What Are E-bike Weight Limits? How Much Can E-bike Carry?

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eBiking is trending these days. From sporty or urban use to young or old, the electric power boost of an e-bike makes cycling more relaxing and comfortable. Though youngsters find it pretty cool to reach their destination faster yet fresher, e-bikes also work as great equipment for old and obese people.

If you have been thinking about how much weight can an e-bike carry? What are e-bike weight limits? You have landed on the right page. Follow this article and learn more about e-bike weight limits and which one would be the right choice for you.

What are e-bike weight limits? How much can one carry?  Electric bike weight limits are usually set in the range of 220-300 pounds (which is 100-140 kg). Some e-bike models, which are designed for specific needs, such as cargo, for example, could carry more weight. This weight limit would normally include rider and cargo weight.

E-bike weight limits – which is the right choice for you?

Electric bikes come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and weight capacities. Even some of them don’t look much different than traditional bicycles. Though they’re a bit expensive but considering the insurance, annual fuel cost, and maintenance, they are eventually worth their price.

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So, how much can e-bike carry? What are their weight limits? We have collected several popular models of e-bike and their weight limits to give you an idea of what is available on the market right now and help you choose the right one for your weight and your needs. 

E-bike modelWeight limitE-bike type
Haibike SDURO (source)250 pounds
(115 kg)
Mountain e-bike
Raleigh Redux IE (source)250 pounds
(115 kg)
Commuter e-bike
Trek Super Commuter+ 9300 pounds
(140 kg)
Commuter e-bike
GoCycle GX (source)220 pounds
(100 kg)
Foldable e-bike
Volt Pulse (source)220 Pounds
(100 kg)
Commuter e-bike

Haibike SDURO

Electric mountain bikes are trending these days. And if you are a nature enthusiast, survivalist, or an adventure, Haibike SDURO HardNine is your ideal companion to travel to mountain rides. The slight push while you go for steep areas makes your journey easy and you reach the destination faster than riding a traditional bike. 

Easy E-Biking - Haibike SDURO electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

It is fast, efficient, and fun on the trail. The 29-inch tires easily roll over small obstacles without misbalancing the bike and you get to enjoy a safe and sound journey. HardNine runs on both electric power and pedaling – promoting energy-saving climbing.

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The fact that it doesn’t feature full suspension makes it pretty lightweight. 

Why choose this e-bike model?

HaiBike SDURO HardNine 4.0 is pretty lightweight, capable, and affordable. Certainly, one of the best mountain e-bike you will find in this price range.   

Haibike SDURO weight limit

The permissible weight limit of this hefty beast is 250 pounds (115 kg). 

Raleigh Redux IE

Are you looking for an efficient, lightweight, and affordable ride to your office, school, or work? If so, Raleigh Redux IE is the perfect commuter bike for you. This electric bike is manufactured by a renowned bike maker specifically for urban commuting. 

Easy E-Biking - Raleigh Redux IE electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

The clean, simple, and unique design with enough speed to get you to the destination makes it a must-have electric bike for commuters. By the looks of it, it does not look like a heavy-duty electric bike, but it is showing impressive performance on the road. 

Raleigh Redux IE is powered by a 250-watt Brose Centerdrive system – taking it to the maximum speed of about 28 mph. You can easily cover a distance of about 80 miles on a single full charge. 

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Why choose this e-bike model?

The best for urban commuting is lightweight and affordable. The features offered against the price are awesome. 

Raleigh Redux IE weight limit

It is available in 3 different sized frames for different sized individuals. However, the rear rack can hold up to 22 pounds or 10 kg. Ideally, Raleigh Redux IE can withstand up to 250 pounds in total (115 kg). 

Trek Super Commuter+ 9

If you’re thinking to replace your car with an electric, you might want to look for an energy-efficient and affordable electric bicycle for commuting. In this regard, Trek Supper Commuter+ 9 is superficially designed for the same purpose. 

Easy E-Biking - Trek Super Commuter electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

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The Bosch Performance 500 wH CX Motor is the pulsing heart of this hefty commuting beast. It offers several power modes and you can easily customize the level of pedal assistance you need each day. From riding a bike without any electric assistance to making use of the complete Bosch’s turbo setting, you have a wide range of options to reach your destination. 

However, using Trek Super Commuter+ 9 complete electric power will take a toll on its battery. 

Why choose this e-bike model?

Well, Trek Super Commuter+ 9 is a better choice as compared to Raleigh Redux IE (if budget is not a problem). Moreover, it is lightweight, durable, and offers efficient rides. 

Trek Super Commuter weight limit

The weight capacity of Trek Super Commuter+ 9 is 300 pounds (140 kg), which means that it is suitable for most of the riders, as well as their cargo.     

GoCycle GX

Do you have any idea about folding e-bikes? If that’s a no, read on to hear about the amazing GoCycle GX e-bike that is fast, efficient, fun, and most of all foldable. GoCycle GX is best for people looking forward to an easy-to-carry yet powerful commuting solution.

Easy E-Biking - Go Cycle GX folding electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

You can just ride towards the metro station, fold your GoCycle GX and rush into the crowded train. That’s it! This foldable electric bike folds quickly, is comfortable for both short and long commutes, is stable, fast, and stands out from most electric bikes.  

If you want people to turn around to have a second look at your bike, GoCycle GX is certainly the right choice for you. It features a 300 wH removable battery and you can easily travel 35 miles when fully charged. The 3-gear speed level makes it an ideal choice for regular commutes. 

Why choose this e-bike model?

GoCycle GX is quite powerful, fast, lightweight, and most of all foldable. 

GoCycle GX weight limit

Despite its small size, the permissible weight on GoCycle GX is 220 pounds (115 kg) – the perfect choice for most regular riders.    

Volt Pulse

The best detail about Volt Pulse is its charge time. You can easily charge a fully discharged battery within 3-4 hours. With 250W power, Volt Pulse can cover a distance of 60-80 miles depending on the model. However, the turbo button takes a toll on its battery. 

Easy E-Biking - Volt Pulse electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

With 8 speed levels, you can easily customize your ride to the office with proper suspension and gears. Volt Pulse is not the lightest e-bike though. This model weighs about 22 kg, which, in fact, is rather standard for most mid-range e-bike models.  

Why choose this e-bike model?

Unique design, 8-speed levels, affordable, and hybrid electric bike – perfect for commuters. 

Volte Pulse weight limit

The maximum weight limit of Volt Pulse is 220 pounds or 100 Kg in total. 

Reasons to opt for e-biking 

If you’re reading this article, you probably have a few questions about why e-cycling could make sense for you. Here are a few key benefits of adding an electric bicycle to your daily life:

Easy E-Biking - e-biking nature, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

E-bikes are environmentally friendly

The CO2 emissions from our regular car rides are about 40 times higher than from a battery-powered bicycle or electric bicycle. Thus, you must go easy on the environment if you are going to ride your e-bike on a daily basis.

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Say goodbye to headwinds

Tired of pedaling in a full-on headwind that too on a steep road? This is where electric bicycles come in handy. A gentle push while you are riding on an uphill or steep ascent helps you reach the destination faster and fresher. 

Electric bicycles keep you fresh and sweat-free

If you are under an impression that e-bikes are for unfit people, you are far from the truth. Setting aside the slight power assistance, you still have to take help from the pedals to get going. You would not want to travel a dozen miles on mere pedaling, would you? 

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An ideal choice for commuting

If you want to keep your commute efficient, fit, and fun, buying an electric bicycle might be the best choice for you.

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A good solution for nearly anyone

As discussed earlier, e-bikes come in different variants, sizes, designs, and weight limits. Whether you’re a sporty person, obese, or a regular guy, you’ll certainly find an ideal e-bike for your daily use.

Related questions

How fast do e-bikes go? Most of the electric bicycles at least go 20 mph. However, you can find electric bicycles with speeds up to 35 mph.

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Aren’t e-bike slow per their name? Well, electric bikes are made by keeping the idea of a regular bicycle in mind. They just assist you with a little electric push for longer commutes. In simple words, you still have the option to peddle while using some electric power. 

I have a bit of extra weight (maybe not just a bit, but a lot) – shall I go for an electric bicycle? Definitely yes! Some electric bikes are specially made for those with extra weight.

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A few words in conclusion

In a nutshell, buying an electric bike would most probably be an energy-efficient, cost-efficient, and time-saving decision you will make if you want, for example, to replace your car (at, least partially). 

As long as your destination is within 5-10 miles, we suggest setting off on any of the above-mentioned electric bikes. This would most certainly be a better choice than driving this distance. 

Depending on the model and type of electric bike, e-bike weight limits are usually set in the range of 220-300 pounds (which is 100-140 kg). Some e-bike models, such as foldable city e-bikes, for example, could be designed to carry less weight. Other models, such as cargo e-bikes, for example, could carry more maximum weight, which would include both rider and cargo weight.

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