Long-Range Fat Tire Electric Bike For An Ultimate Fall Outdoor Adventure

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Easy E-Biking - Himiway fat tire electric bike, girl, gravel, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
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The e-biking boom has been a key feature of the post-pandemic world. The growing awareness about global warming and the contribution of greenhouse gas emissions towards the same has been the tipping point, with most automobile users switching to e-bikes as a meaningful way to help avoid a climatic catastrophe. 

A study by the University of Oxford revealed that the use of an e-bike on a single day help reduce transport emission by almost 67%. All in all, electric bikes are reliable, convenient, and fun to ride and are pretty fast

There are electric bikes catering to the different needs and objectives of riders. Long-range fat-tire electric bikes are best suited for outdoor adventures, especially during fall.

Fat tires provide impressive grip on the terrain, while the long-range typically helps cover larger distances for every full charge of the battery. Fall is the perfect season for outdoor trips and rendezvous, and a  long-range fat tire e-bike makes for the best eco-friendly companion at such times.

Choosing the Right Long-range Fat Tire Electric Bike for Fall Riding

One of the best ways to spend time amidst nature is nature cycling. Most long-range electric bikes are designed to be compact and relatively light, with fat tires helping the rider go further deep into woods or on rugged terrains.

Easy E-Biking - Himiway fat tire electric bike, man, gravel, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo credit Himiway e-bikes

Advantages and Suitability of Long-Range E-Bikes

  • A long-range e-bike serves multiple purposes. It is perfect for leisure rides, be it on a beach or in the woods. It is a great choice for daily commutes and even off-road rides. It supports you through different road and weather conditions, which means your adventures are uninterrupted all through.
  • A weekend fall adventure also means that you need to carry a lot of stuff for sustenance. This means crucial items like a first-aid box, eatables and beverages, and more need to find a way into your backpack. Riding a cycle with a backpack can be tiring and uncomfortable for longer distances. However, a long-range fat tire e-bike with cargo/luggage space can make things so much easier and fun. 
  • Long-range electric bikes come with powerful and long-lasting batteries. It means that riders can undertake longer journeys stress-free from the battery getting discharged halfway through the journey. Electric bikes with ranges above 60 miles (95 km) on single charges are ideal for such travel stories.
  • Lithium-ion batteries are usually removable, which means that they can be charged when riders stop for rest. Some e-bike models also have USB ports that can be used for charging mobile phones and other electronic devices, even during rides.
  • When riders ride long-range fat tire electric bikes regularly, they are required to pedal vigorously to boost the motor with more power. It helps the rider work out their muscular system, increases metabolism and the immunity system, and lets them stay fit. 

Some of the top-of-line and recommended long-range fat-tire electric bikes are

AddmotorWild Tan M-5600

What these long-range fat tire e-bike models are famous for?

1. Himiway Cruiser

One long-range fat tire electric bike that has stood out and garnered quite a reputation for itself is the Cruiser from Himiway. Two aspects of this electric bike model that make it a cult in this category are its powerful 840Wh Samsung battery syncing fabulously with the 750W motor power and the fat 26” x 4” tires from Kenda.

Easy E-Biking - Himiway Cruiser electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo credit Himiway e-bikes

One of the first things noticeable about the e-bike is that you have access to the entire 750W power from the word go, unlike many others with a 750W motor.  The mammoth 840Wh battery gives a 60-mile (95 km) range on a single charge. Each full charge cycle takes about 6 to 7 hours. 

Priced at $1,399, you get the best bargain because other electric bikes that have larger batteries or dual battery sets come at prices beyond $2,000. The Cruiser, for sure, is value for money! 

In terms of components, Himiway uses the best in the trade. This includes the Tektro Aires mechanical brakes, Shimano Altus drivetrain, Kenda Tires, Samsung/LG batteries, Velo saddles, and more.

The other factor that riders look forward to for their all-terrain e-bikes is the payload. The 6061 aluminum frame of the Cruiser can handle up to 350 lbs (160 kg) weight. It means that the electric bike helps carry heavy cargo, which is always a bonus feature for longer rides.

The only part that could have been better about the Himiway Cruiser is that there is a one-second motor lag in pedal assistance as you start to pedal.

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2. Addmotor Wild Tan M-5600

Driving through dirt roads, slopes, fields, and backwoods can be covered with ease with the help of the Wild Tan M-5600. Thanks to the 1000W Bafang mid-drive motor producing an incredible 160 Nm torque. To top it off, the tires are 4.5” wide, which makes it easy to ride across quicksand. 

Easy E-Biking - Addmotor hunting e-bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo credit Addmotor e-bikes

The payload capacity of the e-bike is impressive, too. It can carry a 350lb load, including the rider’s weight and cargo. The range, as promised by the brand, is almost 65 miles (105 km). 

Components used are from the best brands, like Shimano Alivio 9-speed drivetrain, Shimano Alivio shifter, Tektro Auriga hydraulic brakes, Spanninga front and rear lights, and more.

It has a hefty build, which can be a disadvantage for small riders and also when carrying it upstairs. Also, there are pedal-assist delays when the cadence sensor is used. 

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3. The Bakcou Storm

This one is a full-suspension ultra-powerful eMTB. A noiseless mode of transport that helps ride long distances in the backcountry without disturbing wildlife, the all-terrain Bakcou Storm has been designed by outdoor enthusiasts for heavy off-road use. 

Easy E-Biking - Bakcou electric bike, road, national park, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo credit Bakcou e-bikes

The Storm’s Bafang Ultra 1000W mid-drive motor is a powerhouse in itself with 160 Nm of torque, making it an excellent long-range fat tire electric bike. The Storm is so powerful that it can pull even loaded trailers off-road. That is how the e-bike can be driven through deep sand, woods, or steep slopes.

The rear suspension performs excellently. The components are from good, credible brands like Bafang motor, Rohloff internally-geared hub, Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, and more. The e-bike has a carrying capacity of 300 lbs (135 kg) with a rear rack for cargo payload.

One of the biggest drawbacks of the Bakcou Storm is that it is not street-legal in many states in the US, and you will need to reduce the wattage to drive on the streets. It is an unclassified electric bike, which means that it can be driven only on private land. 

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The Allure of Fall E-bike Adventures

After the sweltering summer, the cool, crispy air and the shorter days of fall are welcome by one and all. Summer, at most places, is so hot that with the arrival of fall, you heave a sigh of relief – the weather is perfect for some outdoor fun, unlike the hot season.

Besides the pleasant and comfortable weather outdoors, the changing foliage color is absolutely heartwarming. Nature shows you her red, orange, brown, purple, and golden hues everywhere you go. 

Easy E-Biking - Mountains, Calgary, Canada, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

It is a show that no one wants to miss, and what better way than going out for adventures? Whether you wish to go hiking, camping, trail biking, rock climbing, picnicking, or mountain climbing, this is the right time before it starts to snow, and all your outdoor plans need to be put on hold.

Going uphill, climbing steep vertical slopes, or riding through bumpy trails on a cycle means muscle soreness in no time. However, with long-range fat tire electric bikes, you are at a distinct advantage. Because it is the motor that’s doing the main work, helping you save your energy and spend it on enjoying the trip. 

Plus, there are different assistance levels, and riders can use the full power when climbing hills or simply pedal on flat terrain.

Exploring the Outdoors with Long-Range Capability:

Extended battery life in an electric bike definitely means that you can go much farther or cover more distance on a single charge. Remember, your electric bike can operate in the electric mode only when the battery is optimally charged. 

If the battery drains off regularly or at shorter intervals, it could be very frustrating as either you would need to make regular stops to charge the battery or use your muscle power to pedal the bike.

Tips to Maximize E-Bike Range During Adventure

  • Keep your pedal frequency between 70 and 80 revolutions per minute to improve the efficacy of the motor and the battery.
  • When riding on level ground or easy stretches, use the lower assistance levels to save battery charge.
  • Keep your tire pressure optimal and oil the chain to ensure lower rolling resistance and proper range. 
  • Start on a low gear and avoid consistent stopping and starting.
  • Take a short detour if that helps avoid an incline where the motor has to work extra hard, meaning using more energy.
  • The battery should always be fully charged before you start your journey. 
  • Minimize the overall weight and avoid carrying unnecessary items. Just carry essential items. 
  • Avoid going out when it is windy outdoors, and the temperature is low, as these will negatively affect the range. 

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Selecting the Right Modes & Charging Strategies For Better Range

When selecting the support mode, remember that a higher support mode will cause the battery to drain faster. So, if the purpose is to drive a longer distance, on rough terrains, and on a single charge, you need to stick to a low support mode.

Easy E-Biking - man e-cycling mountains, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Li-ion batteries work on the principle of ion movement between negative and positive electrodes. Regular usage and aging slow down the batteries over the long run. The depth of discharge, or DoD, is an important parameter here. If the DoD is smaller, the battery lasts for longer. Therefore, riders should avoid full discharge of the battery between uses and keep charging it more often.

Also, Li-ion batteries can age faster when exposed to higher temperatures and charge voltage. Both these parameters degrade the battery faster than cycling under normal circumstances. Avoid elevated temperatures and higher charge voltages if you wish to improve battery life. 

Keep the weight low on the e-bike because higher loads can strain the battery. Keep the tire pressure optimized.

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Conquering Rough Terrain with Fat Tires

Fat tire electric bikes take riders places where normal e-bikes can’t go. The fat tires are made to slide around corners and across rocky, remote, challenging, and rough terrains. For normal day-to-day use, fat tires help move across potholes, debris, snow, and other terrain-related challenges. These tires also help explore new areas with ease.

It means fewer hassles and more comfort when driving longer distances! Fat tires of width 4” and above have larger ground contact patches, helping get a firmer grip on the terrain and improving traction and stability. This makes rides safe on all kinds of surfaces. 


The Himiway Cruiser has been receiving rave reviews ever since it was launched. The long-range battery and the fat tires are two features that riders have always appreciated. The manufacturing quality and components have also been highlighted by most users. Riding on steep gradients and flat grounds, both are comfortable on the Himiway Cruiser, as per most users. Read the reviews here.

Similarly, the Addmotor Wild Tan M-5600 has received appreciative reviews online by riders. Some call it the ‘ultimate beast,’ while others mention how the e-bike is the best choice for riding on hilly terrains and coastal areas. Read and listen to reviews here.

Gear Up for Fall Riding

As the world gets filled with earthy tones, and you take your long-range fat tire electric bike outdoors for a ride in the woods, you need to be aptly geared for a comfortable and safe fall ride.

Here are a few tips to follow:

  • You can continue wearing your normal summer attire – short sleeves and shorts. But it is a good idea to wear knee warmers, arm warmers, or warmers for your upper and lower limbs, etc., to cold-proof yourself.
  • Ensure that you have layered clothing. It is because you would want to insulate yourself from the cool breeze and the nip in the temperature outdoors. The art of layering uses different textures, structures, and styles so that you are comfortable trapping the body heat between the layers, helping you stay warm when biking outdoors in the fall.
  • It is best to have a waterproof layer of clothing, like a jacket, as the first layer. This helps save your inner clothes from getting wet in case of any downpour since most parts of the Northern Hemisphere have a wet autumn season. In case you do not want to wear the jacket, you can carry it in the rear rack. 

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  • The next layer should be preferably a lightweight long-sleeve jersey with two-way zips made from breathable materials to help regulate your body temperature.
  • A three-quarter pair of shorts is a good choice to wear to keep the lower part of your body protected from the temperature fall.
  • Getting a lightweight gilet or a sleeveless vest is another way to keep your core warm without causing you to sweat too much in case the temperatures start to rise.
  • As far as footwear is concerned, it is best to wear winter-proof cycling shoes. You can also go in for oversocks and overshoes for added insulation. These also help keep your shoes and socks dirt-free.
  • Wearing suitable gloves helps keep your feet dry and warm. Long-finger gloves, made from windproof materials, are a good choice due to breathability. Layering gloves is a good idea too. Wear liner gloves for more warmth and comfort.
  • Wearing cycling hats, caps, and headwear offer extra warmth to your head. Of course, don’t forget to wear your helmet for safety purposes. Get a neck warmer to safeguard your neck.
  • Lastly, don’t forget to wear your photo-chromic eyewear with yellow and orange lenses to keep the sun out of your eyes and also protect the eyes from the cold wind.

Embracing the Fall Aesthetic

While riding your long-range fat tire electric bike, don’t forget to be inspired by the aesthetics and beauty of the fall season. The natural colors, blooms, and shades are a sight to behold and should be enjoyed by every person. Now that you are amidst nature, it is a good idea to stop by and appreciate the pristine beauty of nature with all your heart.

Easy E-Biking - Himiway Cobra Pro electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo credit Himiway e-bikes

Here are some ways to fully immerse in the ambiance during the ride:

  • If you love to sketch, remember to carry your sketchbook and paint brushes to put your creative matter to work. Whenever you stop during the trail, get your sketchbook out and paint an autumn-inspired drawing.
  • Don’t forget to carry your camera to capture the beauty outdoors and get some creative clicks. 
  • Riders who love to pen their thoughts can indulge in pouring their heart out and write some memorable journals about their fall ride.
  • Carry a small picnic box so that you can stop at a clearing in the woods to enjoy a meal amidst the natural orange, red, and brown shades of the foliage.

E-biking is not simply about a ride, especially during fall. Stop. Pause to appreciate nature’s blessings in the form of such multicolored hues – after all, this is something that you can’t do during the hot summer season and the cold winter months.

E-bike Maintenance and Care

A long-range fat tire electric bike is a machine, and you need to invest time to take care of the e-bike so that it does not fail you mid-route.

These are a few tips to maintain the electric bike and keep it fall-ready:

  • You need to wash your electric bike regularly. Dirt, mud, water, and grease can decrease the e-bike’s efficiency. Use a low-pressure hose and brush to clean the e-bike. 
  • The drivetrain should be cleaned well for optimal performance. 
  • Apply a good-quality lubricant to the bike chain for efficient transmission. 
  • Check the tire pressure and maintain it at the right level. Remember, under-inflated tires can waste power, reduce efficiency, and be unsafe for long rides.
  • Keep checking your e-bike regularly for safety checks just to make sure that the axles and bolts are tight and the tires are not punctured.
  • When washing the e-bike, ensure that the battery and the other electrical components are sealed. Unplug the charger. Use only a dry cloth to clean the charging ports.
  • Disconnect the battery, if possible, while washing the e-bike, and then use a dry and soft brush to clean the battery. 
  • Any issue with the motor should be immediately handed over to a company repair shop. 
  • Download firmware updates to boost torque and even make the battery last longer.
Easy E-Biking - Himiway fat tire electric bike, man, gravel, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo credit Himiway e-bikes

Remember, a happy bike means a happy ride. Hence, take care of your e-bike’s health by maintaining it properly.

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Connecting with the Community and Sharing Experiences

Besides conquering the slopes and doing some intense burnout sessions, fall e-biking is also the perfect opportunity to get into some soul-searching moments and get inspired by fellow e-cyclists. The connection or the bond between bikers is special. 

Therefore, everyone who is an ardent e-biker should find opportunities to participate in fall biking events or be part of a local e-biking club.

Many people have formed lifelong friendships, and a unique feeling of loyalty and team manship strikes, irrespective of the background and professional or personal interests of the bikers. 

You are bound to be motivated by the stories shared by everyone, the fun and banter, the secrets, and the experiences. Being a part of community biking sojourns also helps train, clear queries and doubts, learn better ways of riding, and more.  

Easy E-Biking - e-cyclists meeting in the ride nature, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

With every memory that you create on these long-range biking trails, remember to share your experiences with others because you never know what someone can learn from your endeavors. 

It is also a great idea to share clicks and snaps on social media to let your e-bike buddies, clubs, and groups know about your adventures.

A few words in conclusion

Long-range fat tire electric bikes are your best fall companions, especially if you are a thrill-seeker and love to wander around natural beauties around your place. The combo of a powerful battery and fat tires, along with a robust motor, does wonders when you are in the backwoods, off-terrain, on steep slopes, etc.

Pick the right e-bike to move around stress-free on a single charge. For example, the Himiway Cruiser would be a perfect choice! Fall is a great time to indulge in some outdoor adventures; your Long-range fat tire electric bike will ensure that you don’t miss the fun. It will certainly not fail you, pushing you to your limits. 

Remember to take good care of your electric bike, especially the battery, tires, and electrical components. With your electric bike in the right shape, you can conquer any type of terrain and adventure, a freedom you will always value. 

Every ride will turn out to be a unique experience, and make sure to share them with your e-biking friends and community through photos, journals, and sketches. 

Lastly, don’t forget to gear yourself appropriately on your long-range fat tire electric bike for your fall adventure!

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