Rize Leisure Step vs. RadRover 6 Plus Step-Thru: Two E-bikes Compared

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Electric bikes are a big hit in Canada. The truth is that Canadians are witnessing nothing short of ‘e-bike mania post-pandemic.’ It is because people have realized that electric bikes are suitable for the environment as well as for their health.

The well-developed Canadian roads and infrastructure also support e-bikers and their enthusiasm to ride to offices for their routine grocery rounds or indulge in adventure activities like camping, trekking, etc. 

Two models, Rize Leisure Step and the RadRover 6 Plus Step-Thru, are pretty popular e-bike models. However, finding the right one between the two can be daunting because, on the face of it, there are so many similarities, including the price, that riders get easily confused. 

We will compare the two e-bike models today so that it is easier for our readers to choose one from the other based on their personal preferences, likes, and dislikes. Let’s get started.

Rize Leisure Step vs. RadRover 6 Plus Step-Thru: Main Features

FeaturesRize Leisure StepRadRover 6 Plus Step-Thru
Miles per charge 92 miles or 150 km on dual batteryBetween 24 – 45 miles (40 – 70 km)
Motor power500 and 750 Watts750 Watts
Frame MaterialAluminum 6061Aluminum 6061
Suspension SystemFrontFront
Battery48V 15Ah 720Wh fully-integrated battery. Premium Samsung 50E cells. The dual battery is optional.48V 14Ah 589-672 Wh semi-integrated battery.

A look at this table indicates many similarities between the two e-bikes. Both electric bikes have a frame made from Aluminum 6061 and have a front suspension system. 

There are some differences too. The first is the motor. The power generated by the Rize model is 500 or 750 Watts, and that of the RadRover 6 Plus is 750 Watts. 

The second key difference is the battery. The Rize Leisure Step has a fully integrated battery in the frame with the option of dual battery, offering a range of 92 miles/ 150 km on dual battery. The battery in the RadRover 6 Plus is semi-integrated, offering a range between 24 and 45 miles/ up to 70 km.

Introducing Rize Leisure Step 

The Rize Leisure Step is a fat tire step-through electric bike. It is an all-terrain e-bike with 4 inches tires. It is powered by a 500 or 750 Watts Bafang motor that gives it enough power for all terrains, normal city rides, or comfortable off-road rides

Easy E-Biking - Rize Leisure Step electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo credit Rize e-bikes

One of the best features of the Rize Leisure Step is its integrated Samsung 21700 50e cells battery system with the option of going dual battery. Consequently, the range of the e-bike is dramatically increased to 92 miles/150 km per charge.

Additionally, the e-bike frame is stress-resistant and corrosion-resistant. This is an added advantage when riding in all types of weather and road conditions.

The e-bike is 95% assembled, requiring minimal installation when it reaches your doorstep. Guaranteed build quality is supported by the brand with a 12-month warranty and a 14-day return policy.

The 180mm hydraulic Tektro disc brakes, the torque sensor, the configurable speed unlock system, cruise control, and the pedal assist levels are value additions that make the Rize Leisure Step a powerful electric bike. 

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You will also love the aesthetic appearance of the Rize Leisure Step, rendered smarter with the clean look, as the internal wiring hides the cables. On the utility front, the e-bike comes with a rear rack to help carry extra loads.

For users, color personalization offers flexibility. In addition, the e-bike has electrical parts located near the bottom bracket, which makes it easy to service. 

Introducing RadRover 6 Plus Step-Thru

The RadRover 6 Plus Step-Thru is a beast of a bike because it is made for off-road explorations and on-road rides. The RadRover 6 is the sixth iteration of the model. It is a fat tire e-bike. The electric bikes can carry a load of 275 lb (125 kg) with a range of 45+ miles (70 km) per charge.

Easy E-Biking - RadPower RadRover Plus High Step electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
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Riders of different sizes and heights can ride the RadRover 6 with ease. The e-bike has cargo attachments and reliable safety features for the rider’s peace of mind. The geared hub motor, front suspension, semi-integrated battery, and hydraulic disc brakes give it the power to ride on all kinds of terrains. 

The 750 Watt hub motor is best for smooth climbs on inclined planes. The 26 x 4 inches fat tires add to the ease of the rider. Safety First is the crucial motto of the brand. It is safety-certified for all-weather rides. 

The frames are designed and engineered to meet international standards, including the European Committee for Standardization and U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Free shipping and a one-year warranty make this a reliable choice for e-biking.

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Rize Leisure Step vs. RadRover 6 Plus: Detailed Comparison

Motor and Battery

The motor in the Rize Leisure Step is a rear hub motor from Bafang. It generates a power of 500 watts or 750 watts, producing 80Nm torque. It supports a speed of up to 32 km/hour and is configurable for Classes 1, 2, and 3. There is 100% power on demand, and the pedal assist levels are 3, 5, 7, or 9, with level 7 as default.

Worth mentioning that Rize Leisure Step has a throttle with cruise control, the same approach as you would have when using cruise control in your car. There is also a speed-unlocking option, which helps the rider reach up to 36 km/h. While not legal on public roads, this option can be handy off-road or on private property.

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A torque sensor is a clear advantage. This feature allows the rider to feel as one whole with the e-bike, offering a smooth pedaling experience and a responsive ride. The harder you pedal, the harder the motor works.

The integrated battery from Samsung offers a range of up to 75 km. The plus point is that you can add a secondary battery for an additional range of up to 75 km. The charge time is 5 hours, and every charge takes up to 150 km with the dual battery.

Which brand wins in this context? Rize Leisure Step.

Easy E-Biking - RadPower RadRover Plus High Step electric bike, car rack, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
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Both the e-bikes have 6061 Aluminum Alloy made. There are numerous benefits of this material. It makes the frame wear-and-tear resistant and also relatively lightweight. The frame size of both e-bikes is 17 inches. 

On this front, there’s no difference between the two brands. Thus, in this category, both are the winners. 


Rize Leisure Step and RadRover 6 Plus Step-Thru are currently priced at $2,499 CAD. The same pricing makes the competition even more challenging between the two, for obvious reasons. Riders need to evaluate and weigh the pros & cons of each model before making a choice. The value proposition should be the critical motive when the end user does such an analysis.

On our end, both are winners in this category because the price is the same.

Other Features

Other features that one should compare before taking the final call are –

Features Rize Leisure StepRadRover 6 Plus Step-Thru
Step Through YesYes
Rear Rack YesNo
Fat TiresYesYes
Tire Measurements26 x 4 inches26 x 4 inches
Weight 70 lbs73.4 lbs
Load300 lbs275 lbs

Again, both e-bike models have almost similar characteristics, except that the Rize Leisure Step also serves as a utility e-bike with a rear rack and a load capacity of about 25 lbs more than the RadRover 6 Plus. 

The other difference between the two is the weight of the e-bikes. The Leisure Step is lightweight vis-a-vis the 6 Plus. Rize Leisure Step features bright lights with solid and flashing options for increased rider safety. Rear lights also light up when the rider applies the brakes.

For us, the Rize Leisure Step gets a few extra points and hence, can be declared the winner in this category.

Our Final Choice

Both electric bikes are established leaders in their loved market segments. The choice is a bit tough, but considering all the comparisons mentioned above, the Rize Leisure Step is a clear winner over the RadRover 6 Plus Step-Thru

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