What to Take With You on a Longer Electric Bike Ride?

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E-Biking or electric biking trips are a great way to travel, but like any trip, you’ll need to bring some gear with you. The trick to an awesome trip is bringing just enough and no more to keep the riding both light and fun.

What should you take with you on your e-biking trip? Pack lightweight and versatile clothing as well as food, gear, tools, and camping gear in your panniers or trailer. You should try to keep your total load between 15 and 45 pounds (5 to 20 kg). Perform a test run beforehand to ensure the load is manageable and discard any excess gear.

Packing can be tough but knowing what to bring will improve your e-biking trip immensely. Read on for more details on your packing list.

Clothing for an e-biking trip

Packing lightweight and versatile clothing will be one way to eliminate excess gear that you carry as you bike. When packing, you should break it down into two categories.

On-the-bike clothing

Firstly, you’ll need clothing for the tour itself when you’re on the bike. The clothing should be equipment that you’ve utilized previously to break in and won’t leave you with any uncomfortable blisters or chaffing.

For on-the-bike clothing, here are some items to consider bringing:

  • cycling helmet,
  • touring shoes,
  • cycling gloves,
  • cycling shorts,
  • socks,
  • riding tights,
  • short-sleeved shirts, and
  • light, long-sleeved shirts.

You’ll also need to pack waterproof clothing, so check under the “gear and tools” section below to ensure you are equipped for these needs.

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Off-the-bike clothing

Secondly, you’ll need clothing for when you’re off the bike. You’ll want this clothing to be comfortable and seasonally appropriate. Remember, when packing, you should always check and pack for the weather you’ll be experiencing in the location where you’ll be e-biking.

For off-the-bike clothing, consider bringing:

  • comfortable shorts and pants,
  • underwear,
  • lightweight shoes,
  • a warm hat,
  • a warm sweater or jacket,
  • gloves,
  • swimsuit, and
  • comfortable shirts.

These are all the suggested items that you should bring. However, be sure to account for how long you’ll be touring and your touring location. Packing too many items of clothing is a great way to create an uncomfortable load that won’t make for an enjoyable ride.

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How to choose what to take?

To avoid this, think about what you utilized on your last trip and if you felt like you had too much or too little to gauge how much you should pack this time around. If this is your first time riding, chat with a fellow rider to see what quantity they recommend.

A solid way to avoid packing clothing you might not need is to pack in outfits for your trip. Often, people get excited and want to bring as many pairs of this or that clothing item when they don’t actually need it. To avoid that, try to know and picture exactly when you’ll wear each item. If you don’t know that, then you probably don’t need it.

That said, it’s important on an e-biking trip to have a couple extra of everything in case anything gets wet or dirty. You might need to wear something that isn’t in an “outfit.”

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Overall though, you just want to make sure you wear whatever you bring. When in doubt, just do a test ride with the amount of gear that you have and if you can’t make it more than a couple of miles with it then you have your answer.

Gear and tools to take with you on an e-biking trip

The gear and tools you bring on this e-biking trip will be essential in ensuring that you make it through without any major mishaps. This section is divided into two major categories: the gears/tools for you and the gears/tools for your bike.

Gear and tools for you

For you, there are items you don’t want to forget to make sure you can maximize your comfortability. Being comfortable will not only allow you to go further but it will also make your ride more enjoyable.

Rain gear will be a large part of this in case you encounter any inclement weather. Pack a waterproof jacket and pants as well as waterproof shoe covers to guarantee you’ll stay dry on any trek during rain.

Additionally, you’ll want to pack all of the following personal items to keep up your personal comfort. Examples of items could include sunglasses, insect repellent, sunscreen, or a first-aid kit.

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Gear and tools for your e-bike

Next, think about your e-bike all of all the different terrain you’ll be traveling in during your tour. Be sure to bring items that will allow you to fix it even in rough conditions. For example, spare tires, mini-tire pumps, bungee cords, water filters, electrical tape, wrench, screwdrivers, flashlights, and more may all be on your list of bike gear that you pack for an e-biking trip.

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As with the rest of your clothing and gear, keep it light and down to the essentials. If you’re wondering what to bring, the best people to ask are e-bikers themselves as they’ll know what is used most often and what will be least likely to be used.

In general, gear and tools may be the hardest items to figure out which you actually need and which can stay behind. It might take a little bit of trial and error in the beginning, but once you’ve taken along with you items you don’t need a couple of times, you’ll get a feel for what you do.

Food and camping equipment

If you are going for a long tour, you will also need to think about food and camping equipment. This might be a totally new realm for you if you’re new to both e-biking and camping, but never fear! The next portion of this article will talk you through the basics of how to pack for this exciting undertaking.

Sleeping and camping

Now, you’ll need a sleeping bag of course. You are going camping after all. You’ll encounter a large variety when you go shopping for one, or even if you have one at home it might not be the kind you need.

This is what you should remember based on the two types: down and synthetic. Down sleeping bags are warmer, pack smaller, and weigh less. Sound perfect right? They can be depending on where you’re going. Down sleeping bags are also useless if they’re wet, so if you’re heading to any kind of climate with rain then you’ll want to opt for synthetic.

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Synthetic bags keep you warm even if you’re wet but are heavier, bulkier, and don’t provide as much warmth. You can also bring a sleeping pad that makes the sleeping bag more comfortable in a light, packable manner.

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Next, bring a tent and ground cloth. Your tent should be lightweight with a rainfly and vestibule and the ground cloth will help maintain your tent for longer. You’ll also need tools and directions for pitching the tent, so make sure you’ve kept those altogether if you need them or have used the tent before.

Food and cooking

Lastly, you’ll need to think about both food and how you’ll be cooking it at your campsite. Do yourself a favor and look up camp-friendly foods that you can pack, especially non-perishables so you’re not concerned about any foods spoiling.

Then, evaluate the types of equipment you’ll need to cook and eat it. It is always pretty safe to say that you’ll need a fork, spoon, cup, and bowl. That said if the meals are necessitated it also packs small pots and pans and other cooking equipment as needed.

As with every other section, there is a big emphasis on the phrase “as needed.” If you find that you don’t find yourself knowing exactly what you’ll use your equipment for, then you might not need it. That’s okay! You just don’t want to be carrying it around if that’s the case because it’s just extra work for you.

Related Questions

How should I make sure I bring the right gear? Read and talk to experienced riders. Make sure you do your research before you set out on a tour. The last thing you want is to head out there and not know what you’re doing.

That said, if you’re feeling stuck then talking to experienced riders (even if it’s just at the store where you buy your gear down the street) can be a great way to find the advice for which you’re seeking.

What are panniers and trailers? Panniers are a kind of side bag that you can put on your e-bike while you ride. Trailers are small containers with wheels that trail behind your bike that allow you to bring whatever you want with you. Bonus: trailers can sometimes be motorized so they don’t add to your load—they just allow you to bring what you need.

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Is there a packing list I can follow? Absolutely, if the general list under each category above doesn’t provide enough detail then the internet absolutely will. Searching for an e-bike tour packing list will provide you with a way to make sure you’re not missing anything before you set off on your adventure. It’ll give you both peace of mind and quantities to follow until you get the hang of it yourself.

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