Best Dual Motor, Twin Motor, AWD Electric Bikes: Our Guide

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Electric bikes have become an innovation with innumerable benefits for humankind and the planet. There are different variations of e-bikes that an interested rider can find. Dual-motor e-bikes are being hailed as game-changers. Other names include twin-motor e-bikes or AWD (all-wheel drive) electric bikes.

This guide will take a closer look at this new tech add-on to the niche.

What is a dual-motor e-bike?

We have all heard of rear-wheel-drive and front-wheel-drive cars. In both these cases, the power comes from two wheels instead of four. 

Then, there are the all-wheel-drive cars that are also termed 4×4. In this case, all four wheels have power. The concept of AWD e-bikes or all-wheel-drive e-bikes comes from here.

In electric bikes, double motors or all-wheel-drive means the engines are located at the two wheels – one at the front wheel hub and the second at the rear wheel hub. Clearly, the purpose is to double the power and make the e-bike more stable with even weight distribution.

A dual-motor e-bike has the advantage of having power on both wheels. The e-bike is way more robust than other e-bike models when pressing the throttle or pedaling. It is advantageous while covering rough and undulated terrains and even steep landscapes.

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Additionally, the two motors help in weight distribution. Rather than the entire weight being borne by the rear wheel. Therefore, you can expect better stability on all kinds of terrains with dual motors. 

The dual advantages of additional power and enhanced stability directly affect the efficiency of the e-bike. And if you have doubts about the range, you can be stress-free.

Most dual-motor electric bikes run on a dual-battery set. This s a boon for long-distance travel. Thus, the range is not an issue with double batteries to aid the motor.

How do dual-motor (AWD) e-bikes work?

Such e-bikes usually do not have mid-drive motors. Their motors are located on the front and rear wheels. In many cases, the batteries are often also double. There’s a throttle (or pedal assist) that, when engaged, empowers the motors from the stored energy of the batteries. 

The rear part is optimized to handle a large amount of torque. This helps the rider get going. The power is then transferred to the front hub that takes care of speed. 

Easy E-Biking - Gogobest GF650 e-bike hub motor, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
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There are pedals, too, just like other e-bikes though a pedal-assist system may be missing in some double-motor e-bikes. The two motors make both wheels spin, helping the e-bike move faster.

Advantages of dual-motor (AWD) e-bikes

  • Double motors translate into twice the power generated by a one-hub motor system.
  •  If one power source fails, the other acts as a backup.
  •  The speed generated by a dual-motor e-bike is at least 16% more than the speed generated by a single-hub motor e-bike. The usual speed by the former is about 28 mph vis-a-vis 24 mph of the latter.
  •  The distance covered with the same battery and wattage is much more with the dual-motor e-bike vis-a-vis the single-hub motor.
  •  The motor system is more durable and at least 50% cooler than a single motor.
  •  Dual-motor system gives the rider enhanced confidence with safer handling. Driving through corners is way easier and smoother. 
  •  These e-bikes are designed for year-round driving. Snow, hail, rain, or sun – even the harshest weather conditions are no challenge with dual-motor e-bikes.

Current dual-motor e-bike models (sorted A-Z)

e-Bike Brand Namee-Bike Model with Dual MotorsRegions Sold To
562ebikesElectro Rover AWDUSA
Ampd brosACE-X Demon²UK, USA, Europe, Australia
Ampd brosACE-X ProUK, USA, Europe, Australia
Ariel RiderGrizzlyUSA
Berkshire e-cyclesSuper Monarch Crown AWD 700W Off-Road E-BikeUSA
BluerevMOTO81 M-750 TurboCanada
CMACEwheelRX20 MAXEurope, USA
Easy MotionEvo Snow 29”Europe
Easy MotionEvo Big Bud ProEurope
Eazy bikesBeachAustralia
Ebike boysFT-08 Twin Motors “Wrangler”Australia
EcellsSuper Monarch AWD 1500 Watt Dual CrownUSA
EcellsSuper Monarch AWD 1000 WattsUSA
EcellsSuper ST AWD 1000-Watt Step ThroughUSA
EcellsSuper Monarch Crown AWD 1500 Off-Road E-BikeUSA
Ecells600-Watt Hardtail E-BikeUSA
Electric Bike CompanyD2USA, Canada
EmmoMonta X2Canada
EunorauFAT-AWDUSA, Australia, Europe
EunorauDefender SUSA, Australia, Europe
Excursione bikesDefenderUSA, Canada
Fabulouse bikesRW X2 60 VoltUSA, Canada
GogobestGF700UK, Europe, USA
Hotebike60V750WUSA, Canada, Europe
Mootoro ebikeD1 PRO DirtUSA, Asia
MotorinoMTgX2Canada, UK
PedalelectricAWD IIIUSA
Rambo bikesThe MegatronUSA, Canada
Rambo bikesThe KrusaderUSA, Canada
Recon Power bikesStrykerUSA, Canada, Europe, Australia, India, Asia, UK
Timbertrail bikesBeast STUSA
Timbertrail bikesBeastUSA
UltraTRXE2 Grizzly BafangUSA
VallkreeThe Mechanism 24″UK, Europe, Australia
VallkreeThe Mechanism 26″UK, Europe, Australia
VallkreeDope LemonUK, Europe, Australia
Vamoose cycleSuper Mammoth X 750USA, Canada
VanmoofVanMoof VUSA, UK, Europe, Asia
VeloyalK1 FATVUSA, Canada

Difference between single-motor and dual-motor e-bike

Upfront, the difference between single and dual-motor e-bikes is the location of the motor system. In the former case, the motor is either at the front or the rear wheel. In the latter’s case, the motor is present on both wheels.

Front or rear hub single motor e-bike vs. dual motor e-bike

FeaturesFront-hub single-motor e-bikeRear-hub single-motor e-bikeDual-motor e-bike
Motor locationIn the front wheel hubIn the rear wheel hubIn the hubs of the front and rear wheels
TorqueLeast More than front-hub single-motor e-bikes but less than dual-motor e-bikesHighest
SpeedLeast More than front-hub single-motor e-bikes but less than dual-motor e-bikesHighest
MechanismThe front is handled by the motor; the rear – by a human.Motor-human combo in the rear gives more power.Motor power in the front and rear. High power mechanics
ThrottleThrottle, not best-suitedIdeal to use with a throttleIdeal to use with a throttle
PriceMost AffordableMedium range priceExpensive
Where to use?Within city driving. Urban commuting. Pavement rides.Mostly meant for city ridesAs hunting and mountain e-bikes.

Mid-drive motor e-bike vs. dual-motor e-bike 

FeaturesMid-drive motor e-bikeDual-motor e-bike
LocationThe motor is at the central region of the e-bike.The motors are located at the hubs of the front and rear wheels.
BuiltThese are usually integrated within the bike’s frame.Usually are separate units.
MechanismThe motor generates power and transfers it to cranks and chainring. The rear wheel is powered through the chain.The wheels are powered directly by the motors.
Pedal AssistYes. The central motor facilitates pedaling as the cranks are powered first.Hardly present. 
ThrottleIn most e-bikes, it is not present.It is a crucial part of the e-bike.
Gear System usageIn these e-bikes, the gears play a significant role. The gears are an integral part of the drivetrain. The gears can be used to increase the motor power.These e-bikes are usually not affected by changes in gear.
SensorsA torque sensor is present in most e-bikes that checks the force with which the rider pedals.A cadence sensor is present that senses if the rider is pedaling or not and the speed.
FramesSpecial frames that have the bottom bracket region with the motor integrated.Standard frames.
WheelsStandard wheelsSpecial wheels with a motor built into them.
PriceCostliest amongst all types of e-bikesCostlier than front and real-hub-motor e-bikes but cheaper than mid-drive motor e-bikes

Dual motor e-bikes: FAQs

Are dual-motor e-bikes good for city rides?

Yes, the dual-motor e-bikes with the double motor system, one in the front and the other in the rear, are suitable for city rides. They are made for faster drives and can easily take you through paved roads and rough patches.

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Are dual-motor e-bikes good for off-road experiences?

Yes, dual-motor e-bikes are an excellent option for off-road rides. You can comfortably drive them through sandy beaches and steep slopes. These also support easy driving through trees and forest terrains. Speed or power is never a problem with the double-motor rig.

Are dual-motor e-bikes good for daily commuting?

Yes, it is a good option for sustainable rides every day. The rides are smoother, speedier, and more efficient than single-motor e-bikes. However, if you need to drive through bike lanes, the single-hub option is better than the dual-motor e-bike.

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Easy E-Biking - e-bike friction motor, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

What rides are dual-motor e-bikes good for?

Dual-motor e-bikes are highly recommended for driving on terrains of all types. These e-bikes are best known as hunting e-bikes, with versatile performance. Trekking, fishing, rides on beaches, muddy roads, snow-covered roads, hilly terrains, steep slopes, etc., are no challenges with the double-hub-motor e-bikes.

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Are dual-motor and AWD e-bikes the same? 

All dual-motors are AWD or All-Wheel-Drive e-bikes because the two motors are fitted into the bike’s two wheels. However, not all AWD e-bikes are dual-motors. Some models come with one motor system. 

Do dual-motor e-bikes require special insurance?

The standard insurance policies cover dual motor e-bikes for technical damages like all other e-bikes. They do not require any particular insurance coverage.

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Do dual-motor e-bikes require a license?

Similar to other e-bikes, dual-motor e-bikes are considered low-speed bikes. Therefore, riders are not required to have a license to ride these e-bikes. You can drive the bikes on paved roads and bike paths but not on sidewalks. Riders are recommended to check the local regulations for applicable restrictions and requirements.

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Do dual-motor e-bikes require special maintenance?

E-bikes, in general, require minimal maintenance, making them user-friendly. There is no tension about oil changes, air filter replacement, syncing throttle bodies, etc. Dual-motors e-bikes do not require any special maintenance. They must be cleaned regularly using a low-pressure water stream or a wet cloth. 

Ensure that the moving parts are lubricated well. Keep a watch on the tire pressure and check the e-bike in between for loose bolts, screws, or nuts. Replace the brake pads when they need a revamp, and keep your batteries charged as per the manufacturer’s manual.

Are fat tires a good choice for AWD e-bikes?

For All-Wheel-Drive e-bikes, fat tires are advised for off-road drives. The fat tires are meant to absorb shock making the ride a comfortable experience. 

Easy E-Biking - Gogobest GF650 e-bike fat tire, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo credit Gogobest e-bikes

Rough terrains require tires for a better grip, and AWD e-bikes are best used for such landscapes. Therefore, it is best to use fat tires that help cushion during the ride.

Additionally, fat tires offer better control on the surface, offering more balanced rides. There are lesser chances of repairing tires when riding off-road.

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What brakes are better for dual-motor electric bikes?

Hydraulic e-brakes are the best types of brakes for dual-motor e-bikes. This system helps stop the e-bike quickly in all kinds of road and weather conditions.

Is it a good decision to use the throttle on a dual-motor e-bike?

It is an excellent decision to use the throttle on a dual-motor e-bike. The throttle as a thumb button helps turn the dual motors on so that the rider can take advantage of the power boost as they ride. 

Can I switch on only one motor on a dual-motor electric bike?

There are usually two throttles for each motor system. Each of your thumbs is for the two throttles. This means you can use one or the other motor per the situation and your driving needs.

Are there disadvantages of dual-motor e-bikes?

Dual-motor e-bikes are a great companion but have certain disadvantages too. In most cases, the motors on both wheels are of the same capacity. Occasionally, the front hub motor could have a smaller power than the rear. In such a case, it is not recommended for the rider to overpower the e-bike as it can result in the burnout of the front wheels in no time. 

Another point to remember is that now you will have two batteries to charge. That could be challenging as you must remember to do so. 

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Using dual-motor with their respective throttles can involve training, especially for beginners. This applies to other vehicles at turns, starting from zero at traffic lights and intersections.

A few words in conclusion

Dual motor/AWD e-bikes are one of the latest innovations in the electric biking industry. This e-bike helps move faster, the exertion required is less intense, and one can climb steep slopes with the help of the power generated by both motors. 

Overall, the dual motor/AWD e-bikes are suitable for off-road driving. They can also be used for city rides if you are well-trained to handle the power of the two motors with the throttles. 

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