Wing e-Bikes Review: Are These Bikes Any Good?

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Easy E-Biking - Wing Freedom electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
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Wing electric bikes could be described as “Pure innovation on display.” Out of his desire to make urban commuting easy and enjoyable, Seth Miller created the brand in 2017.  Despite being new in the market, Wing Bikes has effortlessly won the hearts of e-bike lovers. The brand uses some of the best e-bike technologies. Hence, giving their riders pleasurable urban commuting.

Located in New York, Wing Bikes intends to give commuters smart e-bikes that would eliminate the labor of daily commuting. While taking out the labor of commuting, Seth Miller strives for Wing e-bikes to preserve the fun and practicality of regular bikes.

Wing e-Bikes Review: Model Lines

E-Bike ModelE-Bike Type
Freedom XCity
Freedom STCity
Freedom FattyAll Terrain 

Wing Bikes currently has four e-bike models. Out of the four, three are city e-bikes while one, the Freedom Fatty, is an all-terrain bike.

Wing bikes are distinct in several ways. For the safety of your bike, Wing bikes have inbuilt alarm systems that keep them safe from theft. At the first attempt to tamper with your e-bike, the alarm system gives a warning sound. If the intruder persists, the sound gets louder and more intense.

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Wing bikes come with two clickers that are similar to those you get when you purchase a car. With these clickers, you can easily lock and unlock your e-bike.

The battery of Wing bikes is built with the same security consciousness with which the e-bike was designed. Though removable, you can secure the battery to the bike using a key. It is easy to unmount the batteries. Hence, allowing you to charge your bike battery when it is in or out of the bike. 

Wing e-bikes can be customized. For example, users could install a throttle, while the e-bikes come with a pedal assist as standard. Hence, it is possible to set the e-bike in motion using either the throttle or the pedal assist. The pedal assist monitors the pedaling of commuters and offers a boost depending on the selected settings. The maximum speed is set to 20 MPH (32 km/h).

Wing bikes collapse learning curves. Regardless of where you are in your cycling journey, you could easily start riding a Wing electric bike. The e-bikes are designed to fit both beginner and experienced riders. 

Freedom X Model Line

Wing Freedom X features a sleek and simple design. Due to the simplicity of its look, it is easy to confuse it with an ordinary bike. The e-bike weighs about 39 pounds (18 kg) and features the signature Wing e-bike removable battery.

Easy E-Biking - Wing Freedom X electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo credit Wing e-bikes

Freedom X is equipped with a 36V/550W Bafang electric motor having 45Nm of torque. This allows the e-bike to reach the maximum speed in a few seconds. The brand makes it easier for commuters to ride in the dark. The bike is equipped with rear and front lights, which are powered by the main battery. Hence, getting extra AAA or cell batteries will not be necessary.

There are three battery types the Freedom X could work with. First on the list is the standard 8.8ah battery. This battery type allows commuters to travel as much as 35 miles (55 km).

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The e-bike could also make use of a 10.4ah battery that lasts as much as 45 miles (70+ km). Freedom X could use a 14ah battery that comfortably covers about 60 miles (95 km). However, an upgrade in battery choice will inquire additional financial costs.

Take a closer look at the Wing Freedom X e-bike here.

Freedom Model Line

Wing’s Freedom features the characteristics of minimalist body design. Like the Freedom X, it has a 550W Bafang electric motor with 45Nm Torque.

Easy E-Biking - Wing Freedom X electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo credit Wing e-bikes

The body of the e-bike is made with 6061 Aluminium. Thus, helping it maintain a lightweight of about 39 pounds (18 kg). The 6061 aluminum makes e-bikes resistant to scratches and damage when stored properly. 

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Freedom is equipped with efficient 180mm steel rotor brakes that help stop the e-bike when you need to. This model is equipped with Kenda/Innova puncture-resistant tires. No matter how rough the terrain gets, the tires will glide reliably. Hence, ensuring that commuters have a great riding experience.

Take a closer look at the Wing Freedom e-bike here.

Freedom Fatty Model Line

The Freedom Fatty is an All-terrain e-bike that can easily cruise along unusual paths. The bike is fitted with fat tires that can easily be pumped or deflated to suit the road terrain on which it is being used.

Easy E-Biking - Wing Freedom Fatty electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo credit Wing e-bikes

Freedom Fatty is fitted with a 36V/750W Bafang electric motor that has 80Nm of torque. With this engine specification, the e-bike will hit its maximum speed of 28 miles (45 km) per hour in a short time.

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Regarding battery durability, the Freedom Fatty is a reasonably decent bike. The e-bike features a 36-volt battery that charges fully in about four hours. When charged, the battery can go as far as 50 miles (70+ km) comfortably.

Take a closer look at the Wing Freedom Fatty e-bike here.

Freedom ST Model Line

Freedom ST is the latest addition to the collection of Freedom bikes. It features a new low-step frame that makes it easier to mount and alight from the bike. Despite the evolution of the frame, the quality of the bike has remained at par with the conventional Wing e-bikes.

Easy E-Biking - Wing Freedom ST electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo credit Wing e-bikes

Freedom ST has the conventional Wing bike anti-theft alarm. This e-bike model also has an inbuilt control display that gives commuters up-to-date information about certain bike features. These features include the battery level, assistance, distance, and bike speed.

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Take a closer look at the Wing Freedom ST e-bike here.

Do Wing Bikes Offer E-Bike Accessories?

Wing bikes offer additional accessories for those who would love to purchase them. Some of the accessories you could get from the brand includes helmets, brake pads, locks, replacement lights, and a host of other accessories. Take a look at the selection of accessories here.

Do Wing Bikes Offer a Manufacturer’s Warranty?

Wing bikes give consumers a one-year warranty period except otherwise stated at the checkout point. However, to benefit from the warranty, you have to be the original owner of the e-bike. Warranties only apply to e-bikes purchased from authorized Wing dealers.

To benefit from the warranty, the e-bike must not be involved in an accident. The initial specifications of the e-bike must not be altered. Else, the warranty will be nullified.

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To benefit from the battery warranty of the brand, it is essential to follow the battery charging and maintenance procedures, as well as the long-term battery storage procedure of the e-bike.

Do Wing Bikes Offer A Trial / Test Period For Their E-Bikes?

Wing Bikes does offer test rides, which are restricted to certain locations. Some of these locations include Los Angeles, Columbia, Minnetonka, NYC, and Raleigh. To book a test ride, simply visit the company website and choose your preferred location.

What Do Riders Like About Wing Bikes?

A lot of riders often complement the alarm system of the bike. Others love to appraise the presence of lights at the rear and front of the bike. On the other hand, a couple of users often mention that setting up the bike is easy and doesn’t consume much time.

What Countries Does Wing Bikes Ship To?

At the moment, Wing Bikes has 4 shipping options. They ship to FedEx Ground and NYC Pickup and Assembly. For commuters who stay in the lower 48 states, Wing Bikes does USA Bike shipping. However, commuters who stay outside of the lower 48 states would get their bikes via FedEx international.

Here is a short video introduction to Wing Freedom X:

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