still have to consider how much battery backup the e-bike can guarantee.

Having a battery die out too soon may cause their children to just manually pedal in the end, after all. Battery backups, obviously, will raise your expenses a bit. 

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Ensuring the safety of junior e-bike

For parents who mean to make sure that their children will be exposed to as minimal a risk as possible when riding, it is vital not to hold back when buying protective gear and bikes that go the limit in ensuring safety.

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For one, it is definitely a smarter choice to choose an e-bike that has a GPS system so that parents can always track their children. 

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It also will not hurt to include a first-aid kit with the e-bike. Of course, the good, old helmet is not an exception too. Above all, the more precautions you take, the better, but you definitely have to pay more as a result. 

Other facts about junior e-bikes that affect their price

Evidently, junior e-bikes are still very few compared to other types of e-bikes. Halford’s Carrera Vengeance E-Junior received substantial media coverage alone because it is one of the first e-bikes to be designed solely for teens and older children. 

Most associate its conception to the rise in demand for electric bikes, regardless of age. Its relatively affordable price is also interesting to note and can be attributed to the fact that the Carrera Vengeance E-Junior is technically a toned-down (for kids) version of another e-bike of the same name. Whether this will become a trend in e-bike manufacturing is something to look forward to. 

Since junior e-bikes are already highly similar to most types of e-bikes, it is only logical to assume that their prices will eventually go down the moment electric bike technology peaks. 

A few words in conclusion

Junior e-bikes will always have a unique aspect about them, much like any gadget that is designed for the use of children. Another definitive characteristic they have is that they serve as the bridge connecting kids’ e-bikes and adults’ e-bikes.

Specific models can be as sophisticated as mid-range city and cruiser e-bikes, especially if we are to consider their components and design.

One thing is for certain from the facts stated above: the demand for e-bikes is continually increasing, to the point that markets are already blooming for kids, adolescents, and teens. Manufacturers will only be encouraged by skyrocketing sales across the globe, in turn. 

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Furthermore, a lot of brands are always on the lookout for new markets to conquer. This will only lead to fiercer competition in the long run, which can definitely affect the price of e-bikes in this category.

Ultimately, it is still too early to have a final verdict on where junior e-bikes will stand in the future. As more models are released in the future, and once that much-coveted maturation of e-bike technology happens, only then will we have a clearer picture. 

Take a look at this quick video, featuring KTM Machina Mini, mentioned in this article:

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