Fiido L3 Review: An Electric Bike Made For Endurance 

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If you are looking for an under-$1,000  e-bike for hassle-free riding, then Fiido L3 is the answer. Fiido L3 designs serve the purpose of utility and power with excellent results. It can achieve a maximum range of about 200 km/125 miles (pedal assist) on a single-charged battery. 

The 350W brushless motor is powerful enough to back this incredible range. In addition, the adjustable seat post is an asset, making the e-bike driveable by most of your family members. 

Fiido introduced the newer version of the L3 in 2021 as an upgrade to an existing model. The newer model has a bigger battery with increased range while the weight was down-sized. Fiido presents itself as a new-age e-bike brand focused on design and technology to offer riders world-class and cutting-edge eco-friendly mobility solutions. 

What makes this city and commuter e-bike a good alternative to your four-wheeler? Let’s find out.

What Makes Fiido L3 A Fun E-bike?

Magical Potential 

Since it is a small-wheeled e-bike with a single-speed drivetrain, it may be challenging to pedal. But you will never have any reason to complain. It is because of the throttle and the power of this e-bike. With power-assist, Fiido L3 seems like a moped or an electric scooter, making every ride smooth and powerful. 

Easy E-Biking - Fiido L3 electric bike folded, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
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The 350W motor may appear weak, but this 48V system never fails on a ride, supporting the rider with considerably more power than expected. The small wheels are like a boon as they add to the torque. So, the L3 is meant not just for city roads but also is a great companion on steep slopes and small hilly rides. 

Long Range & Tailored for All Family Members

The size of the e-bike often is misinterpreted. It is assumed that the small-format Fiido L3 can only go up to a few miles or carry slim adults of certain heights. Both assumptions are wrong.

The small e-bike has a weight rating of 150kg/330lb, which is pretty impressive. Moreover, it can easily fit individuals between the height range 5ftt and 6.5 ft (155cm to 200cm) due to the adjustable seat. The one-size-fits-all is one of the biggest pros of the L3, especially at this price. It takes hardly a few seconds or minutes to adjust the seat to get a comfortable riding position for the user.

Easy E-Biking - Fiido L3 electric bike motor, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
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Another performance area where the L3 surprises you is the range. Fiido has done an incredible job in engineering this e-bike for long-distance usage. Achieving 200km or 125 miles on pedal assist for a bike of this size adds to the beauty of the L3. You can expect up to 128km or 80 miles on a single charge on the throttle. And that brings us to one of the best features of the L3

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A Big Battery

The 23Ah 48V battery is unassumingly large. It has a capacity of 1104Wh, almost two times the battery capacity of an average e-bike. This power-driven battery is not just a giant sitting quietly between the wheels but also performs on the road every time. 

The DMEGC battery has a charge cycle of 800 times and easily survives for five years. The massive capacity of the battery is a source of relief, especially when you need to ride long distances – in a nutshell, you’ll not run out of charge within the city and use it daily by charging it once weekly. 

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Clean and Simple Design

Since L3 is an upgrade of L2, the brand has stuck to its predecessor’s clean and neat design. The Fiido iconic design means that the e-bike is foldable. The adjustable handlebars make it a foldable e-bike, thus, making it portable. You can carry it with ease in the trunk of your four-wheeler. 

Easy E-Biking - Fiido L3 electric bike saddle, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
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The positioning of the battery at the center is sound engineering from Fiido, as it helps the L3 maintain its balance considering that the battery is huge. In addition, the saddle has a lever you need to lift to remove the battery and insert it back. This way, you do not have to remove the seat post altogether.

The overall finish is excellent – good quality solid frame. The foldable pedals, lights, fenders, and built-in electric system are all above average. The spring seat is pretty comfortable and wide, more like a comfy chair.

A Cargo Rack

The L2 had a rear bench, upgraded to a rack in the L3. That’s a good addition as it means you can carry your office bag and cargo or drop your child at school on the way to the office. 

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Fiido L3: What Could Have Been Better?

L3 is an excellent e-bike with some surprising features, but there is still scope for improvement. 

Since Fiido is an Asian brand, the speed limit of 15.5mph or 25 km/hr has been programmed to meet the street regulations in most countries (especially in Europe). However, in the US, this can give a bit of a spoilsport feeling because here, the speed limit is 20mph or 32 km/hr. Thus, you may feel let down as per the US e-bike laws.

Easy E-Biking - Fiido L3 electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo credit Fiido e-bikes

The cargo rack is not the best add-on in the L3. If you are carrying a child, it’s not too comfortable. Add a seat on the rack top to let the child sit properly and safely. For cargo, the rack is fine.

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Fiido: Evolving Technology With Great R&D

Fiido is committed to making a positive change in society. That is why its designs are well-researched. The engineering is world-class, with the brand already owning several revolutionary patents. Of late, the company has been progressively working on creating connected communities where apps and online groups are being developed for users to leverage the power and talent of Fiido’s skilled team. 

Thus with Fiido, you are in for lots and lots of fun while taking good care of the planet. As the brand evolves, there are even better things lined up for e-bike riders.

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