MATE e-Bikes Review: Are These Bikes Any Good?

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MATE is one of the fastest-growing contemporary Danish cycle manufacturing companies in the world. The manufacturing unit is based out of Copenhagen.

The brand was founded in 2016 by Christian Adel Michael and Julie Kronstrom Carton, two siblings who came together to create a brand synonymous with top-quality aesthetics and engineering excellence. 

The duo wanted to create solutions that help people handle traffic congestion and address climate change. MATE is a brand that is quite sought-after among celebrities. 

The endeavor is to design products that meet the brand standards but are distinct from one another. One aspect is a promise – all e-bikes have an innovative, practical, and functional design. 

Is MATE a Good E-bike Brand to Buy?

Yes, MATE offers some good choices to people who prefer mobility and environment-friendly in their daily rides. The brand has three lines, each with distinct pros vis-a-vis competitors.

MATE e-Bikes Review: Model Lines 

E-Bike Line E-Bike Type
MATE CityCity 
MATE XOff-Road & Commuter
MATE SUVCargo, Commuter


This is an elegantly-designed e-bike with compact geometry and agile features that make it apt for daily rides through city routes. In addition, the pedal assist of the model is one of the best features. 

Easy E-Biking - MATE city electric bike, young man riding, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
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Some of the best features of the MATE City are – quick charge of the battery, long life of the battery, offers a comfortable ride, is attractive looking, and simple-to-use control. 

On the con side, the bulky weight is pretty dismal. It is heavy even when you fold it. This feature doesn’t make the e-bike portable and easy to carry. Also, for some buyers, the rate of $2,999/£1,995 can be a bit on the expensive side.

The Mate City e-bike has received a revision since its launch in 2016. The new model has a 250W 36V battery offering a seamless ride for about 50 miles, thus, making it a good option for rides in the local area. The 5-level power assist is an appealing feature offering a speed of 20mph on level roads.

The LCD screen has simple control buttons that make it easy to read and use the metrics. The handlebars are non-slippery, giving you a steady grip.

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The MATE City is a powerhouse. It has a commendable sleek design. The frame is made using aluminum alloy.

What could have been better? The weight, indeed. If you live on higher floors in an apartment with no lifts and you need to carry the e-bike upstairs daily, this one may not be the best buy.

Folding is also challenging for a single person with a sturdy main frame and its 50lb (23 kg) weight. The storage area can be a problem, too, because even when folded, the model is relatively big. 


This e-bike is built sturdily with robust features that help tackle city streets for daily errands and go off-terrain during adventures. Interestingly, MATE X is a crowdfunding initiative.

Easy E-Biking - MATE X electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
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MATE X is good-looking, has a reasonable motor and full suspension, small-wheeled, fat e-bike. The performance, on and off the road, is incredible. On the con side, the e-bike is heavy, and the full suspension is poor. There are also a few compromises that you need to make on several features. But, overall, it is a versatile e-bike.

The technical aspects are pretty okay. The e-bike has an alloy frame, integrated lights, a rear rack, lights with indicators, a Shimano eight-speed transmission, and mechanical disc brakes.

An impressive feature of the MATE X is the long seatpost that can accommodate riders of different sizes. In addition, a colored-LCD display unit keeps you informed about the mode and the motor performance.

The 61Wh, 17Ah battery offers a decent range of up to 120 km (75 miles). On longer rides, the grips, saddle, big fat tires, and suspension provide good support to the rider.

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The MATE X can be driven on the sand, snow, or bumpy terrain without problems. The motor system is quite impressive too. 

The e-bikes are heavy at 30kg. While the motor under power can handle the weight, the real issue is when you start from a standstill. The motor might seem to take a bit of time to get the kick.


Designed as an alternative to a car, the MATE SUV is an exemplary model showcasing German excellence in engineering and Danish beauty. An e-bike that makes daily commutes enjoyable and smooth for your and your family.

Easy E-Biking - MATE SUV electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
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MATE SUV is an electric cargo bike launched by the brand in 2022. The three-wheeled frame that’s made from recycled aluminum (90% recycled). It has a 250W motor, mid-drive, with a torque sensor.

The cargo load area is in front, one of the main features of the e-bike; eco-friendly people who need to travel within the city limits every day and have a load to deal with can opt for this model rather than driving their cars every time. You can fit seats, boxes, or roofs to make it a versatile add-on.

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The load area has 210 liters of storage capacity. It is ideal for carrying two kids or one adult. Additionally, the model has wing technology offering easy accessibility to passengers. Loading cargo is also easy due to the technology.

MATE SUV has LED lights and 4G connectivity and can be operated via a smartphone app. 

Does MATE have e-bike accessories? 

Yes, MATE offers e-bike accessories. The accessories you can buy online are bags, racks, chargers, brakes, batteries, chargers, bottles and holders, controller, drivetrain, clothing, bells and horns, lights, pedals, pumps, locks, handlebars, lights, tires, and mudguards.

Does MATE offer a manufacturer’s warranty for their e-bikes?

Yes, MATE offers a warranty on different parts of the e-bike. In addition, the e-bike and the battery have a two years limited guarantee. 

The battery warranty obligations mention that it is replaced only if the battery offers only 30% output of its normal capacity within 12 months or the battery fails completely within 24 months. The damages should be due to normal conditions of use. 

The brand also offers a limited warranty on different products, but all of these are per the applicable laws of the country where the product was delivered.

The limited warranty is applicable when the buyer provides details of the purchase, like the email address/name offered during the purchase and the order number.

Please refer to the brand’s terms and conditions page for all details related to the warranty.

Does MATE offer a trial/test period for their e-bikes?

Yes, you can book a free test ride of MATE e-bikes. To book a free trial ride, click here.

What do riders think about MATE?

Customers have given the brand good ratings. They appreciated the fast and prompt response from the customer service team.

However, some customers have mentioned on Trustpilot that the company takes time to replace parts, like batteries, and you need to follow up with them quite aggressively to get the work done. Even the delivery schedules are pretty long-drawn, as per a few customers.

Which countries/parts of the world are MATE e-bikes shipped to?

MATE has flagship stores in Copenhagen. In addition, it is shipped to the EU, where you can buy the e-bike online or from partner stores.

France, Germany, the UK, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Austria, Slovakia, and Czechoslovakia are the countries to which the e-bikes are shipped.

The e-bikes are also shipped to Australia and the US.

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