Mokwheel Asphalt vs. Aventon Level 2: Two Commuter Electric Bikes Compared

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Urban centers are often congested, and switching to e-bikes is a smart choice. City e-bikes offer a convenient and cost-effective means of transportation. When potential buyers start exploring city e-bike options, they have to encounter a plethora of choices. 

Nevertheless, a few standout options emerge from the crowd. Many customers find themselves in a Mokwheel vs. Aventon showdown when exploring city e-bikes. Mokwheel’s Asphalt and Asphalt ST models have received high praise among urban commuters. These lightweight electric bikes are equipped with powerful motors, impressive range, exceptional stability, and Mokwheel’s distinctive style.

Another contender in this category is the Aventon Level 2, a distinct addition to the market that has garnered fairly positive reviews. It is available in four different sizes to accommodate a wide range of riders.

If you’re caught in the confusion between choosing the Mokwheel Asphalt or the Aventon Level 2, let’s put an end to your dilemma. In the following sections, we will compare these city e-bikes based on their technical specifications, features, reviews, and user experiences. Let’s dive in!

Comparison: Mokwheel Asphalt vs. Aventon Level 2

FeatureMokwheel AsphaltAventon Level 2
Rider height5’2″ – 6’6″4’11” – 6’1″
Length71.5 inchesNA
Weight60 pounds / 27 kg62 Lbs / 28 kg
Wheelbase43.8″43.2″ – 44.1″
Handlebar height45.3″NA
Payload capacity350 lbs / 160 kg (300 lbs / 136 kg for ST)300 lbs / 136 kg
ThrottleThumb-throttleThumb throttle

City e-bikes should offer a comfortable riding position to riders, which is why both Mokwheel’s Asphalt and Aventon’s Level 2 come in multiple sizes. Both bikes feature step-through options to make mounting and dismounting the bike effortless.

Weight and Payload: The Aventon Level 2 and Level 2 ST weigh approximately 62 lbs (28 kg) and have a payload capacity of 300 lbs (136 kg). On the other hand, the Mokwheel Asphalt boasts a higher payload capacity of 350 lbs (160 kg) while maintaining a slightly lower weight. 

Length: Mokwheel’s e-bikes have slightly longer dimensions and wheelbase compared to Level 2, which enhances their aerodynamics when traveling at high speeds. Since both the Level 2 and Asphalt come in multiple sizes, they cater to a wide range of rider heights.

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However, Mokwheel’s Asphalt and Asphalt ST are particularly well-suited for taller riders, supporting heights of up to 6’6″, whereas Level 2’s maximum height is 6’1”.

Throttle: Both the Aventon Level 2 and Mokwheel Asphalt come equipped with thumb-throttle technology for motor-assisted acceleration. Mokwheel has garnered a positive reputation for its throttle positioning, which is consistently implemented across its product range. Additionally, for riders who prefer customized or replacement throttle options, Mokwheel offers a separate purchase opportunity.

Features Comparison Table

FeatureMokwheel AsphaltAventon Level 2
Motor500W 500 W rear hub
Rangeup to 60 miles / 95 kmup to 60 miles / 95 km
Battery705.6Wh lithium-ion battery672Wh lithium-ion battery
Pedal assist levels55
SpeedUp to 28 mph / 45 kphUp to 28 mph / 45 kph
Torque sensorsYesYes

Both bikes are loaded with the latest features, ensuring riders won’t miss out on any important functionalities.

Motors: Both e-bikes come equipped with a 500W motor, reaching a maximum speed of 28 mph (45 kph). However, independent tests have favored Mokwheel’s Asphalt. Thanks to its superior aerodynamics and more powerful battery, it excels in rapid acceleration and maintains stability at high speeds, helping you keep up with traffic. Level 2’s motor is decent but exhibits slightly slower acceleration.

Torque Sensor: Both e-bikes are equipped with the latest torque sensor for a convenient riding experience for urban commuters. Mokwheel’s torque sensor is highly regarded in the industry due to its efficient mechanism and responsiveness. In contrast, Level 2’s users have reported issues with the torque sensor’s effectiveness in disengaging the motor’s assistance.

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Battery and Range: The Mokwheel Asphalt comes equipped with a slightly larger battery than the Level 2. Although both city e-bikes claim a maximum range of 60 miles (95 km), Mokwheel’s larger battery and LG cells contribute to its extended longevity and efficiency. Independent tests have also confirmed the credibility of Mokwheel’s range claims, and the e-bike lives up to its promises.

Aventon Level 2 and Mokwheel Asphalt have set a new standard for city e-bikes. Both models are packed with features that maximize their practicality in city centers. Mokwheel’s Asphalt gains an added advantage due to its torque sensor and extended range. It offers the convenience of traveling long distances without worrying about a depleted battery.

Riding Experience/User Reviews and Reputation

FeatureMokwheel AsphaltAventon Level 2
Fork100mm Adjustable Suspension65mm Suspension
Tires27.5 x 2.4″ inches 27.5 x 2.1″ inches 
Gear system7-speed Shimano derailleur8-speed derailleur
LED lightsFront and rear lightsFront and rear lights (side lights)
Other featuresFenders, kickstand, cargo rackFenders, kickstand, cargo rack

Suspension: Mokwheel’s Asphalt exhibits remarkable stability at high speeds and while traversing uneven surfaces. It boasts a 100mm adjustable fork compared to Level 2’s 65mm, providing added flexibility for a smooth and enjoyable ride. The stability is further bolstered by 2.4” wide tires that absorb bumps effectively.

Gearing: Mokwheel Asphalt features a Shimano 7-speed gear and derailleur, whereas Aventon has an 8-speed gear. The gearing provides added stability at high speeds, and its efficiency positively impacts the travel range.

Easy E-Biking - Aventon Level 2 commuter e-bike, man standing city, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
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Front and Rear Lights: Aventon Level 2 boasts bright front and rear lights, and the company has introduced a stylish reflective side light. Mokwheel Asphalt compensates for this with an advanced central LED that offers comprehensive information about your journey.

Mokwheel Asphalt and Asphalt ST are tailored to meet the needs of riders. Urban commuters sought a relaxing journey, and the component choices were carefully made to fulfill their desires. The crankset, aluminum frame, and ergonomic saddle were all handpicked to create the perfect match. Riders have expressed their love for the overall riding experience and its durability. 

Service: Warranty/Returns/Processing time etc

FeatureMokwheel AsphaltAventon Level 2
Warranty2 years2 year
Refund policy15 days14 days
Processing TimeUp to 1 weekUp to 2 weeks

Mokwheel is built on customer trust, and their representatives always put their best foot forward in assisting the customers. Aventon’s city e-bikes also come with a 2-year warranty. The general customer sentiment remains largely positive regarding Mokwheel and Aventon’s warranty policies.

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Price and Value for Money

If you’re looking to purchase an electric bike, pricing plays a crucial role in your decision-making process. Mokwheel Asphalt offers exceptional value for money when compared to its competitors.

Both the step-through and step-over electric bikes are currently available at a discounted price of $1,499. At this price point, the Asphalt provides you with the comfort of a torque sensor, the power of a 500W motor, and the durability of an Aluminum 6061 frame.

On the other hand, Aventon Level 2 is priced approximately 15% higher than the Mokwheel Asphalt, with the step-through and step-over e-bikes retailing for $1,699. Despite its torque sensor and extended range, the e-bike offers fewer features and less durability compared to the Mokwheel Asphalt. Therefore, Aventon Level 2 could be considered overpriced, and customers can find better deals within the same price range.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Mokwheel Asphalt and Aventon Level 2 have garnered a significant audience, and their features are setting new standards for other city e-bikes to follow.

However, when comparing the two, Mokwheel Asphalt emerges as the clear winner on many fronts. The e-bike not only boasts an improved torque sensor, a superior motor, and an impressive battery but also offers higher durability, a positive reputation, and a competitive price.

Urban commuters can choose from three distinct colors to travel in style with the Asphalt. Additionally, you have the option to customize your e-bike with additional add-ons to enhance your experience.

If you are convinced about your purchase, your Mokwheel Asphalt is just a click away. Head to the product page and take advantage of the discounted price.

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