Should I Buy a Used Electric Bike?

Easy E-Biking - woman riding city e-bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

The ability to reduce the cyclist’s effort while allowing to practice a soft sports activity, the optimal comfort in the movements, the avoidance of traffic jams, and smaller parking fees are all advantages that make the electric bike a very good choice as means of transportation.

And contrary to what many people think, it is quite possible to get an e-bike without spending too much. The magic formula? Why not choose a used e-bike?

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Used electric bike: a good economic compromise

There are quite a few advantages to buying a used e-bike.

The first, which is probably the most important, is that such a choice leads to significant savings. No longer new, a used electric bike costs usually significantly less. Which makes it a good alternative for those on a limited budget.

Better still, if you do not make a purchase, you can opt for long-term e-bike rental, an even more economical choice when the need to ride a bicycle is felt only temporarily.

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Not least important, the choice of a bike with electric assistance, whether new or used, is already a way to move more economically since parking becomes much cheaper if compared to that of cars for example.

In addition to this economic advantage, there are many other plusses associated with the use of an electric bicycle.

And among others

As mentioned above, one of the main advantages of this method of transportation is its ability to reduce the cyclist’s efforts. With the engine capable of delivering up to 90% of the energy needed to move the bike forward, the rider’s task is well facilitated.

Easy E-Biking - converted connected e-bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

This feature of the electric bicycle, however, does not prevent it from being beneficial for health. Although significantly reduced, the effort of the cyclist is not totally eliminated.

In fact, the motor of the electric bike does not start until the pedals have been activated, and the motor stops when the pedaling stop. This single feature makes e-bikes a very good tool to practice a light sports activity, necessary to maintain good health. And a used electric bicycle offers optimum comfort in all journeys.

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Whether in the city or in the country, the electric-assisted bicycle actually makes you feel like being on a flat road all along the way. It is ideal for traveling and spending holidays in nature.

Betting on a used electric bike to move on urban tracks can help avoid traffic jams. More and more municipalities develop dedicated bike paths. E-bikes find their parking faster and need less space when compared to a car, which makes the e-biking solution very practical.

What you need to know before choosing your used e-bike

Compared to purchasing a new e-bike, a used electric bike comes at a discount of approximately 30% in the 1st year and another 20% in the 2nd year. The manufacturer’s warranty is usually 2 years for most brands and can be extended for up to 3 years. During this time, there are usually no worries for the buyer.

However, beware of any used electric bicycle, which is older than 5 years or more. It could be difficult to find accessories and spare parts for such e-bikes.

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One needs to be aware that two identical bikes, bought on the same date, can have very uneven life paths. Some sellers who offer e-bike exchange services may put in place waiting lists just to amplify the demand. This works particularly well for size S or M models, wave frame, and mid-motor. So one may need to be patient to find the right electric bike.

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