Ampler e-Bikes Review: Are These Bikes Any Good?

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Ampler is a relatively young brand, having started as a side project in 2014 by three friends in a garage. These individuals notably already have intimate knowledge of e-bike design, riding experience, and the manufacturing process, thanks to their respective professions.

It was only in 2016 that it was officially launched, with headquarters in Tallinn, Estonia. At best, the less-than-satisfactory e-bike models in the European market motivated the people behind Ampler. They also wished to make e-biking more accessible to riders, particularly those who are turned off by the commonly heavy battery that models integrated. 

From then onward, the company only steadily grew and now has more than 100 employees. The company doesn’t make it clear what its name stands for. Still, it could be attributed to its dedication to delivering the best options for riders. 

Is Ampler a Good E-bike Brand to Buy?

Ampler has historically been praised for its excellent design choices in its mostly urban e-bikes. If you want models that are noticeably more lightweight than others in the market and with seamless, innovative integration of vital components in the frame, this is the brand to get. 

Battery and motor specs are primarily adequate for the specific purposes its models are built for.

Ampler e-Bikes Review: Model Lines

E-bike ModelE-bike Type
StoutCity, Hybrid

As of this writing, Ampler has yet to branch out from its mainly urban e-bike offerings. Its catalog has slowly been growing, as evidenced by the fact that it only offered three model lines in 2020. In 2023, it already has 5 different urban selections, all of which fall under either the city, commuter, or cruiser category. 

Overall, the superb design of these e-bikes is where most of the strengths of Ampler lie. Sure, it may not be as budget-friendly as most. Still, you get what you pay for with a guaranteed satisfactory urban riding experience. 

Their models also barely exceed the 16-kg (35 lbs) mark, making lightweight-ness a shared positive quality by practically every Ampler e-bike. You only need to read our review, highlighting and expounding on these strengths, to see why we’ve reached this conclusion. 

Ampler Cruiser Model Line Review

The Juna is the sole cruiser option in the catalog. It fits the said category due to its clear focus on imparting riding comfort. The comfort is readily apparent in standout design features such as high handlebars and ergonomic grips, which encourage a more relaxed upright riding position. 

Easy E-Biking - Ampler Juna electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
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The handlebar’s position aids in better handling, which also lends comfort. With this combination of features, you can say goodbye to back and neck strains from longer rides

The single-speed drive may be a double-edged sword in general. Still, we can’t deny that it makes the Juna a relatively more beginner-friendly option and immediately ticks the simplicity checkbox some e-bike riders (even the most experienced ones) yearn for.

The low-step frame only further boosts the comfort when mounting and dismounting. As far as essentials like the battery and motor go, it’s definitely satisfactory if it doesn’t exceed your expectations.

You can go from 43 to 62 miles (70 to 100 km) from the battery with a full charge and 45 Nm of torque from the rear hub motor. One notable aspect is that the 336 Wh battery is not only integrated into the frame but the display as well – a quality it shares with all the other Ampler e-bikes. It definitely reduces the clutter more and makes the model more minimalist and relatively neater-looking (or sleeker, as most reviewers put it).

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The palpably hydraulic solid disc brakes only further convince us that this e-bike is well worth its price tag, which is the cheapest in the catalog along with the Axel. Another aspect we like is the reliable, sizable fenders. 

Ampler Commuter Model Line Review

The Axel is the brand’s sporty commuter option, as evidenced by the “active”, responsive handlebar position. It shares similar specs with the Juna, especially the battery and motor.

Easy E-Biking - Ampler Alex electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
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It also uses a single-speed drive and incorporates hydraulic disc brakes. Moreover, the minimalistic design is apparent. You can expect the same comfort, but obviously, the Juna has the most to offer, considering this model’s active handlebar position.

On the whole, it’s safe to say that it’s a slightly more performance-based variation of the Juna, sharing the same technology. For instance, you can connect the e-bike with the dedicated Ampler app, allowing you to remotely control aspects like the strength of motor assistance or see the stats and where you currently are, among other nifty functionalities. 

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Ampler City Model Line Review

Three models make up the brand’s city e-bike collection. Unsurprisingly, they also share the same specs as other Ampler e-bikes belonging to a different category. You can expect the uniform average riding range of 43 miles (70 km) in all three, Curt, Stout, and Stellar.

Easy E-Biking - Ampler Stelle electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
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The Stout is more of a city/cruiser hybrid marketed as an all-rounder. On the other hand, the Ampler Stellar definitely deserves its astral label because it shares the same versatility with the Stout. 

One main difference is that the Stout is designed for larger-sized riders. The Stellar’s low-step frame makes it the more comfort-oriented option. 

Both share the same 9-speed derailleur, which definitely aids in boosting the versatility, at least in terms of riding conditions and environments both can tackle. Because of this aspect, riding these two on some light dirt trails and tracks and cities with relatively more challenging inclines won’t hurt. 

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The decision to incorporate tires such as the Continental Top Contact II 47-622 and Vectran™ Breaker only adds to the reliability and adaptability. After all, these tires win in the punctuation protection and decreased rolling resistance departments. There’s a ready high quality attached to these tires, in short. 

Overall, we can safely say that the Stellar and Stout are cut from the same cloth, with one accommodating smaller riders. The main downside is they also share the same. 

Easy E-Biking - Ampler Stout electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
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What of the Curt? Well, it is the lightest-weight e-bike in the catalog. It topped only at 14.4 kg (32 lbs) with its single-speed version. It definitely earns a ready checkmark from us. Interestingly, it has a version with an 11-speed chain drive (the most speed settings in the catalog), which allows it to be just as versatile as the Stout and Stellar, at least in that regard.

The light-as-a-feather single-speeder goes toe-to-toe with the competition, mind you. Minus the positive qualities underlined above, it also comes complete with a kickstand, front lights, and fenders. 

The Panaracer GravelKing tires are nothing to sneeze at, considering their overall durability and superior puncture protection. And, of course, who would take mechanical disc brakes over hydraulic disc brakes? 

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The step-over frame may not be as friendly as most. Still, the fact that it exhibits the same sleek, minimalistic quality as its cousins allows it to smoothly earn its place in this arguably great catalog. 

Does Ampler Offer Accessories?

Currently, they don’t have a dedicated online store that offers brand-exclusive accessories and parts. 

Does Ampler Offer a Manufacturer’s Warranty?

All Ampler e-bikes receive a two-year warranty on specific components: the battery, power panel, handlebar, and motor. This is provided they are proven to only have manufacturing defects. 

There’s also a 5-year warranty that covers the frame and fork.

Can You Avail of a Test Ride from Ampler?

Yes, you just need to head over to any of Ampler’s showrooms after scheduling it. It won’t cost you a single dime to avail of these test rides.

Should you be interested, here’s a list of all the available showrooms in Europe.

You can select the exact model you’re interested in riding or even test all of them if you want. 

What Do E-Bike Riders Think of Ampler?

Ampler surely knows what components to integrate that will level up any e-bike riding experience (particularly urban riding) from an average one to one that will make any rider want to come back for more. 

Their models give the ready impression that the brand is not in it solely to make a profit. The earnestness to deliver quality and an excellent ride in the city or regular community are apparent. Compared to brands that don’t throw in kickstands and fenders in their basic-priced options (despite already costing a ton), Ampler is evidently generous.

This generosity extends to the team’s willingness and drive to improve their models. The generally positive reviews of all its models only serve to prove this point further. That said, there are certain critical areas of improvement that Ampler needs to address, particularly in boosting comfort through better seatpost choices and making their models quieter. 

Considering all its achievements in the short amount of time since its founding, it’s not hard to say that it’s already in a good spot in the e-bike industry. 

What Countries Does Ampler Ship To?

The brand only caters to European countries at present, including most who belong to the EU and regions outside it. 

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