Scott e-Bikes Review: Are These Bikes Any Good?

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Although founded in Idaho in 1958, Scott Sports actually became a Swiss company when it moved its headquarters to Fribourg, Switzerland in 1978. At present, its headquarters are in Givisiez. 

Its name was derived primarily from the man who influenced it the most in the time prior to its birth: Ed Scott. Back then, it was solely focused on skiing and wintersports only. 

The company entered bike manufacturing in 1986. After three years, Scott already made a mark in the industry when they introduced the aerodynamic handlebar, which led to a Tour de France victory. It only began to produce e-bikes in 2011, but not before establishing a preeminent reputation for being a major innovator in the cycling industry. 

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Is Scott a Good E-bike Brand to Buy? If you’re the type of rider who wants an e-bike that more than fits the undoubtedly elite label “Swiss Made”, then Scott is an optimal choice. The models are innovative in every sense of the word, and this is evidenced by the mix of advanced tech and components incorporated into them. 

Power and comfort are two other common denominators shared by most of the models in its catalog, all the more so for the sports-based ones. Their mountain and road models are designed mainly for endurance and speed. And complemented by the powerful motors, they allow riders to make short work of difficult climbs.

Easy E-Biking - Scott trail electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
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Given its competitive (in more ways than one) history, it has become a go-to option for the top cyclists worldwide. The aesthetics of the models can’t be denied as well, which when coupled with their exceptional overall performance delivers pleasantly surprising value for money. 

With all things considered, it’s a brand that wants you to be able to make the most out of every model you purchase – usually, to the point that you’ll be surprised it’s actually able to deliver as much. Their design philosophy and component choices only prove it. 

Scott e-Bikes Review: Model Lines

E-bike Model E-bike Type
Sub ActiveCity, Hybrid
SilenceCity, Hybrid
Sub CrossCity, Hybrid
Sub / Sub SportCity, Hybrid
Sub TourCity, Hybrid
ContessaWomen’s line

Scott has a fairly balanced catalog, at least, as far as the various disciplines its e-bike lines fall into are concerned. There are four model lines in the eMTB category, one for road, four for city, two for hybrid, and one model line for women that overlaps every category. 

The motors and batteries Scott uses such as the Bosch-made PowerTube are mainly responsible for Bosch’s stellar standing. They’re lightweight and meld with the frame and are guaranteed to deliver excellent riding ranges (thanks to capacities over 1,000 Wh) and torque. 

When we say that its models are comfortable to ride, we mean it. These models have great handling and maneuverability that could not have been achieved without smart design and component choices. 

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Every trail e-bike rider wants that inimitable quality, even when they’re pushing past their comfort zone. They can confidently rely on Scott’s eMTBs and road models if that’s the case. These are models you can push to the limit, that much is certain, and is obviously adequately equipped to pull it off.

The excellent riding comfort extends to the city and hybrid models. The integrated advanced tech and useful accessories only seal the deal. 

Scott Mountain Model Line

The Bosch motor and battery found in any of the eMTB models in the Scott catalog are sure to impress with their outstanding performance and generous riding ranges. They’re why these e-bikes have such lofty price tags in the first place and what you’re mainly paying for. 

Easy E-Biking - Scott Patron electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
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Fantastic climbing capability is another aspect these models share. This rings truer in the higher-end such as the models in the Scott Patron line. The Performance CX motors deliver the necessary mix of control and power for more hardcore mountain biking. 

It’s got a few notable features such as the TwinLoc system that has Traction Control mode, which essentially gives you more control to power down during more challenging climbs. 

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It’s also an e-bike that’s best suited for all-terrain riding. The Shimano XT brakes, while not great, does impart reliable stopping power. As for accessories, we like that it also comes with reliable mudguards and nice lights. 

The Ransom line is Scott’s main enduro offering. It also makes for a great climber because of the TwinLoc system mentioned above. It’s got superb tires with great traction that only makes it reliable even when the terrain and incline get extra tricky. 

Easy E-Biking - Scott Ransom electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
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The entry-level Aspect models fall under the Sport category. They make their own mark by being able to offer quality without breaking the bank too much, compared to the high-end eMTBs in the catalog. 

Power is still evident in both the battery and motor. The 940 reaches 20mph (32 km/h) relatively quickly. We also like that the incorporated drive train lends a lot to better maneuverability. Aspect eMTBs are also reliable in that they perform well in both uphill and downhill riding, so much so that they’re certainly nothing to snob, as even the pros can attest. 

Take a closer look at the Scott Mountain e-bike model line here.

Scott Road Model Line

The sole road option in the Scott catalog is the Addict line. It definitely exceeds expectations, thanks largely to the seamless handling it can guarantee. For endurance riders who love to ride for a long time, that’s a much-needed e-bike quality you simply can’t ignore. 

Easy E-Biking - Scott Addict electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
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It’s a stiff model, not overly so, and it’s the good kind of stiffness that aids in riding comfort. The trademark comfort you can enjoy from most Scott offerings is certainly still evident. The combination of the handle and adjustable stem plus the saddle lends to the said quality. 

The motor proactively and smoothly delivers assistance when needed. There’s also a relatively ample range (over 45 miles, or 70 km) from the Mahle battery. 

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It’s got grippy Schwalbe tires with plenty of clearance, which is always a plus for a road e-bike. We also like that the excellent handling found in the other eMTBs is readily present in this model. It’s also enjoyable to ride uphill and downhill much like its cousins. 

The Dura-Ace drivetrain is equally commendable with its butter-smooth general performance. 

Take a closer look at the Scott Road e-bike model line here.

Scott City Model Line

Scott tackles city e-bikes much in the same way that it believes motor and battery specs and comfort trump all. For example, the Silence eRide 20 EQ USX actually tops at 28 mph (45 km/h) and has a whopping 1125Wh battery that promises up to 100 miles (160 km) of riding range. Such figures don’t exactly spell “casual e-bike commuter”, does it? 

Easy E-Biking - Scott Silence electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
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Such high-torque powerful motors do make sure that most of its city offerings have the same spectacular climbing ability, though. Comfort is also guaranteed by the adjustable handlebars and Syncros Capilano seats that have memory foam. 

Tektro 4-piston disc brakes are also something that you’ll normally see in a mountain bike. The same goes for the Shimano hydraulic disc brakes found in the other Sub eRide lines. 

Most of the models come with complete accessories, such as the bright Supernova lights, brake lights, fender, kickstand, and a rack with a 15-kg (33 lbs) capacity. 

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On the whole, we also can’t deny that most of these city offerings are similarly versatile beasts. Given their components and sporty design, they certainly make great trail, gravel, and road options, too – at least, done lightly. 

While not as popular as Scott’s offroad models, its city options are definitely still noteworthy in their stylish designs, performance, and overall innovation. 

Their unpopularity could be tied to their expensive price tags. We have to admit that the hybrid design can be a double-edged sword as well, especially for e-bikes that are meant to be used just for the regular commute or occasional weekend ride. 

Take a closer look at the Scott City e-bike model line here.

Scott Hybrid Model Line

The Axis line we think fits the pure Hybrid label the most, as most of its models are built with the right balance between mountain, city, and road e-bikes in mind. The Axis eRide Evo Tour FS is a good focus to highlight the quality and the blend of techy features that make Scott such a standout. 

Easy E-Biking - Scott Axis electric bike, helping to make electric biking practical and fun
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For one, it has the sporty frame of the Patron eRide eMTB. The Bosch Smart System motor has the 750 Wh PowerTube that has been sung praises time and time again. The way it’s integrated deeply into the frame aids in improving the center of gravity. Again, with this much power, what’s there to worry about when climbing hills?

Nifty tech features include the eBike Lock feature, which lets you connect your e-bike to your smartphone from which you can lock your ride. 

The same headlight and taillight as the higher-end city offerings above are included. You’re also given mudguards and a stable kickstand. There’s also the pannier rack with the same capacity mentioned above. 

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Overall, the only thing that’s pulling this hybrid offering back is the disappointingly narrow Schwalbe tires. Once you replace it with a wider option, you pretty much unlock its ability to deliver better offroading since it’s got the right suspension design and frame for it. 

It’s a suitable commuter and road and even gravel e-bike as it is, though, so the versatility is still arguably apparent. 

Take a closer look at the Scott Hybrid e-bike model line here.

Can You Buy Accessories from Scott?

Yes, their online store offers the whole nine yards of accessories for bikes and e-bikes such as wheels, handlebars, stems, grips, headsets, pumps, bottle cages, lights, mudguards, kickstands, bike locks, etc. 

Is there a Manufacturer’s Warranty?

There’s a warranty that covers defective workmanship and materials on the frame, swingarms, and forks. Coverage lasts for 5 years for the frame and swingarm and 2 for the fork.

The e-bikes need to be registered within the first 10 days after purchase. Transfer of product voids warranty. 

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Also, the five-year limited warranty only applies if the owner adheres to the yearly maintenance requirement stated in the manual. If not, the coverage duration shall be decreased to three years. The owner has sole responsibility for shouldering maintenance costs. 

Can You Try Out Their E-bikes?

Scott doesn’t offer a trial period for its e-bikes. 

What Do Riders Think of Scott E-bikes?

Scott’s move to Europe definitely paid off as that’s where they became, and still are, popular. Overall, it’s a well-respected brand with plenty of mileage in the said market. We can’t say the same for the US e-bike market, though, which as of this writing, it’s still trying to penetrate. 

Considering what we’ve reviewed and most riders’ experiences with the brand’s models, it’s safe to say that Scott is quite underrated. They’re obviously aware of what e-bike riders need when going offroading, marathoning, tackling rough climbs, or going about with the daily commute. 

What Countries Does Scott Ship To?

They only deliver to European countries namely the UK, Italy, France, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Sweden. 

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