What is the Right E-bike Insurance (with Analysis & Examples)

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Should you buy insurance for your electric bike or not? Does your home insurance cover e-bike theft? What are the best specialist e-bike insurance companies in France? What are the insurance-approved anti-theft devices?

Recent local development policies, carried out by town halls and local authorities inevitably contribute to the development of cycling for urban dwellers who, sometimes rightly, find those a bit too dangerous. 

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In addition to ultra-regulated public transport, where social distancing will be difficult, and thermal cars that could cause pollution to skyrocket as the pandemic ends, the bicycle is an ideal travel choice.

As we can only too well remember, a bicycle is an individual form of transport and not a toy. So if you plan to use it every day, don’t underestimate the price it takes to have a bike that is safe, comfortable to ride, has good after-sales service, and can last for years. 

This is particularly the case with electric bikes, where the best-equipped bikes start at around €1,500, up to a top-of-the-range bike starting at around €3,000. 

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Therefore, between breakdowns, repairs, maintenance, and theft, the question arises: should you buy an insurance policy for your e-bike? And if so, how do you do it?

Is it necessary to buy insurance for an electric bicycle?

First of all, it is important to know that buying insurance for an e-bicycle is not mandatory, unlike that for a car or a speed bike, which is similar to a motorized two-wheeler. 

But if you have invested several thousand euros in an electric bike, buying insurance for it could be a good idea. Broadly speaking, the purpose of an electric bicycle insurance policy is to cover theft and breakage, sometimes covering the repatriation of a damaged e-bike to a repair shop. Most insurances offer both options.

Easy E-Biking - Vanmoof e-bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
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Theft is perhaps the most difficult decision. If you know that you will only use your bike between a secure bike garage at home and the secure bike garage at work, theft insurance may not be necessary. At home, don’t hesitate to check that your home insurance also covers the common areas: often, the theft of an e-bike from your garage is covered.

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But if you’re going to leave your e-bike on the streets a lot, even leaving it outside for several hours, there’s no doubt that insurance will ease your mind. No honest e-bike salesman will tell you that this or that lock is infallible. The best lock can discourage an opportunistic thief, but they won’t resist the most advanced theft techniques.

The best e-bike specialized insurance in France

The first thing to do is to check with your insurance company to see if they offer anything for electric bikes. Some insurances have arrangements that, taken as a package with home insurance, could save you a few euros. If these are not suitable (don’t take motorized two-wheeler insurance, for example), there are several specialist electric bicycle insurance companies in France.

Year-round, an e-bike theft and breakage insurance will cost a little less than €300 for a top-of-the-range electric bike. We have selected a few of them, after interviewing cycling customers and specialist dealers who were able to get feedback from their customers. In all cases, read the specifics of the contracts carefully.

The time to buy insurance for your e-bike generally varies between 30 and 60 days after purchase and all require an e-bike engraving or identification. Those offering long-term policies add 1% per month of age to the deductible. In most cases, the lock must be approved and purchased prior to subscription.

The Vanmoof case

E-bike manufacturer Vanmoof is known for its theft insurance: either your e-bike is recovered by the rescue team or Vanmoof offers you another one for free. You can choose between theft insurance, breakage insurance (€ 290 for 3 years), or both (€ 490 for 3 years).

Check out the Vanmoof website to find out more.

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This is bike theft and breakage insurance, which allows you to also insure electric bikes. Its rates are in the average range (€280 per year for an electric bike that costs €3,000). It offers a Paravol identifier, a community license plate that makes it possible to track down a bike that has been reported stolen. 

It is valid for one year, renewable twice, i.e. for a maximum of 3 years. Cyclassur does not take a franchise in the event of theft and reimburses you in cash, but requires two attachment points on the street in large cities, including a top-of-the-range anti-theft device. It is the one that was the most cited to us for its efficiency.

Check out the Cyclassur website.


The FMA insurer offers specialized insurance and has theft and breakage insurance for electric bicycles. The rates are a little higher than Cyclassur (€330 for an electric bike that costs €3,000, 10% deductible), but it only requires one approved anti-theft device and can be renewed for up to 5 years.

Check out the FMA website.


AssurTonVélo theft and breakage insurance is in the average price range at €250 per year for a €3,000 electric bicycle, with a 10% deductible. It is renewable for up to 5 years and requires identification and an approved anti-theft device.

Check out the AssurTonVélo website.


The French Cycling Federation is a bit of a special case since you have to join it in order to benefit from its insurance – the price calculation is therefore variable. It has no time limit and can insure old bikes from theft and breakage (with a deductible linked to e-bike age, at a rate of 8% per year and up to 70% maximum, in addition to the deductible of 100 € in case of theft).

Check out the FFvelo website.

Franchise None10 %10 %100 €
Anti-theft2 of which 1 approved1 approved1 approved1
E-bike insurance rate at 3000 €.280 €330 €250 €214 €
Duration3 years5 years5 yearsNo limit

Approved e-bike locks

Each insurer, if it requires an approved anti-theft device, provides the list of those. Unsurprisingly, these are usually top-of-the-range models from the most reputable manufacturers that are most often requested. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a U-lock or a chain. Here are some of the most common examples of insurance-approved e-bike locks:

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