Eunorau e-Bikes Review: Are These Bikes Any Good?

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Let’s set our sights on EUNORAU. These guys have been in the e-bike game since 2010, but it’s been germinating since 2009. It’s safe to say that they know their stuff. They’re dedicated to making excellent lithium-ion power-assisted bicycles from their manufacturing arm in Shanghai, China.

Its headquarters are in Las Vegas, though. Its name comes from a combination of Europe, North America, and Australia – with a logo that more than fits its mission, vision, and industry.

EUNORAU is all about getting people back to nature, and they’re proactive when it comes to helping folks who don’t want to drive or don’t have cars. They’re crushing it in those fundamental areas and have warehouses running aplenty in the US. Their team is still growing as we speak. 

Is EUNORAU a Good E-bike Brand?

EUNORAU offers affordable eBikes and kits coupled with numerous responsive features. The budget-friendliness comes mainly from the company adopting a direct-to-consumer approach and, of course, the outsourcing part. 

This allowed it to focus on the quality of most of its e-bikes. It’s a brand that can pleasantly surprise you with its feature integration decisions and the quality of specific components. 

Eunorau e-Bikes Review: Model List

D6Road, Commuter
META275Cruiser, Commuter
URUSCommuter, Hybrid
NEW-TRIKETrike, Folding
E-FAT-STEPFat, Commuter
E-FAT-MNFat, Commuter

There are no better concepts and qualities that characterize Eunorau other than versatility and variety. These qualities are apparent in the different categories its e-bikes belong to. 

There are 2 cargo, 1 trike, 6 commuters and 1 cruiser/commuter, 5 fat, 1 road, 1 cruiser, 1 hybrid, 2 mountain, and 1 trike/folding models currently available. 

You get value for money with eye-catching integrations like powerful hydraulic disc brakes, all-terrain tires, 1000W motors with excellent handling, up to 105 km (65 miles) riding ranges, and just overall high-quality components that you wouldn’t expect from e-bikes of this price range. 

EUNORAU Cargo Model Line

In the US market, both the Cargo Max and G30 are priced similarly. Still, we can see some subtle differences that can fit the specific needs of a cargo e-bike user. For instance, if you want a higher payload capacity, you’ll do better with the G30, which can carry 40 pounds more weight.

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However, the Cargo Max does come with a cargo rack and a front basket as standard, which adds to its storage capacity. 

It’s also crucial to note that users who want more power and torque should opt for the Cargo Max’s 750W rear motor that can guarantee at most 80 Nm. It also breaks the standard speed limit with its 20 mph (32 kmh) top speed. You’ll also get more details from the LCD display with the Cargo Max.

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You may get more range from the G30, though, since it maxes out at 65 miles (65 km), regardless of the varying factors that affect it. Both models use top-notch hydraulic disc brakes with motor cutoff switches.

EUNORAU Commuter/Cruiser/Road/Hybrid Model Line

The variety couldn’t be more evident in EUNORAU’s commuter options. Many models can easily pass as eMTBs, such as the Urus and the Meta 275. It’s all about versatility for the models that can also be used for your general commute. 

Easy E-Biking - Eunorau D6 electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
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The D6 and Meta 275 are popular models in this catalog. Both use a lightweight aluminum frame, but the Meta 275 has twice the shifting options with its 12-speed Shimano XT drivetrain. The 27.5-inch wheels of the Meta 275 allow it to handle better. 

The D6, on the other hand, comes ready to tackle all-weather commuting thanks to its plethora of accessories like fenders, rear rack, and kickstand. The comfy saddle and upright handlebars give it a cruiser feel that offers unquestionable riding comfort. 

Comparing all 6 models categorized as commuters, we can say they’re just as unique in their respective riding ranges and motor outputs. However, it has to be noted that the E-Fat-Step, E-Fat-MN, and E-Torque models all share a powerful 750W motor. 

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Obviously, all the fat models will give you all the confidence you need to roll over rough terrain with relative ease. The fact that they all come with plenty of stopping power thanks to the hydraulic disc brakes only makes them a solid option for those who want a more all-around ride

You can expect the most range from the more offroad-ready models like the E-Fat line and the Urus, which can give you riding range ceilings of 50 to 60 miles (80 – 95 km). 

EUNORAU Fat Model Line

The pure FAT line, composed of the HD and HS models, bona fide powerhouses, both integrating Bafang mid-drive motors with 1000W nominal power.

Easy E-Biking - Eunorau HS electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
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The HD offers a higher 120 Nm of torque, hence, the more expensive price tag. You can also get more miles from it – 100 miles (160 km) at most, to be exact, with the help of a second battery. 

We really can’t appreciate the fat tires more. Combined with the front suspension, they only guarantee better grip and uninterrupted comfort in any rough terrain you ride these models through.

We’re also a fan of the pannier rack, metal fenders, and 13ga spokes with wheel punch-outs that allow you to comfortably carry small items, even if the terrain gets on the loose and packed side. 

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EUNORAU Hybrid Model Line

Due to the relative uniqueness of models like UHVO and DEFENDER-S, we’ve labeled them hybrids. Both come with removable lithium-ion batteries, LCD displays, solid and reliable suspension systems, and relatively powerful motors.

Easy E-Biking - Eunorau Defender S electric bike, couple city, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
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If you really want the one that packs the most punch, you have to go with the DEFENDER-S. It peaks at 1500 watts of power and can handle any terrain and weather you subject it to. It also comes as a full suspension, providing maximum comfort and control.

The UHVO’s air rear suspension and 100mm front suspension are also nothing to sneeze at. To us, the DEFENDER-S is really the more complete of the two. 

It’s hard to ignore the fact that it ticks all the checkboxes, such as safer night riding thanks to the LED headlights, a 300-pound (135 kg) payload capacity, a 9-speed gear shift system, 1800mm hydraulic disc brakes that supply ample braking power, and the fact that you can add a second battery to double the range that you can get from it, which is already 80+ miles (130 km). 

Indeed, it’s a model in a league of its own. 

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EUNORAU Trike/Folding Model Line

The JUMBO readily sets itself apart with the 48V 1000W rear motor that manages up to 70 Nm of torque. For a trike e-bike, you can use it as a cargo e-bike as well, thanks to the high 265-pound (120 kg) maximum payload capacity. 

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The three wheels make stability a given. The riding range is relatively low at 25 miles (40 km) max, but that tells you it’s more of an e-bike suitable for short commutes or regular grocery runs and other errands, which you’ll better be able to do without using a car. 

We also like that it comes with a spacious rear rack, integrated taillights, and fenders – for added carrying convenience and safety every time you take it out for a ride. 

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Does EUNORAU offer e-bike accessories?

Yes, plenty of accessories are available from Eunorau.

You can buy cargo trailers, hunting trailers, basket kits, rack & fender sets, wheelset conversion kits, second batteries,  replacement batteries, suspension forks, brake rotors, hydraulic disc brakes, saddles, safety seats, rear seats, pannier bags, tailgate pads, battery converters, chargers, and hitch adapters from the main site. 

Can you avail of a trial or test period for EUNORAU e-bikes?

No, there’s nothing available as of this writing. 

Does EUNORAU offer a manufacturer’s warranty?

All models come with an all-inclusive warranty. The terms are simple, EUNORAU will replace any component “deemed damaged or defective “as long as it’s not because of “user error.” 

What Do E-bike Riders Think of EUNORAU?

It’s safe to say that EUNORAU models can be hit or miss. The most popular models are in the FAT lineup, which isn’t surprising given their two- or even three-e-bikes-in-one concept.

These relatively low-entry to mid-range models are marketed to riders who want to get the most out of their e-bikes as much as possible. 

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As such, most of its riders tailor their expectations based on this brand’s average price range. They greatly appreciate that they’re getting way more than their money’s worth, considering the low-key superior (but not necessarily premier) components they can get for far cheaper budgets. 

What Countries Does EUNORAU Ship To?

EUNORAU has a separate flagship store in Australia. However, most of the international and local shipping is handled by the main branch in the US. All 48 states in the US except Hawaii and Alaska enjoy free shipping.

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