Cowboy vs Angell vs Vanmoof Review: Which One Would You Choose?

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Belgian Cowboy just launched the next generation of its signature connected city electric bike. There are improvements and revisions of some of the features, especially in the smartphone app, and the price went up. 

New Cowboy 3 e-bike and its competition

Cowboy is a famous Belgian cycle brand that specializes in electric bicycles. As the situation with connected city e-bikes is evolving fast, the main competitors of Cowboy are the French Angell e-bike and Dutch Vanmoof Electrified.

Similar to both Angell and Vanmoof, Cowboy aims to provide a beautifully designed e-bike at a reasonable cost to satisfy riders who are looking for connected city e-bikes to take them places.

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Cowboy started with a simple e-bike with a minimalistic design. This e-bike model is easy to use, and the purchase configuration is really simple as well. When making your purchase, you only have to choose the color (only 3 colors are available) and mudguards. 

While the rival brands were busy selling their new e-bike models, Cowboy launched the third iteration of its signature e-bike with an automated speed system and a belt instead of a chain.

This choice to integrate an automated speed control system is what both Angell and Vanmoof have already thought of for their own recent models. An automated speed control system is starting to replace traditional e-bike speed levers. 

Easy E-Biking - Cowboy electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
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What has changed in the third generation of Cowboy? 

Well, nearly everything is now controlled using a custom-built smartphone app. Unlike Angell, for example, Cowboy e-bikes do not have a control display. All that needs to be done with the e-bike (locking, unlocking, battery capacity, navigation, etc.), as well as all route info, can be managed and is controlled via a dedicated smartphone app. 

Removable battery

One further advantage of Cowboy’s 3rd generation is its removable battery, which comes hidden in a strong aluminum frame. This is a good move, as a removable battery is a real advantage for a connected city e-bike. 

The removable battery choice allows for more flexibility with charging – you can take your battery with you to your apartment or office, and with e-bike weight – relatively easier to carry this e-bike without its battery.

E-bike tires, saddle, and other accessories are advertised as in-house designs, but, in reality, they are personalized by Cowboy, and that’s all.

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Frame design

The design of the frame did not change. Previous generations of Cowboy, as well as the current one, have a comfortable frame design that is well suited for riders who are around or above 1m 75 cm (68,9 inches). Overall, the design looks pretty sporty. 

Belt instead of chain

Cowboy has also taken good care of the belt (which replaces the traditional bike chain) and has put in a carbon one. Such a belt has a lifespan of 30,000 km. The automatic gear system on the e-bike had improved, and the tires are wider and include puncture protection. 

According to Cowboy, starting the motor has become easier in this model, as the motor is able to deliver the higher torque right from the start. So, this would be an ideal e-bike to choose if you will have to tackle significant climbs on your journey.

Easy E-Biking - Cowboy electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo courtesy of Cowboy

Renewed smartphone app

As was mentioned above, Cowboy has made some serious improvements in its smartphone app. The apps enable the user to unlock the e-bike automatically just by approaching it. There are other quite interesting functions, such as accident detection, quick theft alert, and more. 

In addition to the traditional information that most e-bike smartphone apps would display (range, distance traveled, etc.), the app also enables you to see the tire air pressure before you take off on a ride. 

Cowboy has never compromised on e-bike security. The current version incorporates a low-energy consumption GPS chip to help the rider locate the e-bike.

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Vanmoof S3/X3, Cowboy 3, and Angell – how are they priced?

Cowboy 3 price is quite comparable, considering the competition. In the segment of e-bikes designed to be electric and connected, there are currently Vanmoof S3/X3 and Angell (along with its Angell/S model). 

Prices of all three rivals fall between 2,000 and 3,000 euros. E-bikes have somewhat different characteristics, though. 

If you decide to compare the components and accessories of each model, take into account the integrated control display, mobile application, and removable (or integrated and not removable on Vanmoof) battery, it may not be easy to decide which one is better and suit your personal needs. 

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300 euros more for Cowboy 3?

While Vanmoof has significantly reduced prices for its X3 and S3 models, Cowboy has added 300 euros to Cowboy 3, as compared with Cowboy 2. The price is now 2,290 euros (without the mudguards) and 2,379 euros with mudguards.

Here is the price comparison table from Cowboy, Angell, and Vanmoof S3/X3.

Model Cowboy 3Angell and Angell/sVanmoof S3/X3
Prices 2290 euros (without mudguards), 2379 euros (with mudguards)2690 euros (without mudguards)1998 euros (with mudguards)

Cowboy 3, Vanmood S3/X3, and Angell e-bikes compared

Here is a summary table that will help you compare and decide: 

Model Cowboy 3 Angell Vanmoof S3
Weight, wheel size, ergonomics16.9 kg (35.3 pounds)
28 inches
Rider height: 170 – 200 cm (68,9 – 78,7 inches)
13.9 kg (28.7 pounds)
28 inches
Rider height: 165 – 195 cm (64,9 – 76,8 inches)
19 kg (41.9 pounds)
28 inch
Rider height: 170 – 200 cm (68,9 – 78,7 inches)
Brakes Tektro, Hydraulic, HD-R 290 callipersTektro HDR 310-disc brakesFront and rear hydraulic disc brakes
Tires 42mm custom puncture-resistantMichelin Protek 700X35C puncture-proofSchwalbe Big Ben puncture-resistant tires
Lights Integrated front and rear lightsMade to measure SPANNINGA40 Lux LED automatic lighting system
Engine and torque250 W
Max. 30 Nm
250 W
Max. 50 Nm
250 W – 350 W
59 Nm (with Boost)
Automatic gear system

No gears, single speed with 4 levels of electric assistance4 integrated
automatic gears Electronic automatic gear change
Battery capacity/ autonomy announced 10 Ah, 360 Watts
Up to 70 km (45 miles),
removable battery
70 km (45 miles),
removable battery
504 Wh, 60 – 150 km (35 – 95 miles), non-removable battery
Charge 36V 3A
3.5 hours for a full charge
36V 4A
2 hours for a full charge
36V 4A, 50% charge in 80 minutes, full charge in 4 hours
Security Locking/unlocking secured by digital key via a personal applicationAutomatic locking Automatic user
High-frequency alarms
Anti-theft monitoring by GSM and Bluetooth
Keyless locking, Touch Unlock
Automatic user recognition
Integrated alarms
Anti-theft tracking via GSM and Bluetooth
Geolocation and connectivity Bluetooth Low Energy
Bluetooth Low Energy
Bluetooth Low Energy

Control display No screen2.4-inch color touch screenMatrix screen
Smartphone compatibility Smartphone connected with the e-bike via an appSmartphone connected with the e-bike via an appSmartphone connected with the e-bike via an app

Which company is more experienced?

Out of all three contenders, Vanmoof is the most experienced company. The Dutch company was created in 2009 and has specialized in bicycles since then.

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The first Angell e-bikes were unveiled in 2019 by Marc Simoncini (co-founder of Meetic) and are yet to be seen on the market.

Cowboy was founded in 2017 and has just delivered its third generation of a connected city e-bike, which we have taken a look at above.

Insurance coverage

Cowboy proposes two insurance offers to take advantage of. One of the offers, which is called Easy Rider, allows the rider to be alerted in the event of theft. Moreover, it ensures that you get a new Cowboy e-bike if yours is never found. Such insurance costs 10 euros/month and also includes damage insurance coverage. 

Similar services are also offered by the competitors – Vanmoof and Angell

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