KTM e-Bikes Review: Are These Bikes Any Good?

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KTM is an Austrian bike company that has been around since 1938. It started in Mattighofen, where it still makes its headquarters. It was a motorcycle brand first before it became a biking brand, though.

After all, it only officially started manufacturing bikes in 1964, and it will take 30 more years before it marked its entrance into the e-bike industry. Its name derives from the initials of the men behind the company’s rise and where it originates from – Kronreif, Trunkenpolz, and Mattighofen.

KTM e-bikes review: are they any good?

KTM e-bikes offer impressive performance, stylish designs, and versatile capabilities. KTM e-bikes are highly recommended for buyers seeking powerful and reliable e-bikes. Whether you crave exceptional off-road performance, sleek aesthetics, or versatile riding options, KTM has something for you.

While KTM is primarily known for its motorcycles, its e-bikes are nothing to sneeze at. Its collection of mountain e-bikes definitely lives up to the superior performance that has been consistently attributed to the brand’s motorcycles over the years and decades.

We can even argue as much for the urban and commuting options. Many of them are as stylish as they are powerful (at least, when compared to what some mid-range and high-end brands have).

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One thing’s for sure: the brand knows how to integrate components intelligently to deliver a specific quality (versatility mainly), with helpful tech features thrown in. It also knows what has worked in the past for many models.

Still, some pundits are quick to point out that its choices for components can be inconsistent and be hit-and-miss at times.

It’s also important to note that its models have been tested by no less than Stiftung Warentest. 7 out of 9 of the tested eMTB models were rated as “good” but ultimately lacked versatility. The Macina Aera 671 came out on top, with its superb Bosch motor considered the main highlight.

That should tell you much about what to expect from most KTM models. Suppose you want models that can deliver quick spurts of speed and reliable on-road and off-road performance (much in the same way as a KTM motorcycle performs). In that case, this is the brand for you.

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Lastly and more importantly to many, it’s a brand that caters to high-end enthusiasts and casual riders alike, as evidenced by its catalog. The prices of most models, even those that fall in the same category, vary a lot, to say the least. You can be confident that there’s an option for everyone budget-wise at the end of the day.

KTM e-bike model lines

E-bike Model LineE-bike Type
AeraMountain, Hybrid
TeamMountain, Hybrid
CityCity, Commuter
MultiCity, Commuter
CentralCity, Commuter
Mini MeKids

“Macina” is the all-encompassing label attached to every e-bike in the KTM catalog. The pendulum tilts slightly in favor of sporty, off-road offerings, as evidenced by the 14 different lines and types that fall under the mountain, road, and hybrid categories. 5 lines, on the other hand, can be considered a pure city, commuter, and folding offerings, and there’s a single line dedicated to children. 

As said above, standout features include prime components such as the ubiquitous Bosch Performance CX motors integrated into most models, durable carbon frames, high-traction tires, safety-focused components, and geometries that guarantee smoother rides. 

KTM Mountain Line Review

There’s no better brand representative than the KTM Macina Aera 671 LFC. According to the prestigious test it has undergone, it’s quick to stand out when juxtaposed with many of the other eMTB models in the catalog. 

Easy E-Biking - KTM Machina Team electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
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Upon closer inspection of its components and overall design, we can immediately see that it can achieve that much-needed versatility where plenty of its brothers and sisters fall short. 

The power and generous assistance when it matters are there, obviously. We’re referring to the 85-Nm Bosch Performance CX drive Gen 4 motor that’s practically standard issue in KTM’s entire lineup of e-bikes. You won’t be bothered by steep hills, whether in the city or outdoors, with that kind of muscle behind your back.

The Schwalbe Johnny tires contribute a lot to the versatility. They guarantee a smooth, noise-free ride and assure better traction on any off-road trail

The Aera and Team lines are the only hybrid eMTBs in the catalog, especially if we’re going to look at their LFC variants. LFC stands for lights, fenders, and carrier (rear rack). 

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As for the full-suspension offerings, we can say that the Macina Kapoho Master comes out on top and highlights what KTM performance is really about. One of its main strengths, and undoubtedly by its cousins, is that it’s a highly reliable climber (thanks again to the 85Nm Bosch motor). 

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Another is the fact that it has excellent handling. It is especially pronounced if you’re not too keen on pushing it to its maximum speed ceiling. 

It’s a well-rounded e-bike with the right components, such as reasonably powerful hydraulic disc brakes, reliable suspension, and a solid carbon frame. 

KTM Road Line Review

Plenty of KTM’s road models also brim with versatility in the sense that you’ll be as comfortable riding them in the city as going on a road marathon. Again, the power is ever-present because all the models are powered by Bosch motors and batteries. 

Easy E-Biking - KTM Machina Style electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
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The latest 2022 KTM Machina Style XL stands out due to the higher capacity 750Wh Powertube battery. That battery can achieve 86 miles (140 km) at most on a single charge, making it a perfect fit for an e-bike that belongs to this category. 

The frame is designed specifically to integrate Bosch’s Smart System. This is a telling sign that the brand really places a lot of trust in what that premier motor manufacturer is capable of. 

The tech involves a dedicated app that connects your smartphone with your e-bike, an ongoing trend in most top brands nowadays. You’ll be able to keep track of your riding history and other essentials on the standard LCD display. 

Easy E-Biking - KTM Machina Sport electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
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There are also the Shimano drivetrains that practically make shifting gears smoother. What’s sure is that the latest road e-bike models by KTM mean to make life as easy as possible for riders who can’t get enough of cross-country and endurance races.

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You can always opt for the mid-range selections such as the Sport line. Think of them as slightly less-specced versions of the higher-end Style offerings. The qualities are brought down a notch, but they’re still impressive, given their solid combination of features. 

You can also expect the same accessories and extra components found in KTM’s eMTBs to be included in their road choices. Overall, there’s a delicate balance between performance and convenience, and we’re here for it.  

KTM Hybrid Line Review

KTM’s hybrid lines, such as the Cross models, fall under this category. Such models can manage some light off-roading while being mainly designed to fit both the commuter and road categories. Of course, the brand’s variability in options makes it stand out all the more and allows its models to suit more specific purposes based on the rider’s exact requirements. 

Easy E-Biking - KTM Machina Cross electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
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For one, the Macina Cross also has an LFC offering, making it more of an urban-oriented ride than its other counterparts. It still brims with the same power you can expect from e-bikes belonging to different categories because of the same Bosch assembly behind them. 

That means you can expect the same impressive torque and riding range in the latest models, which is also a must for hybrids, given how they’re usually ridden. 

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The Cross models definitely fit the “all-rounder” label to a tee. The fact that they also come with foolproof components only puts them at a grade higher than most. Almost all the models come with powerful hydraulic disc brakes. 

The 700cc aluminum wheels, although heavier, do have the necessary strength to make effortless off-roading possible. The Schwalbe Energizer Plus tires, found in the latest models, have good grip and rolling resistance while guaranteeing protection from punctures. 

KTM City/Commuter Line Review

It doesn’t take long to see that KTM chooses a more modest approach to speccing its urban offerings, and rightly so. For example, the latest Macina City A510 only tops at 50Nm of torque with its Bosch mid-drive motor and can manage up to 55 miles (90 km). 

Easy E-Biking - KTM Machina City electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
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This shouldn’t be a surprise since they’re using more obsolete Gen 3 Bosch Active Line motors. It can be argued that this “downgrade” is all just fine, considering the fact that we’re only talking about e-bikes that you’ll be using for the regular commute and occasional leisure rides around town.

Obviously, the low-step frame adds to the comfort when mounting and dismounting, and the cruiser-style handlebars only add to this further. The hydraulic disc brakes are a welcome bonus, especially since some brands tend to demote their offerings further by incorporating something subpar such as mechanical disc brakes. 

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The heavier aluminum frame also lends to keeping the price down, but it’s still workable overall. The necessities are there if we’re going to talk about accessories. The models have fenders, a kickstand, a rear rack, and front light. 

However, you should now see why KTM has more prestige when it comes to its performance-oriented options. 

KTM Kids Line Review

The Mini Me models can’t be underestimated, especially considering that its top model, the Mini Me 561, actually has the same Bosch system as its hybrid and city offerings. That means your kids can enjoy the same range and assistance as you.

Easy E-Biking - KTM Machina Mini electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
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Overall, there’s no difference from the high-end city offerings by the brand. These models are the exact copies of the City line with a few exceptions.

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They’re obviously designed mainly for kids. Such models don’t have the usual city accessories, such as the front light, fender, and rear rack. They’re also limited to hybrid mid-step frames and have more of a sporty orientation. 

Does the Brand Offer E-bike Accessories?

Yes, you can buy bags, backpacks, locks, mirrors, bottles, LCD displays, bike care tools, bottle cages, and bells, to cite a few. 

Do Its E-bikes Come with a Manufacturer’s Warranty?

All e-bike batteries come with a 2-year warranty starting on the purchase date. Aluminum frames come with 5 years, while carbon frames come with 3 years. 

You have to adhere to the required checkup and maintenance schedule of the e-bike to keep the manufacturer’s warranty valid. 

Is There a Test Period to Try Out KTM E-bikes?

There is none offered.

What Do E-bike Riders Like About KTM?

They like that the usual qualities attributed to KTM motors and bikes are also found in the company’s e-bikes. The riding performance and power are apparent, and the unique advantages offered by e-bikes only serve to spice that combination up. 

Plus, they look great as far as style is concerned. Its models are mostly reasonably priced, too.  

What Countries Does KTM Ship To?

KTM has multiple dealers across the United States. The brand accepts international orders, but you must work with US-based freight forwarders to handle your order. 

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