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Cargo e-bikes showcase the best in practicality when compared to other e-bike types. That many people regard it as a viable alternative to an actual car only serves to reinforce this.

For the amount of extra load you can haul around with it, a cargo e-bike will always be one of the most preferred varieties of electric bikes for lots of families and commuters worldwide.

Taking into consideration these particular perks, it will not be a surprise if some models of cargo e-bikes can cost quite a lot more than other e-bike types.

However, do take note that most are still cheaper than plenty of electric mountain bikes out there. Yes, a few models may rival eMTBs in terms of cost, but as in most e-bikes, there is plenty of variety in pricing.

How much do cargo e-bikes cost? Granted that cargo e-bikes have inimitable qualities (showcased by their bonus components) and derive their costs similar to standard e-bikes, expect most models to have a highly varying price range of $1,800 to $8,000.

The extra attachments (from cargo boxes and front boxes to kickstands and extra seats) will certainly give manufacturers the privilege to push the price up higher. Likewise, the battery used still remains as the most costly part of a cargo e-bike. Some cargo e-bike models actually integrate more than one battery, which will inevitably make the price escalate. 

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Of course, these are all assuming you are buying new models. If you are open to buying secondhand units, then you can surely save a lot more if you decide to go that route.

At most, you can get them for half the price, as long as you are willing to take the time to look for deals. Also, do not expect cargo e-bikes to have price drops just yet, because e-bike technology is still undergoing rapid changes as it heads toward maturity. 

Cargo e-Bikes comparison table

Model NamePriceWeight
RadWagon $1,49973 pounds (33,1 kg)
Tern GSD S00 Folding Bike$4,99971.5 pounds (35.2 kg)
Yuba Spicy Curry$4,50066 pounds (30 kg)
Yuba Electric Supermarché$5,50078 pounds (35,4 kg)
Riese & Müller Load 60$8,09977.1 pounds (35 kg)
Bunch Original Family Cargo Bike$2,499148 pounds (67,1 kg)
ARGO Cargo Bike Kit$1,09940 pounds (18 kg)

Factors to look at when determining cargo e-Bike prices

Even with extra components and their unique design considered, cargo electric bikes still follow the e-bike norm as far as pricing goes. As a buyer, you still have to be mindful of battery, insurance, charging time, maintenance, etc.

The bonus compartments do evidently raise the initial sale price, though, especially if we are to consider carrying capacities.

Added components and carrying capacity of a cargo e-bike

A cargo e-bike would not be considered as properly designed without cargo boxes or any other type of spacious container in which you can fit a lot of objects (and kids, even).

Interestingly, even if we are going to compare the prices of certain cargo e-bike models to standard e-bikes like city electric bikes and mountain electric bikes, most cargo e-bikes are still more affordable even if they already have these additional components. 

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Again, this highlights the fact that the essential factors said above still have more say when determining the price.

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Nonetheless, do not expect cargo e-bikes with solid and high-capacity boxes to immediately come cheap. A larger capacity will always be an advantage, which will promptly up the value of the cargo e-bike model. This is why when deciding on a cargo e-bike, you have to decide how much storage capacity you really want. 

And not to mention the average cargo bike attachments like extra seats and panniers as well. These parts have separate costs.

Also, you should also not overlook the components that serve a specific use (e.g. lockboxes, puncture-proof tires, among others). These also have their own innate value and will surely increase the total price as well, though, not that much. 

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Cargo e-bike battery and riding range

The battery of any kind of e-bike will always have plenty of influence on its price. After looking at models with different battery fittings, it becomes obvious that the most expensive cargo e-bikes can provide the highest riding ranges (determined by the WH unit of the battery).

They may be a bit heavier because of the usually bigger battery required to provide that range, but they are usually preferred by most cargo e-bike users.

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Models with riding ranges of 20 to 25 miles are the usual standards. But for most users, the more, the better. A lot of reasons are behind this, but it really hinges a lot on the extra load and the reason why cargo e-bikes.

Most people opt to use it for doing daily chores like transporting children to school or going to the grocery. And, most of the time, these places are not too far away, but cargo e-bike owners still want to make sure that their electric bikes will be able to cover the round-trip distance of those venues.  

It has been proven that the range is directly proportional to battery cost. If you decide to go for budget-friendly models with the cheapest battery, do not expect the range to go beyond 3 hours of continuous riding.

Investing in more high-end models may be recommended for people who wish to travel long distances, as they can get a maximum of 10 hours with the batteries they incorporate.

Cargo e-bike battery charging time

Fast-charging e-bikes will always be preferred and cargo e-bikes are definitely no exception. You would not want to be stuck, as much as possible, with a slow-charging cargo e-bike, while trying to take home a ton of groceries, after all. Yes, these scenarios could be avoided with careful planning and attention to riding range. 

However, it is infinitely better to have a cargo e-bike with a quick charging battery than any other alternative. Do not be surprised if models that have this feature will cost a few hundred or even thousands more.

Additionally, how easy it is to charge the battery is also a factor, but it does not influence pricing as much as charging time does. 

Cargo e-bike motor

The type of motor that is fitted on a cargo e-bike is very important because weight is an equally vital factor for it. The motor that it uses normally determines the drive system. Most of the time, the cheapest types of motors are front hub motors.

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And they have a ready disadvantage in that they usually do not perform that well when climbing hills. If you are carrying an additional load in your cargo e-bike, this is a very crucial point to remember. Front motors also usually have grip issues. 

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This is why more expensive models almost always choose to use mid-motor systems. They virtually guarantee a smooth and powerful performance, regardless of the terrain you are currently riding on. Bosch and Shimano motors are well-known mid-motor manufacturers and are also known for their high-end models. 

That said, you should certainly consider opting for mid-motor systems, especially if you tend to pass through very steep hills in places you frequent with your cargo e-bike.

Always keep in mind that most cargo e-bikes are heavy enough as they are, with equally high carrying capacities (more than 200 pounds). If you choose a cargo e-bike with a subpar motor while trying to conquer these steep inclines, you might only end up with highly avoidable issues before long. 

Cargo e-bike maintenance

Of course, you should also not forget the maintenance costs. Tune-ups will always be necessary to extend the life of your cargo e-bike, and most bikers do them annually. Also, are you the type of user who is open to retrofitting components like batteries and motors to your e-bike, from time to time? 

This can be an option for you if you, for example, want to improve the motor into a mid-drive system or have a battery that has a longer riding range. Any kind of change to the components you do to your cargo e-bike arguably counts towards these maintenance costs as well. 

Other pointers to be mindful of

Since it depends a lot on what’s available in your country, you may not have a lot of options to choose from when, for instance, you are looking for mid-motor cargo e-bikes only. At least, this is if we are going to consider the brands and models currently available that integrate them. 

There are numerous types of cargo e-bikes. From the more ubiquitous box bikes and longtails to tricycles and front-load trikes, the kind of cargo e-bike you choose may also have an influence on the final price.

This hinges largely on the overall designs of each one, which, more or less, can dictate carrying capacity, as well as the motor type and how heavy a battery it can support. 

A few words in conclusion

As long as you have a clear picture of the type of cargo e-bike you want, based on your specific purpose for using it, you will not have to worry about buying the wrong one. Obviously, since we are discussing cost, you also always have an inkling as to how much you are willing to spend on a cargo e-bike.

Besides space and capacity, as said above, you also have to be mindful of the average commute. Never take riding range for granted. What is good is that you will not run out of options if you are considering battery and motor power.

As more models come out, this will only improve more in the future, and this trend is showing no sign of stopping until the e-bike technology finally reaches its zenith.  

Take a look at this video review of the Rad Power bikes RadWagon – one of the models mentioned in this article:

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