How to Protect Electric Bicycle From Theft?

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A good bike lock is not necessarily enough to secure your electric bike. As one example, in 2017 alone, the French Ministry of Interior Affairs has registered 403 000 bikes being stolen or attempts for theft. A good reason to stay alert!

Where to store at home and at work?

Before you buy an electric bike, do you have a safe way to park it at home and secure it? And once arrived at your workplace, is the storage also well secure? “Before even knowing if the route taken each day is equipped with a bike path, the rider is primarily concerned with potential theft,” says Jerome Valentin, President of the Sport and Cycle Union.

And the figures support this conclusion. For example, in 2017, the French Ministry of Interior Affairs has registered 403 000 bikes as being stolen or attempted for theft. These stats are also to be looked at with caution as not all victims raise a declaration. A stolen bike is often considered by its owner as definitively lost.

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E-bike insurance and personalization

Good insurance and personal engraving, often offered by bike promotion associations in exchange for registration, is the first step. “We also discuss with certain communities, the examples of what you are starting to see in Paris or Montreuil (Seine-Saint-Denis),” says Jérôme Valentin.

These two municipalities have started to install closed storage locations in the public areas, in which cyclists can securely store their machines for a small fee (50 euros a year in Montreuil, for example). This is an alternative to storing your e-bike in the garage or on a balcony.

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Geo-localisation tracking

In the future, it is obvious, given the relatively high purchase price of an electric bike, that manufacturers will have to compete and provide additional protections. The Belgian firm Cowboy, for example, markets models that unlock via an application and can be geo-localized at any time via a GPS tracker.

TOP “smart” locks for an e-bike

Conventional locks are no longer able to provide complete protection of electric bikes against theft or damage. Many well-known companies began to produce smart electronic electric locks.

These electronic locks have become popular due to their scanning capabilities, their ability to synchronize with a smartphone, and other smart functions. In the list below is a selection of the best “smart” locks to effectively protect your e-bike.

GLS U-lock Bt

Excellent electric lock from a reliable brand. The lock will well protect the e-bike from theft thanks to its sturdy, steel-made body and U-shaped arc. This lock opens via Bluetooth, via an app on your smartphone. Makes you not been afraid of losing access to your e-bike, while riding.

If you may lose your smartphone, the traditional key is also provided. We recommend leaving this key at home. The lock supports iOS and Android. The battery capacity is 800 mAh. The device has an IP65 protection class, meaning that it is safe to leave in under the rain.

Easy E-Biking - How to Protect Your Electric Bike from Theft?

Check current price on Amazon.

TIP! If you are looking for a reliable “smart” lock for your e-bike, this model is a good choice due to its good performance and reasonable price.


This new lock is rather high-tech. It is attached to the frame of the e-bike and locks the wheel. The device is made of special steel, which is almost impossible to cut. The lock is equipped with a loud siren, which reacts automatically as soon as an attempt of theft is detected.

The owner of the bike immediately receives an alert. The device is connected using Bluetooth. It is able to notify the owner, located as far as 400 m from the e-bike, if a stranger approaches.

Easy E-Biking - How to Protect Your Electric Bike from Theft?

The lock opens automatically and is very easy to install and operate. Check the current price on Amazon.


Thanks to Low Energy Bluetooth technology, this device locks and unlocks automatically when the owner is approaching or moving away from the e-bike. This is very convenient if you do not want to take out your smartphone every time.

You can also control your e-bike via a smartphone app. As the owner, you can configure certain functions exclusively for yourself. For example, the distance of automatic opening and closing of the lock and so on.

Easy E-Biking - How to Protect Your Electric Bike from Theft?

When a thief tries to take out the wheel of the bike, the device instantly sends a signal to the owner and emits a loud siren. Check the current price on Amazon.

Easy Tip: It is possible to enter a code to unlock the lock if you have forgotten your smartphone at home or the battery does not have any power.

Smart Lock Y801

This lock is installed on the e-bike brake disc and is controlled via Bluetooth. The lock is made of stainless steel and is able to stay autonomous for up to 6 months on 1 charge.

The lock is controlled via a smartphone. You have the ability to configure alerts, change the password, and so on.

Check the current price on Amazon.

A few words in conclusion

Using the tips above, see which smart lock meets your needs the best. Pick up the device, according to your budget as well. No need to buy the most expensive one. All smart lock models described are of excellent quality.

Here is a quick video that takes yet a closer look at how to protect your e-bike from being stolen:

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