Harley-Davidson Serial 1 e-Bikes Review: Are These Bikes Any Good?

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Harley-Davidson needs no introduction as one of the most iconic motorcycle brands worldwide. In recent years, Harley has expanded into electric two-wheelers, including e-bikes, under the dedicated brand Serial 1. It’s safe to say that it seamlessly maintained its prestige when it made this move. 

After all, the Serial 1 models bring Harley’s signature style, performance, and reputation to the e-bike world. With powerful motors, premium components, and sleek designs, Serial 1 e-bikes make a bold statement unmatched by competitors. 

Riders seeking an exhilarating electric bicycle experience backed by over 100 years of motorcycle heritage need look no further than Serial 1.

Is Serial 1 a Good E-bike Brand to Buy?

In short – yes, Serial 1 is an excellent e-bike brand that delivers on quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. While the pricing is higher, Serial 1 e-bikes provide an unmatched riding experience reminiscent of the Harley legacy. For riders seeking powerful performance and head-turning style, Serial 1 is a top choice.

Harley-Davidson Serial 1 e-Bikes Review: What Does It Stand for? 

Serial 1 e-bikes represent Harley-Davidson’s exciting foray into electric two-wheelers. Harley-Davidson launched the dedicated e-bike brand Serial 1 Cycle Company in 2020 as part of its “More Roads to Harley-Davidson” initiative to expand into new markets and products. 

The name Serial 1 references “Serial Number One,” the nickname for Harley-Davidson’s oldest-known motorcycle, built in 1903. It symbolizes the brand’s commitment to innovation and new frontiers while retaining its iconic roots.

Just as Harley-Davidson pioneered motorcycles, Serial 1 aims to redefine electric bicycles. The brand focuses on delivering the ultimate e-bike experience defined by quality craftsmanship, high performance, and a sleek aesthetic. 

Serial 1 also emphasizes sustainable urban transportation while retaining the unmistakable Harley attitude. For Harley loyalists and new fans, Serial 1 brings an electric edge to the revered Bar and Shield.

Product Proposition and Range

Serial 1 offers four distinct e-bike models tailored for different needs:

E-bike LineType

With strong aluminum frames, high-end components, and powerful motors, Serial 1 e-bikes deliver a premium riding experience. They incorporate Harley styling cues like moto handlebars and leather details for a signature look. 

Serial 1 e-bikes feature several standout technologies:

  • Brose mid-drive electric motors (up to 90 Nm torque)
  • Gates Carbon Drive belts for low maintenance 
  • Integrated LED lighting 
  • Removable batteries from 529-706 Wh
  • Hydroformed aluminum frames 
  • Carbon fiber forks
  • SR Suntour suspension on mountain bikes
  • Shimano hydraulic disc brakes
  • Thru-axle wheels
  • Customizable ride modes via the app

Build Quality and Design Aesthetics

The fit and finish on Serial 1 e-bikes reflect the meticulous attention to detail that Harley-Davidson is renowned for. The hydroformed aluminum frames exhibit expert welding and elegant shaping that flows seamlessly from the angular top tube to the curved seat stays.

Subtle design touches elevate the high-end aesthetic, such as laser-etched logos and sleek anodized fork accents. The matte paint jobs and two-tone color schemes give the e-bikes a modern, stealth fighter look.

The component integration also stands out. The removable batteries, lights, fenders, and other elements blend into the frame for a unified ride. Hydraulic brake lines and shift cables disappear inside the frame tubing.

Several parts, like the saddles and grips get premium leather appointments. The leather-wrapped handles and perforated leather seats provide both style and comfort.

The styling aligns with Harley tradition from the slightly swept-back handlebars reminiscent of motorcycle ergonomics to the bold color pairings like black and red. Yet the look remains contemporary and aggressive.

Aluminum rims, carbon fiber forks, an adjustable alloy seat post, and other high-end components complement the quality frameset. Overall, the Serial 1 e-bikes exhibit outstanding fit, finish, and attention to aesthetic detail. Form and function mix seamlessly.

Performance and Ride Experience 

Serial 1 e-bikes deliver thrilling acceleration and high speeds courtesy of the torquey Brose mid-drive motors. The motors provide responsive power, ideal for daily commutes and weekend joyrides.

Specifically, the RUSH/CTY reaches an electrifying 28 mph top speed with pedal assist. The MOSH/CTY and mountain models (SWITCH/MTN and BASH/MTN) have 20 mph top speeds. However, all the Serial 1 e-bikes feel remarkably zippy off the line. The motors eliminate sluggish starts, turning even steep hills into minor obstacles.

The plush, knobby tires soak up cracks and bumps in the road, keeping rides smooth and stable even on rough terrain. The lowered center of gravity lends stability for confident handling at high and low speeds. These capable e-bikes stay planted through curves and turns.

The ride quality proves comfortable hour after hour thanks to the ergonomic geometry and adjustable components. The leather saddles and grips add class. Vibration from the motor and road is minimal.

The single-speed drivetrains supply simplicity and low maintenance. However, having just one gear ratio limits climbing capabilities on hilly routes. Riders may find themselves pedaling aggressively on inclines or losing momentum.

For flat urban areas, the single-speed works well. But the lack of gearing becomes more apparent for frequent hill climbing or variable terrain.

The mountain models (SWITCH/MTN and BASH/MTN) stand out with their front suspension forks that soak up bumps and improve control when riding off-road. The knobby tires also provide plenty of traction and cushioning for trail riding. Overall, the mountain bikes deliver capable performance for riding on diverse terrains, from paved paths to forested trails.

As a whole, Serial 1 e-bikes deliver responsive, smooth power, perfect for everything from daily transportation to exercise loops. The motors make riding effortless and enjoyable. While hill climbing suffers slightly, the robust acceleration creates an electrifying riding experience.

Technology and Features

Serial 1 sets itself apart with high-tech features that enhance the riding experience. The proprietary integrated IoT device enables GPS bike tracking, motion monitoring, and crash detection via a mobile app. 

Riders can also digitally lock the e-bike’s motor and check real-time analytics like distance traveled, altitude gained, power usage, and more. This technology deters theft and provides peace of mind.

Other innovative features include:

  • Integrated headlight and brake light powered by the main battery
  • Handlebar-mounted smartphone holder 
  • Customizable assist levels and max speed
  • Push-button adjustable seat post 
  • Removable color display with ride information
  • Gates Carbon Drive system requires no lubrication or adjustments  

Together, these details create technologically advanced and user-friendly e-bikes. But does all this technology distract from the pure riding experience? Or do the smart features provide valuable functionality and customization? It’s up to each rider’s preferences and priorities.

Customer Reviews and Reputation

Serial 1 owners praise the e-bikes for their riding dynamics, quality craftsmanship, and head-turning style. Many customers are existing Harley loyalists drawn to the brand’s first e-bike foray.

Owners say the Serial 1 models deliver powerful acceleration and smooth handling worthy of the Harley name. Build quality earns accolades for proper fit, polished finishes, and integrated components.

Most reviews on Harley and e-bike forums and websites are positive. Critical feedback focuses mainly on the high prices. There are few grievances about performance, functionality, or reliability.

Serial 1’s reputation echoes Harley’s heritage of premium American craftsmanship. Customer satisfaction remains high, and the brand garners respect as a leader in the e-bike space.

Pricing and Value for Money

Serial 1 e-bikes range from $3,399 for the MOSH/CTY to $5,499 for the high-end RUSH models. Pricing aligns with other premium e-bike brands like Specialized and BMC.

The components and technology justify the expense for riders seeking advanced performance. However, more budget-friendly e-bikes exist for basic urban transportation needs.

Compared to Harley motorcycles, Serial 1 e-bikes represent an attractive entry point to the brand’s culture and community. For Harley loyalists, the premium pricing reflects the trusted quality and style.

Warranty, Trial Period, Shipping

Serial 1 e-bikes come with a limited lifetime warranty on the frame and two years on components. Owners can request service through local dealers.

The brand does not currently offer an at-home trial period. However, prospective buyers can demo Serial 1 e-bikes at select Harley dealerships in the US and Europe. 

Serial 1 ships e-bikes to the following countries:

Austria, Belgium, Czechia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Kuwait, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, and United Kingdom.

Its website provides online ordering and financing options. Assembly requires only basic tools.


  • Powerful, smooth performance
  • Premium quality and craftsmanship 
  • Innovative technology features
  • Sleek, head-turning designs
  • Harley heritage and brand prestige


  • Expensive pricing
  • Limited trial period and shipping locations
  • Single-speed drivetrains limit climbing ability

Conclusion and Recommendation

For riders seeking advanced e-bike performance and stand-out style, Serial 1 delivers. The brand brings Harley-Davidson’s iconic DNA into the electric era with an unrivaled blend of power, craftsmanship, and technology.

While the prices sit at the top end, Serial 1 e-bikes match the exceptional riding dynamics to the premium price tag. Owners praise the acceleration, handling, features, and overall quality.

For urban commuting, fitness training, and weekend thrill riding, Serial 1 e-bikes make an excellent choice. Riders get an electrifying new take on the Harley experience. 

So, for those craving best-in-class e-bike performance with head-turning styling, Serial 1 merits consideration. Test rides at local dealers prove these innovative e-bikes uphold the revered Harley heritage.

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