How Much Does Electric Bike Weigh? Are E-bikes Heavy?

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We all are aware of the wonders of e-bikes, how beautifully these bikes are designed keeping in mind the requirements of the user – be it a kid, a sports enthusiast, a senior rider, a city rider or simply a bicycle lover. E-bikes are for everyone! 

How much does an e-bike weigh? Electric bikes are 40-50% heavier than traditional bicycles but are considerably lighter than motorcycles. An average electric bicycle weighs around 45-50 pounds (18-22 kg). A typical traditional non-electric bike may weigh around 30-35 pounds (12-13 kg).

Electric bikes are fitted with a motor and an electric battery, which reduces human efforts tremendously.

Let’s look at several different categories of e-bikes so that it is easier for us to put different types into perspective.

Mountain e-bikes

Mountains have always fascinated man. Reaching the zenith of the mountain gives an immense feeling of accomplishment. Not only climbing teaches us patience, persistence and fills heart and soul with gratitude, but the physical health and fitness benefits are also beyond description.

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Mountain e-bikes (e-MTBs) offer great help to anyone who wants to ride uphill. They can easily take us to the roads less traveled. Moreover, as the effort required for pedaling the e-bike can be varied according to comfort, people with weight issues can also enjoy riding uphill (and not to forget the thrill in coming downhill).

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The makeups of these e-MTBs depend a lot on the terrain of the area where these machines will be driven. In e-MTB’s suspension system plays a very vital role. Consequently, there are 3 types of suspension systems:

Hardtail e-MTBs

This can be interpreted from the word itself. “Hard Tail” means the tail portion is hard i.e. no shockers at the tail end. The shockers are at the front end. Front suspension helps in better steering of e-MTBs and reduces upper limb fatigue.

Full suspension e-MTB’s

Suspensions at both the front and rear end make cycling a more comfortable and pleasurable experience. Cycling with these e-MTBs is very smooth and less exerting on muscles and joints.

Rigid e-MTBs

These do not contain any suspension. Though not so comfortable on the body but being lightweight is one of its characteristic features.

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Wheel sizes, distances, and weights

The 26-inch wheel size has ruled the market for years, but nowadays 29-inch wheels are becoming common. Bigger wheels are slower to accelerate but offer more momentum. They can easily roll over small objects coming in their way. E-MTBs with 29-inch wheel size are best suited for riders with taller body frames.

Weight comparison of eMTBs:

eMTB modelWeight in lbsWeight in kg
Bulls E-Stream Evo 45 Fs5022.6
Powerfly FS7 Plus 5123.1
HaiBike XDURO AllMtn 9.0 5022.6
Powerfly 5 Women’s 50.422.9
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City e-bikes

Coming to city e-bikes, which have been a boon for people having to take up for break journeys for commuting from point A to point B. Not only do these bikes reduce the pollution level. They are also a great source of some sort of physical activity for people, who find it difficult to follow a strict activity routine.

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Sweat-free ride

City e-bikes are designed for urban commuters that allow them to travel even the farthest place with much ease and without sweating. One definitely feels fresh and rejuvenated after taking rides on one of such e-bikes.

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Best suited for delivery services

In cities where there is an excess of vehicles on roads, it becomes a difficult as well time-consuming task for the delivery boys to reach out to places from their outlets. Here come the city e-bikes to the rescue that offers speed in an effortless fashion.

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Hassle-free ride

Going to grocery shops or your office is only a few peddles away as city e-bikes offer you a hassle-free, smooth and quick ride as the electric assistance provided by these bikes makes pedaling lighter and effortless.

Now “weight” no more an issue

City e-bikes are specifically designed with no added weights. In order to make these bikes lightweight, even the batteries are often integrated inside the frame. The use of carbon frames makes these e-bikes lighter as you can lift them when required.

It is always beneficial to have a comparison analysis, so let’s take a tour of the various city e-bikes models available in the market.

Weight comparison of city e-bikes:

City e-bikeWeight in lbsWeight in kg
Ampler Steller 4017.2
Ampler Curt3114.1
Pinnacle Li+ Electric Bike 42.519.3
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Foldable e-bikes

We all have experienced problems in our commutes like getting stuck in the traffic jams, taking heavily crowded public transportations to reach out workplace on time and regularly traveling distances that are too far.

These issues are commonly faced by most of us. But, thanks to our automobile giants that have taken up this very interesting task of transforming a 300-year-old model bicycle to fit into the modern-day requirements of the consumer.

These foldable bikes have reasonable speed and can travel up to 25 miles per hour and 20 miles in one single charge. Many models offer to charge while pedaling which is a plus point as it saves electricity too.

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Take a look at oodles of benefits these e-bikes provide:

Use it, fold it & carry it

As the name describes it all, foldable electric bikes are designed in a manner that they could be fitted into the car, truck, or even spare tire trunk, or even carried in a bag.

Extremely lightweight

Because of their carbon fiber frames, foldable e-bikes weights around 15.4 lbs – 27 lbs (7-12 kg). They can easily carry up to 200 lbs (90 kg).

Sleek and compact design

With new technological innovations, designers of these foldable electric bikes have given them sleek design, smart looks, and compact structure so that they fold extremely small and can be kept under office desks.

Ride it smart through smartphones

Since everything is available to us on our smart screens, the engineers have designed apps for these e-bikes that provide smartphone connection for GPS navigation, an integrated lock system, automatic safety smart lights for a safer and happy ride.

The comparison chart of a few models is described below.

Weight comparison of foldable e-bikes:

Foldable e-bikeWeight in lbsWeight in kg
Brompton Electric 30.213.7
Gi FlyBike GBF1 5524.9
Vello Bike + Titanium28.412.9
Smacircle S125.411.5
Easy E-Biking - helping to make electric biking practical and fun

E-bikes for kids

Now imagine, sporty parents wanting to take their kids out for the weekend for some outdoor activity. But Alas! The physical stamina of the grownups and kids just do not match thereby crushing the weekend outing plan. Or take this – the reluctant kids just not ready to leave their PlayStation, becoming lethargic and obese day by day.

The only solution seems to be, by providing them with something which is more fun than their PlayStations. And here come our kids’ e-bikes, super easy, super lightweight, and the most fun things for the kids.

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Below is the comparison chart of a few of the kid’s e-bikes.

Weight comparison of kid’s e-bikes:

E-bike modelWeight in lbsWeight in kg
Moster Moto MM-E250-PR MINI BIKE 5123.1
Pedego 20 Trail Tracker 52.523.8
Stacyc 16eDrive198.6

A few words in conclusion

Simply put, e-bikes are just like the conventional day-to-day bikes with a few add-ons. The add-ons include a battery, motor, display panel, and some wiring. These components surely add up a few pounds to the original bike weight but the advantages that they offer far outweigh the demerits of a slightly heavier structure.

A simple non-electric bike may weigh 30 pounds (16 kg) and an electric version of the same may weigh 45-50 pounds (20-23 kg). But with those extra pounds, the rider (even with their bulkier body frame / senior citizen) can travel for about more than 100 km and that at a speed of 20 mph, which is really commendable.

Nowadays, lightweight carbon fiber is fast replacing steel as raw material for making e-bikes. By incorporating carbon fiber as a building material a further reduction of about 5-7 pounds (2-3 kg) in weight of e-bikes is feasible.

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Lightweight accessories

As you have seen from the above, with a few exceptions, modern electric bicycles are still heavy enough. Yes, this is changing and e-bikes will become lighter, as the frame, battery, and motor technologies develop. Still, some time will pass before this will take place.

Here is a list of lightweight cycling accessories that are useful in any cycling trip.

Related questions

Does the reduction in size and weight of motors of e-bikes mean a reduction in performance? No, not necessarily. Nowadays with advancements in technology more compact yet powerful motors are being developed. They are compact, sleek; look elegant yet “all-powerful”. Bosch is one of the leading companies specializing in making compact and lightweight yet efficient motors for e-bikes.

Does using carbon fiber as raw material to make the frame of e-bikes cause’ reduction in performance? No, absolutely not. There is no reduction in performance if e-bikes if made from carbon fiber. In fact, e-bikes made of carbon fiber are lightweight and thus easy to maneuver. Moreover, they do not get rusted due to any moisture content in the atmosphere.

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