DYU e-Bikes Review: Are These Bikes Any Good?

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DYU is a Hong Kong-based e-bike brand that has been manufacturing budget-friendly models since 2012. Like many budding companies, it started out of a passion for e-bike design and offering greener transport options for the riding public.

As the years went by, DYU made a reputation for being one of the first to start offering way more affordable e-bikes in the market – which has been the anticipated trend going forward. It has also been recognized for its mini e-bikes, for which it has won awards in recent years.

The brand doesn’t make clear what its name stands for. 

Are DYU e-bikes any good?

The short answer is – YES. DYU quickly attracts with its close-to-rock-bottom price tags. The fundamental aspects that exceed our expectations include the top-notch riding range with a decent motor that pairs well with the assisted pedaling feature. The fact that the majority are foldable is another plus. 

DYU e-Bikes Review: Model Lines

E-bike Model LineE-bike Type
R1 – USA, EUFolding, City
T1 – USAFolding
D3F (Mini) – USA, EUFolding, Kids
D3+ (Mini) – USA, EUFolding, Kids
D2F (Mini) – USA, EUFolding, Kids
D2+ (Mini) – USA, EUFolding, Kids
D1F (Mini) – USA, EUFolding, Kids
S2 (Mini) – USA, EUFolding, Kids
S3 (Mini) – USA, EUFolding,  Kids
A1F (Full) – EUFolding
A5 (Full) – EUFolding
A7 (Full) – EUFolding
C6 – EUCity
V8 – EUFat, Folding
King 750 – USA, EUFat, Mountain
FF500 – USAFat, Folding
D20 – USAFolding
D16 – USAFolding

To say that the brand likes folding e-bikes would be stating the obvious. However, it still has to be highlighted since that allows the brand to make cutbacks and offer its models for far less.

Folding means smaller motors and batteries in general. However, since they get mostly above-average range from these models, most DYU batteries are on the heavy side. 

Still, it’s not enough to weigh down on the bikes’ overall portability. For example, mini models such as the D3F only top at a very manageable 38 pounds (17 kg) when completely folded. 

Sure, the overall aesthetics may be hit or miss. But we can’t deny that most, if not all, of these models can deliver value for money despite the unbelievably low price tags attached to them. 

DYU Folding Model Line

The R1 model quickly stands out in the entire catalog because of its readily highlighted feature, namely the torque sensor. That’s a feature you’ll typically find in mid-range e-bikes, not entry-level priced options, which make up virtually all of DYU’s selections.

Easy E-Biking - DYU R1 electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
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The torque sensor is also one of the main reasons why this DYU offering can manage up to 38 miles (60 km) of riding range. It only delivers the right amount of assistance needed in the situation.

Depending on your riding style, the 15.5 mph (25 km/h) top speed from the 350W motor can be a pro or con. However, it’s clear that the model was designed for urban, casual rides, so we think it’s just fine. It’s suitable for cities with strict speed limits.

It’s a semi-folding model, though, as it only integrates a collapsible stem. But it is compact enough to give the natural space-saving benefit of almost any pure folding model.

The front suspension raises comfort when riding, and the e-bike, on the whole, performs well on pavement, light dirt, and gravel trails. Overall, it’s an excellent e-bike that doesn’t go overboard with speed and range, making it ideal for regular short commutes.

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It’s got decent tech, such as a standard LED display that displays everything you need when riding, like miles, battery level, etc. The mechanical disc brakes are just ok, and anti-theft protection is a plus. The style is nothing short of practical, but not without its inherent aesthetic appeal, thanks to its modern theme.

However, if we look at the specs of the recently released T1 (an exclusive DYU Global and US offering, as of this writing), it’s undoubtedly the higher end of the two. For one, even though it lacks a torque sensor, it can give you over 60 miles (97 km) of range.

Easy E-Biking - DYU T1 electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
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It’s a bonafide upgrade with its 350W but still relatively quiet motor, anti-skid tires, and extra-bright front lights. The comfort also enjoys a boost, thanks to the broadened seats.

Rider convenience is improved by the one-step folding design as well. Despite all these perks, it’s highly compact, making it still an automatic option for those struggling with space to stow their rides in. It’s undoubtedly a more recommended option for those who want something that fits the usual mid-range qualities we look for.

The T1 only sells for $1,500 and sometimes even cuts its price tag close to half. It certainly didn’t take long to receive 5-star ratings.

Overall, we find the R1 and T1 infinitely better than the D20 and D16 models, so we’ve opted to focus on them. 

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DYU Mini Folding Model Line

There are three mini-folding models, counting the EU-exclusive D3+. These are most definitely respectable rides by virtue of their features and capabilities.

If you’re an adult who doesn’t mind looking a bit awkward riding an undersized e-bike, then these inexpensive “toy” models may give you the oomph you’re looking for. Speaking of toys, we categorized the mini folding models as kids as well since we’ve been receiving reports of adults having a less-than-comfortable time trying to ride them.

Easy E-Biking - DYU D3F folding e-bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo credit DYU e-bikes

Do take note that these are evidently made for adults. Our decision to include it in the kids’ category is only backed up by the simple single-speed drivetrain incorporated by popular models like the D3F.

The tinier size certainly helps to keep weight down. 38 pounds (17 kg) is pretty much a godsend for any e-bike.

As for riding experience, taller adults may struggle a bit to get the hang of the minuscule build. Nonetheless, it can be a reliable workhorse that you can use for the regular commute without burning fuel unnecessarily with your car.

It will get you from one place to another smoothly, even though it may be a less-than-pretty sight as you’re doing it. If you don’t mind that, we’re definitely not stopping you from choosing these mini-wheel dealers.

You can expect the same tech and accessories as the ones in the R1, at least in overall capability. They may not necessarily integrate the same components.

We suggest you pick between the D3+ (if you’re an EU resident) or D3F only, as both can quickly overshadow the S2, which we won’t bother to expound on much. Read our full review of the DYU D3F e-bike.

DYU Full Folding Model Line

What differentiates a full folding e-bike from a mini folding, according to DYU, is that it’s 2 inches larger than the former. We think the A1F is the better option, but any of the two will do.

Easy E-Biking - DYU A1F electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo credit DYU e-bikes

You only need to fold it thrice to reach its most compact form. The motor and battery are copies of the R1 since it also has a 15.5-mph (25 km/h) top speed with a little less range, topping at 37 miles (60 km).

The tires are adaptable in relatively rougher terrain. We also like that it’s still not too large and manages to keep its heft down, much like its counterparts.

This makes it a smoother ride overall and allows you to enjoy bursts of speed every now and then. The design says “classic folding e-bike” at first glance, and it’s definitely a safe move worth welcoming.

There’s really not much difference performance-wise compared to other DYU folding models. These are apparently marketed toward those who like a more standard folding e-bike or are simply more used to it.

DYU Fat Folding Model Line

DYU inevitably entered the fat folding sphere, with models such as the V8 and FF500 serving as pioneer products. The specs of the V8 prove that DYU is not limiting itself to low-entry e-bikes.

Easy E-Biking - DYU FF500 electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo credit DYU e-bikes

It has a 750W, which rivals the brand’s unfolding models and is complemented by a Shimano 7-speed shifter. The fat 20”*4” all-terrain tires practically tell you that you can ride it anywhere you like. The dual suspension only aids to that while keeping your ride comfortable even in bumpy terrain.

We also love that it comes with hydraulic disc brakes, a noticeable upgrade over other mini models.

The FF500, on the other hand, is more of a laidback offering, as evidenced by its cruiser-style, low-step frame. Still, it’s hard to top 43 miles (70 km) of riding range, courtesy of its 48V 14Ah battery.

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It’s also got more power, thanks to the 500W motor, and you have adequate control over your riding with a 7-speed derailleur. It only has a front suspension, but the fat tires guarantee you can do light offroading with it.

All these specs make it more of an in-betweener that still has a certain degree of versatility – an e-bike that you won’t hesitate to take out for a leisure run in the park, beach, and some light grocery runs (it’s got a decently sized rear shelf, after all).

DYU City Model Line

The DYU C6 is the most expensive option at present. Unsurprisingly, it adapts the same DYU trend of making models comparatively smaller than other city e-bikes. It’s still sizable compared to the rest with its 20-inch hub, and the weight is more palpable as it weighs 60 pounds (27 kg).

Easy E-Biking - DYU C6 electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo credit DYU e-bikes

The power is undoubtedly there, thanks to the 350W motor reaching as high as 750W. This makes it a better option for inclines compared to its folding cousins.

The low-step frame seals the comfort you can expect from a good cruiser. It definitely has the classic, casual bike appeal absent from the folding models.

The brakes may not be hydraulics, but they will do for this model’s purpose. The tech is also the same, minimally delivered through a no-nonsense LED display, no more, no less.

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As for accessories, it earns a checkmark with its fenders, headlights, fog lights, kickstand, rear rack, and front rack. For what it’s worth, other brands tend to be stingy or don’t go all the way when it comes to these. DYU, we’re pretty fond of saying, deviates from them.

DYU Mountain Model Line

The King 750 marks DYU’s entry into the mountain e-bike scene (read our full review of the DYU King 750 e-bike). At first glance, it’s quite a formidable beast. It’s undoubtedly the most high-end DYU offering yet.

You’ll get abundant power from the 750W motor and 48V 20Ah battery. The motor allows you to reach a top speed of 28 mph (45 km/h).

Easy E-Biking - DYU King 750 Fat tire electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
Photo credit DYU e-bikes

The battery, in particular, can impart you with up to a head-turning 80 miles (130 km) of riding range. Can you name us an e-bike that can manage this without selling for just over $1,800?

What’s even better is that it comes with dual hydraulic disc brakes and, of course, fat tires, which not makes it a good option for offroading but gives it the stability it needs. The downside is that it goes way over the average weight of most e-bikes with its 44 kg (97 pounds) weight. But this is offset by the motor and the stability provided by the fat tires.

Also, based on its own description, it only manages moderate slopes with a 15° uphill grade. The extra weight will inevitably tax the motor. Still, it’s not heavy-duty for nothing, so we don’t see any issue when tackling inclines overall.

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It also comes with a front suspension, which is always a plus in an e-MTB. The LCD display is decent, and the cushion ensures comfort even when handling challenging roads.

We also like that DYU included a front searchlight. That’s not always the case for e-MTBs, so if you prefer night riding, this budget-friendly option is excellent. Lastly, a speed sensor helps you make the most out of every battery charge.

Does DYU offer e-bike accessories?

Yes, you can now buy child seats, rear baskets, front baskets, helmet goggles, and the anti-theft cable lock for keys in certain models. 

Do DYU models come with a manufacturer’s warranty?

All e-bikes come with a 1-year warranty that covers manufacturing defects. In particular, it applies to the frame and the battery. Free accessories aren’t included in the coverage.

Issues to the frame, like corrosion, impact damage, paint scratches, or fading, also don’t count.

Claims can only be made via DYU, where the model must be submitted for inspection and possible servicing. 

Does DYU offer a trial period?

There’s none at present. 

What do e-bike riders think of DYU?

It’s not surprising that these models are selling like hotcakes, especially if you visit DYU’s main site. The essentials are there, and you won’t have to pay an arm and a leg for them, which is still the case for most household brands.

You’d be hard-pressed to find folding e-bikes selling for less than $600. The generally positive reviews most models have been getting are crystal-clear proof that the brand delivers what people expect from their rides. It’s certainly a brand that can pleasantly surprise an e-bike rider or two.

Many casual reviewers emphasize how fun riding most of DYU’s models is. Regardless of how generic that may sound, it still affirms the value that each one undoubtedly provides – despite being able to get them dirt-cheap (at least, as far as e-bike prices go).

What countries does DYU ship to?

The e-bikes are available for shipping globally, in the US, the majority of EU countries, and the UK. The company offers limited and exclusive models based on the region you’re in, though. Accessories are available for shipping in most countries as well.

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