Why Himiway Stands Out in the E-bike Industry: A Comprehensive Analysis of Product, Brand, and Service

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Easy E-Biking - Himiway electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
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E-bikes have multiple uses. These vehicles, from daily commutes to adventure, recreation, and trekking activities, support all kinds of urban mobility. Therefore, it is no surprise that the industry is rapidly progressing with a phenomenal growth rate worldwide. 

Moreover, the fact that electric vehicles can be one of the best solutions for sustainability and that the performance is enhanced on all kinds of terrains give the user valid reasons for dependency. 

Considering that the segment is gaining popularity and is a lucrative business proposition, there has been a beeline of manufacturers from all walks of life. 

As a result, e-bike buyers today face challenging situations when buying an electric bike. Poor quality, assembling, and servicing issues, safety issues, etc., are some of the problems that daunt the buyer, sparking trust issues. 

Himiway Electric Bikes: Long Range E-bike Specialists

Himiway stands out for the quality of its e-bike, its brand, and its customer service.

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In such a scenario, Himiway is an e-bike brand that stands out. It is a well-known e-bike company that has recently received significant attention. Worth noting that the models from the brand are top-quality, with a complete focus on the design philosophy, excellent customer service, and robust branding, setting it apart from other e-bike makers. 

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E-bike Industry Continues to Be Hyper Dynamic

Between 2022 and 2030, the global e-bike market is set to grow at 13.5% CAGR. The increasing dominance of electric bikes is directly the result of the growing awareness amongst end-users regarding reducing their carbon footprint and the health advantages of cycling. 

More importantly, governments worldwide are taking several initiatives to encourage the shift to electric vehicles aided by the infrastructural development of bicycle-friendly streets and parking.

Technological advancement is another aspect that has played a vital role in the e-bike industry’s growth. Currently, e-bikes are segmented based on different factors – propulsion type, battery type, and motor power type. 

Easy E-Biking - Himiway Cobra Pro electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
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Propulsion-type e-bikes are either throttle-assisted or pedal-assisted, with the latter dominating the market currently. Battery-type e-bikes are segregated either as lead-acid type or Lithium-ion type, with the former dominating the market at present. Finally, E-bikes with power above 250W are mostly loved as e-bikes can be driven across all terrains. 

Interestingly, amongst all the regions, North America has the highest adoption rate in the industry. The CAGR between 2022 and 2030 is projected at 15.8%.  

However, the rise in popularity of electric bikes has opened up the market for all kinds of manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, and retailers. As a result, certain aspects of the marketplace are getting chaotic, proving to be a big challenge for the end user. 

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Even though the industry is at a nascent stage of growth, tons of issues can giant mammoth with time and which can eventually push the e-bike user to look elsewhere for solutions.

On the top of the list is quality. Simply because there is always one or the other manufacturer that will use cheaper components and parts while compromising the quality, it is especially true in the overseas wholesale e-bike market, where the e-bikes are manufactured on a large-scale mass-production basis to minimize costs at offshore units. 

Therefore, the e-bike manufacturer must invest in quality checks, quality control, and quality assurance measures to manufacture top-quality e-bikes.

Easy E-Biking - Himiway Zebra Step thru electric bike city, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
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Another area that buyers and users primarily need help with is after-sale services. Customers order e-bikes online, but then assembling the parts becomes a headache. In addition, customer services are primarily inaccessible and not entirely helpful. 

Without any established service network, users are forced to take help from local bike dealers who may or may not be experienced in handling issues related to electric bikes. Result: Bad after-sales experience! 

To top it off, user manuals may not be simple enough for the end-user to understand and familiarize themselves with the e-bike. Consequently, common issues arising from batteries, motors, wiring, throttle damage, connections, etc., can be a big put-off for e-bike lovers.

The fact that the sale of e-bikes rose phenomenally during Covid-19 has tightened the after-sales support for many companies, including big companies. Take the case of VanMoof, an e-bike company that registered mind-blowing sales figures for its newly-launched S3 and X3 e-bikes. 

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Through digital marketing and social media promotions, the brand has been able to double its sales quickly; most of its social media platforms are filled with comments from customers complaining about its customer support services.

Similarly, there are other major brands like Aventon or Rad Power E-bikes where customers have had issues with delivery or had to follow up for too long for rectifications, solutions, etc. The point is that most of the small brands are startups caught in the incredible growth story. 

Thus, they are overwhelmed with sales orders, and many lack experience dealing with voluminous customer queries. Moreover, in many instances, the manufacturing is done overseas, mostly in Asia, and there are delays in the supply chain. Customers need to wait for some time for replacements, accessories, etc.

Easy E-Biking - Himiway electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo credit Himiway e-bikes

Similarly, rider comments on forums show that quite a few other e-bike companies are also struggling with negative feedback based on their customer service. This means that customers often find themselves banging against a wall when dealing with the support team.

The entire gamut of buying electric bikes online can be a challenging path. The price seems attractive, but in most cases, this is possible because the manufacturer uses inexpensive low-grade parts. 

Poor components mean that the e-bike’s lifespan could be pretty short, and there could be reliability issues. Additionally, the hassle of dealing with customer support online and their dilly-dally nature can make things quite upsetting.

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Why Himiway Stands Out in the E-bike Industry

Himiway Bikes was established in 2017. The company started with the launch of its iconic e-bike called the Himiway Cruiser in the US and Canada. The founders are a bunch of outdoor enthusiasts who believed they needed to create sustainable mobility solutions to support them in their adventure activities.

In November 2019, the brand launched the upgraded version of the Cruiser. In January 2020, the Step-Thru model saw the light of day. The Himiway Escape was launched in September, and the brand entered the German market

This was closely followed by Himiway becoming a part of the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition. In May 2021, the company became a member of the Adventure Cycling Association. In June, it became a member of the California Bicycle Coalition.

Easy E-Biking - Himiway Cobra Pro electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo credit Himiway e-bikes

In November 2021, Himiway introduced the Zebra, followed by the Step-Thru model. The Himiway Big Dog, Cobra, and Cobra Pro were also launched in 2021. 

The Himiway Cycling Club was set up in February 2022. The company plans to keep rolling out newer features and e-bike models that are innovatively created for intuitive performance and safety on the road.

Quality components, reliability, and long-term usage are three critical focus points for the brand. Alongside this, the focus is also on ensuring the e-bikes are easy to use. Himiway has a comprehensive range of electric bikes to cater to different segments of society. 

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There are commuter and city e-bikes, hunting, fat tire, and fishing e-bikes. Himmiway e-bikes are designed and engineered in-house. 

Some of the key features that set Himmiway apart from its competitors are: 

  1. The frame is one of the best aspects of Himmiway e-bikes. These are top-quality, made from aluminum alloy, and lightweight. The step-thru design enables riders of all heights to ride the e-bikes easily. Plus, a range of colors is available for riders to customize as per their taste.
  2. Himiway Bikes are equipped with powerful motors that generate 750W power, ideal for rough terrains. The batteries are equally powerful, offering a seamless range of up to 60 miles (95 km) per charge.
  3. Fat tires and robust suspension fork are excellent features that help riders ride comfortably, even on loose terrain. The comfortable seats add to the convenience, especially on longer journeys. Finally, there is a range of PA levels to make riding a flexible option for the rider, as per the requirement of the terrain and their personal preferences.

From Tektro hydraulic disc brakes to Samsung/LG batteries, Kenda tires, etc., the brand uses the best components to create its e-bike models. Besides, the brand has customer support at the center of its operations. 

This is a big difference in how Himiway e-bikes create a differentiating factor in the market. Also, every effort is made to understand the mindset of the target customer so that the product is the right fit. 

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The brand has evolved as a global brand with concerted efforts to reach all nooks and corners of the planet. It has worked on a direct-to-customer model, which has helped keep prices affordable. 

The brand has branches or offline sales channels across North America and Europe, making it easy for customers to walk up to the dealers directly, check out the e-bikes, and take test rides before buying. 

Easy E-Biking - Himiway Cobra Pro electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo credit Himiway e-bikes

Not just that, the sales centers are also the after-sale service centers, enabling direct contact between the customer and company representatives. 

Also noteworthy is that the brand offers a two-year manufacturing warranty on its models and a 15-day refund policy.

Worth noting that Himiway opened more than 300 dealers in the US and 340+ worldwide by the end of 2022. All Himiway customers enjoy after-sales service, test ride service, as well as maintenance and repair services at any of Himiway’s 300+ dealers in the United States.

Testimonials from Himiway Riders and Dealers

As a dealer in CA, Venture Riding mentions his experience and joy of working with Himiway Bikes. They sell Himiway e-bikes exclusively and eloquently speak about how excited he is for what the brand has to offer in the future. 

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As one user points out that e-bikes are perfect for middle-range users. Another buyer mentions that he likes the price point and the look of the Himiway models. Joanie has tried the Big Dog, and she feels pretty surprised by the feel of the e-bike – not heavy as she thought, but relatively light. 

She felt in control and safe to ride the e-bike. She also loved that the PA system was not forced on her, and she had the flexibility to use it as her choice. The pedal assist is very smooth and not jerky at all.

Himiway Electric Bikes: Long Range E-bike Specialists

Himiway stands out for the quality of its e-bike, its brand, and its customer service.

Check out on Himiway website
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Another e-bike dealer called E-bike Iowa mentions how the Cobra is an incredible e-bike. The Zebra is the most popular amongst buyers with its 80-mile (130 km) range. Both models have hydraulic disc brakes. 

Powerhouse Motorsports is another Himiway dealer and mentions that the critical difference between Himiway and competition is the long range. The e-bikes have a two-year warranty; even with that, there are not many problems with the electric bikes. 

Himiway’s Commitment to Product, Brand, and Service

Himiway has the Vision of providing riders with the best outdoor cycling sojourns globally. The company focuses on customer satisfaction and top-notch product quality while fulfilling social responsibility. 

The Mission of the brand is to make cycling a fun activity so that people can enjoy a healthy lifestyle in the background of eco-friendliness. 

Easy E-Biking - Himiway Zebra Step thru electric bike city, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo credit Himiway e-bikes

Thanks to its dedicated Vision and Mission, Himiway e-bikes are empowered to achieve a maximum mileage of 80 miles (130 km) and about 72,280T+ CO2 reduction. 

Today, models from the brand are driven by almost 81,000+ riders worldwide and enjoy about 3,700+ 5-star reviews. And the figures are all on a rising trend, which shows that end-users understand the value-driven commitment of Himiway.

To further improve its service offering, Himiway is preparing to hold regular free repair tours in the US. The first stop is at the Himiway San Diego direct store on May 19-21, 2023. The full schedule is available on the Himiway Dealer Event page.

A Few Words in Conclusion

Himiway Bikes has been around for six years and, in a short period, has created a niche for itself in the e-bike market. Thanks to its penchant for timeless design, top-quality components, and top-notch engineering aspects. 

The company is offering a 2-year warranty on its e-bikes, which is one of the longest in the industry. Over this relatively short period of time, Himiway has collected more than 13K 5-star reviews, which serves as proof that customers appreciate the efforts and the service.

Thanks to its superior customer-centric policies and support services, Himiway has been successfully expanding and growing its footprint worldwide. Very soon, the brand is expected to reach about 1 million cyclists in more than 30 countries

Next time you plan to buy an e-bike, consider Himiway e-bike models due to their incredible growth and value strategy; even other brands try to follow in their footsteps.

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