Heybike Tyson Review: Is This Electric Folding Bike Any Good?

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The Heybike Tyson has a unique look about it. It has an attractive frame with a boomerang-shaped triangle in the rear, just at the bottom bracket, and a 750W brushless motor powered by a 48V 15Ah battery. It has fat tires, hydraulic front and back, or full suspension. 

The folding electric bike is meant for rugged and rough terrains and also offers comfortable and convenient rides on all terrains, including city and gravel roads, trails, and even down the stairs. 

The feature-rich Heybike Tyson e-bike is a Class 3 electric bike with an impressive 400-pound load limit that enables carrying multiple items at one go. With a 55-mile (88 km) range in PAS mode and an LCD with smartphone connectivity, this is all about uber performance and comfort. 

Heybike Tyson Folding Electric Bike
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Design and Build Quality

One of the amazing features of the Tyson is its exclusive design and look. It definitely does not look like a run-of-the-mill electric bike. The frame is made from a one-piece magnesium alloy piece, giving it a sleek look, thanks to its Unibody design. This make also ensures sturdiness and reliability. 

The unique design has the top tube gliding smoothly to end in the unique boomerang-shaped triangle near the bottom bracket. The e-bike has fat tires fitted on 20-inch wheels. The Tyson has a 750W brushless gear motor, turn signals, a connected LCD that can be operated via a smartphone app, and a bright autosensing headlight. 

Easy E-Biking - Heybike Tyson e-bike handlebar, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
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The folding e-bike frames come in three different colors – black, blue, and green. The overall look is undoubtedly eye-catching, having heads turn your way every time.

Performance and Ride Experience

Motor power and responsiveness

Tyson is equipped with a 750W brushless rear-hub motor. It is at the core of powerful boost and torque and pushes the e-bike forward—just a few pedal strokes, even when climbing a steep slope. 

Battery capacity and range

The Tyson is equipped with a 48V 15Ah 720Wh battery, which is a part of the frame but can be removed to charge separately. 

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Speed and Acceleration 

This is a Class 3 e-bike. The speed achieved is about 28mph (45 kph) with pedal assist mode. With the full suspension, you can expect a smooth ride, handling bumps without difficulty. The PAS Speeds help adjust the speed settings as per your wish. 

Handling and maneuverability

Maneuverability is easy, helping riders easily switch from manual to electric mode and back. The throttle is integrated with the frame and helps bypass pedal assist when you are in the mood to pedal manually. 

Comfort and ergonomics 

The step-over and the unibody frame make the electric bike ergonomic. The full suspension with front and rear suspension and hydraulic brakes enhances the comfort factor. 

The seat is plush, and the upright riding position of the e-bike makes riding comfortable. The fat tires add to the comfort and ergonomic factor.

Easy E-Biking - Heybike Tyson e-bike rear wheel, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
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Suspension system 

Heybike Tyson has a dual suspension system that offers enhanced stability. The e-bike has a front and back hydraulic suspension system, making all your rides comfortable on graveled roads or bumpy terrains.

Pedal Assist Modes

The Heybike Tyson has zero to five pedal assist levels. There is also the Pure Electric mode, Pedal Assist mode, Manual, and Walk mode.

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Technology and Features

Display panel and user interface

Tyson has thin film transistors and an app with 4G connectivity that can be operated via Bluetooth. The monitor helps riders keep a tab on parameters like the location, navigation, and other aspects of real-time rides.

Connectivity options

Tyson has an easy-to-use display that can be connected via a smartphone app. It keeps you updated about different navigational parameters. 

Easy E-Biking - Heybike Tyson e-bike mobile app, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
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Integrated sensors and smart features 

Heybike Tyson is an innovative electric bike with GPS so that you can keep a tab on the location of the e-bike.

Lighting systems 

The Tyson comes with turn signal lights, brake lights, headlights, and rear lights that make night drives safer. 

Safety features 

The Tyson has hydraulic disc brakes for smoother rides. It also has wheel reflectors, horns, rear, headlights, and turn signal lights for added safety.

Additional accessories

Heybike Tyson comes with a rear rack, kickstand, and front fenders. 

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Battery and Charging

Battery type and capacity

The integrated battery has impressive features – A 48V, 15AH 720Wh is a large battery with Samsung cells. It is a chargeable battery that can be charged while on the e-bike and separately as well.

Easy E-Biking - Heybike Tyson e-bike, man sea side, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
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Charging time and methods

The charging time is between 4 and 5 hours using a 48V 4A charger.

Range estimation accuracy

The Tyson has a maximum cruising range of 40 miles (65 km) in the pure electric mode and 55 miles (87 km) in the pedal-assisted mode.

Real-World Performance and efficiency

Heybike Tyson can easily offer a speed of up to 22mph (35 kph) in real-time, especially for heavier people, and about 26mph (42 kph) for a person weighing lighter. The full suspension can be adjustable and provides a smoother ride.

Heybike Tyson: Pros and Cons


  • Load capacity of up to 400 pounds.
  • Foldable design helps save space and also enables easy transportation.
  • Powerful battery and motor combo.
  • Delayed engine initiation offers enhanced safety.
  • Comparatively affordable with a pocket-friendly price.
  • Hydraulic disc brakes with full suspension. 
  • Easy to unbox and assemble. 
  • Step-over frame and one-size fits all


  • The e-bike accelerates a bit when the rider stops pedaling. 
  • The battery charging time of 5 hours is quite a lot.
  • The performance is slow in the pedal-only mode.
  • There is a slight lag during electric acceleration.
  • Carrying the folded e-bike can be a challenge due to its design.
  • For riders under 5ft 3inches, the fit can be tough.
  • The fenders tend to be tilted to one side, slightly though, and feels a bit rickety.

Core E-bike Specs

Technical Specs
Colour:Black, Green, Blue
Top Speed:Maximum load on the rear rack: 
Motor:750W front hub motor  
Battery: 48V, 15AH (720Wh)- Samsung battery cells
Range:Up to 55 miles (87 km)
Suspension:Hydraulic Front Fork Suspension
Brake:Hydraulic Disc Brake
Display:Heybike Connect app
ThrottleThumb throttle
Gears:Shimano 7-Speed Derailleur
Weight: 77 lbs (35kg)   
Pedal Assist: 120 lbs (55kg)
Peal Assist: Assist Intelligent 0~5 level pedal assist
Selling Price:$1,699

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Tyson from Heybike enjoys good credibility amongst customers and riders who have been regularly using the e-bike model. Riders have rated it high on versatility, safety, and user-friendliness. For eco-conscious people, this folding e-bike is a good alternative that requires minimal storage space and is portable due to its lightweight frame.

The LED lights, horn, powerful motor, ergonomic handlebars, well-cushioned seat, and long battery life are some of the other features that make Tyson a go-to choice for riders looking at a viable all-terrain electric bike.  

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On the not-so-positive side, some customers mention the availability of brake pads, or other components for Tyson. Also, at 77lb, some riders feel it is a bit on the heavier side. 

Conclusion and Recommendation

Tyson is from a reputed brand, Heybike, and the company is known for making trusted, smart, and high-quality products with 40+ e-bike models. The sleek design has been innovatively done and executed. It is a head-turner. The motor and the battery work together to offer riders great, memorable rides. Added to it is the 4G connectivity and the app that makes the electric bike smart. 

It is a commuter e-bike meant for all terrains – trails, gravel, and rough terrains. You can take the e-bike for longer rides and numerous rides every day. It is a good buy for people who need to run innumerable errands daily and do it comfortably. 

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