Addmotor Citytri vs Lectric XP: Two Electric Trikes Compared

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An electric trike is usually used as a freight and passenger transportation utility vehicle. As per the MSG, the e-trike market was globally valued at USD 3,117.9 million in 2021. By 2030, it is expected to grow up to USD 12,228.9 million. The projected CAGR from 2022 to 2030 is 16.4%. 

As the demand for green vehicles rises worldwide, the electric trike industry is also witnessing a surge in demand. E-trikes, on their three wheels, offer more stability to riders and passengers, making every ride comparatively comfortable, safer, and more convenient. Low-powered e-trikes are increasingly becoming popular in European and North American countries. 

One major challenge for the steep growth of the international e-trike market is the initial high cost. Other limitations include the lack of infrastructure in many countries for electric trikes. However, technological advancements help drive competitive advantage to a greater extent.

The Addmotor Citytri E-310 comes in three versions for different segments – Citytri E-310, Citytri E-310 Plus, and Citytri E-310 Mini. While the latter is best for outdoor adventures, the Plus model targets seniors, and the E-310 model is for daily errands. The Lectric XP, the world’s first folding e-trike, is a lightweight folding e-trike for off-road and urban drives. 

The two electric tricycles from Addmotor and Lectric enjoy rave reviews within the riders’ community. Here’s a comparison of both models to help our readers make the right choice when deciding between the two. 

Addmotor Citytri vs Lectric XP: Specs

ParameterAddmotor Citytri E-310 Lectric  XP
Battery20Ah UL-Certified Samsung Cells14Ah
Motor 750W Rear Motor500W Rear Motor
Longest Range90+ miles60+ miles
Top Speed20 mph14 mph
5 in 1 TaillightYesNo
HornHorn + BellNo
Integrated Cable7 in 15 in 1
Display with Turn SignalYesNo
Frame7020+6061 Aircraft-grade Aluminum Alloy6061 Aluminum
Disc BrakesThreeTwo
Parking BrakeYesYes
Front SuspensionYesNo
Head TubeCNC Laser Cutting Pieced
Seatpost Thickness31.6 mm 27.2 mm
ColorFive options (Red, Grey, Neptune Blue, Yellow, Army Green)One option (Graphite)
ModelsThree – Standard, Plus, MiniOne

The Lectric XP Trike is powered by a 500W motor producing a peak of 1,092 Watts. The Citytri E-310, on the other hand, is equipped with an even more powerful motor – a 750W rear motor with 1,400 Watts peak power. 

While Lectric e-trike has a 48V 14Ah 672Wh battery powering the entire vehicle, the E-310 draws power from a 48V 20Ah 960Wh battery. Therefore, there’s a considerable difference in the range – 90+ miles for the Citytri E-310 vis-a-vis 60+ miles for Lectric. 

The Addmotor’s e-trike’s top speed is 20 mph, and Lectric XP’s top speed is 14 mph, making the former faster on all terrains.

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Features Comparison

Frame Design and Folding Capabilities

The two electric tricycle models we are discussing today have a step-through frame.

The foldable frame of Addmotor E-310 uses a combination of two types of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy – the front part is made from 6061 alloys and the tail part from 7020 alloys.

Moreover, the head tube is installed using the latest technology of CNC laser cutting method instead of welding. As a result, the finishing and the joints are sturdy and more durable. The front fork suspension is a part of the frame design. 

The Lectric XP, on the other hand, is a foldable structure that helps fit it in tight spaces. It comes in a fully assembled form, requiring no assembling or bolting. The lightweight vehicle can hold a weight of up to 150 kg/330 lb. The rear rack can carry a weight of up to 34 kg/75 lb, and the front basket about 16 kg/35 lg. The head tube has been traditionally welded to the e-trike frame. 

Pedal Assist System/Power Levels

The Addmotor e-trike model has 7 PAS levels vis-a-vis the Lectric’s 5. E-301 is a Class 2 electric trike with a throttle-only top speed of 20 mph. The top speed in the power-assist mode is also 20 mph, where the rider has to actively pedal too. 

The Lectric XP has a top speed of 14 mph in the throttle-only and power-assist modes. On this parameter, the E-301 scores better with higher speed and increased levels on the Pedal Assist System.

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Brake System/Safety Features

The Lectric e-trike has a double-disc hydraulic brake system, and the brake levels have parking brakes. That’s an unusual feature as generally hydraulic brakes do not have parking brakes. The E-310 has triple mechanical disc brakes with parking brakes.  

From the safety angle, the E-310 has a horn and bell combo, with the display featuring a turn signal. The Lectric XP has neither of the two features. Also, the E-310 has a front suspension system that helps absorb external impacts and serves as a shield for the front fork. It imperatively means the rider has more peace of mind when riding Addmotor’s e-trike. 

Display and Controls

The Addmotor E-301 model offers the rider comprehensive information about the ride on the EB 2.0 5-inch LCD screen. The Lectric XP e-trike has an LCD Display, too, from where riders can pick the PAS level. 

For the two models, the LCD screen is pretty standard, displaying all the necessary details to support riders on the road or off-road.

Additional Features/Accessories

The Lectric XP e-trike has two accessories that are usually offered for free. The Support Seat is wide and comfortable, and the Cargo Package has a large basket that helps carry extra load.

Easy E-Biking - Addmotor Cititri E-310 e-bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
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Design and Aesthetics

Frame Style and Color Options

The Addmotor E-310 and the Lectric XP have a step-through frame. The color option available for the latter is just one – graphite color. For the E-310, all three models come in color options of Red, Grey, Neptune Blue, Yellow, and Army Green. 

Seat Design and Comfort

The seat post and the handlebar are adjustable in both the Addmotor E-310 and Lectric XP. In the case of the latter, there’s the option of the Wide Support Seat that adds to the comfort factor. 

The E-310 has been designed in a way that the seating position is low, lowering the center of gravity. Thus, sharp turns are no more a reason to worry. Also the design helps avoid the ill effects of bumpy grounds. The Lectric’s seat keeps the center of gravity higher.

Cargo Capacity and Versatility

The maximum load that the E-310 can carry is 380 lbs or 172 kg.  The Lectric XP has a maximum load capacity of 440 lbs or 200 kg. Of this, the maximum rider weight is 330 lbs or 150 kg. The front basket has a capacity of up to 35 lbs or 16 kg. The rear rack can take a load of up to 75 lbs or 34 kg.

The three models of E-310 are designed to accommodate riders of different heights. The standard model suits riders in the height range of 5’1”-5 ‘9″, the Plus model is recommended for riders in the height range of 5’3”-6 ‘3″, and the Mini for shorter riders between 4’9”-5 ‘5″.

Only 1 model of the Lectric XP model is available for riders of all height ranges.

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Overall Appearance and Style

The E-310 and the XP are two versatile e-trike models that flaunt a contemporary design and style. Both look stylish and sleek. These are best suited for people who face difficulties riding a two-wheeler e-bike.

The step-through design enables riders of all ages, genders, and sizes to have comfortable rides. The advantage of the E-310 is that it comes in three models, designed for three different sets of riders based on their height.

User Experience

The Lectric XP electric tricycle was the first one in the industry and that gives it an extra edge. The brand itself is quite trusted and has earned a good name for itself in the rider community.

The XP model is great for people who are in doubt when riding two-wheeled e-bikes. The design is great. It offers above-average torque, speed, and range parameters and is easy to handle. The key placement is on the side of the battery, making it quite accessible.

On the con side, experts point out that the e-trike has a bit of a weight issue. People living in apartments and on higher floors without elevators may find carrying the XP a bit tasking. To add to it, the rear part of the e-trike is pretty wide.

Riders need to pay attention to their door width if they want to buy this one. Assembling is easy but folding might initially prove to be a challenge as you need to angle the front wheels in a specific direction to fold the entire vehicle. The absence of a bell has also been pointed out as a disadvantage. 

The E-310, on the other hand, has a powerful motor and battery combo that gives it more torque, speed, and range. Its design with a lower center of gravity makes riding positions comfortable. The triplicate brakes and the speed differential are key distinct features. The e-trike is definitely one of the stronger ones in the market, with the head tube CNC-molded and not welded. 

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Price and Value

The Lectric XP and the Addmotor E-310 are cost-effective models where buyers get a plethora of features at very affordable rates. 

The Addmotor E-310 is priced at USD 1,999. It is the same for the Standard and the Mini. The Plus model comes at USD 2,099. The Lectric XP Etrike is available at USD 1,499. 

While the upfront rate of the XP is approximately USD 500 less than the E-310 models, you get a lot more when you pay the additional amount to bring home an Addmotor E-310. Performance, comfort, and safety are way superior to the E-310.

You will have an e-trike powered by a 750W motor producing more torque than the Lectric model. The 20Ah battery is far more powerful, resulting in a higher range and speed.  The PAS levels are more. There’s a horn and a bell, a three-disc brake system, and a turn signal feature for higher safety.

CNC modeling ensures stronger joints. Aircraft-grade aluminum means better protection from elements. Addmotor also offers e-trikes in five color options and three model options to suit personal style and preferences. 

Easy E-Biking - Addmotor Cititri E-310 e-bike, colors, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
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Addmotor Citytri vs Lectric XP: In Conclusion

The Addmotor e-trike models have a more powerful motor and battery combo that translates into higher speed, better range, and increased torque compared to Lectric XP. On the performance parameter, the E-310 indeed seems to be a winner vis-a-vis the Lectric XP as it supports riders across multiple terrains with more power and security. 

To top it off, there are varied choice options for buyers with the E-310 as it comes in three models for riders of different heights, and there are five different colors to pick from. To purchase the e-trike models of Addmotor E-310 and learn more details, click here for the standard, mini, and plus models.

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