Fiido e-Bikes Review: Are These Bikes Any Good?

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Fiido is a Chinese e-bike brand known for developing reformatory electric bicycles. The company was set up in 2016 and is committed to the technological promotion and research in this niche. The brand aims to bring health advantages to its customers by facilitating more straightforward exercising and tackling mobility challenges. 

Fido launched its first e-bike in 2017, revolutionizing practical commuting and comfortable riding experiences for riders. The company currently has four products – Smart, Off-Road, Mileage, and Fun. 

Is Fiido a good e-bike brand to buy? Each of the products from FIIDO retains the form of the traditional bicycle. These are highly lightweight, portable, and foldable and are equipped with a detachable hidden Lithium battery. The FIIDO e-bikes are popular due to their stable performance derived from the 7-speed gear, productive vector controller, brushless gear motor, and impressive assistor configuration. 

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The current market of FIIDO e-bikes consists of almost 40 countries across the world, including the US, UK, Italy, France, Singapore, and China. 

Fiido e-Bikes Review: Model Lines

E-bike ModelE-bike Type
Fiido X, D21, D11, D4S, D2S, L3, D3City and commuter
Fiido M1 Pro, M1 Fat, M21 FatMountain and fat tire
Fiido T1Cargo and utility

Fiido e-bikes are dapper bicycles, mainly suited for aesthetic appearance and efficient rides rather than great power and torque. Some of its models, like the D11, are foldable, making commuting even more effortless and smoother on the road. All in all, these e-bikes are meant to enjoy riding rather than showcase power.

City and Commuter Model Line 

This model line consists of seven models – X, D21, D11, D4S, D2S, L3, and D3. The e-bikes in this model line are highly flexible, which makes them collapsible and fit without stress in the car trunk. 

Easy E-Biking - Fiido X electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
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The e-bikes are equipped with new-age torque sensors that detect the force on the pedal and offer the e-biker an intuitive jerk-free and throttle-free ride. 

Fiido X 

The Fiido X model has a minimalistic look with noiseless performance. It is best suited for daily commuters. This e-bike can be assembled in no time – only the pedals need to be screwed on unboxing. 

The e-bike is an innovative addition to the brand’s City and commuter model line. The magnesium frame makes it lightweight. No keys are required for unlocking as it is code-powered. The removable battery from Fiido gives the rider a 130km (80 miles) range for every charge.

Here is our deep-dive article into Fiido X innovations.

Fiido D11 & D21  

D11 and D21 Fiido e-bikes are ultra-lightweight at 17.5kg (38 pounds) and range up to 100km (62 miles). The bicycles are powered by a 250-Watt high-efficiency motor concealed in the rear wheel. The compact e-bikes help move on steep slopes and rugged terrain without using much energy from the rider. Ergonomic design improves efficiency. 

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When running on a tight budget, the D11 is a welcome change. It is fun to drive but can be a problem for shorter riders with the battery protruding. The D21 model is an enhanced D11. There’s improvement in the design; the frame has a new stylish color and a better pedal assistance system.

Fiido D4S 

Weighing 18.5 kg (40 pounds), this e-bike model is still rather lightweight. Riders can conveniently switch between electric, pedal, and throttle modes. It is an excellent cost-effective option for flatter terrain. But this is not the best if you are looking towards it for long tours or uneven terrains. The padded saddle makes the ride comfortable.

Easy E-Biking - Fiido D3 mini electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
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Fiido D2S 

The D2S model offers a six-speed shift shock absorber in the rear, is designed for lower power consumption, and uses a brushless geared motor for higher endurance. All of this makes daily city commute a breeze. 

This is a good value-for-money investment and is pretty popular too. The rear shocker helps take the shock on bumpy roads.

Fiido L3 

The L3 has an adjustable seat that suits people of varying heights. With a neat and clean design, the brushless geared motor helps offer a smooth ride even with the motor switched off. The battery of this model comfortably runs for about five years. 

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It is a small-format bike, but the potential is excellent. The small-sized wheels add to the torque. Best advised for e-biking in the city, but the L3 may not be the right choice if you are planning the countryside. Read our full Fiido L3 review

Fiido D3 

The dropper seat of the D3 makes it accessible for people of all ages – it is a one-size-fits-all e-bike. Made of aluminum alloy, it is pretty light. The stem extender helps in loosening the e-bike faster. This model offers a good gear ratio that assists in slope climbing. 

It is a viable bike for people of all ages with impressive speed and range. The brake system is on the weaker side, and the pedal’s quality can sometimes give a bit of stress. Read our full review of the D3 Pro model.

Take a closer look at the Fiido City and Commuter Model Line here.

Mountain and Fat Tire Model Line

These e-bikes are geared for difficult terrains with fat tires that increase stability and comfort. The strong motor with seven-speed derailleur and seamless shift helps the rider work their way efficiently through challenging weather and landscape conditions. 

Easy E-Biking - Fiido M1 electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
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Mountain fat tire e-bikes are also foldable. There are three models in this lineup:

Fiido M1 Pro & M1 Fat 

The M1 Pro has good power with its full-suspension make; this is a solid off-road e-bike. The tires are all-terrain with anti-skid treads. Bumps on the road are taken care of by the complete suspension design. Both the models have front and rear suspensions and an in-frame battery. Anti-theft features and GPS are missing from the e-bike, though.

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Fiido M21 Fat 

The M21 e-bike model is equipped with a torque sensor. The suspension forks help ride over bumps with ease. The aluminum frame is best for shock absorption. The cable routing is external instead of internal, which could have added to its aesthetics. There’s an electronic display that is a help to the user, but safety parameters like a built-in lock are missing.

Take a closer look at the Fiido Mountain and Fat Tire Model Line here.

Cargo and Utility Model Line

The Fiido T1 is the only model in this e-bike lineup. T1 is a foldable e-bike meant for all types of terrains made from aluminum alloy. The 20 inches tires with ultra-wide rims sync well with all-terrain tires. The full suspension shock and the anti-skid tread pattern make every drive easy. 

Easy E-Biking - Fiido T1 electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo credit Fiido e-bikes

The T1 is equipped with a giant headlight on the front rack for enhanced visibility. There’s extra storage space in the form of the front basket. The e-bike gets up to 40km/h (25 mph) with throttle though reaching the promised 45km/h (28 mph) may be a bit challenging.

Read our full Fiido T1 review. Take a closer look at the Fiido Cargo and Utility model line here.

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Does Fiido offer e-bike accessories? 

Yes, Fiido sells plenty of e-bike accessories. These include brake pads, handlebars, bike charger, handlebar bag, fender, fender set, charging port, pneumatic inner tube tire, rear brake, pedals, phone holder, battery, power brake lever, wheel spokes, wheel and cranks, controller, and more.

Does Fiido provide a manufacturer’s warranty for its e-bikes? 

Yes, Fiido e-bikes come with a manufacturer’s warranty. The brand replaces the parts free of charge for all non-human damage within this period. Different parts of the bicycle have different warranty periods. 

For example, pedals, brakes, tires, and fenders have a warranty period of 3 months, while the frame is covered for 36 months. Motor parts and the battery have 12-month warranty coverage. 

Non-applicability of the warranty coverage under the following conditions: 

  • If the user fails to use, adjust or maintain the e-bike as per the Instruction Manual. 
  • If the parts are dissembled and repaired/modified by the users and are not compliant with the rules of use. 
  • Broken and/or scratched lead fittings. 
  • Damaged outer shell of accessories, even with slight scratches that are caused during transportation. 
  • Improper usage, storage, or accidental failures. 
  • Vulnerable parts like plastic parts, rims, cables, etc., are not replaceable and cannot be repaired.   

Does Fiido offer a trial/test period for their e-bikes? 

The brand does not offer a trial or a test period for their e-bikes. 

What do consumers like the most about Fiido e-bikes? 

Most consumers feel that Fiido e-bikes offer trouble-free rides and they are worth your money. The e-bikes are fast and can be handled with ease. Customer support services are helpful and prompt. 

Where does Fiido ship to?

Fiido e-bikes are shipped to: 

  • The USA, not including Alaska and Hawaii 
  • Canada – limited models are shipped to Canada. These include models X, M1 Pro, and T1. 
  • Europe – Austria, Italy, Belgium, Latvia, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Croatia, Luxembourg, Czechia, Netherlands, Denmark, Poland, Estonia, Portugal, Finland, Romania, France, Slovakia, Germany, Slovenia, Greece, Spain, Hungary, Sweden, and Ireland 
  • The UK, including England, Wales, and Scotland. 
  • China 

Check out this short video introduction of Fiido D11:

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