San Jose by Electric Bike, The Complete City Guide

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Easy E-Biking - San José city, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

San Jose is a city located in California, USA. Known for being the cultural and financial center of Silicon Valley, as well as being world-renowned for being an economic hub for the tech industry, a center for diversity, and its sunny climate. 

If you are thinking of exploring San Jose by electric bike, this article will help answer any questions you may have beforehand! 

E-biking rules in San Jose 

While e-bikes are allowed in San Jose, cyclists should first ensure their e-bike abides by state laws and regulations before embarking on their trip. The state of California defines electric bicycles as motorized bicycles, that must have:

  • A maximum motor output of 750W
  • A maximum speed of 20 mph (28 mph for Class III)
  • Fully operable pedals

E-bikes are allowed in parks, on trails and roads, and anywhere else where traditional bicycles are permitted.

If you’re planning to take your e-bike with you on public transit, here’s what you need to know. The San Jose transit is called the VTA (Valley Transportation Authority) and consists of buses and light rail vehicles. Buses are equipped with exterior bike racks; cyclists must secure their bikes onto the rack themselves.

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If there is no space on the exterior rack, a maximum of two bicycles are allowed on the bus. However, be sure to consult with the bus operator before doing so. For light rail transit, there are a maximum of four bike racks on each vehicle, with space for two additional bicycles in the center of the vehicle.

Additionally, all bikes must be boarded through the center doors of each car. For more information about bikes on the VTA, visit this webpage here!

For bike parking in the city, San Jose is equipped with bike racks and lockers throughout the city, including lockers and Park & Ride lots at the VTA’s light rail stations.

Is San Jose e-bike friendly?

Yes, San Jose is a very e-bike friendly city! Some of the top recommended bike routes in San Jose include Coyote Creek Trail, Mount Hamilton Ride, Penitencia Creek Trail, Los Alamitos Creek Trail and Calero Creek Trail, Bay Area Ridge Trail, Martial Cottle Park Loop, Almaden Lake, Calaveras Reservoir, and Los Gatos Creek Trail. Visit AllTrails for more bike route information!

Easy E-Biking - Bezior XF200 e-bike controls, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Looking to charge your e-bike? You may be able to charge your electric bicycle at an EV (electric vehicle) charging station. Visit PlugShare to access a map of all EV charging station locations in San Jose. 

If you’re interested in renting your e-bike while you’re in San Jose, there are a couple of options for you. First, SJ Bike Rentals offers commuter e-bikes for rent.

Next, Lyft Bay Wheels—a bike sharing system created by rideshare app Lyft—provides a network of traditional and electric bikes at 40+ docking stations throughout San Jose. Some locations include Arena Green, Children’s Discovery Museum, City Hall, Convention Center, Diridon Station, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library, Fountain Alley, Plaza de Cesar Chavez, San Jose State University, San Pedro Square, and SoFA District.

To rent an e-bike through Lyft Bay Wheels, cyclists only need a credit card to swipe at the docking station.

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How is the weather and city traffic in San Jose? Is it fun to ride an e-bike in San Jose?

Rush hour traffic in San Jose typically takes place between 7AM – 9AM and 3PM – 6PM on weekdays. As such, we recommend that cyclists avoid the roads during these times, if possible.

The best time of year to visit San Jose is between May and September, which are considered dry months (i.e. significantly less rainfall than October through April).

However, due to what’s been described as a “Mediterranean climate”, San Jose experiences pleasant weather all year round. Visitors should keep in mind that peak tourism takes place in July and August, so if you are looking to avoid crowds, we recommend avoiding visiting during those summer months.  

While visiting, don’t forget to check out the many sights San Jose has to offer! Some top spots include: Municipal Rose Garden, Santana Row, Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum, Winchester Mystery House, Children’s Discovery Museum, Happy Hollow Park and Zoo, Cathedral Basilica of St. Joseph, SAP Center, The Tech Interactive, and San Jose Center for Performing Arts.

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Easy E-Biking - San José city, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

San Jose city landscape, the best type(s) of e-bikes to ride in this city

While some areas of San Jose are flat, there are areas in and around the city that are hillier as well, including the San Hose Hills region. Due to its varied landscape, we recommend choosing your e-bike based on the types of routes and trails you’re planning to take. 

Cyclists who are planning to stick to paved, flat trails and pathways will be able to use a commuter or city cruiser e-bike, whereas cyclists who are planning to traverse more challenging landscapes should choose a hybrid or electric mountain bike (eMTB).

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Where can I buy an e-bike in San Jose?

If you’re interested in buying an e-bike while you’re in San Jose, there are a number of companies to choose from!

At GP Sports, you can browse their selection online and go in person to rest ride and purchase your e-bike. Similarly, you can visit SJ Bike Shop, where you can check out their inventory online and buy in person.

At Mike’s Bikes, you can either buy online and get your e-bike shipped to you or visit in person to purchase. At Summit Bicycles and Hyland Bikes, you can buy online and pick your e-bike up in store.

Lastly, you can visit Walmart’s Bike Shop at San Jose Supercenter to buy from their selection of e-bikes.

Easy E-Biking - San José city, helping to make electric biking practical and fun

Where can I repair an e-bike in San Jose?

There are several places to take your e-bike for repairs in San Jose! GP Sports and Got Bikes offer full e-bike services and repairs. Additionally, Mike’s Bikes offer a mobile bike service – cyclists simply have to fill out a form online, and a technician will come to you to repair your e-bike.

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Where can I recycle e-bike batteries in San Jose?

If you need to recycle your e-bike battery while visiting San Jose, be sure to refer to the Call2Recycle program, which provides the locations of places where you can drop off your battery. Some locations include Summit Bicycles San Jose, The Home Depot, Mike’s Bikes, and Hyland Family Bicycles.

San Jose programs to develop cycling infrastructure

As part of the city’s objective to become one of the most bike-friendly communities in North America, San Jose has a program called the “Better Bike Plan 2025”. This initiative includes building new bikeways, enhancing existing bikeways, improving bike safety, and implementing more policies that support a stronger bicycling infrastructure.

We hope you have a great time exploring San Jose by e-bike!

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