Cleverley e-Bikes Review: Are These Bikes Any Good?

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Cleverley is a customer-oriented brand born out of the desire to give consumers the best. The brand was created by a set of passionate commuter cyclists in Brisbane, Australia. One propelling force that brought about Cleverley e-bikes is the fact that bikes help improve all aspects of life. As such, the brand took out the pain to ensure that commuter cycling is available to everyone

The core mission of Cleverley is to have people leave their cars at home and opt for bikes as a commuting option. Unfortunately, the average bike is not that appealing. Cleverley saw that gap in the market and decided to fill it up with high-quality e-bikes. 

Cleverley e-Bikes Review: Model Lines

E-Bike ModelE-Bike Type
Commuter CCity, Commuter
Commuter SCity, Commuter

At the moment, Cleverley only has two models. Both models are best suited for the City category.

Cleverley bikes are fitted with a 36v 11.6Ah Samsung cell battery. This amounts to about 70km (44 miles) with one full charge. In some cases, you might be able to cover a longer distance. The cap is placed at the 70 Km (44 miles) mark, so you can be reminded to charge after covering that distance.

Despite the extra load of the battery, you need not bother about being unable to stop your bike when needed. Cleverley bikes are built with SRAM’s purpose-built system. To be factual, SRAM systems are one of the best braking systems available. Consequently, you are in control of your bike regardless of whatever weather condition is out there.

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Compared to other e-bikes in the market, the front rack of Cleverley bikes is commendable. It is well-fitted and stable. In an actual sense, “static” may be the right word. As a result of the fitting, while you steer the bike, the rack remains stable. Hence, ensuring that groceries or whatever is stored in there stays secure.

All Cleverley e-bikes are fitted with a Bafang Mid Drive Motor M400. This might be a term you are not familiar with, so let us dive into the implication this has on the performance of the e-bike. 

Currently, there are only two motors by which e-bikes are powered, a “Mid-drive motor” or a “Hub motor.” The mid-drive motor is recommended over the Hub motor, and there are several reasons for this.

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Top on the list is that pedaling a bike powered by a mid-drive motor is easier. Mid-drive motors are built with a pedal assist sensor. This sensor weighs the force you apply to the pedal and then conveys this information to the bike’s control unit. Upon receiving the information, the bike control unit adjusts the assist level to balance the measurement.

Additionally, the Mid-drive motor reduces the failure rate of your bike. The reason for this is simple: unlike hub motors, mid-drive motors have a high level of integration. Most of their components are internal. Hence, the tendency of a breakdown because of dust intrusion and water jets is eliminated.

Commuter C Model

Commuters C and S share a lot of similarities. However, the differences between both models cannot be overlooked. The Commuter C has a wheel size of  28-inch. This gives it a faster speed compared to its counterpart, the commuter S. 

Easy E-Biking - Cleverley Commuter C electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
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Commuter C is recommended for riders who are between 5’8’’ and 6’5’’. This model supports up to 120Kg (265 pounds) of weight, which is the same maximum weight supported by the Commuter S.

Its tires are puncture-protected and come with Dunlop valves to improve your riding experience. If you are after comfort, you would certainly find it by taking Commuter C on a ride. 

Commuter C has a wheelbase of 1108 mm. This guarantees that it will be more stable at speed. Furthermore, your load won’t go through the risk of tilting. Unfortunately, this might make it a little bit slower to turn, compared to the Commuter S.

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Take a closer look at the Cleverley Commuter C model line here.

Commuter S Premium mid-drive step-over model

Though different in the specification, you can’t tag the Commuter S as inferior to the Commuter C. It has a wheel size of 26 inches and will still give reasonable speed for a city bike. Unlike Commuter C, Commuter S is recommended for riders between 5’2” to 6’2” in height. 

Easy E-Biking - Cleverley Commuter S electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
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Commuter S is embedded with the same Samsung battery as Commuter C. Both e-bikes use a battery of 36v 11.6Ah. This battery size amounts to a minimum of 40 Km (25 miles) and as much as 80 Km (50 miles). For bikers who would love more power, both batteries are upgradeable to a Samsung 36v 12.8Ah.  

By upgrading, you would get as much as 60 to 100Km (35 – 65 miles) of travel for every charge. Despite how many kilometers the battery of the Commuter S can cover, each full charge takes just 6 hours.

Both e-bikes have a rare rack of 25kg (55 pounds) and a front rack of 10Kg (22 pounds). This gives enough room to carry groceries and little items that would be needed during the short drive.

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Cleverley e-bikes are built with a Spanninga Led 36 V. This gives you adequate light to embark on evening drives. Unfortunately, the rear has no light. So you can only see your front while driving.

Take a closer look at the Cleverley Commuter S model line here.

Does Cleverley Offer E-Bike Accessories?

Cleverley sells some E-bike accessories. Some of them include chargers for e-bikes and batteries of varying capacities. However, the bikes come with accessories like Mudguards, a rear rack, a front rack, and a kickstand.

Does Cleverley Offer a Manufacturer’s Warranty?

All Cleverley e-bikes come with a two-year warranty. The warranty covers all the primary components of the bike. This includes the motor, battery, gears, and display. However, the warranty is only redeemable if you are the bike’s original owner.

Like most warranties, the warranty becomes void when damages arise due to improper assembly. Wear and tear or damage incurred during an accident could also nullify the warranty. 

In cases where modifications have been made to the bike and its original components, the warranty will not be redeemable.

Does Cleverley Offer A Trial / Test Period For Their E-Bikes?

At the moment, Cleverley only offers test rides in Brisbane and Sydney. To book a test ride, you would need to head to their website, select your preferred city, the model you would love to test and the time and day you would prefer. Cleverley will take it up from there and handle the required logistics.

What Do Riders Like About Cleverley?

A lot of riders often appraise the comfort of Cleverley bikes. Furthermore, the ease of setting it up arises over and again in a lot of reviews. Despite the ease of use, the bike is relatively affordable in comparison to counterparts with the same specifications. 

Many others appraise the ease of maintaining the bike. According to them, it is easy to use and maintain. While enjoying the ease of using the bike, some of them attest to the fact that the battery has a USB that allows you to charge your gadgets while riding.

What Countries Does Cleverley Ship To?

At the moment, Cleverley only caters to riders in Australia, precisely Brisbane, and Sydney.

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