How Much does Electric Bike for a Child Cost? Price of Kids’ E-bike

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When we talk about electric bikes, it is almost always assumed that we are referring to those that cater to adults. Rarely does it cross the minds of people that there are electric bikes designed only for kids. 

Perhaps, the fact that not a lot of well-known brands in the e-bike community make them is also a primary factor behind this. What is good is that this is slowly beginning to change, as more e-bike companies are now starting to enter this promising market as well. 

Now that you know that there are electric bikes for kids, you’re probably wondering how much the average price of an e-bike can go for. Well, as far as the price goes, some brands of e-bikes for children are definitely a lot cheaper. They can fetch for as low as $250-350, and even dip to $50+.

Some do not differ much from the ones that most adults ride, especially when it comes to design and features, but they are still relatively few. With that said, you will find that numerous electric bikes for children usually resemble mini motorcycles and scooters. The big difference, of course, lies in their ability to run fully on electricity.

When assessing the price of e-bikes for kids, you have to pay attention to elements that these types of bikes share. Be it the bike’s components, maintenance, charging, and insurance, you have just about the same kinds of factors to look at to understand how these electric bikes are priced.

Comparison list of e-bikes for kids 

Model namePriceWeight
Razor Rocket (see on Amazon)$$42 pounds (19 kg)
ANCHEER Folding (see on Ancheer website, or on Amazon)$$44 pounds (20 kg)
Razor SX500 McGrath (see on Amazon)$$98 pounds (44 kg)
Razor MX650 Rocket (see on Amazon)$$$98.2 pounds (44 kg)
BMW Electric Motorcycle (see on Amazon)$$33 pounds (15 kg)
Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket (see on Amazon)$$55.1 pounds (25 kg)
Razor EcoSmart Scooter (see on Amazon)$$51 pounds (23 kg)
Razor Pocket Mod Euro (see on Amazon)$$63.1 pounds (29 kg)
Lil Patrol 6V (see on Amazon)$2.2 pounds (1 kg)
Kids 3-Wheel Motorcycle (see on Amazon)$12 pounds (5 kg)

Factors that affect the prices of kids’ e-bikes

Components of e-bikes for children

Electric bike parts, while very reliable and ensuring safety, are far less notable in quality than the parts you can expect from adult electric bikes. Yes, an e-bike still incorporates a battery. However, you should not expect it to last longer than an average electric bike ridden by an adult. 

At most, your child can be guaranteed 45 minutes of uninterrupted playtime with most e-bikes or e-motorcycles. A few brands can push this to an hour or two at most, though. And much like e-bikes for adults, those that manage to this will cost significantly higher.

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Obviously, the time depends mainly on the battery incorporated. Bikes in the $250-350 range often provide the standard riding time of an hour. How fast it charges and overall battery life dictate the price of the electric bike by a wide margin, compared to other factors. Do not be surprised if you encounter expensive bikes that can perform extremely well battery-wise, considering this fact.

The motor’s power (represented in watts) also plays a vital role in making sure smoother rides and satisfactory speed. The average speeds of most e-bikes for kids fall within the 2-4mph range only. Certain e-bikes might exceed this a bit, but these e-bikes mustn’t go too fast for safety reasons.

Automatic clutch features found in children’s e-bikes are but one of the perks of the motor that also influences the price a lot. The gist of it is that more extra components that make gadget support or other entertainment perks possible mean costs will surely balloon as well. 

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Kids’ e-bikes have stronger frames

Kids’ electric bikes that do not skimp on materials in their frames to ensure sturdier and better longevity. Very durable steel frames form the bulk of electric bikes like this. These not only give the advantage of toughness but also lend themselves to guaranteeing the bike’s whole performance. These materials, of course, are technically not inexpensive most of the time. At the same time, stronger frames will often define heavier e-bikes.

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Kid’s e-bikes have lighter weights 

Same as conventional electric bikes, most kids’ e-bikes also aim to be as lightweight as possible. The challenge lies in still making it as durable as possible. Most of the time, they will have to use costly materials for this, like lighter weighing lead-acid battery systems. Some brands like Razor do not seem to prioritize lightness in their bikes, though, as their models are quite on the weighty side. 

Kid’s e-bikes battery charging times

Since most e-bikes for kids have lower than usual battery life, fast-charging brands will certainly cost comparatively greater than those that do not. That is regardless of how much riding time the electric bike can assure with its battery fully charged. Most kids (and parents) do not want to have to wait too long for an e-bike to become available for riding, after all.

The type of battery used should be considered as well. Since lithium-ion is the current gold standard of electric bikes, count on the models that have them to be always more expensive. Most of this is based on better battery life and weight, which the alternative lead-acid batteries could not compete against. 

Insurance and warranty of kids’ e-bikes

Warranties are often expected in e-bikes for kids that have higher prices, much like any other electric bike. The general rule is the higher the price tag, the longer the warranty. 

Certain parts of the e-bike tend to deteriorate quite quickly, so you can expect to have them replaced often. Since this is the case, these e-bikes often cover this issue with a warranty. In the process, the total prices will most certainly increase for kids’ electric bikes that offer this arrangement upon transaction.

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For example, if the bike’s switching ignition tends to deteriorate frequently because of constant use, the bike’s warranty will often cover the subsequent replacements up to a certain number of times. Assuming your kid loves riding, this will surely make the bike well-worth its price.

Maintenance of e-bikes for children

Much like a standard e-bike, kids’ varieties should also be regularly maintained. From minor parts needing replacements to batteries and motors breaking down after regular, long use, it is always a given that you have to be willing to conduct regular maintenance on your kid’s electric bike. That is until your child outgrows it and becomes compatible with a standard electric bike for himself.

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Kids’ e-bikes: comfort and safety come first 

Electric bike riding, after all, is not so much about the parents’ satisfaction as their kids’. Almost all parents want to ensure the safety of their children. This is why you can expect brands to include more components that will guarantee no less than that. 

A good example of this is an electric motorbike that lets parents remotely control their child’s bike. This way, supervision is always assured and accessible. However, not all electric bikes for children have this capability. Some opt to just reinforce safety through other means.

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For instance, you will see that electric bikes will also contain special brakes, designed to make sure your child would not go too fast or could promptly stop safely. A couple of others add larger wheels for better stability and balance. Of course, what bike for children would not include training wheels for starters? Any exclusive, helpful feature like this makes price increases inevitable. 

Comfort, on the other hand, does not take a backseat in these types of electric bikes. Comfy leather seats can be found in virtually a lot of the brands, regardless of whether they are scooters, quad-type, or motorbikes. It is uncommon for children to use these bikes sparingly, so why not go all the way in ensuring their comfort while riding?

Other common facts about e-bikes for kids

Incidentally, once you browse through e-bikes for kids available nowadays, it is not hard to notice that they have varying age suitability – much like toys.

Plenty of children’s e-bikes use 12V lead-acid rechargeable battery systems instead of lithium-ion. This undoubtedly helps to bring down their prices. 

The Razor brand appears to dominate the market at present, and they seem to have a propensity to design their e-bikes similar to dirt motorbikes (but they also make them in the likeness of scooters for versatility). That said, the brand is currently the paradigm of what an e-bike for children should be like, considering the sheer amount of positive reviews their products are acquiring. 

Cheap e-bikes like the two mentioned in the table are often designed to target younger children who are in the 1-8-year-old age range.  

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A few words in conclusion

What is certain from the facts above is that electric bikes for children are not as costly as e-bikes for adults. Most of their designs are entirely their own or, rather, children’s preferences and safety take precedence over anything else. 

Except for ANCHEER, which appears to make a more concentrated effort in mimicking what a standard e-bike looks and how it should function. Razor, on the other hand, is more about the fun and entertainment aspect, as evidenced by their kid-friendly designs and solid riding experiences, and riding times. 

They are not relatively cheap with all these things considered. However, in the same way, that adult electric bike technology is still growing and waiting to mature, it is safe to say that kids’ e-bikes will also enjoy the same massive price reductions once that happens. 

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Here is a short video, introducing a kid’s e-bike brand Revvi, which allows kids to ride like real adults!

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