How to Ride Electric Bike Without Sweating? Trip Planning.

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How to not sweat on your electric bike commute? How to arrive at your destination refreshed and not tired?

How to not sweat on an electric bike commute? Judge fairly state of your fitness. Build it in advance and know well your commuting route. Choose flat roads, try to stick to shades and leave for your commute earlier in the morning. Dress for weather and dress in layers, so that you can peel off as you warm up. Drink a good glass of water before you take off.

There are many reasons why you may want to own an electric bike, whether you are an experienced commuter or a novice. One of your reasons to consider an electric bicycle is most certainly – to reduce or completely eliminate sweat during commutes. It is surely no fun arriving at the office with sweaty underarms and feeling unfresh for the rest of the day.

Depending on your commuting route, season and weather outside, time of the day when you most likely commute, state of your health and other details, which we will discuss below, you can succeed to either completely eliminate sweat, while commuting, or significantly reduce the risk of it and take your sweating under control (Wikipedia reference on perspiration).

Here are a few tips. Let’s discuss them one by one. In this post, we will focus on planning and preparing for your commute.

Know yourself and your commuting route

The general rule is – the more fit you are, the less you will get tired through your commute and the less you will sweat while commuting. You will certainly get fitter and more used to riding a bicycle as you start practicing. If, at the moment, the state of your health is not top, expect to sweat more.

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This is simply due to the fact that your body is not yet used to this type of physical activity so it will react by releasing more energy and more water. Expect to sweat less as you train your body through commutes.

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Worth mentioning that riding an electric bicycle helps out a lot, compared to riding a conventional bike. As you engage electric assistance on your bike, you will feel as if you are always riding on a smooth flat road. You will much less notice changing landscape, uphill stretches, etc.

Take your time to learn and build your commute

At least for the first few days, or, better, weeks, take more time to prepare for your commutes and to actually get from point A to point B. Once you will have done your route a few times, you will know much better your own abilities and terrain you are traveling through.

This, in turn, will allow you to adjust your speed, time when you travel and route you choose for the commute.

Allow yourself to experiment. Your commute is, after all, is not only about just getting to your destination. It is also about becoming healthier and enjoying your commute time. Take your time to understand the best way to achieve this state of fun and enjoyment. It is well worth it!

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Plan your commuting trip

Depending on the distance to your destination, there certainly could be several possible commuting routes available to you.

For example, there could be a shorter route that takes you through busy city streets. On this route, you are sure that you will be crossing numerous street lights and pedestrian crossings. And you are certain that these streets will likely be very busy during your commute hour.

Alternatively, there could be a slightly longer route that, for example, takes you through a city park. By picking this route, you will not cross so many street lights and not encounter that many people on your way to your destination.

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You will have more fun and will enjoy the nice scenery. Would not this be a more pleasant way to start your day every morning?

Choose flat routes

There could be various ways to plan your commuting trip. If you have a choice, avoid hills and going up and down. While going downhill fast could be fun, going up and down hills will be breaking your steady riding pace. And you will be more likely to break into a sweat going uphill.

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Stick to shades and leave earlier

Sounds common sense, still worth mentioning – stick to shades while selecting your route. Again, picking a city park route will help. Or, at least, pick shady sides of streets (which, of course, may be opposite sides during your morning and evening commutes).

During hot summer months, if your schedule permits, leave home early to avoid late morning and day heat. Consider that morning temperature is usually cooler than that of most even late afternoons.

Dress for the weather, dress in layers, drink water

If you plan on commuting through all seasons, you will need to adjust how you dress for each season respectively.  There are a few general rules that will work in all seasons.  You may need to develop your own additional rules, to take into account your individual circumstances.

Dress in layers and do not overdress

Whether it is winter afternoon or chilly spring morning, dress in layers. You are likely to start each commute without a warm-up. Thus, your body will be cold and you may need two-three layers of garments as you start your commute.

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You will then take off one or two layers, as you warm up. This tactic helps adjust your cushioning level to how warm your body is and how much heat it releases. As you take off layer after layer, you are less likely to sweat.

Do not overdress, even in winter months. It may feel quite cold on a winter morning, which may tease you to dress up, as you would do for a casual walk in a park. Riding an electric bike is different.

If you put on heavy and warm clothes, you will shortly feel restricted in your movements, feel uncomfortably warm and your body will sweat. A better approach will be to dress lighter, start off at a slightly faster pace, warm up for your trip and then pass to a steady riding pace.

Use performance clothes where possible

I also recommend using performance clothes whenever possible. Sports clothing technology is progressing very fast. New athletic garments are designed to be breathable, block wind gusts and release perspiration at the same time. Using performance clothes will ensure that even if you sweat, this humidity will dry away fast.

I have noticed that I sweat through my head and I know that some of you will be similar. Thus, I find that a headband is a nice little piece of fabric that is very convenient. I use it regularly on my rides.

A headband (similar to the one, you would use if you play tennis), absorbs humidity and keeps it from dripping on your face. When you arrive at your destination, you take your headband off and most of the sweat goes with it.

Another nice attribute is a cooling scarf (Amazon link). Putting something that cools you down around your neck, is a good decision as it does not allow overheating to reach your head and your hair.

I personally do not like to carry anything around my neck – this is just a personal choice. But I know that some of my commuting friends find having a cooling scarf to be very useful.

Drink a large glass of water

You need to hydrate your body well prior to your commute. If you are well hydrated, even if sweat breaks out, this perspiration will be pure and will consist mostly of water. Given that you wear performance clothing, this humidity will evaporate fast and will not leave much smelling on your body.

Easy Tip: Remember that what smells is not sweat (humidity) itself, but rather bacteria that starts developing in sweat.

If your sweat is cleaner, there will be fewer bacteria, thus, less odour (see Wikipedia link on causes of body odour).

On the same note, what you eat and drink ends up in your body and in your odor. And this is different for different people. It may make sense to avoid certain foods prior to your commute, that, you know, will have an unwanted effect on you.

Closing thoughts

It all comes with experience. Planning your electric bike commute is important and will make you better prepared. There is no one clear-cut recipe of how to completely avoid sweating while commuting on an electric bike.

It is clear, though, that electric bicycles offer good advantages to achieve sweat-free commutes. I encourage you to experiment with combinations of the above tips to understand the best set of them that works specifically for you.

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What to wear when cycling in a city? Take a look at this video to find the answers:

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