Best e-Bikes Made in Germany. 44 German e-Bike Brands.

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Easy E-Biking - Top German e-bike brands, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
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In the European electric bike industry, Germany leads in terms of growth and market size. Brands that are doing well in the country are known to use premium-quality components, chic and appealing designs, fully integrated batteries, and value-addition in terms of innovative features.

With increasing gasoline prices and awareness regarding sustainability, the e-bike industry is expected to grow dramatically in the next few years. 

The electric market in Germany is forecasted to grow at 4.13% CAGR. Currently, the market is ruled by pedal-assisted electric bikes. It is because these e-bikes can be used without licenses and registrations.

Segment-wise, city/urban e-bikes are the most popular as these vehicles help navigate through traffic jams easily. To top it, finding a suitable parking space for e-bikes is not as tedious as parking automobiles. 

Throttle-assisted e-bikes are the go-to option for outdoor enthusiasts looking for off-road escapades and long-distance adventures. In the battery type, lithium-ion batteries are the most common as these charge faster and have a longer lifespan with the guarantee of longer ranges. 

Summary Table: Top 7 German E-bike Brands

Brand NameE-bike Model Lines
1. CanyonMountain, Gravel, City, Road, Touring
2. CubeHybrid, Mountain, Road, City, Commuter, Cruiser, Cargo, Gravel
3. FocusMountain, Road, Hybrid
4. GhostMountains, Gravel, Trekking, Urban
5. HaibikeMountain, Road, Hybrid
6. KalkhoffCity, Road, Commuter
7. Riese & MüllerMountain, Cargo, City, Commuter, Hybrid Road
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Summary Table: 44 German Electric Bike Manufacturers

Brand NameTypes of E-bikeStateCity
AdvancedUrban, Off-road, Trekking, TripBavariaWaldershof
BergamontUrban, Cargo, Off-road, TrekkingHamburgSt. Pauli 
BMWCity, CommuterBrandenburgBerlin
BrennaborCity, TrekkingThuringiaElsenach 
BULLSMountain, Cross, City, Urban, TrekkingBavariaWaldershof 
CanyonMountain, Gravel, City, Road, TouringRhineland-PalatinateKoblenz
CenturionMountain, Cross, Urban, Trekking, Cargo, CountrySwabiaMagstadt
CheetahMountain, TrekkingBaden-WuerttembergGingen an der Fils
CobocUrban, City, Trekking, SportsBaden-WuerttembergHeidelberg
ConwayMountain, Road, GravelNorth Rhine-WestphaliaRadevormwald
CorratecCity, Road, Trekking, MountainBavariaRaubling
CubeHybrid, Mountain, Road, City, Commuter, Cruiser, Cargo, GravelBavariaWaldershof
Derby CycleCity, Trekking, RoadLower SaxonyCloppenburg
DiamantCity, TrekkingNorth Rhine-WestphaliaIserlohn in 
DrössigerCity, Gravel, Mountain, TrekkingNorth Rhine-WestphaliaEschweiler 
FocusMountain, Road, HybridBavariaWaldershof
GhostMountains, Gravel, Trekking, UrbanBavariaWaldershof
GudereitCity, Trekking, Gravel, FoldingNorth Rhine-WestphaliaBielefeld
HaibikeMountain, Road, HybridBavariaWaldershof
HNFAll-terrain, Urban, CargoNorth Rhine-WestphaliaNettetal
HoheAchtCity, Gravel, Mountain, TrekkingNorth Rhine-WestphaliaCologne
KalkhoffCity, Road, CommuterLower SaxonyCloppenburg
KHE BikesBMXBavariaMunich
KreidlerCity, SUV, TrekkingBaden-WürttembergSindelfingen
Last bikeMountain, All-Terrain, City, GravelNorth Rhine-WestphaliaDortmund
M1 SporttechnikCity, All-Terrain, Mountain, TrailBavariaWaldershof
PropheteCity, Trekking, Urban, MTB, SUVBavariaSenden
PuchCity, HybridNorth Rhine-WestphaliaOchtrup
RabeneickCity, Urban, TrekkingBerlin
RadonMountain, TrekkingBaden-WürttembergLichtenau
Riese & MüllerMountain, Cargo, City, Commuter, Hybrid RoadDarmstadt-DieburgMühltal
RoseUrban, Road, Gravel, Fitness, MTB, Hybrid, TouringNorth Rhine-WestphaliaBocholt
RotwildMountain, Gravel, Crossover, Endurance, GravityBavariaWaldershof
SchindelhauerCity, Mountain, Gravel, All-TerrainBrandenburgBerlin
SilverbackMountain, All-Road, Commute, Sports, Fat TireBrandenburgBerlin
StevensCity, Tour, Urban, Hardtail, Crossover, MountainHamburgHamburg
SwypeCommute, Mountain, Trail, MountainBrandenburgBerlin 
TrenoliCity, Trekking, MountainBavariaMunich
Velo de villeCity, Commute, Off-road, Trekking, Mountain, ComfortNorth Rhine-WestphaliaCologne
VictoriaUrban, City, Tour, Trekking,SUV, All-RoadNorth Rhine-WestphaliaCologne
VotecAll-road, Gravel, City BavariaWaldershof
WinoraCity, Cargo, TrekkingLower SaxonyCloppenburg
ZemoSports, City, CommuteBavariaWaldershof
Easy E-Biking - Top German e-bike brands, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

44 German Electric Bike Manufacturers


The recipient of the ‘Design & Innovation Award 2022,’ Advanced Electric Bikes are symbolic of ‘progressive and highly developed’ electric bikes. The e-bike company was started in 2007 in Waldershof.

The brand aims to become the first climate-neutral electric bike company by 2025. With the help of outstanding technology and circular design, the brand is foraying forward in the e-bike market. The founder and CEO of the company is Helge von Fugler. 

Advanced e-bike frames are RECO-made, which can be manufactured with ease as well as recycled 100%. It means that old bike frames can be recycled to make new components and frames.

The Urban Line has five models and comes with a Gates timing belt, compact size, and hub gears with the front luggage rack to enable city rides with ease.

This Tour line-up has four models and one of the best-selling e-bikes from Advanced. Removable batteries, integrated brake lines, and shift cables are some of the value-added propositions. 

The Advanced Trekking line-up is sure to be the right choice for all dare hearts out there with eight models. The Trekking e-bikes are fitted with a motor offering a torque of 85Nm, have a choice of derailleur gears, stepless or hub gears, chain or belt drive, and a comfortable sitting position.

The Off-road range comes with stronger engines, larger batteries, and sporty MTB geometries. There are five models in this line-up.

E-bikes can be ordered online, though the brand has its dealers in certain parts of Europe.


Headquartered at St. Pauli in Hamburg, Bergamont was started in 1993 and represents ‘mobility.’ The company offers a five-year warranty on the frame and rear ends due to the incredible quality of materials and components used. The brand makes electric bikes for urban commuters, cargo, off-road, and trekking electric bikes.

The e-Urban series consists of five models – e-Ville, e-Vitess, e-Sweep, Paul-e, and Hans-e. e-Ville, Paul-e and Hans-e have the low-step frame. The e-Cargo line has three models – e-Cargoville LJ, e-Cargoville LT, and e-Cargoville Bakery.

The e-Trekking lineup has three models – e-Horizon FS, e-Horizon SUV, and e-Horizon. The e-Performance line has four models – e-Contrail, e-Trailster, e-Revox, and e-Gradurance.

The components used are mostly top-quality. For example, the e-MTB E-Contrail, E-Revox, and E-Trailster have the Bosch Drive Unit.

The E-Gradurance comes with the Fazua drive. Similarly, the E-Horizon FS and the E-Horizon are fitted with the Bosch’s advanced engine and the battery technology from PowerTube. 

The Global Distribution Network of Bergamont is spread across Europe and certain Asian countries.


Easy E-Biking - BMW e-bike logo, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

The world’s leading automobile manufacturer, BMW, also manufactures electric bikes, contributing to the sustainability goals of the planet. The manufacturing unit is based out of Berlin, Germany.

The Bavarian automobile giant made history when it became the first company in its industry to enter the e-bike market with its BMW Cruise e-bike back in 2013. The brand has long been known for sophistication and style, and it certainly did not hold back in infusing its e-bike models with the same trademark. 

BMW has gained such a solid reputation over the years that it did not take long for e-bike riders in Germany to love the models in its Performance Line. Its bikes show a ready dynamism that appeals to plenty of German consumers. State-of-the-art is also innately tied to the brand in general, and for most manufacturers, to create models that showcase this is a massive achievement enough as it is. 

BMW e-bike models

BMW is another leader in innovation, so that’s another aspect that allows it to instantly attract most German e-bike riders. Their models’ designs are noticeably sleek and often incorporate advanced features as much as possible.  The button-triggered motor assists and incorporation of the motor into the frame are but some of the new features that they have introduced to the e-bike industry. 

Most of them are geared toward longer rides, so you can expect most BMW models to be hybrid e-bikes. However, they are also targeting Germany’s commuting public, so expect high-class cruisers and city e-bikes from them, too.

BMW quality and features

BMW never skimps on design and detail, so much so that they meticulously introduce unprecedented changes to their e-bike designs. What’s certain is that their models are as powerful as they are aesthetically pleasing. European quality e-bikes at their best. Their prices are fairly mid-range as well, allowing them to appeal to the most riding citizens of Germany. 


Started in 1886 as a basket-making workshop, Brennabor was founded by the Reichstein brothers Carl, Adolf, and Eduard Reichstein. Later, the workshop grew to add more businesses to its product line.

For example, carpentry, locksmith, blacksmith, and wheelwright businesses. The company is headquartered in Elsenach in Thuringia. Brennabor entered the cycle-making business in 1892.

The brand makes exclusive electric bikes for city and trekking purposes. The E-Retro is the City model. It has the Active Line Plus motor from Bosch. It has a timeless classical look. The e-trekking lineup has nineteen models that are apt for traversing across varied terrain.

The electric bikes are all fitted with Bosch motors and batteries up to the capacity of 625Wh. Customers can choose between derailleur or hub gears, classic chain or belt drive, wave frame, or trapezoid.  

These electric bikes are available across an extensive dealer network in Germany. International buyers can order electric bikes through the online site.


Based in Waldershof, Bavaria, BULLS was started in 1995. In 2007, Team BULLS was formed, after which Karl Platt, five-time Cape Epic winner and double German champion, has been directly involved in designing new bikes for the brand.

The brand ensures optimal price and fair production for sustainable success. The brand has worksites across 12 nations, including the US, UK, Russia, and New Zealand. There are about 1,000 cycling specialists in the BULLS network covering the whole of Europe. 

The company provides a warranty of 24 months on its products. The central warehouse is based out of Cologne. The company also has the Cologne Academy, where regular workshops and internal certification training sessions are organized. 

The brand designs and manufactures electric bikes for segments like city, urban, mountain, speed, and cross. Components used are from top brands like Shimano, Bosch, Brose, Panasonic, and more. Top e-bikes from the brand are names like Urban Copenhagen, Urban Cologne, Sonic, E-Stream, and more.


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Making bikes since 1976, Centurion is based out of Magstadt in Swabia. The in-house designing and engineering prowess of the brand has helped it create a niche for itself. For example, the logo, intuitively designed indicators, elegant chainring, functional design, top-quality material, intuitive locking mechanism, and rattle-free internal cable routing.

The brand undertakes extensive test drives to ensure optimal safety and comfort. The frames have a lifetime guarantee. The add-on components used are from the internal brands of Centurion – PRC and Procraft. 

The brand makes e-bikes covering three segments – Mountain, Cross, and Urban. Centurion e-bikes fall under two drive systems – Bosch and Shimano.


The manufacturer’s warranty for the aluminum and carbon frames is 5 years. The company sells only through specialist dealers and not directly to customers. The company has a big network of such dealers in Austria and Germany. 


Headquartered in Gingen an der Fils, Cheetah was established in 1998, while the electric division was started in 2008. Cheetah Bikes are 100% German-made. The electric bikes are handmade, designed, machined, welded, and assembled in the German factory. The brand ships its models to the European Union, Switzerland, and Germany. 

The brand was started by Michael Herrlinger, who was a mechanical engineering technician and a biking enthusiast. Over the years, the engineering and designs of the products have undergone numerous changes as the philosophy is to make products that have timeless beauty. The brand has the motto, “Manufacture with passion.”

 The brand makes mountain electric bikes. The first model is the E-Joat, which has a stable aluminum frame fitted with a strong Brose drive. It also has a 150mm suspension.

It is compact with 90Nm torque and 14 gears. The E-Spirit is the next model and is fitted with Rohloff gears, Brose Drive S Mag mid-motor, and Gates belt drive. This model also has a torque of 90Nm torque, and it has a carbon-reinforced timing belt. 


Based out of Heidelberg in Baden-Wuerttemberg, Coboc was established in 2010. The USP of the brand is that the bikes are lightweight and weigh less than 18kg, 

The company has numerous models. The Montreal, Torino, eCycle F1, Brooklyn FAT, Merano DMT, Merano TPZ, Bristol DMT, Kallio CMF, Callio RGD, Iseo, Bristol TPZ, Vesterbro TPZ, Vesterbro DMT, and the newly launched Sydney are a few from the lineup.

The latest launch weighs about 14.5kg and is a go-to option for daily commuters and sports enthusiasts. Two physicists came together to launch the brand, with a thorough focus on the design. 

The slim e-bike designs were finalized in 2013. The Coboc App helps in smart connectivity between the e-bike and your smartphone.

The Coboc App dashboard helps riders stay in control over all riding statistics. The brand sells through a dealer network within Germany. For international buyers, the Coboc website is the best place to assess and order electric bikes from the brand. Most components are made in-house.


Setup in 1995, Conway is headquartered in Radevormwald in North Rhine-Westphalia. The WME, a mountain electric bike, was the first e-bike developed in-house in 2014-2015. In 2020-21, the brand launched two platforms in the e-MTB sector – Cairon and Xyron.

The brand manufactures electric bikes for mountain, gravel, and road usage. The mountain electric bike has three models – Cairon S, Xyron S, and E-WME.

The components used are from Shimano, e-WME, and Bosch. For sports enthusiasts, the E-SUV lineup consists of the Xyron SUV, Cairon C, Cairon SUV, and Cairon SUV F5. The e-trekking and tour lineup consists of models Cairon T. The motor is from Bosch for Cairon T. 

Conway e-bikes are available across Spain, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, and Slovenia through a dealer network. Buyers can also order Conway electric bikes online.


Easy E-Biking - Corratec e-bike logo, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Started in 1990, Corratec continues to operate from Raubling in Bavaria, Germany. It promptly announces its dedication to cycling with its motto, “Passion of cycling.” Similar to most German-built e-bikes, Corratec models do not take durability lightly and also capitalize on the latest technologies to achieve their goals. 

And, true enough, the brand has received award after award in recent years in German e-biking circles. These achievements serve to cement its presence in the German e-bike market and worldwide. Furthermore, the company also has its own racing team, which has consistently won a lot of competitions over the years. 

Corratec e-bike models

Performance-based models like road, mountain, and city e-bikes are where Corratec makes its mark. It has over 10 e-bikes that fall under those categories. Many of their options are sporty and are evidently built for competitive purposes. However, as mentioned before, they have also tapped into the urban riding category. A lot of their city e-bikes have actually gotten as many positive reviews as its offroad offerings. 

Corratec quality and features

Corratec stands out in such a way that most of its e-bikes are not as uniformly designed. This approach makes the brand either hit or miss its target on most occasions. And it is only proven by the mixture of criticism and praise (as proven by its numerous awards) its models have acquired. 

Plenty of their models are also conventionally designed in that they have a thicker frame than most e-bikes. Regardless of its shortcomings, Corratec still manages to remain a solid brand among Germans. Most of it could be attributed to the fluidity of the brand; it does its best to improve its models, in short. 


Easy E-Biking - Cube e-bike logo, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

As far as the European e-bike market goes, CUBE is pretty much a biggie. This only puts more clout on its humble beginnings in Germany. It’s also a bike brand that’s been around for quite a long time now, having been initially recognized for its mountain bikes. 

Considering where the company stands now, we can safely say that it has since expanded that image by offering e-bikes for city riding, light trail riding, and various demographics as well. 

CUBE e-bike models

If prolific can be used to describe e-bike manufacturers, CUBE definitely deserves that earmark. It boasts of an impressive catalog, with e-bike lines that come in plenty of types and variations. The brand sticks to its reputation for creating outstanding mountain bikes by offering different mountain and road e-bikes that fall under the Enduro, Trail, Tour, Sport, and All Mountain (hardtail and full suspension) categories. 

As said above, it also offers a wide variety of models for urban settings and even has models for kids and the more recent gravel variety. It’s a complete e-bike catalog, in short, and what’s wonderful is that the brand continues to expand over the years. 

CUBE quality and features

CUBE is a brand that sticks to the ready quality that most Bosch motors bring. Expect its models to pull no punches when delivering the highest torque available, and yes, this goes for pretty much both its e-MTBs and road as well as city, cruiser, gravel, and commuter models. 

It’s an above-average brand, as evidenced by the almost uniform integration of superb hydraulic brakes, lightweight frames, riding ranges that can reach 90 miles per full charge, and all the great bells and whistles you look for in a bike or e-bike. 

In a nutshell, CUBE really is more about quality despite its apparent focus on quantity. Even though this is the case, it doesn’t go overboard with its prices. Yes, plenty of models fall under the high-end category, but it’s due more to the savvy combination of advanced components and smart design decisions that don’t balloon costs, unlike others that belong in the same grain. 

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Derby Cycle

Founded in 1900, Derby Cycle was earlier called Kalkhoff, named after the founder, Heinrich Kalkhoff. In 1988, the company name was changed to Derby Cycle, but on 1st July 2022, Derby Cycle Works GmbH was renamed Kalkhoff Works GmbH. The company is known for its two brands – the performance brand FOCUS and the comfort electric bike brand called Kalkhoff. 

It all started as a small family business; the journey has been momentous. In 2007, the company rolled out its first electric bike from the Kalkhoff series. The factory has an assembly unit with 10 conveyors and a speed of finishing up to one wheel every 3.5 minutes, making almost 2,500 pieces daily. The brand specializes in manufacturing city e-bikes, trekking, and road e-bikes.

The drive systems used by the brand for its different e-bike models are Bosch systems, for example, Active Line, Active Line Plus, Performance Line, Performance Line CX, and Bosch Performance Line Speed.

The options for platform levels are Level 7+ or The New Premium Class with the finest level of engineering; Level 5+ with guaranteed stability, flexibility, and comfort; Level 3, which promotes comfortable cycling every day; and Level 1, which has an extra-deep step-through frame for easy accessibility. 


Owned by Diamantwerke, Diamant dates back to 1885, making it one of the earliest German brands. Setup in Iserlohn in North Rhine-Westphalia, it is one of the major manufacturing brands from East Germany.  Trek and Electra are the sister brands of Diamond. There are instances of shared frames, though the brand is responsible for making products for the European market.

Diamant e-bikes are handmade and assembled in the Hartmannsdorf factory in Germany. It has been the recipient of various design awards. It sells its e-bikes through an exclusive dealer network or online. Lastly, the frames of the e-bikes are warranted for a lifetime. There are about 30 e-bike models from the brand.

The Diamant 365 is the lightest one among all models. These are urban electric bikes for daily rides. Diamant Zouma is a city e-bike with a fully integrated battery. It is fitted with a Bosch Performance CX motor. The Zing lineup is the trekking electric bikes.

The e-bikes have an external battery as the light. The Beryll and Mandara are best for heavier loads. Beryl is a city e-bike, while Mandara is for trekking.

Most Diamant electric bikes have Bosch motors. 


In 1993, Drössiger was established in Eschweiler in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. The brand sells its electric bikes through its specialist dealer network and not directly. Buyers can also go in for a test drive at the dealer’s store. 

The company manufactures e-bikes for the mountains, city, gravel, and treks. The product lineup of the mountain range includes Ride E, Ride E Lady, One E, Ride E SUV, and Ride E Lady SUV. 

The models have frames with suspension forks, wide tires, luggage racks, lights, and mudguards. The City/Trekking product line consists of Trekking E.Sports and Trekking. E Comfort as well as City E.Sports and City E.Comfort. 

Buyers can use the Online Configurator to configure the models as per their tastes and preferences. The brand offers a two-year warranty on the e-bike, a six-year warranty on aluminum frames, and a three-year warranty on suspended aluminum frames, carbon frames, and forks. 


Easy E-Biking - Focus e-bike logo, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Focus hails from Stuttgart, Germany, where it was founded by Mike Kluge in 1993. The brand became known for its high-end performance bikes like road bikes and mountain bikes. When it comes to eMTBs, Focus occupies the top tier bracket because of their truly superior designs, which are very similar to the tried-and-tested rugged, and powerful design of the mountain bike.

Is it any wonder, then, that German riders love them a lot? Who wouldn’t want to traverse the Alpine trails with a superb eMTB? As for how Focus was able to shape its models and earn its reputation, most of it again hinges on the brand’s dedication to innovation, performance, and perfection. 

Focus e-bike models

Focus’s eMTBs have plenty of variations, and it’s evident that it’s the category that the brand is focusing (pun intended) most of its attention on. Models like Thron and Jam have received very positive feedback from reviewers. To see the variety in their full-suspension and hardtail eMTBs, you only need to look at their online store and browse through the numerous subcategories in the eMTB section. 

Their road e-bikes and what they term “e-all-round e-bikes” (which appear to be closest to hybrids) are all very notable, too, simply because of their unique designs and componentry. At present, they offer 4 e-all-round e-bikes, with either one falling under the Urban, Touring, or Trekking subcategories. Their sole road e-bike is the Paralane, which has received generally good reviews. 

Focus quality and features

Focus delivers the qualities we all love to have in our eMTBs. They are durable, safe (especially their full-suspension options), equipped with world-class features, advanced tech, and very satisfactory riding ranges. 

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Ghost Bikes

Waldershof-based Ghost Bikes was started in 1993. The founders are passionate mountain bikers, and through the Ghost brand, they are now transforming mobility for the masses. Smart, high on performance, and designed cleverly, the Ghost range of e-bikes is known for intricate detailing and is equipped with the latest technologies. 

The company makes electric bike models that are named E-Riot, E-Teru, E-ASX, and Path across multiple segments like urban, mountain, and light e-bikes. The components used are from top-end manufacturers. For example, the battery is Bosch Power Tube with varying capacities.

The LCD screens are either Bosch or Yamaha. The frame is either made from aluminum or carbon. The motor is either Bosch or Yamaha. The company offers a guarantee of the frame, between 3 and 5 years. Buyers can buy Ghost e-bikes from premium dealers located all over the European continent and Morocco in Africa. 


Setup in 1949, Gudereit is headquartered in Bielefeld, North Rhine-Westphalia. Bielefeld has long been home to many bicycles, bikes, and frames. Due to the pioneering work, the brand was awarded the Federal Prize for Good Form. The company, for a long time, has been focusing on making trekking bikes. As the 21st century started, the brand entered into the e-bike industry. 

The company makes exclusive e-bikes for mountain, city, trekking, and folding segments. The Trekking lineup has ten models. The components include gears from Shimano Altus, Bosch motors, brakes from Shimano, and display screens from Bosch.

The e-City range has 11 models. The e-gravel has only one model, which is the EX Plore. It has a Bafang motor and display screen. The Folding electric bike is the EC-40 EVO Foldo, which is fitted with a Gates timing belt and disc brakes. 

Some of the e-bikes also have Promax brakes, headlights from Herrmans, adjustable stems from Satori, and a Kiox onboard computer that has Bluetooth connectivity, keeping track of the riders’ current heart rate ranges. 


Easy E-Biking - Haibike USA e-bike logo, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Haibike, although US-based, has a deep German connection in that most of its models are designed and created in Germany. Its German roots also can’t be denied since it was founded in Schweinfurt in 1995, originally named Winora. In the course of time, it introduced developments in performance-based e-bikes that could not have been achieved without that exclusive German touch.

In fact, Haibike is known for being the progenitor of the modern eMTB, so it should not be a surprise that many riders worldwide don’t fail to regard the brand with reverence. Its history is filled with many technological milestones that served to shape and continue to shape the e-bikes we are currently enjoying.

Haibike e-bike models

eMTB models like the Sduro and Xduro really fulfill the basic criterion of the price-performance ratio. These Haibike models are proof that you don’t have to break the bank (at least, in e-bike price standards) to enjoy the best mountain electric biking experience. Such a quality allows it to compete against good local and international brands.

Haibike also offers a range of road, ladies’, and kids’ e-bikes, which illustrates the relative growth of the company in this specific industry. They also offer multiple options in frame size, shape, and wheel size. 

Haibike quality and features

Haibike really performs best in their strength, which is obviously mountain electric bikes. The Sduro, for one, uses the best Bosch motors in the market, with outstanding assist and tires designed to tackle any kind of terrain it rides in. The Xduro has almost similar features, which demonstrate what a solid eMTB should be like. 

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Established in 1990, HNF is one of the pioneers of electric bikes in the country. They have been making electric bikes since 2015. The XF1, one of the first models, was made with BMWi.

The cargo bikes CD1 and CD2 are engineered with tilting technology, a patent of HNF. The brand is known for making electric bikes in the premium segment. The company is based out of Nettetal, North Rhine-Westphalia. 

The brand uses top-notch components from companies like Bosch, Ergon, Enviola, Magura, Supernova, Rohloff, and more. There are six models from the brand – CD2, XD4, UD4, XD3, UD3, and SD3. The brand makes electric bikes for various segments – Cargo, Urban, and All-terrain.

Buyers can buy HNF electric bikes from qualified specialist dealers throughout Germany. There are 500 such dealers in Germany and nations in and around Germany to facilitate purchases. Customers can also buy directly from the factory in Solar Valley or Biesenthal shop.


Based out of Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia, HoheAcht was started in 2008. In the Vulkaneifel, the Hohe Acht mountain rises up to the highest level among the Eifel volcanos. That is where this brand of electric bike gets its name.

The inspiration for the brand name also comes from the indomitable spirit of the iconic Green Hell. The e-bikes are mostly assembled in a TehniBike GmbH factory in Staßfurt, Germany. 

The e-City line is powered by the Shimano motor and hub gear. The e-Gravel line comes with a powerful Mahle electric drive system. The e-Mountain e-bikes have mixed-wheel-size wheels and modern trail geometries. There is a lightweight line-up, too, with five models. 

The brand sells its e-bikes through its dealer network in Germany and through its online shop. Components used are from brands like RockShox, Kalloy-HoheAcht, Selle Royal, Schwalbe tires, and more.


Easy E-Biking - Kalkhoff e-bike logo, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Kalkhoff has plenty of history behind it, with over 100 years of biking heritage to be proud of. During that entire span of time, the company experienced various turbulence in its operation, but it did not stop it from introducing its own innovations in biking. As far as size goes, Kalkoff is considered one of the largest e-bike companies in the world; in Germany, it’s widely regarded as more of a high-end manufacturer of e-bikes. 

Presently, the brand is based in Cloppenburg, Germany. It has also preserved the robust productivity it exhibited over the years. E-bike production only began in 2007, though, but such a move ushered in another chapter of success for the company. As a whole, Kalkhoff’s history, much like its other German counterparts, is replete with innovation – there is an obvious, innate desire to perfect their models and bring as much convenience to riders of their e-bikes. 

Kalkhoff e-bike models

Most German-based brands are overshadowed by Kalkhoff when it comes to the sheer number of city e-bikes they offer. Indeed, if there’s ever an e-bike brand that rules the city and urban e-bike sphere, Kalkhoff could very well have a legitimate claim to the throne. Though they’re high-end, most of its models are fairly reasonably priced. 

There’s no shortage of Kalkhoff city, cruiser, and commuter e-bikes you can choose from. Although they do introduce variety by offering trekking e-bikes, too. 

Kalkhoff quality and features

Their models readily exhibit a uniquely German touch in both design and compartments. Expect most of the e-bikes meant for urban riding to showcase unrivaled comfort, quiet operation, and a number of useful attachments like LED lights and tracking technology, to name a few. 

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KHE Bikes

In 1988,  KHE Bikes was established in Munich, Bavaria by brothers Wolfgang and Thomas Goring. The brand is well-known for many of its patented innovative products, including freestyle folding tires, butted handlebars, affix rotors, free coaster hubs with sealed bearings, and more.

Some of these innovations were made to keep their products lightweight. The brand sells their products through their online store since 2015. 

KHE is Germany’s oldest BMX brand. The BMX bikes from KHE are available as 16-inch BMX, 18-inch BMX, Aluminum BMX, and 20-inch wheels. Most of the parts and components used for the BMX bikes are patented and developed by the KHE team. 

Interestingly. Thomas Goring, one of the founder brothers, has been runner-up and fourth in the World Cup. The KHE Team riders have won many bike motocross world championship titles, almost ten in number. 


Established in 1888, Kreidler is based out of Sindelfingen in Baden-Württemberg. The company was set up by Anton Kreidler, and the first product launched by the company was K 50.

It was a motorized bicycle. The Kreidler-Werke GmbH & Co. KG, the original company, was taken over in 1987 by PROPHETE. The e-bikes go through intense and independent testing for security and reliability. 

Users can use the Kreidler My Bike App to register their e-bike so that their bike data is readily accessible at all times. Users can additionally track routes and have knowledge of the nearest dealers with the help of the App.

The company makes electric bikes for City, Trekking, and SUV purposes. The City range comes fitted with the Shimano and Bosch components. The Vitality range belongs to the SUV and trekking category and is also fitted with parts from Shimano and Bosch. The SUV range is fitted with Bosch and SRAM parts. 

Last Bikes

In 2000, Last Bikes was set up in Dortmund, North Rhine-Westphalia. The company has been developing full-suspension and hardtail frames since the first decades of 2000. The prototype of RUFUS was made for the first time in 2000 by the founder of the company, Jochen Forstmann. The co-owner of the company, Jörg Heydt, joined the company in 2002.

Tarvo was launched in 2020 and has the lightest Enduro frame, made from Carbon fiber. Glen was introduced in 2018, and in 2019, there was an update called the MX Link. It was voted as one of the top 10 bikes of the year in 2019 and 2020 by MTB-News users.

Clay was introduced in 2017, and the FastForward was introduced in 2016. The Ice model was introduced in 2016 as part of the Hard Tail Evolution.

The Coal was introduced in 2015 as the next-generation Endura bike. The Herb model was introduced in 2014, and the Tremonia was launched in 2013. The fastest trail bike on the planet, Herb AM, was introduced in 2011.


A new-age e-bike brand, Lemmo, was started in 2021 in Berlin. The brand is growing fast and has dedicated service partners in Germany, France, and the Netherlands. In Germany, places like Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, and Dusseldorf have service partners. Potential buyers can request test rides at these service centers. 

One of the biggest USPs of Lemmo Bikes is that buyers can buy these as electric bikes or as traditional bicycles. A Smartpac monthly subscription service helps convert the traditional cycle into an e-bike. The Smartpac is an all-in-one pack that comes with integrated e-parts. This includes the motor controller, battery, USB-A and USB-C ports, and IoT devices. 

The One is the Lemmo model. The drivetrain is from Shimano. The One model has been awarded the Red Dot 2023 Best of the Best by the Design Award Council. With a 250W motor, the model comes in three sizes – Large, Extra Large, and Standard.

M1 Sporttechnik

In 1990, M1 Sporttechnik was started in Waldershof and has been involved in the development and production of top-quality carbon frame electric bikes. The first e-bike, Magma Red Hot, was designed in 1994. It was a mountain bike, and carbon monocoque was used to develop it. 

The company makes electric bikes in the following segments – Trail, All-Terrain, Mountain, and City. Components used are from top brands like Bosch, Brose, etc. The brand has an extended dealer network in Germany and a few selected dealers in Spain and France.

M1 Sporttechnik belongs to the Fritzmeier Group, a company dealing in innovative materials engineering, making all-plastic skis in the 1970s that also played a major role in the Olympic wins for Rosi Mittermaier. The parent company also built the brand ‘Mistral,’ making windsurfing boards that went on to contribute towards many world surf championships. 


Set up in Senden in Bavaria, Prophete has been around since 1992. Buyers can order Prophete electric bikes directly from the manufacturer. For repairs and services, the brand has a Germany-wide network of service partners. The company makes city, urban, and trekking e-bikes, SUVs, and MTBs. 

Prophete cooperates with AEG to make sophisticated electric bikes. AEG makes lightweight and compact electric motors, and mid-engines are noiseless and quite powerful. This collaboration won the German Design Award for the brand from the German Design Council in 2019.

The Blaupunkt Technology is also a part of Prophete electric bikes. Blaupunkt is a German brand with a credible record in the field of electronics for 100+ years. Blaupunkt engines and LCD displays are now a part of many Prophete electric bikes. 

The electric bikes, from 2019 onwards, have fully integrated batteries in the frame architecture. The new SUV and trekking e-bikes have this technology that enables better handling of the bikes.


Based out of Ochtrup, North Rhine-Westphalia, Puch is part of Cycleurope, the Swedish Grimaldi Group, Europe’s leading bicycle company.

Cycleurope, headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, is involved in selling its products in 60+ countries and is known for well-known brands like Peugeot, Monark, Spectra/TEC, DBS, Everton, and more. Cycleurope Benelux BV is associated with Puch’s sales and marketing in Europe.

Started by Johann Puch in 1889 as a small workshop, Fahrradfabrikation Straucherstrasse 18a in Graz, Austria, the brand has evolved over 100+ years to make affordable and qualitative cycles. The Austro-Daimler-Werke merger in 1928 witnessed the brand creating luxurious models.

The Silver Wheel and Panther Rad models are two popular ones produced by the company. Later in 1987, the brand was taken over by Bianchi and since 1997, Puch has been a part of Cycleurope.

The brand makes city and hybrid electric bikes. The motors are from Bosch, Bafang, or Ananda. The battery packs are from either Bosch PowerPack, Bosch PowerTube, or a fully-integrated frame battery.


Based out of Berlin, Rabeneick was started in 1922. Electric bikes from the brand are marked by inconspicuous or invisible drive systems. The company offers the My Bike App connectivity that helps track routes, find the nearest service centers or dealers, and control different parameters of the electric bike. 

The company makes city, urban, and trekking electric bikes. Most of the models have a puristic design made with modern and innovative technology. The e-series from Rabeneick consists of three models – TS-E, TC-E, and TX-E. The components used in the TS-E and TC-E are Bafang motors and Shimano Deore 10-speed derailleurs. The TX-E is a singlespeed e-bike with a Bafang motor.

Another characteristic of Rabeneick electric bikes is that these models are extremely light. The dealer network of the brand stretches from Germany and Austria to Spain and Portugal. Buyers from other countries can order the electric bikes online.


Based out of Lichtenau, Radon was established in 1992. The German manufacturing company is owned by Bike-Discount, a German bike shop powerhouse. Buyers can order the electric bikes directly from the online site. The company also has partners in the form of bike shops across Europe that work as service and test centers.

The brand manufactures mountain and trekking electric bikes. There are seven models under the mountain range – Render AL, Render, Deft, Jealous Hybrid, ZR Team Hybrid CX, and ZR Lady Hybrid CX – all e-bikes are powered by Bosch motors.

The Trekking lineup includes Relate and Solution Hybrid, which are also powered by Bosch motors.

Riese & Müller

Easy E-Biking - Riese & Muller e-bike logo, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

The Riese & Müller brand is probably what definitively German e-bikes are all about. When people say “German-made,” it’s almost a guarantee of stellar performance, innovation, and overall quality. It’s safe to say that Riese & Müller lives up to that notion. 

The brand was the brainchild of two engineers, Maruku Riese, and Heiko Müller. It was officially founded in Hesse, Germany, in 1993 and has, since its inception, focused on innovation. For this, it didn’t take long for it to become a regular recipient of many awards recognizing it for just that. 

Indeed, Riese & Müller’s history is marked by plenty of developmental milestones. It probably would not have achieved that much and be regarded so highly among e-bike circles if it had not been for the company’s lively approach to manufacturing. 

Riese & Müller e-bike models

For its dedication to continually improving its models, Riese & Müller immediately became known for its robust touring and city hybrid e-bikes, folding e-bikes, and recumbent cargo e-bikes. It’s hard to rival plenty of the hybrid e-bikes it offers, like the Delite 25 and the Supercharger GX Rohloff HS

Both these e-bikes have been lauded for their top-notch designs and parts and represent what the Riese & Müller difference is all about. The same can also be said for their standout cargo electric box e-bikes like the Load 75 Touring HS. Not a lot of brands have made waves in the said category before, and Riese & Müller has pretty much dominated it. 

Riese & Müller quality and features

A brand that is focused on innovation and actually gets things done is bound to earn a reputation for premium quality. When the Riese & Müller brand is mentioned, it’s often associated with words like “high-capacity,” “rugged and powerful,” and “versatile.”

That said, you have to be prepared to meet most of their models’ steep price tags, though. But for the extensive experience in e-bike manufacturing that they have under their belt, it’s definitely worth it. 

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Rose was established in 1907 in Bocholt, North Rhine-Westphalia. The brand is currently managed by Thorsten Heckrath-Rose, the Managing Partner of Rose Bikes.

The brand has an online presence wherein buyers can order and purchase e-bikes from the e-store. There are also on-site shops in 15 German cities for personalized attention like consultation, inspections, and repairs.

The brand makes Urban, Road, Gravel, Fitness, MTB, Hybrid, and Touring electric bikes. The Urban line-up includes two models – Sneak and Hobo. There are six models in the City line-up: three models under the Race segment and three under the Endurance segment. Hobo, Backroad AL, Backroad, and Backraod Limited are the four models in the Gravel line-up. 

The Black Lava and Multisport are the Hybrid models. The Backroad Flatbar belongs to the Fitness line-up. Backroad AL EQ and Backroad EQ belong to the Touring line-up. Components used from reputed brands include Shimano, SRAM, etc.


Located in Waldershof, Bavaria, Rotwild was launched in 1998. The brand makes Mountain, Gravel, Crossover, Endurance, and Gravity electric bikes. 

The R.R275 is the model belonging to the Gravel line-up. The Crossover line-up includes the four models -R.C750 PRO, R.C1000, R.C750 ULTRA, and R.T750 TOUR. Components used in Rotwild e-bikes belong to Brose, Shimano, Bosch, and more. 

The R.G375 PRO belongs to the Gravity line-up. The Enduro line-up consists of R.E735 CORE, R.E735 ULTRA, R.E375 PRO, R.E375 ULTRA, R.E375 CORE, and R.E750 PRO. The Mountain line-up includes R.X1000, R.X275 PRO, R.X275 ULTRA, R.X375 CORE, R.X375 PRO, R.X375 ULTRA, R.X735 CORE, R.X735 PRO, R.X735 ULTRA, R.X759 CORE, and R.X750 PRO.

The company has an exclusive network of dealers across countries on the western coast of Europe. 


Established in 2009, Schindelhauer is based out of Berlin. Interested buyers can request test rides from exclusive dealers. The company was started out of Magdeburg at the Otto von Guericke University and later shifted to an office on the banks of the Spree River in Berlin.

All Schindelhauer e-bikes are designed in-house, and many of the components are also developed in-house. The manufacturing happens at the Berling plant.

The brains behind the brand were Martin Schellhase, Manuel Holstein, Stephan Zehren, and Jörg Schindelhauer. Known for superior craftsmanship, most parts of the electric bikes are designed and developed in Berlin.

The electric models were introduced in 2019. There are 10 e-bike models. The e-bikes have a speed of up to 25 km/h. The entire e-bike is made out of ‘one mould’ with an integrated frame and e-motor. 

The components are from companies like the Shimano brake system, LIghtSKIN lighting system, Curana CLite mudguards, and more.

Schindelhauer e-bikes can be connected to MAHLE Ebikemotion smartphone app. The manufacturer has won the German Design Award’s Gold in 2022. 


Set up in 2004, Silverback is based out of Berlin. Working in the bicycle industry since the 1990s, the founder of Silverback, Deon Retief, chose to start his own brand that revolves around the concept of ‘The Science of Motion.’ Silverback has been progressively growing ever since and, besides Europe, has a marked presence in South Africa, Mauritius, Australia, and New Zealand.

The company designs and manufactures electric bikes for different sections of riders – commute, sports, mountain driving, all-road, and fat tires.

The e-bikes are technologically superior, equipped with Advanced Riding Dynamics (ARD), Pop Geometry, EPS Carbon Fibre Molding, and Truncated Aero Tubing Profiles. S-Electo is the electric bike brand from Silvertrack.

There are 20 electric bikes under the S-Electo category. The motors are from top brands like Bosch, Shimano, and FSA. The battery capacity for the entire product line ranges from 240Wh to 720Wh. 


Stareted in 1992, Stevens is based out of Hamburg. The company makes all its electric bikes in in-house laboratories. The e-bikes are manufactured in state-of-the-art factories with the latest machinery and cutting-edge software solutions. That is why, the words ‘designed and engineered in Hamburg’ are a part of all bicycles made by the brand. 

The top three components manufacturers worldwide – Bosch, Shimano Steps E6100, and Fazua are used for making Stevens e-bikes. Most Stevens dealers of the brand are located in and around Northern Germany. Others can buy the products from the online store.

Notably, the shifting system is from Rohloff Speedhub for certain models, while it is Bosch PowerPack battery for a few others. Buyers are offered the option to customize their Stevens e-bike by customizing color, size, framekit, and more.


Started in 2017, Swype is headquartered in Berlin. The company makes electric bikes for varied segments – mountain, trails, hardtail, commute, and tours. 

The components are top-quality, especially the 4th Generation Bosch Performance Line CX motor-equipped electric bikes. With integrated technology, the motor is a part of the frame and has a special cover. The battery is integrated into the down tube, which keeps it well-protected from weather and rough conditions.

With the help of the My Bike App, riders can register themselves and access their data anytime, anywhere. From tracking their favorite routes to adding to the security of the e-bike, there are multiple ways that the SWYPE App can help. The company has won the coveted Design & Innovation Award in 2020. 

The Freqz series has electric bikes for trails and enduro riders, offering the perfect acceleration for uphill and downhill mobilities. The suspension components are from Suntour, Rock Shox, or FOX. The Torqz series has hardtail e-bikes that can be used for city commutes, leisure travels, and trail purposes.


Based out of Munich, Trenoli was started in 2005. The manufacturer makes electric bikes for riders of all segments, including city, trekking, and MTB.

The brand is earmarked for its clever features, technical prowess, and exciting innovations. All the electric bikes are designed and developed at the Trenoli factory to meet the personal needs of the buyer. 

All Trenoli electric bikes are powered by Bosch motors, Bosch battery sets, and Bosch displays. The e-bike types produced by Trenoli range from city, trekking, compact, and MTBs. Each series has three models – Livenza, Brenta, and Tanaro. 

Other than Bosch parts, the e-bikes also have components from Shimano. The brand has multiple dealers in Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands.

Velo de Ville 

In 1997, Velo de Ville was set up in Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia. The brand sells in 11 European countries – Germany, the UK, Italy, Spain, Luxembourg, Finland, Netherlands, France, Austria, Switzerland, and Belgium. Internationally, the company sells its products in the USA and Australia, too.

The origin of Velo de Ville can be traced to 1966 when Albert Thiemann set up a company for the distribution of 2-wheelers and technical articles. It was only in the mid-1990s that the brand made its first bicycle frame.

The first pedelac of the brand was introduced in 2009. It was the E40, the start of the CEB 400 series. The type of pedelecs made by the company first fall into city, sport, and trekking. The models were E20, E80, and E40. 

The brand makes Allround e-bikes, SUVs, fully tour, compact, and urban eclectic bikes. 

Allrounders have ergonomic shapes, adjustable stems, curved handlebars, suspension forks, rear racks, full lighting systems, and narrow to medium tyres. SUVS come with sporty handlebars with wider tyres.

Fully Tour are trekking e-bikes with rear suspension for unpaved roads, while Compact e-bikes are best for camping and commuting purposes and are designed for space-saving and portability.

The Urban Line is a lightweight and elegant electric bike with cargo features. Lastly, the Comfort range has the battery placed on the rack, while the upright position facilitated by the handlebar and stem combo is a value-added feature. 

The components used in Velo de ville electric bikes are – Bosch Motor Systems and Nyon on-board computers with a 3.2” touchscreen. Intuvia control unit and Kiox color display. 


Based out of Cologne in North Rhine-Westphalia, Victoria was founded in 1886. Victoria electric bikes are StVZO-compliant with a modern, stylish look and feel-good geometry. Suporting in the rides are tech data that enables smoother rides each time. A traditional brand from Germany with 1000+ retail partners. There is a five-year warranty on the frame of the Victoria electric bike. 

The Trekking/Tour series is characterized by Bosch motors, Shimano linkglide technology, and Deore chain drivetrains. The Urban/City line is charcterized by bright LED headlights, and with foldable styles. The All-Road SUVs have powerful Bosch motors, air-sprung suspension forks, Shimano chain and cassettes.

The guarantee on the aluminum frames is for 5 years and on the unsprung alumium forks, there is a guarantee of five years. The steel frames and the unsprung steel forks also have a five-year guarantee. The carbon frames and the no-suspension carbon forks have a 3-year guarantee. 


Based out of Cloppenburg, Lower Saxony, Votec was established in 1986. The Votec VRC Pro won the Design & Innovation Award Jury 2020. The earlier versions of the Votec VRC was fitted with the electronic SRAM Rival AXS, while the latest or the Pro version is fitted with the Shimano Ultegra Di2. 

The two e-bike models from Votec are Comp and Pro. Both the models are made for all-road usage, city, daily commute, or weekend trails. VRC Comp with Carbon SpeedRelease frame, SRAM Rival cassette, SRAM Rival AXS shift lever, front and rear derailleur, crank, and brakes.

The VRC Pro comes with the UD CarbonRelease frame, Shimano Ultegra Di2 cassette, shift lever, front and rear derailleur, crank, and brakes. Both electric bike models have the Mavic Speed Release system that connects the wheel and frame/fork precisely. 


Easy E-Biking - Winora e-bike logo, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Established far back in 1914, Winora is based out of Cloppenburg, Lower Saxony, Germany. The German-made electric bikes are available in Austria, Czech Republic, France, Italy, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, and the Netherlands, besides Germany through a network of 700+ dealers. The brand has won the German Innovation Award 2021. It was founded by Engelbert Wiener – the 1st bicycle that he handmade was for his daughters. 

The brand creates electric bikes for various purposes – for city, trekking, and cargo. Components used are from big brands like Bosch, Shimano, Purion, Schwalbe Tyres, Selle Royal Saddle, Hermans Headlights, and Busch & Müller rearlights. The company also makes special electric bikes for women.

The brand offers a warranty of two years on its electric bikes. Additionally, there is a five-year guarantee on the frame. 


Bavaria-based Zemo was started in 2004. The brand ensures that all the electric bikes are equipped with the Bosch smart system. Bosch ABS, Enviolo gearshift, Bosch Intuvia 100, Bosch PowerTube battery, Bosch DualBattery, Enviolo hub gear, Shmano Nexus Inter-5E hub, Rohloff 14-speed Speedhub, Shimano Deore gear systems, and Kiox 300 display. The chassis is from INTERLINK, especially in the full-suspension trekking electric bikes. 

The company manufactures two lines of electric bikes – SU-E model, and ZE model Series. The SU-E FS 11 won the Design & Innovation Award 2023. The Bosch Intuvia can be connected via eBike Flow App to access tour data.

The manufacturer sells its e-bike models through a network of dealers in Germany. For others, ordering is possible via the online store.

European E-bike Brands Actively Present in Germany

Other International Brands With Distributors and Dealers in Germany

In Conclusion

These e-bike brands more than live up to German manufacturing standards, which remain widely acclaimed worldwide.

There’s also an obvious preference for innovation in both riders and manufacturers, and this encompasses essential aspects like e-bike components, design, and technology. It’s safe to say that most of these brands should be any e-bike rider’s go-to option if they want quality over anything else. 

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